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Gisele Bundchen & Baby Benjamin Play at the Park

Gisele Bundchen & Baby Benjamin Play at the Park

Doting mom Gisele Bundchen keeps an eye on her son, Benjamin Brady, as they spend time in NYC’s Hudson River Park on Saturday (September 18).

The 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel took photos of nine-month-old Benjamin, who looked very happy to be playing outside!

Later in the weekend, Gisele and a few friends went on a stroll around the West Village.

FYI: Gisele is using her Maclaren stroller.

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen and Benjamin playing in the park…

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gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 01
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 02
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 03
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 04
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 05
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 06
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 07
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 08
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 09
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 10

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  • Katrina

    i wish i didn’t look like her…but everyone says u resemble gisele. :(
    too bad.

  • Katrina

    everyone tells me i resemble gisele.
    i wish it weren’t true :(

  • Cheery

    Are his eyes brown? That’s kinda unusual considering both Gisele and Tom’s eyes are blue.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    another day. another photo op.

  • fernanda

    omg, i’m sooo proud of her!

  • Madame X

    as much as i hate this bitch..congrats katrina ….should embrace it B! id kill for a look like that which reminds me
    RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU THOUGHT ’09 VSFS SUCKED! please vsfs people bring back gisele and adriana and that cute guys oh yeah miranda and alessandra and omg karolina and KEEP IT SEXY NOT THAT SHITTY TEENY KIND OF SHIT YOU PULLED OUT UR ASS LAST YEAR OMG.. lol i thought 09 was 3 yrs ago what am i thinking…was last year sorry had a Paris moment but yeah BRING THAT SEXY SHIT BACK and TAKE THAT FRENCH MAN OFF THAT MIC SOUNDS HORRIBLE directing those girls LOVES YA ! WROTE ENOUGH

  • lisali

    That baby is freakin’ adorable! Gisele is really sweet as a mother.

  • lisali


    Tom has green-hazel eyes.. its very common for a child to have brown eyes if one parent has blue & one green.

    I’ve seen close ups of the little guy,and his eyes are kindof a greenish brown as well.

  • CanadaGirl

    What a pretty mom with an equally gorgeous baby. *envy*

  • S@n

    So CUTE!!!

  • Anon

    ughhhh! she is such a fame wh#/!!! she and tom brady will last 3 years at most!

  • paula

    really adorable boy!!!! his mom and dad are so proud to have happy content lives and a beautiful healthy baby, wish them all the best!

  • Trisha

    Ive never seen pictures yet of her relaxing with her son, how cute! its always when paps are chasing her. Benjamin is one cute baby!

  • yes

    yes alot of babies eye color is unknown the first year or so. I had blue eyes and they turned pure green as I got older. Benjamin will probably have blue eyes like his beautiful mom and dad.

  • well

    That baby is adorable, what a beautiful boy. You know he is going to be tall and athletic like his Mom and Dad. I hope they keep the siblings close (the older boy) and do not make them compete with each other or allow other people to do it, but it will happen anyway. …it always does in families.

  • lameOH

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    gosh do you live here? lol I see you lame a** in every thread, weirdo lol

  • katrina


    Tom and Gisele are both EXTREMELY close to their families (well I know gisele is) so I dont think their will be any of that in their family values.

  • Lindsay

    beautiful mom and boy <3

  • Giovana


  • hey

    hey Gisele stay in NY, I love to see more of you, lol I miss it when you are in lonely Boston, we do not get to see much of your beautiful self and family.

  • samantha

    finally I always see cute pics like this of alessandra ambrosio with her child and always wanted to see some of gisele, lol. how precious he is!

  • lisali


    I hate breaking it to you but they’ve been together for well over 3 years already. . Gisele and Tom will have been together 4 years this December.
    Have a good day!

  • Mimi

    These are what you call precious moments <3 Gisele is only in NY because she supported her man and his game this past weekend, and also she has duties to attend as goodwill ambassador tonight.

  • karma


    lol I know right?, and when you wish bad things upon others, did you ever hear of the little word Karma? yeah its a Bi*ch. so good luck on all your future relationships Anon (aww anoymous nobody is right)

  • karma

    Tom and Gisele strike me as a loving lasting couple. They have a child together,have been together for many many years already, are married and so quiet and content Tom’s family loves Gisele and her family loves Tom. They never go to celebrity events and party, they truly are homebodies and in love. Wishing for them to break up must be because you obviously have no bf/gf and obviously must not have much of a life to wish celebs you dont even know to break up, how pathetic of a life you have. I pity you.

  • GiGi

    Gisele the A list ubermodel with only one name who makes a simple statement that she breastfeeds her baby and people react as if it were the end of the world a famewhore? no way, its called money shot dear. Gisele sells mags. She gains publicity with simple words. She leaves her house and its on 20 gossip blogs in less than 20 minutes. She is something I like to call, FAMOUS. derrrr.


    Give it up with the “fameh0″ comments dropped left and right like they are the new fashionable thing to say and any circumstances where the star is seen..
    She is a mother who is playing outside with her baby. Big deal !
    All babies need to take fresh air and spend most of their time with their mum doting them. Just because she is famous, doesn’t mean that she is now a prisoner and should lock up her own baby and act totally unatural because of some lame comments about her being a fameh0 while doing exactly what every mum is supposed to do with their litttle ones.
    Get over it ! the fameh0 comment is totally irrelevant in THAT particuliar circumstance.

  • GiGi

    totally agree @ 27!!!!!! celebs and mostly Gisele since she is the only one I really care to follow, is damned if she doesn’t damned if she does. LOL As long at the end of the day she is the one with the smile instead of a frown, its all good.

  • ?

    she look soooo skinny, she needs to eat something, taking it to far, cute baby tho

  • rhonda

    very cute and momma is in love :) I like she dresses him like a boy! no, fingernail polish, please!

  • leci


    aww why dont you like it? maybe if it were REALLY true you too could be the world’s biggest richest most iconic sought after supermodel on the planet , but naw you are just an anonymous little poster who looks up on google biggest richest most iconic sought after supermodel on the planet. First one sounds much better to me!

  • rhonda

    haven’t seen the “other son” since Ben was born.

  • godric

    Benjamin is one cute celebrity baby! Probably one of the cutest one’s Ive seen, but its no surprise with mommy and daddy like that.

  • Kristin

    While he looks a lot like Mommy, Benjamin has his Daddy’s trademark cleft chin. What a sweet baby boy.

  • fgtd


    unfortunately its bc the other sons mom is not very famous. dont even compare the fame level of the 2 mamas. lol Gisele doesnt even need a last name anymore, lol.

  • aww

    yeah he has his daddy’s cleft chin! too cute. He is a perfect mix of both gorgeous parents I think.

  • Kristin

    Why do people want Tom and Gisele to break up or think they will? That is really mean and kind of weird that people get excited or are looking forward to that happening. NOT COOL People.

  • Courtney

    Gisele is overrated and the thing about the kid’s eyes being brown when his parents have green/blue eyes isn’t always true. all three of Paul Newman’s younger daughters have blue eyes like he did. and their mother Joanne Woodward has green eyes maybe Ben got his eyes from one of his aunts or uncles which isn’t unheard of. granted film stars are different than athletes/models.

  • fgtd


    yep to prove my point, Gisele already has more comments than any other first page celeb LOL. SEEEE. even more than Brad Pitt! WOW.

  • LadyJ

    @Kristin: BC some strange internet dwellers get off on hearing about cheating and drug scandals and all kinds of drama within families and when there is a normal happy family in hollywood you will always have the weird odd ball wishing bad things upon them., weird INDEED! super weird! they need a life

  • tampa

    very cute kid and so gorgeous just sitting relaxed in the park.


    this girl/thing hates gisele, I imagine this is what your average hater looks like LMAO.

    supermodel matieral to you?

  • Couture

    the one of her lifting him in the air kissing him is priceless.

  • Kelsey

    I imagine if you look like this, there is no such thing as overrated
    looks like a straight up statue. she is gorgeous! (thats not even showing her perfect legs)

  • Anon

    3 years married!

  • wow

    I am glad to see pictures of where she isn’t being chased down the street by the paps, how refreshing. I enjoyed a beautiful day outside at the park with my baby over the weekend too! God Bless Gisele and Benjamin.

  • Moon’

    OMG this baby is sooo cuuuteee!!!!!! Like his smile

  • Kelly

    She’s lookin’ way older than 30 in that top photo… look at that neck.

    And those open mouthed photos of her are totally fake- it’s all for the camera.

    I have never heard of such a self centered, conceited person do interviews. She’s always has to be the “best” mom; her son has to be perfect ( toilet trained at six months ? Hogwash?)

    Does she ever monitor what she says?
    Bridget Moynahan seems like a bastion of sanity and security by comparison.
    I admire Bridget because she doesn’t need to be in the limelight.

    Hope Bridget’s TV series does well.

    And I give the Brady/Bundchen marriage three years, tops.

  • pa

    @Katrina: why?

  • kathy

    Has anyone else notice that since her new “photo op” was born, she no longer hang’s with tom’s first kid anymore? I remember when she was out every day showing everyone what a good “mommy” she was going to be. It didn’t take long for her to forget him. Just sayin’.