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Nicole Kidman's 2-Year-Old Daughter Records Nursery Rhymes

Nicole Kidman's 2-Year-Old Daughter Records Nursery Rhymes

Nicole Kidman and country singing sensation Keith Urban‘s daughter Sunday definitely has music in her blood!

The 2-year-old cutie had her first impromptu recording session the other day.

“She came down to the studio the other day, and I put little headphones on her, and she came to the mic and she did two songs,” Keith told People. “She did ‘ABC’ and she did ‘Twinkle Twinkle,’ beginning to end. It was so cute to see the little headphones on her. It was cool.”

Keith also admitted that his new album, Get Closer, was influenced by both Nicole and Sunday.

“I haven’t written literally about Sunday,” he says, “but there’s a deeper purpose that’s come from my marriage and now from fatherhood. So, I’m drawing inspiration from that sense of purpose and a feeling of love that I’ve never had in my life before, and that has come from both my girls.”

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Credit: Blue Wasp/Red Wasp, Sharpshooter; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • angie

    ugly kid. she’s no shiloh

  • marta

    she’s no suri as well

  • LH

    “Sunday definitely has music in her blood!”

    Don’t all toddlers sing ABC and Twinkle Twinkle? So this makes her gifted or something? Nope! Girls? Did he just call his wife a “girl”? Odd duck!

  • SugarMagnolia

    I think she’s cute. He’s just proud of his daughter, like any normal parent.

  • Stop calling kids ugly

    How would you like it if someone called your kids ugly?

  • vany

    the pic with nicole seems to be an old one….the kid looks like isabella, not sunday…

    if it is actually sunday…then the resemblence is…well obviously only a coincidence lol

  • Karrie

    What an adorable story!!! Sunday is definitely a little cutie pie!!! I think this is an incredible family. They are all first class acts in my opinion!

  • Lucky Charm


    No, it’s Sunday Rose. Isabella didn’t have red hair, and Nicole wasn’t botoxed up then.

  • Nina

    does Sunday have a hairlip?
    somethin’s off for a while :(

    ALL kids are beautiful innocent creatures that
    are fakery yet w/kids.

  • sillyme

    Sunday does look like she’s from Whoville now, but I think she’ll be cute when she gets older.

  • anonymous

    I’m sure Sunday Roast will develop a good personality as looks like her Daddy and unfortunately, his look did not transfer as well to the female gender.

  • Slig

    What how’s ugly? All children beautiful

  • Slig

    You ugly people not she

  • Jolly Folly

    Yep, the Kidman haters have rushed to the new thread to post their comments!

    He’s a proud daddy. What is wrong with that? And this kid is going to be a beauty as she grows. Her facial structure, beautiful eyes and hair are just a hint at the beauty she’ll become. Unlike many other actresses/actors, it seems like the Kidman-Urbans are keeping her grounded.

  • CanadaGirl

    I’m glad for Nicole that she has finally found happiness. She seems like a lovely person and deserving of her success and life’s joy.

  • Annie

    Awww, Sunday is beautiful and looks so much like Nicole. These Kidman haters are pathetic!

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! That’s adorable and I agree CanadaGirl – Nicole is awesome and I’m glad she found some happiness!

  • Iffy Miffy

    All kids are beautiful. They’re precious gifts to be cherished and loved so bugger off you who can say such things about a kid. You’re ugly inside, and nothing can fix that!

  • Courtney

    Sunday is a doll Keith is like any proud papa. Sunday reminds me of a redhaired blue eyed version of Ophelia Dahl

  • SHE will always steal the show

    Isebella is adopted….that is y no one wants her..!!!! Get it between Tom
    and Katie loving their own child..and Nicole and Keith loving their
    own daughter… it is amazing that they don’t take Conner down to the
    studio bet he can belt out a tune.. But as usual when they have their
    own kid that is when the adopted are not needed..Katie points that
    out every time she goes out with Nicoles adopted kids..

    So go ahead Keith be proud… of YOUR DAUGHTER

  • Galey

    I still maintain the the Nicole haters are pathological. I think the entire family is beautiful. They seem so normal and every parent is proud of their children. I have heard Nicole talk about her older children in very loving ways.

  • ….

    Such a sweet story!!
    What a wonderful, beautiful person as well and dedicated husband & father who has glow about love for his family.
    He is one of the best entertainers, i’ve seen his concert once and really great, beyond fabulous.
    Keith and Nicole are a wonderful couple and I wish the best for them.

  • JOY

    Hopefully, Sunday will follow in her Daddy’s footsteps musically instead of in her mother’s footsteps with acting. But whatever she does with her life I hope it’s positive & serves others. She has many people who love her & she has parents that have both made it from humble beginnings. She is a very blessed little girl. Wishing the Urbans and their families the absolute best.

  • Rainy

    @SHE will always steal the show:

    Get a life and get some maturity. We adopted kids in our family and believe me there is NO difference between them and the bios. They are loved just as much and our lives would be so empty without them. I’m sure Tom and Nicole feel the same way.

    What you folks who always insist that an adopted child isn’t as good as a bio child don’t realize with Connor and Isabella is that they are teenagers–16 and 17 I believe. Do you really think they want to hang around with mom and dad and step mom and step dad all the time? Even a bio child doesn’t want to constantly hang with the parental units and young siblings.

  • Malinka

    Where are her adopted children?? I mean, do we ever get to see Nicole walking with Isabella or Connor??

  • squaraus

    Sunday Rose, this unknown! … It makes very very weird to me that I’m supposed to look at this child to see the natural and glorious Kidman’s face, when we really liked her, before disfiguring herself with surgery. That Kidman no longer exists (at least for me) and I’m really sad that some people are so hung-up with themselves, that destroy what made them famous and so appreciated. Poor Nicole, so disappointing!

  • irene olson

    Shame on you people who make unkind statements regarding children. Little Sunday is only two years old; the pictures shown are old pictures. She is darling and so fortunate to have parents who love her so much. Some people have children because that is what is expected. Sunday was wanted and conceived out of love. And, guess what, her parents did it the proper way —- first comes marriage and then the baby carriage. So many in the arts industry (especially Hollywood) do not have very high morals. Beautiful and talented parents are the Urbans and a beautiful love child they have.

  • irene olson

    By the way, JJ, I do not think you realize the popularity of Keith Urban by the title of this blurb. Nicole Kidman’s daughter. It should be the Urban’s daughter. Nicole is one fortunate woman to have this man for her husband. There are a few million female fans that would be more than willing to take care of Keith.

  • love!!!

    SO CUTE!

  • rea

    I love this family

  • ann

    all haters just so pathetic they just don’t want somebody happy.

  • India Jones

    I love this family so much!
    I’ve seen various interviews with Nicole where she’s spoken about Isabelle and Connor. Apparently they hate the spotlight and having their picture taken. I think Nicole not being seen with them in magazines and/or these sort of websites is just her respecting that.
    So kudos to her!!!

  • Cheyenne

    He sounds like such a wonder father. I am so happy for Nicole that God sent her such an awesome man who not only gave her a beautiful biological child (no ties to a COS queer) of her own to love and cherish but also the freedom to be the mother she was meant to be. After the tragedy that was her first marriage, Keith threw her a life line and his devotion and their love is proof that is indeed love conquers all.

    Hopefully one day, she can be reunited with and enjoy the love of her other children free from any and/all restraints.

  • eliza

    Sweet story. Everything’s going so well for the Urbans right now, awards for Keith, great Rabbit Hole reviews for Nicole. The haters go ballistic when Keith expresses his love for his family, and they lash out – even at an adorable little girl. They’re sad and sick.

  • u

    I am not so sure about this singing business ..but let’s not call any kid .There is no ugly kids only ugly adults with screwed thought process.

  • vanessa

    Sunday Rose is ugly?
    ahh get what to do, she is beautiful!
    poor haters can not admit the success of his new album on keith and nicole in Rabbit Hole and his beautiful daughter.
    Die haters shit and change the disk and stop talking to other children of nicole

  • andamentothat

    Sunday Rose has a very cute pixie face.. I think she will grow up to be a stunning girl. Of course Keith is proud, he should be as should any parent be of their child. Its a good positive thing..

    Jared, the title should say Keith and Nic’s daughter because Keith is equally famous.

  • OK

    Cute little girl. Parents who love her.
    Tom is the one who kept the adopted kids away from their mom. Tom and crazy Scientology. Crazy Tom, Suri and dumb wife. Oh, wait, the aliens and all the rest of Scientology’s ridiculous, absurd beliefs. Tom believes that? If he does, he needs help. The men in the white coats are coming.


    Are these from March? From the airport on the way to visit her grandparents via a nomal airline? Lucky for us, or we wouldn’t have seem little Sunday Rose for over a year.

    Dressed like a child
    Sturdy walking shoes
    Well mannered
    We haven’t seen the child in months

    Yes, it’s Nicole Kidman as a mother.

    Nice in so many ways!

  • tsco

    where are her adopeted children? why she did botox? where are her adopeted children? why she did botox? bah bah bah bah…where are her adopeted children? why she did botox? blah blah blah….where are her adopeted children? why she did botox? where are her adopeted children? why she did botox? blah blah blah blah..bla bla bla bla bla…where are her adopeted children? why she did botox? bla bla…


  • @tsco

    It seems all haters sciento programe like they do to “Robo Wife Katie”, bwahahahahaha…….
    where are her adopted children bip bip…… why she did botox bip bip…….

  • Tessa

    Not to be snide or anything, but my baby has been singing Twinkle twinkle and “Itsy bitsy Spider” full-out and counting to 10 since she was about 15 months old!

  • Kaz

    Wow sandy beautiful

  • marta

    @Galey: I’m not hater and like Nicole so much and was waiting for this child when Nicole was pregnant and was happy when Sunday came but I have to admit she’s not pretty and even when I think she’ll be better person than suri because of her parents I would definitely say suri is more beautifiul and it’s not pathological to think that child is not pretty maybe it’s not good to write it

  • annab

    How can anyone say something bad about an innocent child….guess you have nothing better to do in life. To the ones that do…you are ugly too!!

  • fairywings

    Sunday your a cute & darling sweetheart! Your Momma Nicole is a beautiful sweetheart, your Dad Keith a sweet & handsome guy.

  • fairywings

    Sunday is just tired in this picture. When children or adults that are tired, have there photo taken, the tiredness can come through in a photo. The same with if a person was sick, that person might appear tired from being sick if there photo was taken when they were sick, or they may appear sickly when there photo was taken when they were sick. Children are not adults,children can not handle as much activity or stimulation as and adult so It is natural for children to get tired more often then adutls between the childs activites or when the child has to travel.

  • debi

    They seem better off with out her, she seems a little cold. Just saw her give a interview and she made a comment about her her husband and “child” who he was holding inspire her “child” as in ONE. If she did not want them she should not have put her name on the papers.

  • ann

    HATERS try to take pictures on yourselves let see if your pretty. Let them be. They never did anything to you. Get a life haters.

  • ette

    Cute little girl. Nic tries her hardest to keep her away from the paps just like she did her first two children. She did such a great job of it that they can’t stand walking downtown and a pap sneaks up on them.
    Nicole won’t be spoiling Sunday to sell a pic. She doesn’t have to.