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Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty in Drug Case, Avoids Jail Time

Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty in Drug Case, Avoids Jail Time

Paris Hilton has pleaded guilty to her cocaine possession case in Las Vegas – and she won’t be going to jail!

The 29-year-old heiress will pay $2000 in fines, complete 200 hours of community service and go through a substance abuse program in addition to being on probation for a year.

Paris‘ judge warned her that if she is arrested for anything but a minor traffic violation over the next year, she will be put into jail.

“The Clark County Detention Center is not the Waldorf-Astoria,” the judge said.

DO YOU THINK Paris’ sentencing is fair?

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  • Lauren Cage

    I wish that Paris Hilton would do more mainstream movies.

  • happy

    Lucky girl who knows how to live her life and earn money just by being herself

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …a $2000 fine for a women who’s family has millions is nothing. and community service.. it’s not fun, but it doesn’t stop people from doing what they do, it just makes them try slightly harder not to get caught again. she needs hard time in a federal prison. ahahahaha .. supermax! reopen Alcatraz for this bird-bish.

  • mari

    I don’t know if the sentence is fair. I don’t know, what people usually get , when they are caught with cocaine.

    I think over here, a “regular” person would probably also get time in jail but on probation.

  • My opinion

    That’s Not A Fair Sentence Come On !
    A Normal Person Will Have Got A 1 Year Jail Sentence I Bet Lindsay Lohan Would Have Got A Jail Sentence !

    Not Fair At All !

  • Lara

    As if that would come to anyone’s surprise…people like PH with loads of money will never be treated like others. Unfair but true.

  • J. Ryan

    I can’t mention specifics because frankly I’ve never been charged with possession but I’m telling you that a normal person with her record would not be walking free right now. Seriously, $2000 and 200 hours is nothing. Her family is worth millions if not billions of dollars. As far as community service goes, a friend of mine had to serve that much for an MIP with a clean record. This is just pathetic.

  • http://Jtja Slig

    Im also have more mony than werid hooker .im best

  • Kate

    Ehm, no that is absolutely not a fair sentence, especially for someone who already has a criminal record.

    It’s obvious daddy bought her out of trouble again. Given that possession of drugs is a federal crime, it’s very serious and people usually get heavy fines and community service in addition to going to jail, but of course she managed to get out of jail this time.

  • Brightside

    No, not fair at all. Justice is not equal to all and this case proves it. She should have gone to jail! As for doing more mainstream movies @#1…she’s a horrible actress….if you can call it acting….simply horrible.

  • Franck

    somebody gave many blow jobs… *just saying*


    lock her up!!

  • Ali

    take her away. she is ridiculous. anybody who does cocaine in this day and age is an utter idiot.

  • make it legal for celebs

    What are you talking about.. LIndsay gets 90 days in jail but only gets
    23 days same goes for rehab…90 days but only gets 3 weeks.. wippee
    BE SENTENCED TO JAIL…what jail for Lindsay or Paris… Why bother
    threatening them with a sentence when we all know that they will get
    a lot less than that..!!

  • Lala

    at least she pleaded guilty though

  • Karma

    It may seem unfair on the surface, but she is not doing herself any favors. Her moral progress in life is obviously suffering. I would rather be in poverty and be wise than be rich and spiritually hindered.

  • laverdadduele

    So many good people die every day, yet this worthless POS is still alive.

  • dh

    Throw the b.i.t.c.h in jail.

  • Jokergurl

    I just saw on Fox News that she was sentenced to a year in the Clark County Detention Center. I guess the whole “That wasn’t my purse” thing doesn’t work. Anyway she should have to be accountable for this.

  • Dieter

    Jared, there is something seriously wrong with the U.S.: A girl like Paris’ would never do drugs, she is just no easily addictive personality, has never done drugs in her life and never will. And this stupid judge forces her to lie and saying she’s a drug addict where she never did drugs or maybe uses mild drugs for recreational purposes only once in a while because she works so hard BECAUSE THIS CRIMINAL(!) THREATENS HER TO GO TO JAIL. What is wrong with this society ???? Tell me !!!!

  • Ginger

    She needs to stop posing to the side with her face like that, it just makes her nose look soooo super long and not very attractive at all.

  • laverdadduele

    @Dieter: Stupid people like you who justify this human s.c.u.m is what’s wrong with society.

  • Dieter

    laverdadda – Have you ever worked in your entire life? Do you know what work is? Others are talking, Paris is working. She made millions with her body in her hot tape! Now she wants to relax once in a while: why shouldn’t she be allowed to use a mild stimulant like cocain? She bought it from her own worked money!!! She didn’t steal it !!!! Her mother showed her how to use cocain. She can handle it. She is no addict. Other than you who is most probably a Zanax addict. Either you can handle it or not. Start working !!!

  • true

    what a joke. talk about celebrity justice operating for the rich and famous. i hope one day she gets what she deserves, she’s such as disgusting skank.

  • Dana

    Lindsay life is Sad but Paris is Pathetic Doing Drugs and Clubbing at 29..LOL!!Hey!!Paris your the Old Lady at the club now.

  • http://jorgex10 jorge pinto de almeida

    i want together paris hilton with selena gomez minha ESTRELA POLAR!!!!!!

  • http://jorgex10 jorge pinto de almeida

    i want together paris hilton with SELENA GOMEZ my POLAR STAR

  • http://jorgex10 jorge pinto de almeida

    sel you are a star the others only satelyts

  • Sammy

    So sad!I was hoping they are going to throw this classless and useless thing in jail.

  • Rattlesnake

    this seriously sets a very very bad example to young impressionable people, that judge is stupid and irresponsible ….. utterly ridiculous and Paris is getting a good , private chuckle i bet too….

    honk !

  • lucas

    @mari: a lot of it depends on the amount, users caught for the first time often do get off with a slap on the wrist and probation.

    the catch is that she’s got a record for various minor crimes, dui etc. And those don’t seem to have factored into anything. then again, ‘anything but a minor violation’ with that type of person could mean she’s in jail in a week. And so long as it isn’t in LA where she’ll be out in 1/10th the time, I’m okay with it. Particularly since the kind of bad PR the blogs have given her can have an effect on her precious jobs etc and that will hurt her more than jail.

    Look at Lindsey, sure the failed drug tests means probation violation and jail time.but what will really sting is losing her career because no on wants the bad PR of having a druggie doing endorsements, parties etc. And forget acting. No insurance company is going to touch her. And without insurance she’s off all major gigs. The best she can hope for is some low budget stuff that won’t pay her bills