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Gisele Bundchen: Brazil Gala at the MET!

Gisele Bundchen: Brazil Gala at the MET!

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen strikes a pose in a custom Calvin Klein Collection dress outside the MET Museum before attending the Brazil Gala in New York City on Thursday (September 23).

The 30-year-old Brazilian beauty and new mom has been making the museum rounds in NYC as she stopped by the American Museum of Natural History on Monday for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Summit kick-off.

The Brazil Gala is helping to provide resources for the non-profit BrazilFoundation.

FYI: Gisele is wearing a Kara Ross Lollipop Ring in Onyx.

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  • athena

    surprised there’s no Bar fan yet ….

  • athena

    she looks beautiful btw ;)

  • danile

    beautiful! beautiful!

  • birdgherl

    WOW. That body is to die for!

  • CanadaGirl

    WOW…! Gisele looks beautiful. Omg. I’ve never seen her wear a formal gown in this colour and she looks stunning. Her bright, gorgeous smile always enhances her overall aesthetic.
    Tres belle, Gisele.

  • J

    she looks like a frickin’ man lol and no, i’m not a Bar fan, but at least Bar looks like a woman.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! what is the official name for a male giraffe wearing a bad 80′s burgendy sequined trash bag?

  • athena

    LMAO and the Bar fans have arrived

  • loyal

    Gorgeous as always.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Is that Rainbow Dash or Star Catcher from the “My Little Pony” series? Or is it Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin? Can’t tell. All I know is: comb your hair for the love of Heaven. Messy.

  • anonymous

    WOW! She looks amazing! No one else could pull that dress off.

    What I love about Gisele is that even though she doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her, she still looks healthy and fit. She has such a toned body, its to die for.

    She really looks happy too…motherhood definitely agrees with her. I hope we continue to see more of her and she doesn’t disappear again.

  • Leed

    Not that I care much, but Bar Rafaeli is much prettier than Gisele, that’s for sure.

  • kelly

    I don’t believe that every one that has something negative to say is a Bar fan….it’s hard for me to believe Bar actually has fans…. maybe it’s her mom and brother posting as her fans on justjared.
    If you don’t understand Gisele appeal ask every designer and fashion magazine and they will explain it to you.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Nothing a little oil suppressor pad can’t fix. Man face is very oily. A little dab here and there. “My little pony, my little pony, running and skipping, my little pony and me!”

  • Noli

    We got it. She’s a mom! but why SO THIN?!?
    She needs a tan, a few more pounds and a new dress….!

  • y dont u get it??????

    its just very simple i am neither a bar fan or a giselle fan but i did see them both in person and i will be honest here bar has a naturally gorgeous face and body everyone was looking at her giselle nope sorry on the runway ill give her that only because shes almost 6 ft tall but in person no makeup sorry shes nothing ppl were walking right past her my friend recognized her her hair was a mess and black roots and sorry she needs a nose job and thats the truth if anyone else really saw them in person they would say the same except the bar basher but it would have to really be the truth if you saw them both in person

  • kelly

    @Noli: She can’t help it, she’s naturally skinny.

  • kalte

    Because I admire this woman?
    Because even wearing a CK, a D & C, it always appears more than the dress.
    Few can do this, do you agree?

  • anna

    i’m so glad she’s trying to provide resources for a foundation that supports social prohects in Brazil..I’m brazilian and brazil needs it! a frind of mine went to this event and said he sat close to her..that must have been amazing! I love Gisele, she’s gorgeous and has good values.

  • India Jones

    I love how she always looks so happy! Very beautiful (:

  • mac

    I think she is such a cool beauty… so she should not show the ugly smile. It spoils everything!

  • wow

    omg!! she’s really ugly

  • my opinion

    Ugliest supermodel ever

  • reba

    Fantastic body!!! but man, what a fugly face she has:(!!!!!

  • Lisa

    She is way to tall for a woman and she has a very manly face. Her hair is ugly and she has no curves.

  • Lisa

    wtf is up with her grey hair???????????

  • cute


  • Butterface


  • lol

    she needs sunglasses.

  • hd

    She looks stunning but man that dress is ugly…

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks stunning – and she’s more than just a pretty face – she has a brain!

  • ++Logan++

    OMG what happened to Gisele’s body? She looks a thousand times thinner than before she had the baby. Her arms look like an old ladies. They have a very eating disorder look to them. Not good, she used to be super hot.

  • veggieangel

    mhm … she looks very skinny, almost unhealthy …

    at the past her body looks way better ;)


    You all are missing the point here.
    Gisele did something she’s been doing for a very long time – she SUPPORTED HER COUNTRY.
    She has a nose, and she is not perfect looking and that’s why I like her even more and more.Cause she prooved one thing- if you have the charakter and you treat people right, nothing can come in you way.
    In the end of the day, its not about looks, but about charisma and hard work. Gisele worked really really hard to get where she is now. She works very hard for her body as well. AND THATS WHAT I ADMIRE IN SOMEONE _ THE HARD WORK.
    In order to compare Gisele and Bar you have to ask yourself: how many campaigns had Gisele in the past – Viktoria Secret for many years, Calvin Klein, exclusive contract for Dolce and Gabbana, about 40 Vogue covers, around 150 covers of very ellite magazines, about 1000 runways, about 150 Mio dollars.
    Hm, do I really need to explain my point further?

  • Nikki

    With a mouth this size, there’s no need for a garage…LOL!

    Her shoulders are way too bony to wear this type of dress. And once again, she looks like a drag queen.

  • Georgie Girl

    Yuck! And Re-Yuck!

  • gfd

    she’s gorgeous and the last supermodel. her paycheck says it all. too bad bars or whom ever elses you think does. she is IT for 15 years and counting. read twitter sitings of gisele everyone says how nice and beautiful she is in person. get a life haters, happy friday! hope you get out and party or somthing, no use wasting your time on a rich supermodel,its nice to see she actually has a life.

  • Annie

    I think she looks fantastic! Yes, maybe she could use a few more pounds, but lets’ face it, if she IS too thin, she’s a lot less too thin than the average american is too fat.

  • please

    id like to see how beautiful all you haters must be and what you paychecks must look like, lmao. no wait a minute nevermind I dont care and dont want to know and never will know. you are all anonymous nobodies.

  • trigga

    @my opinion: richest most iconic one EVER. awwwwww your opinion is SH*T! lol (my opinion)

  • website

    Im assuming you freaks haveny seen Iris Strubegger,Kristen McMenamy,and Jamie Bochert? they could never have multi million dollar Victorias Secret contracts,and be a iconic sex symbol. they could never be glamorous bombshells, so shut up. she is one of the most beautiful supermodels ever. like a 90s models. straight teeth finally again on a model woo hooo!!!!

  • website

    Gisele Bundchen donated U$ 50.000 to Brazil Foundation event!

    Source: twitter/hugogloss

  • ???

    She looks gorgeous as always and the color of the dress is amazing ( on her ). Loser bar fans are out in full force ( = one person with diff. names ) to trash Gisele. I still haven`t figured out the reason why. Probably because I`m not on kindergarten level anymore like they are…
    #35 is correct. It`s awesome how she supports her country. Good for her! Too bad we can`t say the same about bar who cheated her way out of a basic thing a woman can do for her country.
    Go Gisele! Beautiful and stunning as always!

  • krissy

    at least she aint one of those chipmunk fat faced double chin models, THEY are the ugliest and should never be paid for their looks! If I wanna see a double chin I can walk out of my house everyday. now that is gross. Gisele’s has a regal elegant expensive beauty. oh and the dress is by Calvin Klein. Unlike many sub par models, when gisele wears a designer she usually ends up modeling for them at some point, lmao

  • ozm

    what a fugly tranny!

  • haha


    Gisele Bundchen just walked in and the paps went wild lol… She’s a beautyyy ♥

  • krissy

    @refinery29: Gisele looks amazing in Calvin Klein at the Brazeil Benefit @themet. Just wow.

  • krissy

    @cakeandshake: Celebrity sighting…Gisele at the MET…Gorgeous!

  • abby

    I love Gisele and think she is gorgeous, and really I saw a picture of her with Christy Turlington on her website this week and they are same height and weight! you girls are just used to seeing Gisele pose alone or with other average sized girls such as yourselves, so you thinks its normal and she’s not. well true, she isnt and they are, lol. duh. this is her weight she had from 2001-2004 thin, but not too thin. she is a model afterall and gets paid to be thin and tall. another DUH for you.

  • haha

    Dinner guests lining up 2 take pics w/ #GiseleBundchen at #BrazilFoundation gala. Ever the gracious star, she’s happily obliging each one.