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Gisele Bundchen: Sunny Sunday Stroll in NYC

Gisele Bundchen: Sunny Sunday Stroll in NYC

Gisele Bundchen smiles as she walks around NYC’s West Village with some pals on Sunday (September 19).

The 30-year-old model has a busy schedule ahead of her. On Monday (September 20), her agenda kicks off with a presentation at a meeting in support of the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals.

A few days later, she’s expected to attend the VIII Annual Gala Benefit. The goal of the event will be to provide resources to help projects under the non-profit organization BrazilFoundation.

FYI, looks like the world’s richest supermodel is now married to the NFL’s highest-paid star! Gisele‘s hubby, Tom Brady, has reportedly signed a new $26.5 million contract with the New England Patriots, which makes him the highest-paid football player.

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  • ugh

    Not this one again Next———->

  • Taylor

    Is that a dude?

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga


  • bobbi


  • dani

    Beautiful as always!!

  • Heather

    She is hideously thin. She may know how to walk the runway, but she looks bad walking the street. Seriously, her body looks emaciated and her face looks extremely pale/sickly almost…might be fine for modeling, but not for the real world. And before someone accuses me of being fat and jealous, I am 5’6″ and 118 lb.

  • lol

    Long-necked women

  • sian

    She’s gorgeous and effortlessly thin, nothing you jealous people can do about it.

  • english man

    Smiles? haha

  • holly

    Why isn’t she ever in Boston? City not good enough for her?

    And no, she’s not naturally thin. I have seen photos of her when she was starting out where she was a good twenty pounds heavier.

  • J

    Giraffe neck!

  • sara

    @ holly GISELE LIVES IN BOSTON since 2007 she said that very often and at the FNO Show September 7 also. She is there very often because of her work

    She was at the game yesterday

    and she will return to Boston Friday after the three events

  • sara

    She wear wide shirts, she is pregnant Tom said their kids can go there to school

    @ Heather sorry you are stupid, she has a nornal body and her face is not pale

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great!

  • Heathre


    Stupid? You cannot tolerate someone saying something about a celebrity that you don’t like. Well, I hate to break it to you, but I am a nutritionist and my husband is a doctor. I think I know when someone is too emaciated. And Gisele IS emaciated and pale.

  • sara

    She has the same body like before. Nothing emacited and pale. And she is pregant or soon pregnant,

    And I know too when someone is emacited my Dad is doctor and she has a normal body

  • sara

    @ Heather Happy news for you . On Friday she return to Boston and you will see no pics from her

  • brazilian


  • carla

    love gisele, the last supermodel! prob shooting for Vogue or something, as she only gets A list modeling work from day one-15 years later.
    its called a sawn neck. short fat necks are for guys or average girls. her long swan neck is graceful and elegant in modeling photos.

  • trump

    She is always in Boston, but that is not paparazzi land. Its very rare to get paps snapping away there (maybe only once in a blue moon) That is why Gisele moved from NYC to Boston! bc paps are invasive. she is there for work and work only. Boston is her home, she just wont be photographed much there.

  • gc

    no fatties this is how you get money from modeling jobs aka being tall and thin! you cant be looking like some dumpy frumpy video model. that aint gonna fly with the high fashion snobs. too average. and um take a look at high fashion models they are so much thinner and taller than Gisele. she is just lucky to be a commercial/sexy model who can fit into high fashion easily too because her body is long and lean, therefore will take high end photographs. That is the difference between her and most other commercial/sexy models. they are too one demensional and only look good in bikini/lingerie. pur them in jeans and couture gowns, they look un-modelesque. Hence why Gisele has the better work portfolio.

  • LadyJ

    she’s gorgeous!

  • kiti

    I hardly recognized her in these pictures. She looks unhealthy.

  • cameron

    At the visiting teams exit gate and Giselle B. is here waiting for Tom Brady. Full on fam mode. Super model even when she’s dressed down.

  • kika

    most of you were just used to seeing her in the past years with a little extra weight on her, this is how she looked when she was younger! from 2001-2004 . I think she looks great! who knows maybe she is ready to become a full on high fashion model again and only do work for Vogue Italia and stuff. itd be great! she is so much better than a commercial model and deserves to ONLY do the best work for Vogue. Vogue model 100%

  • tommy

    she the #1 highest paid model for a reason, because she ain’t a chunk chunk.

  • Abby

    love LA BUNDCHEN! epic,iconic woman. all before the age of 30.unbelievable. no one can match her. I cant wait to see what her 30′s have in store. Possibly even more legendary than her 20s. I will sit back and enjoy the ride

  • lmfffffaaaoooo

    ladies and gentleman, this is your average type of person who has audacity to call GISELE BUNDHCEN ugly, LMFAOOOOOOOOOO. ROFLLLLLLL.

  • lmfffffaaaoooo

    I dont care it its mean, I will start publicly outing all you fat fugs from now on, lol. at least post a fake picture of a model so your perception will be more justified. lmao all you hags dont matter, anyways.

  • Christina


    not this one again? what are you talking about, she has been THE ONE since 1998, lol.

  • tt

    I love how when a celebrity isn’t all dressed to the nines at all times, they are automatically considered “ugly” online LOL. I love that she is not stuck up and down to earth to leave her house looking casual.

  • HKL

    She’s stunning as f*ck.

  • tracy

    what-evs , this looks like it could be a photoshoot straight outta VOGUE. she is always looking like a supermodel. especially the close up blocking the sun from her eyes, WOW <3

  • Vampire

    Dont get your panties in a bunch Gisele fans, every female celeb is ugly here according to all the perfect women specimens sitting at their extra large computer chairs.

  • Heather-HKL

    I am a nutritionist. And Gisele IS emaciated. She might be a wonderful model, but she is way too thin. And for those that think her thinness is beautiful, I pray that you don’t end up having daughters, because they will end up anorexic the way you think about models.

  • hmmmmm

    Is this chick EVER in Boston?

    It seems like she’s always in NYC or LA or Brazil.

    And why is Tom Brady always on the next flight out of Boston the second his football season is over?

    Is Boston not good enough for these two?

  • ivanka

    Her husband looks awful also.

  • jealous?

    The reason why she looks unhealthy is because she has to take care of her baby. You all should live like her and know what it is to travel from one city to another just for hard work and even being photographed to be called for interviews, etc etc And those who say shes ugly in person are completely wrong, Ive seen her and I can assure you that she’s not manly at all I would even say she’s breath-taking.

  • charles


    everyone who sees her in person (ones with actual picture proof that is) always say how breathtaking she is. women with bone structure are more striking in person since all you see is fat head women with 10 chins walking around.

  • lala


    yes she’s ALWAYS in boston, paps dont care about that place though aka no pictures of her will be taken. NYC/LA is where its at. duh

  • Chiina

    Im guessing you didn’t see her a few weeks ago for fashions night out runway show? her arms and legs were perfectly toned and fit. she is very healthy, (model healthy, not average girl healthy) looks DAMN perfect to me!

  • lol

    aww love the headline, sunny smiley stroll in NYC. its nice to see she actually ENJOYS her life unlike so many of you miserable haters. I dont want to know what your headlines would read, lol. sagging jowl fat faces staring at their computers screens hating on celebs in their dark dingy voodoo trailers.

  • yulia

    @Chiina: Those pics are all photoshopped

  • Rachel

    Gisele,Cindy,Linda,Claudia,Naomi,Kate,Christy <3

  • ts

    @ kiti She look not unhealthy. She has normal weight, and like other said SHE IS PREGNANT

  • Chiina


    nice excuse to console your little heart, lol. ummmm no they arent those are runway photos and backstage Polaroids of her before the show, lmao. That is and still IS her body from September 7th.

  • karo

    she looks very cute and friendly

  • ts

    @hmmm She lives in Boston she said that at FNO

    @ Heather She is not to thin . Normal body and pregnant

  • hahalol

    u girls keep hating, she aint going no where. she is the most respected in demand model on the planet and it will continue to stay that way as it has for 15 and plus years counting. suck it!

  • ben