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Gisele Bundchen & Baby Benjamin Play at the Park

Gisele Bundchen & Baby Benjamin Play at the Park

Doting mom Gisele Bundchen keeps an eye on her son, Benjamin Brady, as they spend time in NYC’s Hudson River Park on Saturday (September 18).

The 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel took photos of nine-month-old Benjamin, who looked very happy to be playing outside!

Later in the weekend, Gisele and a few friends went on a stroll around the West Village.

FYI: Gisele is using her Maclaren stroller.

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen and Benjamin playing in the park…

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gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 01
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 02
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 03
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 04
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 05
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 06
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 07
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 08
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 09
gisele bundchen benjamin hudson river park 10

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  • pa

    @Anon: Jealous Much?

  • Kristin

    Come on Kelly, go to your mirror and turn sideways then turn your neck the opposite way your body is turned and then put your head in a downward pose – you will have folds unless you are under 15 and you will probably have enough baby fat. Besides that what good is going to come from saying nasty things about someone else. All the time you spent hating you could have been doing good.

  • anna

    owww this is sooo cute! the baby is adorable and so is she! how did the paps get so close though?huge cameras must be scary for such a young baby..

  • anonymous

    Tom and Gisele seem like a very down-to-earth and in love couple, I don’t know what everyone’s problem with them is.
    Benjamin is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen! And Gisele looks so beautiful and truly happy. They make an adorable family, if you’re waiting for them to split up, you’ll be waiting a long time (oh, and you desperately need a life of your own).

  • http://j ivanka

    cutest photos ever of her :)

  • Lynn

    Baby Benjamim is absolutely adorable and mommy is so gorgeous. Congrats to the beautiful family!

  • real

    He has Gisele’s chin. He looks like her.

  • hmmm

    I hardly see pics of Gisele with Tom. I think they are going to break up

  • lindsay


    LOL r u serious? its called she now is a full time mom, not just a step mom and has her own baby to take care of. which seems to me she is doing a damn good job! he is happy healthy and smiling. this kid is blessed. She loves her step son too, but from my understanding the ex gf didnt care for his step mom to love him. just sayin

  • charm


    lol they go home to one another every night. they have homes together and a baby and they wouldnt “break up”, itd be divorce you 12 yr old unlike that ex d lister of his, this one is actually his WIFE. .

  • maybe

    i think gisele and Tom’s relationship is just for show. I think Gisele just wanted to be married with a kid before 30 and she settled for Tom because he’s successful and good looking. I don’t think they’ll have a long marriage

  • charm

    this is ridiculous people hoping,wishing,waiting,praying about tom and gisele to divorce, lol WOW shows what lives you have!

  • Oh hall no

    if you are wishing or hoping for people to get a divorce you are the epitome of a hater.

  • Oh hall no

    Could someone tell me what exactly she has done to make people want her marriage to fail? All see is that she is a successful model who married a sucessful football player and they have a baby. WOW she seems like a total witch…NOT. Get over yourselves people.

  • ts

    @ anon and kelly you both stupid. THEY WILL NEVER BREAK UP: They found the love of their lives with each other the true love.

  • ts

    @ hmmm and maybe both very stupid Like I said. They found the true love with each other they never break up.

    I live in Back Bay and see they very often at the Charles River hand in hand
    She wear happily her wedding ring

    and for you hmmm and maybe here pic from them from end of August in Boston
    and here kiss

  • mara

    You see not a lot pics from Tom and Gisele because they live since 2007 in Boston (Tom since 2000)

    They will never break up

  • mara

    @ hey Gisele is very happy that she lives in Boston since 2007. Only for work in NYC

  • lovelydee

    her baby is adorable.

  • edie

    omg! what a cute cute baby!!! i just want to eat him right up! giselle looks more beautiful here all natural than when she’s made up. mother hood suits her!

  • http://justjared bored

    Interesting that since she had her own kid, you never see pap shots of her with hubbie’s first kid. The one she paraded out in front of the paps before she had her own. The one she told the press she considered to be her own even though the child already had a mother.

    Now, regular pap shots with her kid only. Guess the other kid was of interest only she had her own. And yes, this park outing looks very staged.

  • Lola ann

    Lovely pictures. But it is so evident that she is acting in front of the paps.

  • niovi

    so adorable

  • wakedusty

    These pictures are adorable!

  • niovi


    oh you are one of the bostonherald wackos

  • niovi


    here’s your link from August 16,John is with them now stfu

  • pedro

    She has such a genuine sweet smile.

  • zee edwards

    @GiGi: Last year this famewhore said she felt that she had given birth to BM son by Mr. Brady.. I wounder how she would feel if BM stated the same about her son… ? too bad those two little boys won’t know each other..because one of their moms is stupid

  • smash

    I wounder…………………sic

  • Mimi

    Who’s the man with the black & white shirt near her? And carrying the baby in another picture ?
    Certainly not Tom, and seems too close to be a bodyguard !

  • erin


    nino munoz

  • Anya


    not only is it unusual, its biologically impossible for two blue eyed people to have a brown eyed child. Somethings fishy in the water.

  • mimi

    Thank you !! It’s too cute how he’s close, and plays with them both!

  • mara

    @ Its her favourite photographer and one of her best friends and he is a gay

  • Toni

    Anya got it right. It is basic genetics: two blue-eyed people can not have a brown-eyed baby. Blue eyes are the result of recessive genes (remember your first grade Biology classes?), so no way these parents could have a brown-eyed baby.

  • bobbi

    Pretty mom. Adorable baby. :)

  • Mo

    If you don’t think that baby looks like her and that cleft chin doesn’t look just like his father’s and his older brother’s I have some ocean frony property in Nebraska for you.

  • strawman

    You’re right! You never see this fake b!tch with Tom’s 1st son anymore.
    Not dissing their kid, but I think Bridget’s son is cuter.

  • web

    The people in the photos are her close friends her friend Jody is a tv producer and Nino Munoz is a photographer and one of her best friends. He was one of her first friends when she arrived to New York years ago, and she got him “famous” (aint that pretty cool,she has power to make others famous,lol) and his first big work was shooting Gisele for Paris/UK Vogue and ever since then they have been great friends and she is his muse and he shoots many other celebrities. not like any of you haters care, but thought Id throw out some facts there for ya ;) you know what they say about “assuming” right?…..and um my parents both have green eyes (mom olive green,dad blue green) and I have green eyes but my sister has dark brown eyes and black hair while we all have light brown/blonde hair. so genetics are never a sure thing, think again if you think they are. Alot of babies have dark eyes when little and they turn light, or vice versa. I assume both babies are cute, but ive never seen toms other son as I am not a fan of his ex or him much, and she isnt really famous so I hardly even know her name. but Im sure they are both cuties as alot of children are precious.

  • shelly


    umm maybe bc she has her own baby to take care of now???? besides Gisele and Benjamin are the major money shots now. Not tom,not the other kid,etc…think about it.

  • shelly

    @Lola ann:

    lol she smiles and plays with her baby and its staged. but when she makes faces at paps she s a b*tch what is it with you people? do you really care about her emotions that much to have to sit and analyze her every move,facial expression and thought? WOW. no comment. its says it all if you have to ponder those thoughts about another human being. get out of your dark room and get some sunlight, I dunno go play in the park….! Im more than positive you will see happy babies and smiling mamas galore! Gisele didn’t invent it.

  • why

    Why is she hardly ever photograped with Tom these days? Do you guys think they broke up?

  • Mignon

    Motherhood is beautiful and God gift to women. The pic are so cute. Ben brother John is cuter though.

  • http://Pam Pam

    How long before Brady gets sick of her being gone all the time and gets with some ther women.

  • Jime

    he’s the custest celebrity baby boy, for sureee! Awww love him

  • Jokergurl

    Cute, cute, cute, he’s got chipmunk cheeks! She looks like a great mom.

  • Times a tickin

    these are cute pics. shes so lucky to have such a cute little boy :)

  • Giselea

    The baby isn’t cute… eyes are dark brown which is very strange.
    Tom’s other baby Jack, he is blond & blue eyes, really cute

  • Giselea

    ….and baby skin, a little brown, with brown eyes and brown hair.

    Moynahan’s kid Jack (she is dark hair and dark brown eyes) is blond & blue eyes. How strange is this…

  • mara

    @ why