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Rachel Bilson: Samy's Camera Stop-Off!

Rachel Bilson: Samy's Camera Stop-Off!

Rachel Bilson and a gal pal pick up some camera equipment from Samy’s Camera on Wednesday afternoon (September 22) in Los Angeles.

Earlier this week, the 29-year-old actress made her return to the small screen to on the CBS hit show, How I Met Your Mother. Rachel was on the season six premiere episode called “Big Days”. Can’t wait to see her as a series regular again!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s stop-off at Samy’s Camera

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rachel bilson samys camera 03
rachel bilson samys camera 04
rachel bilson samys camera 05
rachel bilson samys camera 06
rachel bilson samys camera 07
rachel bilson samys camera 08
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46 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: Samy's Camera Stop-Off!”

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  1. 1
    Anne Says:

    Pretty! She looks younger than 29!

  2. 2
    me1 Says:

    Can’t wait to see her as a series regular again!

    Read more:

    For some reason JJ supports Bilson and no other actor, I just don’t get it, except that she pays for it, not other reason.

  3. 3
    Foaming At The Mouth Says:

    Awwww cute!! I love her outfit!! She does look young. =) I love her style. I’m so copying this look. I have the cowboy boots.

  4. 4
    me1 Says:


    Rachel can only play Summer from the OC and she is too old for that, she is not in Middle/High School anymore, besides, there are better looking and more talented younger actresses out there. No one wants Rachel Bilson, it should be obvious by now, she hasn’t stared in anything in years because she has no range, NONE whatsoever.

  5. 5
    Foaming At The Mouth Says:

    Well….She can play the “hot teacher” of the middle school/high school and all the boys have a huge crush on her and even the male teachers! How’s that? ^_^

  6. 6
    Sian Says:

    I love her, I think she’s the cutest, but her turn on HIMYM was boring and devoid of personality. I was surprised because I actually thought she was pretty good in that Zach Braff movie. But she didn’t pull it off on HIMYM.

  7. 7
    mio Says:

    She’s with Jill, the wife of Josh Schwartz. Rachel introduced the two and was the maid of honor at their wedding. They’re always pictured shopping together.
    I bet Josh gets constantly nagged both by his wife and by Rachel to find a part for Rach.

  8. 8
    jules Says:

    She can only play Summer. That is so true.
    She is not capable of playing any other role. If you watch her interviews, she sounds exactly like Summer.

  9. 9
    vlv331 Says:

    i want her wardrobe!!!!

  10. 10
    MissAnthropica Says:

    Two posts in one day just like I said earlier on the other thread.
    Figured this one would mention the How I Met Your Mother appearance and I was right lol
    @Foaming At The Mouth:
    Although Rachel is ” cute” she couldnt possibly play a teacher she doesnt have what it takes to pull it off, with her San Fernando Valley girl accent it just wouldnt work
    That is why when they made the movie Jumper they re wrote her character.
    Miley from the book is suppose to be really smart and is studying psychology but they realized that wouldnt be believeable so they rewrote it that the Miley in the movie just worked at a bar nearby the university in the film.
    So a teacher role would be laughable.
    She is cute but not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    Plain and simple truth.

    That might be why she isnt getting cast in alot of the films she has gone out for lately…. because she is too old to play the kid roles that fit her voice and accent but cant pull off more mature characters either.
    So she is stuck in acting and casting limbo land,

  11. 11
    UhOH Says:

    Camera equipment shopping UhOh I smell sex tape in this girls future to get some major attention from the press. She seems deseperate enough to do that to get her own reality show just like Kim K. or Paris Hilton.

  12. 12
    drewlard Says:

    Too bad having talent and beauty passed her by, but somehow got too obvious that some “repulsive connections” are still licking & sticking. As everything do come and go, this “gnomish crap” shall surely pass too. It’s the most inevitable thing to happen no matter how long & far it would take.

  13. 13
    Ryan Says:

    Wouldn’t you just love the wake up to that face in the morning LOL
    I think not. The girl needs botox or a new mosturizer or some new sh#t. Scary. I use to think she looked so young but now when you look closer she looks sooooo much older than she ever did on The OC. Disappointing. :(

  14. 14
    Ryan Says:


  15. 15
    deshaun Says:

    Playing a teacher?! Jeeez soo unrealistic. Looks more like it that a student bimbo who always “flunked” her test and just get on to get by becoz of her (again-sic) connections!

  16. 16
    deshaun Says:


  17. 17
    Brightside Says:

    Doesn’t she ever get bored doing nothing? I find her capacity for doing nothing absolutely amazing! Her tolerance for boredom must be extremely high. Another post by JJ, another big fat zero!
    I am very disappointed that they dumbed down the character of Millie to make her fit in with Rachel Bilson’s intelligence level. The original Millie sounded so much more interesting.
    Yes, she was boring and devoid of personality in HIMYM, but then she’s boring and devoid of personality in real life. So no surprise there…that’s Rachel Bilson for you. Boring and bland.

  18. 18
    searlus Says:

    Homely Face… Sagged T*ts… Saddle Bags… Crumpled Knees… Chicken Legs…. (alongside from being talentless) makes no wonder, she couldn’t get a HW job… only intended probably / now for “”Samy’s Camera’ as its Promo Girl”” LOL

  19. 19
    Ahari Says:

    Rachel Bilson playing a teacher? What?! Haven’t you people seen any of her interviews? This girl is the dimmest bulb not only in the box, but the entire lot! Please. Don’t even.

  20. 20
    whizbang Says:

    Her face looks like a roast beef sandwich that was repeatedly beaten with a rubber chicken.
    But Vampires NEVER really look good in sunlight!
    I’m sorry, BilPooo is about as too ordinary looking as they come. She’s completely in a Maggie Gyllenhall, Jennifer Garner &/or Hilarie Swank territory. Hollywood needs to start a “Fug Hag Patrol”!

  21. 21
    homeless rachel Says:

    jared were ALL sick and tired of seeing her walk around l.a doing nothing but walking in and out of stores!!! STOP IT!!!

  22. 22
    homeless rachel Says:

    she goes out ALOT!! i want her to bring me back coffee :)

  23. 23
    Brightside Says:

    ROTFL – no wonder her fellas never last…but she’d make a great gurner! I can see her having a career as a professional gurner!

  24. 24
    austine Says:

    A baloney LA Valley midget.

  25. 25
    Shy Says:

    Oh finally. Another post about our favorite Nobody. There were like couple of hours when Just Jared didn’t post the photos she send to him. I was beginning to worry. But what happened on September 20? Where was her daily post? She paid you only for September 19, 21 and 22?

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