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Naturi Naughton: Mad Men's Newest Star!

Naturi Naughton: Mad Men's Newest Star!

Naturi Naughton, who starred in the 2009 remake of Fame, will guest star on the Sunday, September 26th episode of the Emmy winning drama Mad Men.

This marks the first time that an African-American actor will appear on the show who isn’t serving in a domestic capacity (maid, butler, busboy). Quite an honor!

We wonder what Naturi’s character is going to be like! Don’t forget to set your TiVos!!!

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  • KellStar

    I’m sorry but all I can think of when I look at this girl is her sex scene from Notorious.

  • Halli

    Wow. As a fan of Mad men I am excited to see what role she will play. I know a lot of us wanted to see how a minority character who is not a maid or a doorman will fit in this show.

  • Hermiola89

    I thought there was Paul who had a black girlfriend? oO

  • DarkEmpress

    Im excited! I love Mad Men and I wanted a black character who wasnt a housekeeper or janitor for so long!!!

  • Who Cares

    @Hermiola89: Totally. She worked in a grocery store and was an activist!

  • Dubya Bush

    They’re probably gonna make her a prostitute or some s hit.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    She is cute. Will def be watching. Mad Men is def the best show on TV. Paul Kinsey did have a black girlfriend on Season 1. My guess is this new character will be working with Peggy’s new friend at Life Magazine in the same building. That is my guess, can’t wait to see if I am right!

  • anonymous

    Paul’s girlfriend in the first and second season was black.

  • WOW!

    WOW! I NEVER watch this show and NEVER will and I’m glad. To show Blacks in that capacity today is gross. Congrats to Naturi but this show is a slap in the face of America and why Americans are so racist.

  • allison


    you’re completely right. i thought the same thing. sheila white (played by donielle artese) was paul’s girlfriend for two episodes.

    jared, even if she wasn’t a major character, even amc acknowledges that donielle was the first major non-help african-american character.

  • tb

    She’s gorgeous! Nice to see a new face on the show.

  • mystikalrose

    Remember Paul Kensie’s girlfriend was black…so I guess Naturi isn’t the first black person to not be a maid or elevator operator. Regardless, I’m still excited to see her on screen.

  • jack

    Don Drapers getting a hooker?

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I can’t believe that in 2010, there are still such things as “first African American who isn’t serving in a domestic capacity”. I personally don’t see this as a honor, it outrages me.

  • gee gee

    @Lilakoi Moon:

    This is Mad Men. I’m black too and I can understand where and at what time this show takes place.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    The brilliant thing about Mad Men is that they show an accurate portrayal of the early 60′s without hitting you over the head with the terrible things going on in that period: in the show, we see Joan get raped in her office at work by her own husband AND she ends up marrying him. Women are mistreated. Women get their butts pinched and are asked to get coffee. The black characters are all domestics. The men are cheating and awful. They make anti-Semitic comments and the Gay character was mistreated as well. This was 1965. The reason the show is great is because it shows us exactly how awful the times were. They can’t have an openly Gay character like flauting his sexuality because that would not be 1965. It really is a show for people start enough to get the underlying message of social inequality. It is a great portrayal of how screwed up America was back then. …well still is.

  • Kellie

    @Lilakoi Moon:

    Yeah this is 2010 and the show is set in 1960′s. I am black and the post or show is not made to discriminate against blacks, but they just are keeping the show realistic by portraying race relations at that time.
    On another note, I absolutely love the show and I am excited to see this character ( I would love to see her get it on with Don).

  • Lilakoi Moon

    @Kellie: Oooooh sorry but I have never watched this. @gee gee: Okay, now calm the heck, I never watched it! But I don’t feel like watching it anyway.

  • Kellie

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Well said Bar Jolie Gaga, love the name!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    lol! Thanks Kellie! Since you are a fan of the show, I am curious, who is your favorite character? I am torn between Don, Joan and Peggy. I am not a big fan of the new blonde in the office – the one who sits in on the meetings. Boring to me.

  • Kellie

    @Lilakoi Moon:
    is your name from the Me’chele N’D(cant spell the rest) song?

  • allison


    you should give it a try. it’s a bold statement to say that this show, which only started three years ago, is the source for any of america’s racism. it’s accurate to show that 40+ years ago that the opportunities available for black people weren’t the same as they are today. and they make reference towards black civil rights leaders and athletes in the news, so it’s not like they’ve ignored the importance of african-american leaders and celebrities. in fact, the last episode showed elisabeth moss’ character peggy olsen asking her co-workers why they are doing business with a company that won’t hire black workers and she asked that they get harry belafonte to perform the jingle. the pete campbell character tried to get an electronics company to recognize that their product is selling high in predominantly black areas and they should make that the focus of their advertising dollars.

    besides which, it’s not as if the characters are doing a song and dance for the white characters on the show. actually, they’re the ones that are the most sensible and logical because the white characters are extremely flawed. carla, the draper’s nanny/maid, is pretty much the only one looking out for the children, and she knows what’s up when don’s way too drunk to drive her home and when betty was seeing henry francis behind don’s back. and any time any one make some sort of racist comment that may have been acceptable back then it just highlights the ignorance of the character.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Good post Allison! Also remember the episode where the story centered around the Muhammad Ali fight? Very often, they take part of history and have these really flawed characters’ lives unfold around it. It is a really smart show. Again, it’s like there is always an elephant in the room. Everyone knows Vietnam is coming and everyone knows racial injustice is there. You are just not hit over the head with it. Actually, I am surprised such a smart show does so well here. I mean it is really sophisticated. Love the show. And John Hamm is just the hottest man on TV!

  • Radiohead

    Well it’s a major upgrade from that godawful Fame, that’s for sure.

  • allison

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    i love mad men. it’s the only show i watch live. i only got into it last year because i was bored and saw season 1 and 2 were avaiable for free on demand and decided to give it a try. it’s disappointing to me when i try to talk about it with my friends but they all say it’s boring. i mean, maybe i find it more interesting because i was a social psychology major with a concentration in race relations and gender in society, so watching shows that deal with that is my crack. i feel like my generation (i’m 22) and younger where if crap doesn’t happen in every episode (someone dies, gets their butt kicked, sex scandal, etc) they immediately dismiss it. i feel like that’s how a lot of shows burn out quickly because they have to live up to the hype and immediately try to top themselves. as pretentious as matthew weiner seems in interviews and in awards shows i respect that he doesn’t serve to the audience or critics. i think it’s a very character driven show and if you don’t invest time in it you’re going to be like, “who the eff is dick whitman? what’s so significant about the box in the drawer? i don’t get it.”

    you should read alan sepinwall’s blog at hitfix…it does a pretty good assessment of each episode the day after.

  • Liv lraynge

    Just Jared you are RACIST. Rewrite your friggin post. Why would you say the first time an african American isn’t a maid or butler? Y’all americans are fools and people from other countries laugh at your idiot behavior. Get it together it’s 2011 for god sake

  • Angel….ina

    I hope she doesn’t play a “ghetto” “loud mouth”, “uneducated”, “whore” like the rest of America portray us black girls to be, if that’s the case everyone involve can get lost.

  • becca

    I CANNOT WAIT to see who she plays.

  • Isi

    in a previous season, a main character (copywriter) had an african american girlfriend. it is incorrect to say all african americans on the show are portrayed in that manner.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Allison, I will check out Alan’s blog on Mad Men. Cool. Your background is perfect for understanding the complexity of Mad Men. I agree with you. It’s fun to go back and watch episodes a second time because there are so many subtleties. Can’t wait for this week’s episode!

  • jac


    it was the 60s, that’s how things were unfortunately. some people are so dense jeez

  • Katie E

    This show is not for the ‘passe’ “activists” who pretend to stick their noses into some sort of cause just to sound important… For lovers of Historical Fiction like me, this show is like crack! i absolutely love it! I myself am a hardcore feminist but it doesn’t bother me that women are treated like animals in this show because Matthew Weiner is sticking true to the times and not sugar-coating the 60′s like most Hollywood films do! Also, Paul did in fact have a black girlfriend for a while who dumped him as i recall for getting too involved in the equal rights movement. If anything this show illustrates how far Americans have come from the horrific standards set a half century ago to today and we still have a long way to go. This show is great and i love seeing the progression of the times and the characters :)

  • jac

    @Liv lraynge:

    that’s true for the show, they are only shown in that capacity as it set in the 60s. you are the ignorant one, not jj.

  • jac

    @Liv lraynge:

    that’s true for the show, they are only shown in that capacity as it set in the 60s. you are the ignorant one, not jj. learn to read.

  • missy

    as soon as a show gets to be popular, being real. out come the political agendas and the gay/lesbo agenda and the political correct, we gotta have a black person who isn’t a maid or a whore. thats why tv is crap now, pc should die, the sooner the better.

  • JDOG


  • Charlo

    @DarkEmpress: NATURI NAUGHTON is a very capable actress and an awesome performer. She played my daughter Lil Inez on the 1st national tour of Hairspray (2003-2006) and she was on Broadway with me in the same role, all of this before Notorious! God Bless her and I know she will wow them on Mad Men…they need some hot Black Talent in the storylines now! Don’t be a hater, celebrate her success! She has earned it and nobody can take it from her! Amen!

  • yvette

    Why do people always make a big deal when black people get in something. Its 2010, I thought to get past race stuff we need to forget about race altogether and see eceryone as equal. But that isn’t happening. And its basically just for blacks, this sympathy crap. Its like an asian gets something and no one makes a big deal for them. Hey you want to be sympathetic for someone, let’s see what all the native americans are doing out there in media or w/e. We owe them more than anyone.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Yvette: It is because out of all the shows on TV now the only African Americans are: LL Cool J on NCIS, Blair Underwood on The Event and the stars of “Undercovers” (who are biracial by the way). I think the reason it is such a big deal in Entertainment is because black culture has been the basis of so much of American entertainment. Think about it: black spirituals, gospel music, black dance, black jazz, blues, rock and roll, motown etc have redefined entertainment in America. In fact the black minstrel show is at the heart of American theater. So it is curious that in Entertainment, African-Americans get shafted. Yet, somehow their Artistic contributions are the reasons why our American Art form is where it is today. So that is why people get upset when they don’t see blacks in more Entertainment. The same would be said if you saw no blacks in Sports because they as a culture have contributed so much to the history of American sports. We don’t owe Native Americans, blacks or anyone more than the other. We should have shows with Native Americans, blacks, Latinos, Gays etc. Why? Because the reality is that America is changing and at least where I live, that is real life – a community of people of different backgrounds. TV is trying to appease a very conservative demographic that really is sort of out of touch with the America I know. I think you calling the push for more blacks in TV as “sympathy crap” is really cruel. Again, study the history of Art/Entertainment in America and you will see that the black slave was responsible for much of our Entertainment in this country. It is only fair that the people who gave us Jazz and basically rock and roll, should be portrayed in Entertainment.

  • Amy

    Cool! Go Naturi

  • not a big deal

    She’s only playing a hooker.

  • http://@queercarrie PopCulturePirate

    What about Sheila White, the Black woman Kinsey dated & went to Mississippi with to register black voters?

  • jerk

    i totally agree with ms bar jolie gaga and allison…it shows you the times we were in accurately…it is an eye-opener to how things were. I know I can’t wait to see Naturi!!!

  • Dr D L Teamor

    I appreciate her being in the show, she is not the first non-domestic, etc. – – that was Donielle Artese.