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Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas II You

Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas II You

Mariah Carey has put the finishing touches on Merry Christmas II You, her second career album of holiday tunes, which arrives November 2nd.

The 40-year-old singer has a brand new recording of her all-time standard, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” The album also contains four original songs composed by Mariah, including the new single, “Oh Santa.”

Merry Christmas II You is Mariah‘s 13th studio album, and follows up her worldwide multi-million-selling Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (released September 2009).

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  • Hmm…

    I loved her first Christmas Album. I’ve played it alot over the years. Not sure about how this one will be. I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but hmm..this just doesnt look classy, I dont think Mariah is classy anymore and it sometimes reflects in here music.
    She still has a wonderful singing voice but I just dont think shes used it well over the last few years or so.

  • XOXO

    MIMI!!!!!!!!! ON JJ <333333333 LOVE! XD

  • http://www. V

    I was watching her interviews the other day on Utube, forgot how hilarious she is lol. She has/had the BEST oneliners lol.

  • Tyrone

    still love her.

  • pity

    With her talent she should try something original. She has been doing covers for years, now. she should take some more risks, be innovative.
    This is the same crap over and over

  • Leila

    Why re-record All I want for Christmas is you? It’s timeless and perfect as it is.

  • J

    Lol, she’s wearing the same dress

  • XtinaArmy

    this will be the floppest xmas album in industy ever

  • Monelle

    Super tacky cover. I mean I know it’s Mariah but still.

  • umm

    @XtinaArmy: Your username. The irony LMAO.

  • Judy

    I cant wait to hear this!! :)

  • Lisa

    They need to add about 30 pounds to that album cover. Mariah is not that thin……………….nice try.

  • Bfly

    Mariah is so cute!!

  • Courtney

    don’t be so negative on her straight out. she’s one of the sweetest people in the World I should know I met her once.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    oh mariah. still tryin’ to be on fyiah. :) i miss the old mariah.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Though I think this cover is cute, it won’t be as sweet as the original. Why not just leave classics as they are?! I’ll give it a try but I always think the original is the best. Hopefully it’ll be good.

  • cherryice

    This cougar better finally be pregnant and stop making excuses like Kate Beckinsale. She owes it to her toyboy husband Nick Cannon if she really loves him. It is obvious why they have been procrastinating this – she doesn’t want her figure to change or to put her career on hold. Once she has given birth to her first child, she will regret not doing it earlier. It is an emotional and indescribable experience. Women who love their husbands don’t refuse to have biological children with them.

  • xoxo

    photoshop much???? Im not saying Mariah is fat or anything, but she has packed on the pounds in the last few years, and well..this album cover resembles the old her. She looks gorgious as she is today, and she should be proud to display her current body on her cover, im a little dissapointed.

  • iFellytone

    I absolutely cannot wait.

    Btw, displaying her current body on the album cover would mean showing herself as pregnant which would, clearly, be dumb. Hence the photoshop.

  • Franck

    2 words : THANKS PHOTOSHOP !!!!
    that’s all.

  • slutface

    My first thought was, “OMG, how beautiful!” After I took a second looks I was like, “Girlfriend… seriously? You are NOT that thin… not even if they’d cut your ass in half!” Still, I’m psyched we’re getting new Mariah no matter if their new recordings of her old stuff or covers of old played-out Christmas songs.

  • slutface

    Oopsie, I meant “…second look.” My bad! :~)

  • FxD

    @pity: What are you talking about? She’s done 1 cover since 2003 and that was I Want To Know What Love Is. She’s one of the few artists in the industry that actually writes the majority of her songs. Also, she’s already confirmed this album is going to be a lot like her first Christmas album. There’s not going to be any Hip-Hop or anything like that.

  • ZMH

    I wanna know in which country Memoirs Of An Imperfect Ange did “multi-million-selling” or if it’s the global stats then she’s pathetic.

  • oh please…

    Talk about photoshopped!!!……lol.

  • Ihateph

    @oh please…: I’m serious she looks nothing like that now the removed about 50 lbs lol

  • Ihateph

    i hope its a sign that she’s finally over her ghetto phase.. I miss the beautiful songs she made in her sony days..the only song that has come close to that is we belong together everything else in the last decade sucked.. and hope she gained all that weight after eating a huge slice of humble pie..

  • Ihateph

    @Leila: she needs money so she’s going to ruin a classic

  • Go Mariah

    I LOVE HER Xmas Album.

  • Annka

    “multi-million-selling Memoirs Of an…” <=== ummm WHAT?? that album sold less than 700,000 worldwide !
    the cover looks like a Photoshop disaster!!

  • Shekwanda Jones

    this cover is so awful and please, does she seriously believe she’s fooling us into thinking that it’s her body on the cover? with that waist?

  • Rachel

    cant wait! her first xmas album is the best selling and on my holiday playlist 24/7 during the holidays, lol.

  • Anthony

    I don’t think a re-make of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” was necessary. She should have just made a 2nd Christmas album with all new songs (some traditional Christmas tunes, and some original ones). Also, that album cover is really tacky. It looks cheap, like a 2nd grader painted it. They couldn’t have done something classier and more professional-looking?

  • http://SJAndres Andres

    selena When you go to a tour of argentina?

  • Jasmine

    Jeeze, you know her career is crap when she has to make a(nother) Christmas album.

  • lea

    Lol at anyone calling her career crap especially after being 20 years in the game. I like the cover. It’s cute. A bit cheesy but festive. Love the Christmas lights and nightsky. Can’t wait to hear the album!

  • manu

    Merry Christmas II You is Mariah’s 13th studio album, and follows up her worldwide multi-million-selling Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (released September 2009)
    worlwide multi-millon-selling ?,please justjared, only usa and not multi -millon -selling not

  • Colby Beck

    She Is Not The #1 Female Selling Artist In History For Nothing!
    She’ll Do Great,All Her Albums Do Great.
    I Wish Her The Best Of Luck,Wheather Or Not She’s Preg.
    Or Gaining Weight,Or ‘Losing Her Talent’
    Its All Bullshit…But Then Again,Mariah Could Tell Me She Invented Oxygen And I’d Believe Her :)

  • Pat

    Multi-million world wide is actually great, just to let you know…

  • jenn

    seriously stop dissing mariah. if your gonna hate & be negative then WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?.. that obviously shows something on your part :p & who cares if shes photoshopped? get over your selves & grow up. mariahs always HAS been #1 and always WILL be <333 the album cover is soo beautiful too & shows christmas spirit and in my opinion, is better than the first cover & if that cover isnt classy then idk what is. you go mariaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Harold Bayotas

    I Love Mimi’s new album..Oh santa!!!!Yeah rock!!!!Love it!!!

  • Lyov

    Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas II You |

  • muzic
  • muzic

    She’s The BEST !
    Long live Mariah