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Isabel Lucas Attacked By Dog -- Almost!

Isabel Lucas Attacked By Dog -- Almost!

Isabel Lucas gets barked at by a dog while riding a bike through her neighborhood with a friend on Wednesday (September 22) in Los Angeles.

Thankfully the dog was on a leash and the owner pulled the pet pooch away from Isabel!

Last night, the 25-year-old Aussie actress attended Adrian Grenier‘s premiere for his new documentary, Teenage Paparazzo.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Isabel’s geeky glasses?

25+ pictures inside of Isabel Lucas almost getting attacked by a dog…

Just Jared on Facebook
isabel lucas attacked by dog 01
isabel lucas attacked by dog 02
isabel lucas attacked by dog 03
isabel lucas attacked by dog 04
isabel lucas attacked by dog 05
isabel lucas attacked by dog 06
isabel lucas attacked by dog 07
isabel lucas attacked by dog 08
isabel lucas attacked by dog 09
isabel lucas attacked by dog 10
isabel lucas attacked by dog 11
isabel lucas attacked by dog 12
isabel lucas attacked by dog 13
isabel lucas attacked by dog 14
isabel lucas attacked by dog 15
isabel lucas attacked by dog 16
isabel lucas attacked by dog 17
isabel lucas attacked by dog 18
isabel lucas attacked by dog 19
isabel lucas attacked by dog 20
isabel lucas attacked by dog 21
isabel lucas attacked by dog 22
isabel lucas attacked by dog 23
isabel lucas attacked by dog 24
isabel lucas attacked by dog 25
isabel lucas attacked by dog 26

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  • bettie

    why is she featured everyday, is she the new “Rachel Bilson”???

  • Garrett

    glad she’s alright….shes got a butt though!1

  • zzzz

    Isn’t it illegal to ride on the sidewalk in LA? Aren’t bikers supposed to stay on the road and follow the rules of the road? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems she is in the wrong here and got in someone’s way. As for the glasses, no, no, no!

  • Really?


  • MissAnthropica

    No this wasnt blown out of proportion at all lol
    Honestly this looks staged as hell by Lucas and what is with the geek chic look these days . She dyes her hair dark starts wearing glasses and hopes hollywood is going to take her seriously… lol that isnt going to happen.
    Yes it is illegal to be on the sidewalk like that and he was in the right of way but it isnt the kind of offense most cops will bother to enforce on.

  • Lala

    She’s very pretty, but I have no idea who she is or what she does, anyone know?…I really hope she isn’t the next Bilson, the world does not need another ha ha

  • Ruby

    that dog is really FAT!!! lol

  • Martyna

    @Lala: She was in Daybreakers, in Home and Away in Transformers. Now will be on The Immortals, Red Dawn.
    She’s the activist for the “stop Whaling” organisation.

  • Ali

    I don’t know what is happening to her, but her looks seem to be going downhill lately. She’s lovely, but she needs to take care of herself.

  • sighs

    Even the dog is more intelligent than Isabel and knows that theres something wrong with her

  • Not fooled

    The dog is as fat as the owner, sucks for the dog’s health :( Stop feeding it table scraps!!!

  • tits

    @Not fooled: Have you notice the dog is female? Maybe the dog is preg.

  • LILA

    Looks like she is back with Adrian Grenier again for press as well honestly that was how she got famous to being with and then the Shia Labeaouf car accident.
    Its not that she will become the next Rachel Bilson
    People she already is !!!!
    She is posted twice and day sometimes more but isnt famous enough to warrant such attention without outside interference like her calling the paps.
    She is going the Mischa Barton route with her look hoping if she looks bad and is on the worst dressed list shell get talked about
    So she is a Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson presswhore nightmare.
    Oh god just what the world needs not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LILA

    @tits: That would explain why the dog got mad at stupid Lucas.
    She could of hurt the dog riding her bike on the side walk like that your not suppose to do that its illegal!!!!!!!!!
    If the dog is preggers she is just protecting her babies .
    Only room enough on the sidewalk for one b*tch and this time Lucas isnt that b*tch.

    Animal lover activist my a$$ her and Hayden P just did that fake crying over dolphins cr@p in Japan so they could get in a documentary and get more press exposure Neither one has been involved with the cause since the documentary came out both girls are posers. Lucas will be modeling something with fur before the year is over as long as it pays.
    The dolphin stunt was just that a press stunt.
    But it back fired both Hayden P and Lucas are banned from Japan and have warrants for their arrests still,

    Its why both their careers went down the toilet neither one can go back to Japan too promote a new film or tv show so they are both worthless to hollywood now.
    Thats why Hayden P’s next big digs are supporting roles in Scream 4 lol
    Lame and
    A lifetime TV MOVIE LOL
    BOTH GIRLS ARE SO STUPID hope their press stunt was worth their little careers.

  • tits

    @LILA: I dont think thats to protect her puppies. My dog would do that too just to protect their territory. Maybe the dog thinks she owns the street or that zone.

  • gary

    Seriously, how much is her publicist paying you guys?

  • QueenOfTrashin

    That’s what she gets for sneaking up behind that person and his dog without announcing herself. A real bike rider would have said, “On your left.”

  • summer

    please tell me she’s not doin’ the rachel bilson just jared paycheck thing……….

  • anon


    Really? I don’t know who she is but she looks very sweet in these pictures. Dude needs to give Ceaser Milan a call.

  • lw

    she looks like a dumba$$

  • buck

    Fat Dog is probably on prednisone. looks bloated more than carrying fat normally. It also makes people/dogs irritable…those glasses make me irritabe and i’m not on steroids

  • a real bike rider

    QueenofTtrashin, you’re right about courtesy, but I think a “real bike rider” would be on the street, not the grass/sidewalk annoying pedestrians.

  • reba

    OMG this made my day. I laughed so hard I fell of my bed. HAHAHAHAHA. She is a total loser.

  • Cat

    She’s a nobody, doing nothing -boring. Why even mention her on this site? I think that Isabel’s PR has had a word to Jared.

  • GoGo

    And what does she do other than being featured on this site?
    (honest question!)

  • Christina

    It makes me sad to see dogs that fat.

  • JJ

    i hope the dog gave her a heart worm for the sheer fact she looks like an asshole

  • me me me

    where i come from the law is you’re allowed to ride on the sidewalk as long as your speed doesn’t go beyond the speed of a pedestrian. that said, people who get themselves large dogs but are to lazy to train them to behave properly are idiots.

  • Dreamkitty

    Poor Isabel! :(

    Please get rid of those HORRIBLE ass glasses and do something with the hair!

    Such a pretty girl but such a bad style sometimes.

  • obesity

    The owner of the dog is obese, so, of course, the dog is too. Sad.

  • mary

    Thats a hell of a dog! WOW!
    I dont see what the hype is with her,she sucked in TF2 and is scary thin.
    Not that great.

  • DUrrrr

    aww I love Isabel! Go the Aussies!

  • ron jon

    Of course the dog attacked, wouldn’t you if you saw that mess coming down the path looking like an idiot with glasses like that. ugh.

  • Nero 8 Download

    glad she’s alright….shes got a butt though!1

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