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Rachel Bilson: Pink 'N Polka-Dotted

Rachel Bilson: Pink 'N Polka-Dotted

Rachel Bilson grabs some Middle Eastern cuisine with a friend at Carousel Restaurant on Tuesday (September 21) in Glendale, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress bundled up in a pink and polka-dotted scarf and Paige Denim Skyline Ankle Peg jeans in Beachwood as it was unusually cold and cloudy in L.A.

Over the weekend, Rachel picked up her dog from Tailwaggers, a full service grooming salon for pets!

There have been rumors that Rachel is dating Chace Crawford after they shared dinner with some friends in NYC, but her rep has said that it is not true.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson grabbing lunch…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 01
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 02
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 03
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 04
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 05
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 06
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 07
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 08
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 09
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 10
rachel bilson lunch break with friend 11

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Brightside

    Oh my god, she takes a break from a shopping spree! How much more excitement can the general public handle, I wonder, knowing that Rachel Bilson actually takes a break from a shopping spree!
    Please…….JJ……….enough with this nobody……….

  • summer

    I mean don’t give me wrong i really like rachel bilson, but she hasn’t been working in a year, so how come we see her on JJ 3 times a week if not more? and for what? see her shop? i’m sorry but i’m kind of tired to see her on JJ doing nothing. She must pay Jared really well i assume…..

  • summer

    I mean don’t give me wrong i really like rachel bilson, but she hasn’t been working in a year, so how come we see her on JJ 3 times a week if not more? and for what? see her shop? i’m sorry but i’m kind of tired to see her on JJ doing nothing. She must pay Jared really well i assume…..

  • screwed


  • annie

    isnot she in la,looks like shes dressed for nyc in the fall,she still smells ugh.

  • summer


    i thought she was in nyc at first. haha

  • kaleigh

    Just feakin’ look at the at HER?!
    BWA hahahahahaahahaa… hahahahahaahahaa… hahahahahaahahaa !!!

  • Lacey

    She looks really good. I love those wedges and the scarf. But I find it sad that Jared has to recycle last week’s gossip and add it to her post. All because she’s the poster child for Hollywood unemployment and has nothing else going on to mention.

  • Viper

    Her resume must read See JustJared.

  • Ahari

    Oh. Dear. God. Seriously? She “takes a break from a shopping spree.” Good grief. How pathetic. And how the hell does she afford to go on shopping sprees every single day of the year, for over three years now, take her dogs to probably one of the priciest groomers in town, eat out numerous times a day, with NO. APPARENT. MEANS. OF. EMPLOYMENT/SUPPORT. Ridiculous. Enough already.

  • reedley

    All shattered dreams & all pity/shame for this OC-Relic…. D’ Ultimate Loser.
    1. UN-employable in TV industry
    2. UN-employable in Movie industry
    3. SEMI-employable on a random fashion business
    4. SEMI-employable on all opening the envelope events
    5. VERY (3X) MUCH employable in anything & everything that has to do in famewh0ring.
    Case closed.

  • Leslie

    I wonder why JJ didn’t mention she was on the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother last night.

    One review called her an ubiquitous actor.

    But I wouldn’t pop a blood vessel over it. LOL You people crack me up.

    I love scarves and I’m envying that polka dot pink scarf.

  • carly

    Jared the fact that you have to recycle your previous blogs to comment on new Rachel Bilson pics is pretty sad but I’m not surprised anymore. It’s now past the point of pathetic. This is now hysterical how obvious you are.

  • http://justjared lillybell05

    In her Oct. column for Instyle she says her Halloween costume is going to be (and I’m not making this up) Miss Piggy. Her quote is “I’m going as my ultimate hero, Miss Piggy, whom I’ve loved practically my whole life. I’m already gathering details, like the perfect wig and snout. I only hope I can look as fabulous.”

  • reedley

    This Lil’ Moe has no career nor even no prospect/s left. So she can who*re as much she wants. As a matter of fact, she could… as she’s a thick-faced dumbo. That’s the only way to save what’s have left to her never-ever-to begin-with career.

  • Viper

    I would take Miss Piggy’s fashion advice over Bilson’s any day maybe Miss Piggy should write a column in

  • amaranth

    @#2 – but she hasn’t been working in a year…

    Take a very simple / no-brainer cue that… media-addicted wh0res are absolutely “talentless & unemployable”.
    She is an uneducated idiot who tries to act like she is smart. But as we all know she aint, so her act is a joke. She is a dumbass with no talent or skill to do anything. She seeks & reeks attention numerous times, thinking she was a star, but in reality, she never was. She’s been on a teeny-soapy show ages ago that got axed due to poor ratings. Her career in TV and movies that never took off are so over, soon her wh0ring career will be included in her failures. She is a loser, lame and a poser!

  • Mee

    Her ankle boots are from Zara

  • olivia


    And I would love to see her on gossip gilr like willa holland.

    x x x x x x x

  • olivia


    And I would love to see her on gossip gilr like willa holland.

    x x x x x x x

  • why

    why is it that everytime I read something about Rachel Bilson I feel like I’m losing IQ points?
    She has that effect on people.

  • kizmir

    This is the 3rd time that you are NOT confirming that she dated Chace Crawford.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Look how happy she is to see the paps!! How about she take a break from her shopping sprees and go to acting classes?
    JJ WE KNOW CHACE ISN’T DATING RACHEL!!! He’s trying to move UP the career ladder, NOT DOWN!! Now if you want to write something readers might believe have her spotted with Spencer Pratt or K-Fed – men who are more like Rachel!

  • emme

    She was photographed the other day going to Zara. And now she is wearing the boots she bought from Zara. The focus of her day is looking for outfits to wear for the next day’s session with the paps.
    That is her purpose in life.

  • the truth

    Jared why you didn’t mention that she was on How i met your mother? This was been better that mentiioning About her relationship with Chase Crawford that’s old news now.No one mention tha she wasn’t dating Jake.why keep that up already.> She suppose to going to screening are her movie waiting forever for benefit.


    @reedley: Lexy Hates Bilson, you posted the same thing USING your original user name.

    Stop making up names, pretending Rachel’s haters are different people, repeating the same bull shiiit every single day in every single Rachel post.

    RACHEL RULES! you’re nothing more than a pathetic, vacuous troll.

  • MissAnthropica

    How many times is Jared going to mention the rumor from last week ?
    A story that was put to rest by HER reps already and the story has already become moldy and began to rot !!!
    It wasnt much of a headline grabbing story to begin with .

    The rumor about Chace Crawford and Kelly Osbourne that came out the same time last week got ten times more coverage easily on the internet alone plus TV coverage. The Kelly rumor kind over shadowed the Rachel rumor completely and the Rachel/Chace rumor became just a side note to the main Kelly gossip story.

    Talk about bad timing if ever by Rachel’s people. To start a rumor most likely only to have another rumor involving the same guy steal the rumor they started for THEIR client thunder stolen away in a flash.
    Rachel PR people majorly messed up on that rumor and I think are starting to slip and are off their A game when trying to get Rachel some coverage and attention again.

    I am sure Chace Crawford seemed like a great guy at the time to start and rumor about with their client Rachel because he is widely gossiped about and followed but the down side is someone else’s people lets say… Kelly Osbourne’s might have the same idea for her and beat you to the punch ruining the whole plan lol

    Like I said Rachel’s PR people really dropped the ball on that one so they are trying to make it up to her by making sure the story even after it was proven to not be true is still talked about as though it is to get her a little more attention of it .

    I figure JJ added the old news back in because even he was bored with the just her shopping topic again.

    You can only do about 100 or so of those kinds of posts
    about the same girl t
    hat doesnt do anything else for you to write about
    before you really get tired of it,
    Btw its really not that cold in LA right now and although the scarf is kinda cute she looks a little fashion off wearing it so soon .

  • jamie

    Where is Hayden and Natalie? Really? I don’t see any post about them as I see about Rachel Bitchson. They work and can be called “actors.” How much does Rachel Bilson pay you exactly Jared?


    @amaranth: Reedly and amaranth why do you both use a 0 instead of an O in ‘FAMEWHORING’?

    Oh yeah, because you’re the same person trolling around each Rachel post.. listen, Lexy Hates Bilson, making up idiotic names like Reedly and amaranth and hoping people will ACTUALLY believe these commenters are two DIFFERENT people is PATHETIC and NAIVE.

    You are not fooling anyone, Lexy. Stop trolling. We get it, you HATE her. There isn’t a point of making up a lot of CHEESY names like LACEY and CARLY (it’s obvious LACEY and CARLY are the same person), REEDELY, amaranth (also obvious it’s the same person, too many similarities to be a coincident), EMME AND WHY (compare the way the two comments are written, it becomes obvious it’s the same person). Here is Emme’s comment:

    She was photographed the other day going to Zara. And now she is wearing the boots she bought from Zara. The focus of her day is looking for outfits to wear for the next day’s session with the paps.
    That is her purpose in life.

    Here is why’s comment:
    why is it that everytime I read something about Rachel Bilson I feel like I’m losing IQ points?
    She has that effect on people.

    Conclusion: Lexy Hates Bilson, stop trolling.

    On another note, I remember when I blasted you for creating various made up names just to comment on Rachel’s posts to say shiiiit about her. Well, you didn’t deny it. You ignored the hate against you and the way a LOT of commenters figured out IT’S ONE PERSON using DIFFERENT NAMES hating! Then in another post, after the commenters left, you went to back to your old ways: commented first, saying same SHITT over and over and over again using a lot of different names.


    @jamie: Lexy Hates Bilson, your latest comment is SUCH an unoriginal comment. Don’t you remember you are ALWAYS bringing up Natalie Portman in Rachel’s post? You always say, why aren’t there any Natalie posts and we all KNOW you’re a huge Natalie fan.

    I don’t understand why you’re always on Just Jared although all you ever seem to do is criticise him and demand more from him, if you don’t like this site so much there ARE PLENTY of other more-read and popular sites out other that post celebrity news. Why don’t you look at them?


    *We all know you’re a huge Natalie Portman worshipper.



    Therefore, stop monotonously claiming ‘SHE HAS NO SOURCE OF INCOME’.

    In addition, she DOES have upcoming projects in the works. The Hollywood Life have CONFIRMED. She is SIGNED on TO STAR in a major THEATRICAL FILM, the news will be announced SOON. After the announcement in a few weeks, you will eat your tongue or bash the major film studio making it and say she slept with the movie’s makers and distributors to get the role.

  • MissAnthropica


    Oh dont start that again PLEASEnot “everyone” is Lexy on here.

    There are plenty of people that cant stand Racel for one reason or another these days.

    Mostly because of posts like this one I guess. Its old and annoying the same old same old for alot of people.

    She just isnt anywhere near as popular on the level as she was while on the OC Hales……Get over it.

    Support Rachel of course Hales…………
    but you got to except most people have forgotten all about her because of shows like GossipGirl which is why she cant get work sadly and has been seen going into casting office after casting office like an actress just starting out in her career trying to make it. She is back at square one almost far as her career. Those that havent forgotten about her completely( and replaced her with girls like Leighton Meester in their minds ) often cant stand her anymore.

    These constant posts for attention are not helping people start to like her again or get her career back on track.

    Her people should focus on what is left of her career while she still has a slim chance If they really want to help their client it would be the best thing they can do for her is stop the BS constant presswhoring because it obviously isnt getting her cast in any major movies after going to all those casting agencies.

    I am beginning to think Rachel’s handlers and PR people must be retards to not see their spin isnt working for her anymore its getting the opposite reaction from people they were trying for.

  • MissAnthropica

    @jamie: No offense Jamie but why bring up Hayden or Natalie they have nothing to do with Rachel at all?


    @MissAnthropica: Oh please, you don’t know what is left of her career. You don’t know who’s retardered or not unless if you know the person, and I never said everyone is, but it’s obvious LEXY (based on the comments, they’re all saying the same thing, yet media outlets like Perez Hilton have never blasted her and she’s a general media princess, doesn’t receive hate, it’s beyond ODD how all of the comments are saying the same thing, I never said she’s as popular as she was in the OC, I never even talked about her popularity, stop putting words into my mouth).

    You don’t know if her career is on track or not, you don’t know what she wants to do next, you don’t know whether people ‘LIKE HER’ now or not, you don’t know everyone in the universe, you don’t know if ‘these posts’ are attempts to make people like her again (as if you KNOW what’s on the mind of everyone on this site and everyone online) and you CERTAINLY don’t know if she can or can’t get work. You DON’T, sadly. You don’t know if she auditioned for a shiiit load of work and didn’t get it, you DON’T. She has only been spotted at casting offices TWO TIMES over the past 3 years, the first time is what is presumed to be for ‘Jumper’ (Beginning of 2007) the second time was in the end of February 2010 (for what is presumed to be the major film project Danny Bilson talked about shortly after February 2010, that will be announced in November).

  • MissAnthropica

    @HALES: Your not still refering to the ” big movie” her dad was trying to get made for her are you Hales?

    You realize do that was all just talk as often in Hollywood with
    most films even further along in the development stage of a movie still never make it on screen,
    It is just the way it works.
    If she was cast in a untitled project for real they would add it to her IMBD as
    Untitled Film (2011)
    But they havent not a good sign.

    Studios dont hide films like this when they are really making one they like to get the word out there early to help the movie do as good as it can come release.

    So if your still bringing up the rumor her father started from June you do know that month later no one took that rumor serious anymore right and RACHEL HERSELF yes that Rachel said she isnt acting ANYTIME SOON that she is focusing on fashion instead of acting.

    So that was from Rachel’s own words she doesnt have a film coming up she wants to focus on fashion it would be more believeable if someone said she was trying to launch her own real clothing line that would be more up her alley these days.

  • jamie

    I’m tired of seeing post about this useless, why some real actors can not be posted here EVERY day too? Angelina, Johnny, Mila, Tom, Natalie, Hayden, Scarlett, Ryan or Brad? The only people I see every day on this site are Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff and Kate Bosworth – Is difficult to choose the most useless. And Hales (aka C3), I’m not Lexy, sorry.

  • MissAnthropica

    You dont know either Hales hate to break it to you .
    You dont really know the real Rachel which is why your obession with her is disturbing.
    Your screen name is never seen commenting on this site on other peoples thread you just sit there and defend Rachel’s thread all day long.
    You can post a comment to you at any time of the day and know that youll respond within a few mintues. Its the truth.
    Its one thing to support the poor girl but what you do takes it to another level sometimes.
    Your completely in denial and want to believe only what you want to believe about Rachel and nothing else.
    You also leave out details like how plenty of sites like Lainey, celebitchy, etc have all for some unknown reason gone negative against Rachel.
    And when the rumor of Chace and Kelly was covered on E news last week they reported the Chace C and Kelly Osbourne story than added the Rachel and Chace story as an after thought and called Rachel merely ” Hayden Christensen’s EX” that didnt even mention what she use to be most known for … her role on the OC. Not one peep about that show from Enews. So because of her peoples over exposure of her she is best known as someones ex and not for the show she once was on.

    BTW you know how I know these things about Rachel and her people?
    Its called having a brain to think clearly with, and logical thought to see how obvious some things are, and two eyes to read and see all the bull.
    Unlike most here……….. I dont adore her and I dont hate her so I can look at these posts with a clear and fair mindset.

    Maybe it isnt all her fault the ammount of BS her people spill out about her but its still not helping her one bit.

  • me too

    I am not Lexy either and I can’t stand Bilson.

  • MissAnthropica

    @jamie: I got to agree on the Hilary Duff comment you made and the Kate Bosworth and even the Rachel part of it, there is such a thing as over exposure sometimes.

  • me too

    BTW, it is quite possible that this so called break up is just a PR stunt like Spencer and Heidi. Hayden is not dating anyone and neither does Rachel but the rumors keep going on just to keep attention on them for Jumper 2. It is hard to imagine that Hayden would stoop this law but he was going to marry Rachel and said that he is deeply in love with her so he is already on the bottom.

  • Another Day

    Rachel no doubt pays JJ very well to keep posting papparazzi pictures (and she calls the papparazzi to come take them) of her doing nothing and posting non-news about her personal life while she wanders the streets of LA jobless. She’s beyond pathetic. And I think she’s a case of arrested mental and emotional development because she talks like a child, likes things made for children, and tries to look as close to 12 or 13 years old as possible. And she is photographed constantly with her mother, her little sister, at places children go. She can’t grow up and take responsibility for her life, keeps advertising that she wants a job and for someone to give her a job, but does she take acting lessons or singing lessons or any kind of self-improvement? NO. Because she was told her whole life by her parents that she’s perfect the way she is and given everything she ever wanted- and she’s entitled to have everything she wants just by wanting it bad enough.

    Rachel is a childish stupid worthless chit who really jus wants a hot young rich upcoming movie star to scoop her up and worship her, get her cast in A-list movies, give her everything and expect nothing, and worship the ground she walks on. SORRY. Not EVER going to happen.

    Let her drop down into oblivion, Jared. Do her a favor. No more press for doing nothing might make her get off her miserable @ss and DO Something.

  • MissAnthropica

    So- so reviews for Rachel’s part in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.
    They said she just comes off as Summer from the OC again she gawd really really needs to break out of that as an actress or she will never get the big parts .


    @MissAnthropica: I have commented on A LOT of other’s people’s threads on both Just Jared and JUst Jared Jr, and I hate to break it to you, you’re not going around every post oon this site looking at the names of the commenters. Nor am I even anywhere NEAR obsessed with Rachel, defending someone doesn’t make you ‘obsessed’. Stop putting words into my mouth and claiming bull.

  • MissAnthropica

    @me too: Oh come on Hayden and Rachel are not secretly together lol They werent even together when they were together it. They were always avoiding eachother for months and months with out end.
    That isnt love . Dont know what it is but it isnt love.
    So please Hayden groupies and Rachel groupies let it go!!
    They are OVER!!!!!
    Thats why she is looking to hook up with someone ASAP. She wants a new one in her life.

    BTW @me too.
    Its stoop this “low ” not “stoop this law”

    As to why JJ hasnt mentioned HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER yet is because he plans to give Rachel yet another post later this day about How I Met Your Mother so Rachel will get two posts.
    Just watch youll see , two before the day is done.


    @MissAnthropica: ”Plenty of sites” are negative towards Rachel? another utter lie, Lainey is the only NOTABLE gossip site which has been over the past weeks.

  • MissAnthropica

    @HALES: Celebitchy wring a bell Hales?
    Must of slipped your mind.

  • MissAnthropica

    @MissAnthropica: @HALES: Celebitchy ring a bell Hales?
    Must of slipped your mind.

    Celebitchy talked about Peoples new top 10 fashion list just out and when they got to the part about Rachel. They said.
    “Her PR people must be working over time”
    That isnt very positive for Rachel you have to admit they were more or less claiming the only reason she was on the list was because her people pushed her way on to it.
    Not a flattering comment to say the least.

    Honestly Hales I am not going to waste too much time on you.

    Because you are just as bad as the psycho Rachel haters on here your not capable of thinking anything that isnt praising and positive of Rachel.
    So your not a logical person just a fan and not someone people can try to be logical with.
    Like I said just as bad as the haters of her on here the difference is you both just have different opinions of rachel.(
    Yours positive theirs very negative) but the same obsessions.

  • max

    Its cause he wants to be friends with her!! I bet if she got arrested Jared wouldnt cover it…but then again he covers her going to the supermarket…

  • MissAnthropica

    @max: lol
    I doubt she will ever be arrested she is just to boring for that lol
    Although it worked for Paris and LIndsay didnt it lol

    Not something I would even recommend for Rachel lol

    Although a Rachel mug shot might be interesting to look at….lol
    but it will probably never happen she just is a tad too boring for that lol