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Joaquin Phoenix to Play Leonardo DiCaprio's Lover?

Joaquin Phoenix to Play Leonardo DiCaprio's Lover?

Joaquin Phoenix is the top choice to play the lover to Leonardo DiCaprio‘s J. Edgar Hoover in the Clint Eastwood directed biopic, Hoover.

With a script by Milk‘s screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, Hoover explores the relationship between Hoover and his reputed paramour and protégé, Clyde Tolson. None of the deals have yet to be finalized, according to New York Magazine.

Casey Affleck recently told Jay Leno that while people claimed to be worried about Joaquin during the filming of his documentary-esque film I’m Still Here, that was not the case. “While it was happening, people were happy just to mock him,” he said.

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  • Buzzy

    They would be so hot together. I hope this happens!

  • Brice

    Joaquin Bottom is his real name now wonder he changed it to Phoenix. He is doing quite well considering the crazy Children Of God Missionary parents he was born to.

  • Teuta

    I wish that they would replace Leonardo DiCaprio with Billy Crudup in Clint Eastwood’s forthcoming film, Hoover and make it a spin-off from Public Enemies (2009).
    I hope that Joaquin Phoenix returns to his acting career and does movies again like he used to. It would be sad and disappointing if he doesn’t.

  • Leni

    Ah shit that sounds hot! This whole project screams quality, can’t wait :)

  • buzzkill

    oh no, 2 of my favorite actors! this does not sound good. why does gay men turn straight women on? just a question, its not hot at all. Im not against gays, but I dont like it shoved down my throat every second, sorry! they made religion stopped being shoved down ppl’s throats now im quite mixed up why it is they like to shove their beliefs down others throats? total double standards if you ask me. keep religion to yourself, keep your sexual escapades to oneself please.

  • on

    Woow the hypocrisy! This is a movie, you can not go watch it knowing very well what it’s about and then claim it’s being shoved in your face. You have free will, you choose to go see it. If you have a problem with homosexuality then don’t go see it. I’m psyched about this because of the amazing cast and crew! Come on; Clint Eastwood, Leonardo Dicaprio, Dustin Lance Black and Juaqin Phoenix?? It sounds ridicolously promising, you are the one who chooses to only see the gay aspect here

  • elle

    Dustin Lance Black is a genius and an inspiration. This WILL be amazing, bring on the thumbs down from all you homophobic ignorant people.

  • on

    It was meant for buzzkill

  • too hot

    I think Joaquin could steal Leo the Show, although Leo is the bigger star, Joaquin is definitely the better actor.

  • eileener

    Hoover was closeted gay persecuting other gays — that part of his story needs to be told, and I can’t think of anyone better to do it than Dustin Lance Black writing for Leo and Joaquin. Current drama aside, I’ve always liked Joaquin and wanted to see him work with Leo someday. His brother was one of Leo’s idols.

    A bit more about the script from DLB:

  • MJ

    If and i’m saying if leo is really closeted then this will be an easy role for him. I’m not saying one way or the other but i work in the industry and most people swear he’s gay or at least bi and that his bf is lukas haas. so i’m thinking is this a way if it’s true that he will finally come out? I think Bar is some kind of beard if that is the case. that relationship seems total fakeness.

  • Kaz

    Leonardo my favs actor and best in hollywood

  • http://Tjmdj Slig

    Leo so beautiful boy in the world

  • rio

    good luck Joauqin.Love you.
    Leo 2.

  • peppy

    I like Joaquin and any movie that showcases the gay and lesbian community in a positive light is great in my book. However, (and I know this will seem a double standard) I wish that they would let more gay men play gay men.

  • http://Tjmdj Slig

    U in the best leo

  • to teuta

    not going to happen. as long as clint eastwood remains director leo has the role. and since this project starts and ends with eastwood nothing on this front will change. accept it and move on.

  • to 10

    Hoover was closeted gay persecuting other gays — that part of his story needs to be told
    agreed, this needs to be told. along with hoover’s failure to believe that la cosa nostra were any threat at the beginning. hoover’s bugging of the oval office so he could use the information to blackmail presidents into keeping him in control of the FBI. hoovers spying on martin luther king, elvis presely, etc etc. all this, while at the same time turning the FBI into the professional investigative police force that it is today.

  • to poppy

    how do you know they don’t

  • day


    hahahaha sure!

    Hollywood is vicious about outing straight beautiful men.

    leo, jake or george are no gay…

  • zzzz

    Whatever Joaquin is in, I want to see it!

  • to 16

    Yes, Leo is the best. Joaquin is desperate to revive his career

  • lol

    This should be interesting. But seriously they are both great actors i think they are good picks for the roles.

  • hi

    Leo is hot!!!

  • Jenn

    They weren’t mocking Joaquin because of his apparent downfall, they were mocking him for thinking that anyone was fooled by this stunt. Did Casey every hear of Andy Kaufman. Andy Kaufman didn’t break character. Joaquin couldn’t keep a straight face when Letterman grilled him.




  • XYZ

    It wont be any problem for LEO, will it (hint, hint)?

  • CanadaGirl

    What better way to relaunch Joaquin’s career than in a movie with Leo. They are both fantastic actors and Joaquin’s intensity would be a nice compliment to what Leo always brings to his films. In fact, I think it would keep Leo on his toes as JP is an intense method actor.

  • tinkerbell

    Now that would be interesting and I think Eastwood should go for it. I liked Joaquin in Gladiator. And you are abs. right about Kaufman- they thought he was “crazy” but what Andy was was brilliant – he invented performance art before it was a big thing in the 80s-90s.

    Also, the chemistry between these two would be interesting- two attractive straight men playing lovers? Leo has done it before. I like Joaquin, long may he rave. he should come back to consensus reality.

    I researched Hoover and Tolson at the old UPI library. They didnt have too many shots of them together but it was obvious what was up. Tolson was fairly attractive, Hoover wasnt.

    Hoover was a maniac. Because he was ultra-closeted he surveilled everyone- you want some good reading? go to the FBI web site reading room and read the files kept during his time ( first director, 40 years, died in office) on people like Rock Hudson and John Lennon.

    He also kept tons of personal secret black mail files on many people- which Tolson destroyed.

    This will be a VERY interesting movie indeed.

  • Amy

    Finally some real news! Leo is gonna be amazing as always, he’s a great actor, and the Oscar better give him his due soon!

  • CanadaGirl

    @Amy: Of course I think Leo is deserving of an Oscar (as JP was for Walk the Line, in my opinion). But would he really want it? Where do you go after winning an Oscar? If it were me, I would prefer chase than the catch.
    Look at Kevin Spacey for example, After he won his Oscars, he was like, “Now what?” He has done a few interesting films since, but he retreated to the theatre post Best Actor win.

  • @ Tinkerbell

    Retraining order! Haha

  • tinkerbell

    He was at this joint like three hours ago? On fifth and 22nd next to the russian bookshop. I know right where it is too. Used to work there when I WORKED for UPI – like 10 years ago. That is why I pulled the pix/knew the story. (at 19th and broadway)

    Anyway Leo D will be at Four Seasons Hotel for the UN General Assembly Ball as a Goodwill Ambassador for UN-REDD, the UN reduce admissions program. The rumors/ tweets are he is taking his mother, we dont know about barfie yet but think not. She is in NYC, and yeah, I guess they will hook up but not for the ball.

    It will be interesting !

    Now, if you wanted to see him in person you would wait outside the Four Seasons tomorrow evening. Or, you would just hang out in his neighborhood- Hudson and Canal at the Print House Apartment building. Not that I told you that! But you could just casually be there looking for a cheap handbag or having a coffee at one of the spots.

    I wont be outside the apartment but I am tempted to go to the Four Seasons. I love seeing him dressed up and barfie wont be there. Mayyyyyyyyybeee she will…. but I doubt it ! He might hit it afterwards at his place.

    I’ve seen pap pix of them on Canal street together…not that I care or am going to be there.

    But if you happen to be paparazzi you could of course go for me. I am too tired and talking to recruiters about my new job(s).

  • tinkerbell

    Yeah, think I will definitely go and wait politely with the crowd. I love Ed Norton and Kravitz and the Obamas and Clintons. tough ish if you dont !
    Never really did the “celeb red carpet thing” before….wonder what time the ball will be.

    Not to MEET him. Just to see him. If the Beast from the Middle East is there then so be it, I get to see her too.

  • eileener

    He will get an Oscar someday, probably after he’s done a boatload of good movies, just like Mr. Scorsese. If you look at the Oscar winners over the years, you see how it’s such a game of chance most of the time — except for those who have been given awards long after they were due.

    After all this time and all these great performances, and with two box office winners back-to-back, I think he’s finally crossed that bridge to where he will be nominated on a regular basis from now on — no more blatant snubs, like Revolutionary Road.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Leo already had a man lover in real life: Gisele! Why go there again?? Blahahaha!

  • tinkerbell

    Just cant let that go can you ms. bar jolie gaga. You think bar is jolie hence you are gaga.

    Gisele is BEAUTIFUL. Long legs, incredible body and facial bone structure, and unique.

    bar is short and average-pretty. All the posting in the world doesnt change that.

    And that tall, elegant, beautiful woman with her long beautiful thick hair and her little baby are not the slightest bit manlike.

    TRY AGAIN. She is feminine with being a cliche. bar is a cliche, a pinup, an average girl who has done everything she can do to pimp herself up and out.

    And yes, she will be an ambassador at the UN event tomorrow and yes, she will be elegant and get lots of press. and yes, she was at the kickoff event. And yes Leo will be there too. No romance, but equals.
    Barfie wont be I think.

  • Yawn

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: You’re so boring.

  • AnonymousDiva

    @ Ms Bar Gaga Goo Goo – your jealousy is amusing, as always.

    G is the single LETTER model. Never mind single name.

    Bar is just an underwear mannequin who does photo shoots that simulate BJs.

  • sonzz


  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Gisele the tranny could play this but she can’t act. Remember that taxi movie with Queen Latifah that sleeping with Leo got her? HAHAHAHA. Can’t wait to see this movie. Leo is my friggin hottie. I’d do anything for that man. But he is with stunning Bar so I have to accept it. He is with the hot Israeli supermodel.

  • CanadaGirl

    We’re going to have handsome Leo photos soon – all decked out in a suit, and spiffied up. He’s looking so trim and fit, so he’ll look extra handsome.
    I am so jealous of you @tinkerbell:. I don’t think I would go down as I don’t like massive crowds, but to be close enough to the event that you have the option would be exciting.

  • eileener


    Yummy. :) I hope he gets some pics with the President.

  • ichi

    common people I didn’t think that the gay love story is the center of the story maybe the most controversial part but, that’s the kind of scrip that always like mister Eastwood, intrigues personages with a background life, that show us how this affect their decisions, I really believe that Joaquin is gonna do a great Job, and will be a great support to Leo’s performer. BOTH are great actors.

  • Dude

    Are you saying that only “straight” love stories can be portrayed and making a gay love story is shoving it down your throat?

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Pathetic stalkers. Leo: PLEASE PLEASE please get extra security tomorrow night for you and your stunning wife-to-be Bar. Better yet, best to take your mom and leave the beautiful Bar at your place enjoying the multitude of gifts you have given her (including the baby..wink wink). You see there are really desperate jealous little pathetic girls Leo. They follow your every move and hate the beautiful love of your life Bar. So please keep Bar safe because we are awaiting the beautiful children the two of you will have. We love you Leo!

  • @46

    You are scary but at the same time you make me laugh with your comments!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I’ve finally come to my senses and realize that Bar and Leo are not having a baby. Just like everyone else here, I am not privy to their private lives, but I understand that she’s been shoved to the side again (even though Leo is not working and has tons of time to play … especially with other ladies). Ignore my other posts, ladies. Especially, the ones I make after this one. I have a tendency to come in and out of reality. Mental illness can do that to you, unfortunately.

  • CanadaGirl

    Thanks for all the info everyone. It’s always nice to see the sane, normal people on Leo threads sharing tweets, links, appearance info., etc.
    @tinkerbell: Good luck on your interviews. Knock ‘em dead.
    Have a good night all.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    And I am reporting you to Jared for using my screen name. #48. But that is how pathetic Gisele fans are. They stoop that low. They don’t have the courage to post under their real names. Just like their Nazi model. Don’t cry too much that Leo is with someone else and never will be with you little girl. Accept it!