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Natalie Portman To Play Snow White?

Natalie Portman To Play Snow White?

Natalie Portman has reportedly shown interest in playing Snow White in an upcoming reimagining of the classic story!

The 29-year-old actress would star in a Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed version of the Brothers’ Grimm’s story of Snow White, Pajiba reports.

Brett Ratner (known for his work on the Rush Hour films and over 20 music videos) would produce the project.

DO YOU THINK Nat could pull off playing an edgy Snow White?

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  • Meryl

    Nat can pull off to play anything.



  • allison

    she could pull it off, but after seeing rachel weisz in those beautiful disney ads shot by annie leibovitz ads i’m disappointed it’s not her.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Sure. Natalie has one of the prettiest face I have ever seen. She’d definitely pull it off quite well! <3 ……Btw, are they remaking every Disney princess/female? They’re making a Mulan, now this. If so, hope they’d make a Pocahontas and hire me XD

  • DarkEmpress

    NO! NO! NO! Snow White is my favourite Disney princess! I hate when they change the stories. They need to find a younger looking version of Dita von Teese ( lips as red as blood, skin as pale as ivory) who can sing and seven actual dwarves and a wicked stepmother! No changing the details! The Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland would have been great if it were the original story.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    @allison: Gosh, I forgot about that. You’re SO right. She’d be the best Snow white.

  • kroq

    This is a rumor and is probably false.

  • the truth

    @kroq: Not rumor if she shown interest in doing it. Way to natalie ! alaways working on something.Gald to know she can find work love her! That’s want i like about her. its not about who’s you’re dating

  • Anne

    I’d prefer Alexis Bledel for the role, she’s looks like a real Snow White. But I like Natalie too.

  • ash

    no way! natalie portman is a has-been….why don’t they cast a fresh face? so sick of the same old actors being in everything and plus natalie looks nothing like snow white.

  • kroq

    #10 – A has-been? She’s pegged to receive her 2nd Oscar nomination for Black Swan. If anything, her stock has gone considerably up.

  • KellStar

    What’s up with all these live-action takes on Disney films? Back in the day those would go straight to VHS.

  • Meryl

    Can anyone explain what these +1 and -1 numberings are in red and green assigned to each post. Please.

  • Meryl

    Actually, I think Natalie would make a perfect Snow White, I would not be surprised that she was a muse to the idea.

  • Viper


    Disney is not the original version of Alice in Wonderland the original verison is by Lewis Caroll and it is nothing like what Disney put out. Burton’s story was from the original Caroll story.

    I won’t say if Natalie would be good or not it all depends if this is a Disney version or another. I think Natalie could handle this if it’s for a children’s classic there is no real right person in my eyes for that role. Whomever can empower the character can do the role.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I agree – Natalie can do anything…which is why she’s such a talented and sought after actress. Can’t wait for her new movie!!!

  • MissAnthropica

    I think at nearly thirty she is just a little too old for the part .
    Sorry but it is the truth.
    Someone on here said Alexis B. would be a good choice as well and although both actresses techincally could play the part
    both are 29 years old going to be thirty years old

    I think the part should go to a younger actress like the stunning Gemma Arterton from Clash of the Titans, Prince of Persia and James Bond ( she really does look like snow white in real life and she is only 24 years old) or maybe even an unknown like they did with Alice In Wonderland.

    By the way just because it says she has showed interest in it doesnt mean it isnt JUST A RUMOR.
    Your on a gossip site after all so in fact the whole post is just a rumor that she might be interested in it .See a rumor.
    Untill she actually says she has an interest in it or someone from the film says they are looking at Natalie… it is just gossip.

  • e

    I love Natalie so I hope to see her do this, she would be amazing just like she is amazing in everything she does.

    In the article up here it says:

    “The 29-year-old actress would star in a Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed version of the Brothers’ Grimm’s story of Snow White, Pajiba reports.”

    so it’s not the Disney version they are maing a film of but the original one written by the Grimm Brothers, that story is very different from the Disney version.

  • Amy

    This is probably fake, as she has been tied, falsely, to other Snow White projects before.

  • MissAnthropica

    No mention of the Snow White film is currently on the directors IMBD page even .
    So its not even in PRE-PRODUCTION yet so this is just a rumor for now.

  • Kara

    it shud be scarlet johansson!

  • MissAnthropica

    @e: Well if you know the story by the Grimm Brothers as I do ( had a big full collection book growing up) then you would know although their original versions of the stories are darker the look of Snow White is very specific and she is suppose to be a very young girl like a teenager at the oldest.
    With skin white as snow, hair black as “ebony” and lips red as the rose.
    Hence the name.

  • me1

    With skin white as snow, hair black as �ebony� and lips red as the rose.

    No one has those looks, it is a fairy tale, that is what make up is for. I have not doubt Natalie would be great in it.

  • devo

    what about selma gomez? she’s the right age

  • Anne

    @MissAnthropica: But Alexis Bledel looks 18…

  • me1

    @24 and 25

    Age has nothing to do with the ability to emote and make the character interesting. Natalie Portman is captivating and versatile, she makes every character she plays interesting and unique.

    Natalie Portman can play a 12 year old girl if she has to, just like Cate Blanchett played a man. Good actress has not limits.

  • fannie

    Everyone wants her for everything. The industry buzz on her isa amazing considering she’s been around for a long time. I’m happy for her. Choose your projects wisely Natalie.

  • Viper

    This really depends is it a voice over or an actual movie version this is not totally clear if it’s just a voice over then anyone no matter what age can play the part of snow white. But if it’s a movie non ammination I would think it’s rumor more then fact she would want to do it.

  • MissAnthropica

    @devo: Selena gomez?
    Hmm now thats a great idea she is the right age and has the disney connection even though this isnt suppose to be the Disney version of the story.
    It might be just the right role for her to show or not if Selena can evolve as an actress and handle stories with a dark edge.
    It would be also clever casting she does have a decent size fan base and hasnt ruined her image like that dumb little girl Miley Cyrus.

    True Alexis does look quite young for her age I must admit I was shocked to find out she recently hit 29. I remember her in Tuck Everlasting and she pulled off such a young role with such ease.
    So maybe she also would be a good idea because she can bring the expeirence of a more “seasoned” actress with the appearance of a much younger actress at the same time.

  • MissAnthropica

    If she was choosing her projects more wisely she might have though twice about working with hacktor Ashton Kutcher, although Kevin Kline is in it and he is an amazing actor but with Ashton in it, it will be complete cr@p that even Kevin and Natalie cant save it from.

    Also the Thor film people arent sure what to think about it yet only time will tell could be a good film or could be one of the worse films of the year come 2011 Hope Thor doesnt suck for Natalies sake.

  • meh

    @me1: sounds like kat dennings

  • kroq

    If Thor and No Strings (with Ashton) end up sucking, at least she’ll have Black Swan and Your Highness. I mean you can’t go wrong with Franco and Deschanel as costars.

  • me1

    Kat Dennings, Selena Gomez, Alexis don’t have the star power Portman has, don’t forget that you have to make a good film and make profit in the process and Portman is a much better actress anyhow.

  • monreal

    @ 9 – I’d prefer Alexis Bledel for the role, she’s looks like a real Snow White.
    Both are pretty brunnettes but Alexis got a flawless/milky/pale complexion so it fits her MORE.

  • Paris

    Natalie Portman would be perfect for this role, Alexis, that TV chick, she is not bad but does not come close to Portman.

  • pippa

    Natalie sends 50% of her salary to Israel to buy Cobra gunships to mow down Palestinian Women and Children.

  • Helena

    @Anne: as much as i love alexis, i think natalie is the best choice. the brothers grimm’s version is much darker and alexis is too sweet. not that she lacks the talent, but natalie is more talented. she may be a little old (for the part) but she looks young enough. i’m sure with make up she’d look like a teenager.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Helena: Alexis isnt too sweet check her out in the movie Sin City
    along side people like Clive Owen and Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis etc.
    Alexis held her own and played a very different dark character yet had a softness to her at the same time.

  • zz

    Natalie could for sure put the Edgy into Snow White, and it sounds like fun.

    Can Brett, and Jean-Pierre make is a success?

    With Jean-Pierre directing I think it’s a good chance since it seems they are goaling towards a slightly Amélie like Snow White.

  • zz

    I’ll take that back, Amélie wasn’t the edgy, more just unusual.

  • Sammy

    Too old for the part, she does not have the right “look” either. Snow white has pale skin, and blue eyes and black hair. Natalie is too “swarthy” looking for a role like that. Katey Perry, yes. Natalie, not so much….

  • lanceylikesyou

    I think Miranda Kerr would make an awesome snow white!!!!

  • duru

    nooo, i like natalie but she is too old for this.

  • Lisa

    They need a pale young girl with BLACK hair!!!!! Red lips and more round face.

  • michie

    i think leighton meester can pull off this role. skin as pale as ivory. lip as red as blood…. plus she can acts well

  • loco

    Nooo!! Dita von Teese would be the perfect choice! She is the epitome of Snow White- blood red lips, hair like ebony and snow white skin!!!!!

  • Paris

    Gossip Cop reports that this rumor is not true and Natalie is not interested in this part.

  • mailey

    i dont think she’d be a good snow white. her skin iosnt pale enough.

    someone with porcelain skin woul;d be good.
    sort of like .. whatshername that went with manson…?

    evan rachel wood.

  • Bob Schwartz

    Well, Snow White was originally a Grimm Fairy Tale. So I don’t see how this live action version is going to ruin the Disney version. Go for it Natalie!

  • nofan

    wow she really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this one she keeps getting the worst roles to play except for blackk swan this i will see but of course look at her in this pix booooooooooooooring granny dress hair mousy color shes so unappealing to the eyes its can make you ill