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Leonardo DiCaprio: Jetting to a Nightclub

Leonardo DiCaprio: Jetting to a Nightclub

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps it low-key in a baseball cap and sunglasses while departing from Vancouver International Airport in Canada on Saturday (September 18).

The 35-year-old actor was apparently in town to check up on production for the upcoming film, Little Red Riding Hood, which he’s producing (and reportedly making a goth remake of!)

Later that night, Leo sported his trademark cap again and used it to cover his face while leaving Premiere nightclub in West Hollywood, Calif.

Leo was also spotted recently at a trade show where he bought a 10-year-old exotic tortoise, which can live up to 80 years, for $400!

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Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: PacificCoastNews, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Taylynn21

    This dude is sooo cool, he wears his shades on a rainy day!

  • adna

    Hey Jared. you forget to tell about Barfie.She is with him there

  • Michelina

    Thank you Jared for the photos. It is always a pleasure to feast my eyes on him when his gf is not around. Leo seems to be way more attractive without her! :)

  • Carmen Havar

    I wish that they would replace Leonardo DiCaprio with Billy Crudup in Clint Eastwood’s forthcoming film, Hoover and make it a spin-off from Public Enemies (2009).
    I wish that Leonardo DiCaprio would also finally get married and start a family. He could have done this with Gisele Bundchen if he tried. I am not sure if he can with Bar Refaeli due to her religion.
    I hope that he drops out of many of the following projects as it is difficult to follow with so many:
    Conspiracy of Fools
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    The Infiltrator
    The Guardians
    The Many Deaths of Barnaby James
    Travis McGee
    Beat the Reaper
    The NeverEnding Story
    Untitled Brian Koppelman and David Levien Project
    Untitled Twilight Zone Project
    Untitled Gucci Biopic
    In Dark Woods
    Brave New World
    Untitled Michael Mann Project
    Untitled Timothy Leary Project

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    HOTTIE! The hottest daddy-to-be! Bar and he will have the most perfect kids. So cute. Can’t wait for Robin Hood.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    He can’t marry Bar because of her religion? Anti-Semite much? Jews and Christians have mixed religion marriages all the time. Chelsea Clinton just did. Bar and Leo are in love and will have perfect kids. Mind your business. They will do as they please. Love you Leo!!

  • cartoon

    He has lost weight!? He looks cute. I can’t help but think these pictures aren’t worth shit since you can barely see his face. Good for you Leo!!

    *According to Lainey:

    Leonardo DiCaprio was in Vancouver this weekend to check up on the Red Riding Hood film and attend the wrap party. Bar Rafaeli was with him, as was his mother, although when they were departing at the airport, to avoid being photographed, he had Bar go through a different entrance. While in town, Leo also hooked up with Tom Hardy, his co-star from Inception. They were out together on Friday night.

  • jaye

    A Goth remake of Little Red Riding Hood? Is he channeling Tim Burton?
    Good actor, but I’ve never found him cool or interesting. Hiding from the cameras like he usually does just make him look silly; they take the pictures anyway. I doubt the cap and sunglasses are about coolness, probably his way of hiding most of his face from the photographers.

  • Lorene

    Love sexy Leo !

  • cartoon


    Hiding he essentially devalues any paparazzi photos.

  • guest girl

    Leo looks good, too bad he is covering his face. It’s really funny how much he doesn’t want to be photographed with his girlfriend. LOL! He definitely needs an urgent update in his private life!

  • @5&6

    How is that anti-semite? There were numerous posts before that he needs to convert to marry her. That`s what Carmen H. referred to. You seem to be obsessed with Leo and his gf together. You should just take it easy and chill!
    Robin Hood????? What are you talking about? It`s Little Red Riding Hood! It`s obvious how much you can`t wait for it! LOL!

  • Helen

    I like his backpack with his parka. He’s a nice man. Leo knows

  • luke

    i assume it was all carbon free

  • Carmen Havar

    Thank you, @5&6. I meant that I am not really familiar with the marriage laws in Israel and I am not sure if it is legal for Bar Refaeli to marry Leonardo DiCaprio because he is not Jewish. If there is anyone who is more knowledgeable about the marriage laws in Israel, please clarify this. And as for Bar Jolie Gaga, kindly think before you write something misconstrued.

  • ace11

    don’t really dig Bar and Leo..she seems to be a gold digger

    Leo’s what 36 now and still going to night clubs?

    kind of sad

  • jaye

    cartoon @ 09/20/2010 at 10:32 am

    Thumb up Thumb down -4


    Hiding he essentially devalues any paparazzi photos.

    I know, but my point is that he looks silly IN them lol.

  • amy

    I love him

  • Kaz

    Best actor ever

  • cartoon


    His night club. It was club opening.

  • scatterbrained

    I think Bar has a doubtful future

  • @20

    His club or not he still goes to clubs whenever he has the chance and now he opened a new one. ace11 has a valid point.
    @Carmen: To get married to a Jewish person you need to convert but she is not that religious and as far as I know they could married with mixed religions. I doubt that`s the reason why he doesn`t want to marry her…

  • duru

    they are dating for 5 years and she still uses another enterence at the airport. ridiculous.

  • http://Jbmd Slig

    Leo is the best is my faves actor

  • haha

    leaving nightclubs, he aint serious about his d list so called model gf. this A list handsome actor is getting Pu**y left and right. you are dumb if you think otherwise. Barf is used up meat to him by now. she has average looks and a very blah personality.

  • http://Jbmd Slig

    Leonardo beautiful boy in the world and so pretty

  • not convinced

    Still not convinced that Bar was in Vancouver.

    As let’s face it, Jared never passes up an opportunity to mention anything she does , so why would he not mention her being with Leo ?

    And as to Lainey bit sounds like she is just mentioning recycled gossip.As regardless of what entrance you go through at Vancouver airport, , there is only one area for going through customs, and the same razzis who took pix of Leo could have snapped photos of her as well. As even when they haven’t walked together through an airport, photos of her have surfaced.

    Plus the first thing you do once your feet touch down at LAX is head out to the club with Usher and two women as evidenced in the Premiere pix.?

    Sorry still not convinced.

  • no marriage for ho

    @@5&6: you dont have to worry about that because he’s not gonna marry the ho

  • Leo taking 2 ladies home!

    After leaving the club, here Leo is taking two lovely ladies home with him!! GET SOME!!!!

  • usher’s smile :)

    Did you guys notice usher’s silly boyish grin while Leo went into the backseat with the 2 chicks?!?! His smile said go leo my man , go ahead and get your double scoopes. he knows leo is gettin some and then getting some more some tonight!! hahaha
    look at it again!!!

  • leodaman

    leo da man, he constantly gettin some! He is handsome,rich,charming, he aint settlin down, and if he is, i sure dont see how, LMAO bar/club men are cheating types.

  • despicable

    Leave Leo live his life. Its his not yours lol!! Always sticking your nose into famous people’s lives

  • Ariel

    @despicable: are you talking to Jared?!?! LOL! People are crazy! Nice to see Leo minus the sluutfriend!!!

  • S@n

    Okay JJ Leo is great!

    But where are the pics of Chris Pine when he arrived in Vancouver last weekend?? PLEASE!!!!

  • despicable

    @Ariel: Im referring to those who critize every move he makes as if it was your own life. Its obvious many of you have no life. Oh! and thanks for calling me crazy D U M B A S S

  • parker

    @not convinced:

    Bar and her ‘people’ (ie. her mama) are trying not to be so obvious after numerous people questioned how JJ had so many ‘random sightings’ of her, including the latest one where they just happened to know the designer of a tiny necklace she was wearing. It was the least prominent part of her wardrobe, but it had a Leo connection (designed by Leo’s BFF Tobey Maguire), so *someone* obviously wanted the info put out there — the same person who regularly tips off the paparazzi.

  • zak attack

    has anyone else noticed how OBSSESED zac efron is with leo he is constantly mentioning him in his interviews,its bordering on stalker st this stage….leo must be like wtf lol

  • tatu

    Leo had more success than him when he was his age. But thats life!!

  • bb2…azzi/22266.html cute leo bar vid, hes holding her up in the water, aww!

  • @39

    Yet another bellazon/yuku fan posting old and irrelevant videos. Yawn!

  • boo

    what i love about leo is how down to earth and cool he seems to be, he can hang with anyone from his 15 year old godson to the much older bob deniro (who was apparently at the club with leo that night haha) and rappers such a usher or Q tip….he covers all bases and everyone seems to love the guy!! also another thing i find soOo cute is that he go 50 million count that, FITY MILLION and counting for inception, and what does he do? goes and buys a pet turtle……that is so CUTE!! i love this man, FUCCCK U BAR BIOTCH!!!!!! p.s THANKS FOR THE LEO PICS JARED!

  • @37
  • @37
  • @37
  • @37
  • @everyone

    haha holy crud sorry its realy hard to post messages on here these days…

  • Cuba

    Poor Zac I know how he exactly feels but Leo will never change man!

  • lottie

    wow leo is becoming quite the business man ya owns this club its called premier, he co owns with his friend vincent lar-something who he also has a stake in the club villa with, and also he has a share in goal sports bar aswel which lukas haas is co owner of…pretty soon hel own half of LA, GO LEO!! is it just me but i find these pics SUPER sexy….just wish we could see his face. :( i like is baggy pants….makes them easyer to take off hehe!! lol

  • ……..

    @ CUBA amm what??

  • me likey

    this man is tanned like year round…..mmmmm SEXY!! and he has the big hands broad shoulders PROPER man thing going on, hes not a litle prissy boy who spends more time infront of the mirror than focusing on their carrers (chace crawford, zac efron etc…) whats not to love?! i want to play with his turtle…..