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Bruno Mars' Mug Shot Revealed

Bruno Mars' Mug Shot Revealed

Bruno Mars was arrested early Sunday morning (September 19) in Las Vegas after police found narcotics on his person.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter’s mug shot was released this afternoon – and law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Bruno had 2.6 grams of cocaine on him at the time of his arrest.

Earlier in the evening, Bruno had performed a show at the Hard Rock Cafe & Casino.

Bruno was booked and released at 7:45 a.m. the same morning. Charges have not yet been filed.

Bigger mug shot inside…

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bruno mars mug shot 01

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  • niki

    he even looks so nice here:) love him

  • Cristobal

    What is with these talented people? -smh- I am not understanding.

  • Jenny

    LOL the irony I always said his voice is like a drug

  • Cuba

    Bruno you failed me and many people!!

  • Michelle

    LOL, look at him he looks high as a kite.

  • zaraaaa

    ahahha! omg that face is priceless…i love him; though im not condoning his behavior

  • Kara

    things like this ruin really good songs for fans… keep it under raps people….

  • Channy

    I don’t know who he is but he looks pretty happy to be there ;)

  • GoodGirl

    OMG! With a big smile en plus!!! O_O

    Not sure that Pete et Bernadette Hernandez would be happy!! LOL

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …ahahahahahahahaha …he looks like a fcuking idiot. idiots do drugs, the epically tarded get caught w/ them. `someone should of told this guy to get famous first.. before getting arrested for drugs. he’s moving backwards. ahahahahahahaha

  • Jokergurl

    ” Cute little dude, cute little dude, they found sound somethin’ on you babe, somethin’ on you babe”. Not very smart, although his mugshot is very pleasant.

  • zaraaaa

    @Jokergurl: haha nice rendition

  • Love Me Again

    How Sad!

  • Christine

    Yeah, ok, a mug shot? Still looks like a freaking angel if you ask me.

  • Leila

    LMFAO. Sorry I can not stand his music or his voice.

  • V

    this dude looks like a turtle.

  • Bette

    Ummmm, I thought he was cuter than that…..
    Oh well..

  • Bette

    @Cuba: Bruno failed YOU?!? Lmao! How did this artist fail YOU?! people are soo weird.
    You don’t know him & he has no idea you exsist

  • waffle bowl


  • Nia

    lol his face i love him

  • Nia

    @bette lol ikr

  • 920

    He looks so high. I’m so upset about this. His voice is too beautiful to be locked up in jail. Stay off the drugs Bruno!

  • mike

    He looks like he’s posing for a frikkin’ driver’s license. LOL!!!

  • Rose

    what an adorable mug shot. Naughty boy though. Still love him and his music <3

  • me

    so that explains why him and travis got along so well….they both like wasting their lives away doing drugs and getting high.

  • $am

    so typical hollywood. and he looks like such an idiot in that picture, smiling for a mug shot. and he looks like crap in it. It looks like he hasn’t slept in forever. As an artist, I really love him, but this is sad.

  • lovelydee

    Nobody is perfect
    and everyone makes mistakes.
    As long as he doesn’t do it again
    he’s good.

  • ida

    he is smiling on his mug shot…, he looks even better than you.. :PP

  • NotMyselfTonight

    Oh no, no, no, no Bruno! Don’t go that way man!

  • http://facebook thenewgalintown

    his songs are nyc but damn how stupid can u get when u use stuff lyk that dont get caught and by the way his smiling i think he enjoys bieng there

  • Frida

    Smiling in mugshots makes you look like even more of an idiot. By the way, isn’t it funny how when Paris does it everyone rags on her but when this dude (hardly know who he is) does it people thinks it’s ‘cute’…..

  • wow!

    he seems to be in high spirits…or maybe just high….

  • Caitlyn

    lol why is he smiling? It looks like he is posing for a drivers license.

  • Debbie

    Sorry but his music sucks

  • http://idk Sexy_beast1997

    Awww man did paris hilton sell him the drugs?!?!?!?!

  • say no to Drugs

    What do these people see on drugs ? Say no to drugs kids. He has such a beautiful song on the radio yet he is a drugie. Get your life togoother people.

  • sarah

    It is the mug shot? Is he serious or still high? My niece who is a songwriter and musician says a lot of musicians use drug for inspiration. Just that they don’t get caught easily. We can tell Bruno Mars is stupid enough to use drug in public. Wait a sec. Is it part of plan to boost music sales? It seems that today’s musicians create gossips, scandals by themselves to sell music to the low IQ public.. Adam Lambert, anyone? Queen of self promoting gossip creator? Puke.

  • James

    @sarah: You’re a f****ing MORON! LMFAO!

  • Lauren

    I’m in love with his voice so I just hope he stays off the drugs now because it’s just such a waste of a lovely person.

  • http://www. DADT

    @sarah: I sincerely hope you were dropped on your head as a baby.

    Bruno Mars wasn’t taking drugs in public daylight, for starters. People take drugs because they want to — they have been doing so for YEARS. I have never heard of drugs “helping SALES” so wtf? The IQ statement in your comment is hilarious ironic.

    And whatever Adam Lambert does, the press only choose and exaggerate what they want. He asked his fans to direct the money they use to send him gifts to DonorsChoose instead, helping raise almost $1MILLION for Charity. DIDN’T make the mainstream press. He’s kept this Charity going since the first year he started it without boasting about it. 1million is HUGE!

    His own Headlining Tour sold out in a few minutes which is not only a HUGE deal for ANYone, it’s a HUGE fkn deal for someone who’s as new as he is. It DIDN’T make the mainstream press.

    He gave 2 amazing speeches for Spielberg & Freddie Mercury, again the press obviously didn’t want to cover that.

    He’s been performing fun & outrageously & flying by the seat of his pants for YEARS – yet the press barely picked up on any of it, not even his Underground Zodiac or CatClub performances which have been on Utube for years…but remember the AMAs? People like you pretended to be outraged but y’all turned a blind eye to the women (and *straight* men) who did exactly the same thing before. American press is so frkn twisted.

    When a paparazzi who stalked & car-chased AL & his band/dancers for hours, vocally abused him and his friends using legitimately -disgusting- language to provoke him for a reaction, that however DID make the press. Clearly. But none of the actual stalkerazzi details were covered – surprise. When he tweeted a pic of his ‘shaved’ head, everyone freaked out jumping to conclusions even though his makeup artist/costume designer had shaved a few CENTIMETRES of the side of his freaking head. Really? Something like that makes the blogs? Hold the press, someone has shaved a little part of their head. He tweets pics from every other tour stop & they choose 1 they can make a story out of, just like everything else.

    Blame your own country for being backwards, putting focus on only the things that MADE your country backwards in the first place.

  • mermer

    So have you noticed how all the really famous ones are the one that are high all the time?
    How do you think The Beatles wrote any of their songs? LSD
    Hahaha I’m sure bruno was just trying to expand his horizons OR write a new song about how much he wants money.

  • lazerj

    How can you guys say he failed you? You don’t know his life nor does he know yours. He will keep being famous regardless of your useless opinions about him

  • Oh no.

    I was actually beginning to love his music. Now I’m ashamed to even have his songs on my iPod, please don’t do that to yourself Bruno!!! D:

  • http://socuteBrunoMars amira

    wow you are so handsome man..

  • shan

    its a shame hes varry talented god talent to wierd pepole

  • shan

    god gave talent to wierd pepole

  • shan

    but i have not seen sutch a good mug shot hes so cute