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Jodie Foster & Kate Winslet: 'God Of Carnage' Co-Stars!

Jodie Foster & Kate Winslet: 'God Of Carnage' Co-Stars!

Acting goddesses Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster will co-star in the Roman Polanski-directed movie God Of Carnage.

According to Deadline, Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) and Matt Dillon (Crash) will play their husbands in the adaptation of Yasmina Reza’s Tony Award-winning play.

Pic begins industriously enough, as two sets of parents meet to resolve a conflict that began on a school playground, when one child hit another child with a stick in the mouth. Immediately, the meeting devolves, and in a tight and loveless plot, vomiting, violence, fear, pain, and despair bubble up to alleviate any moments of humor with large doses of ache.

Shooting begins in Paris in February! Polanski cannot enter the US due to allegations against him for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in 1977. Yikes!

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  • the truth

    Good to see jodie back to work.She and kate always get good acting roles.

  • Tom Franks

    This is an interesting cast. Kate Winslet is so voluptuous and sensual. English perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.
    I’ve always wanted to see Matt Damon do a movie with Matt Dillon. They are both incredible actors and it would be amazing to see them bounce off each other in a film.

  • marilyn

    i saw God and Carnage on broadway; it was truly amazing. one of the best play ever written. i was so happy when it won best play 2009 at the tony awards. please, roman, i’m begging you; don’t mess this one up. at least you got a great cast. chistoph waltz, kate winslet, jodie foster, matt dillon.

  • aka

    although all of them are good actors and actresses, I wish they would have choosen somebody else. Some younger people. The story sounds interesting and entertaining. Wish they would have choosen Jonathan Rhys Meyer and other his age. To bad I am not keen to watch the movie with this cast!

  • gigi

    I love Kate but what is up with her face lately? I’ve seen a couple of recent pictures of her and it looks like she’s had some work done. Such a shame because she’s such a beauty.

  • bettie

    anyone that sees this supports child rapists !

  • ashley.rose

    Seriously, this will be the stuff acting dreams are made of.

  • to bettie

    thank you. now that’s you’ve had your say do you think you can leave those of us who really want to see this film alone???

  • BEAN

    Oh for crying out loud Jodie is almost 50 and Kate isn’t in her 20s anymore. Are they trying to make them look the same age? Ridiculous.

  • outspoken

    does anyone think it’s shocking how everyone just seems to overlook the fact that roman polanski is a fugitive and an admitted child rapist? I mean, for god’s sakes, he admitted to drugging and sodomizing an 13 year old girl!! so disgusting. it’s even more unbelievable to me that 2 wonderful and intelligent actresses like jodi foster and kate winslet would agree to work with such an individual when they themselves have their own children. it’s so frustrating and sad how supposed “celebrities” have a different set of rules. turning a blind eye to something of this nature is just too much…i used to be such a fan of both women. now…not so much.

  • to aka

    you have to understand that the woman who wrote the play, and owns the rights, demanded that roman choose actors who were the correct age. for the fathers, one is supposed to be 46 years old and the other is supposed to be in this 50′s. therefore Jonathan Rhys Meyer and other his age would not have been acceptable.

  • BEAN

    @outspoken: Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • to outspoken

    well, you are entitled to your opinion which i respect. however, i and others, many of them friends, are also entitled to our opinions on the subject. we all saw this on broadway and can’t wait to see it on film. now you’re perfectly free to not go and see it when it comes out for the reasons you’ve stated. your reasons are your own and i won’t quarrel with them. however i, and others, do expect that you will give us the same courtesy of allowing us to choose to see this film without jumping up and down.

  • tsco

    I can’t stand Winslet

  • Gabe

    Jodie’s just rackin’ them up. First, Mel. Now, Roman. It takes a lot of goodwill to be involved with these people without putting herself in a bad light.

  • Alia

    well they’re forced to work with him otherwise they won’t have work with other directors since Polanski and the major part of the directors are…are cinese of course!-;)

  • Penny

    Why didn’t he pick up someone better than Winslet? Like Kidman, Blanchett, Linney…
    Kidman deserves better roles, working with big directors, Blanchett need to come back to movie screen and Linney deserves more attention!!

  • to penny

    because kate winslet is a damn good actress, that’s why

  • lakme

    How has this become ‘allegations’? He had sex with a 13 year old which makes him a pedaphile. He may be a great director which I readily agree with but that doesn’t excuse him. Jodie foster is obviously a woman of great integrity – first Mel Gibson with his rascist rants and screaming and threatening a woman and now Polanski. The only question to ask anyone who supports Polanski is how would you feel if he raped your 13 year old? If the answer is ‘it don’t matter cause he’s a great director’ then I’d say you are a liar. Or maybe it’s ok because it was someone else’s daughter?

  • CanadaGirl

    You said it right, JJ; these women are acting goddesses. Both ladies are amazing and brilliant actors.

  • lexy hates bilson

    These 2 acting powerhouses in a movie – I can’t wait!!
    JJ it’s always a pleasure to see talented actresses on your site!!

  • Shell

    Jodie Foster working with Polanski doesn’t surprise me at all. She’s a huge hypocrite. She so anti gun it’s hilarious then uses guns in movies. So I actually find it amusing she’s working with a child rapist.

  • N2

    Very disappointed these two high profile mothers and of course the matts, are working with Polanski. Will someone have the guts to step out of Hollywood and disown him?

  • http://justjared anna belle

    I actually lost a lot of respect for the people that signed the petition to help polanski. Not everyone did michael douglas and penelope cruz didnt thank god somebody still has some sense. wow I cant believe that kate is gonna work with him I really liked her on a personal level now not so much. It s like what the f***!!!!!!!! oh well only in hollywood they still want to work with a masterpiece(let s face it he is!!) eventhough he is a rapist and a pedophile ughhhhhhh

  • Penny

    @to penny:
    Kidman and Blanchett are WAY better

  • Marisa

    People shouldn’t dislike Winslet and Foster just because they’re doing a Polanski film. They’re actresses, they’re looking for quality work, and let’s face it here, Polanski is one of the greats. This story sounds excellent, I don’t think either of them would turn it down because of the personal life of someone. Don’t get be wrong, I’m not trying to gloss over the situation. His talent doesn’t excuse what he’s done, or what he’s been alleged of doing, but these ladies aren’t refusing to work with a talent based on his personal history. They’re working with him on a film, not going over his house and becoming his best friend and saying how awesome of a man he is. Foster and Winslet didn’t even sign the petition by the way. I can’t stand it when people are criticized as being less of a great person just because they are somehow associated with certain people. This doesn’t make Foster a bad mom, or Winslet a bad mom, it doesn’t make Waltz and Dillon bad people. They’re all actors and they’re not brushing Polanski’s acts aside as if it’s no big deal, but rather not letting it interfere with the entertainment craft itself. If I were offered a part in a Polanski film, I wouldn’t turn it down because he’s a wonderful director. And I’m sure that when they were offered these parts, they thought the same thing. It doesn’t mean they support a child rapist, it doesn’t mean they’re suddenly not good people anymore. But they can handle the criticism, some can’t. For instance Emma Thompson signed the petition, but then removed her name because people were criticizing her to pieces.

  • Marisa

    I just don’t understand how people can label these actors/actressses as supporters of what he did, as people who will brush aside his acts. Do you know them? No. Don’t think less of them based on something you don’t even have knowledge of. Did anyone ever think that they like the material and would like to appear in a Roman Polanski film? Roman Polanski… the director of Rosemary’s Baby, Chinatown, Repulsion, The Pianist, etc. I mean, the guy’s an incredible talent. I doubt they all went ‘Ooh I totally support pedophilia’. It’s just ridiculous.

  • Marisa

    We’re talking about Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and Matt Dillon here. I highly doubt they’re idiots who support child rape. As I’ve said before, what attracts them in the situation is Polanski’s history as a director. He’s a legend in that respect.

  • kate

    I’ve lost all respect for Kate Winslet now that she’s working for Polanski.

  • Marisa

    @kate For shame. Winslet is a professional, and this just furthers that quality about her. Don’t lose respect for her just because she’s working with him. Seriously you people need to stop being damn judgmental.

  • to N2

    not going to happen. i was a dinner party the other day in Hollywood with some people in the industry where the subject of polanski came up. the common belief is, among many, people here is that Polanski got shafted by the original judge. a deal, they say, was agreed to by all parties including the judge. it was signed. then the judge turned around and threw it out the window. so now, the only way these people will support bringing polanski back to the united states is if the original deal is put back in place.

  • to kate

    do you honestly think that kate cares at all what you think? i’ve read this play several times over. if she has the part i think she has then it’s quite possible that kate could get another oscar nomination once the film come out. it’s too good of a role for any actress to pass up.

  • Feisty

    @aka: They actually went a lot younger than what is written. Everyone in the cast is supposed to be at least in their 40s (if not older, in the case of the men).

    However much I love these two women, they are completely wrong for this movie. I’m not even sure who is supposed to play whom because they are so off-type.

  • Feisty

    @Marisa: Emma Thompson didn’t recant because people were criticizing her; she recanted because a college student sat her down and showed her the facts of the case. Emma didn’t realize that it was so horrendous. She didn’t know the details of the case and signed because her agent/directors/friends pressured her, too. Once she realized exactly what the petition excused, she took her name off the list. I think that is markedly different from taking your name off a list because people poo-pooed you.

  • annie

    thank god they chose some great acting talents,love them both,so sick of young,pretty but i cannot act. these two r the cream of the crop.kate is such a class act and great example of choosing different kind of films,not afraid to experiment.

  • emilia

    can’t wait….
    polanski is amazing!

  • sad

    i will not watch! polanski should have been brought back to the US for his crime of sex with a minor and drugging her. kate has children she better not take them on the set.

  • to Feisty

    you’re right, they are all off type. but then so is roman polanski. i actually saw the man in Paris; walked right by him, the wife, and i think the two kids.. the man is short only 5 feet 5 inches. somehow i thought he would be taller.

  • Melissa

    Love the cast selections! Smart, evolved and experienced actors/actresses can pull off complicated plots much, much better than young kids who don’t know anything about real life yet. Wise choices. Although, Polanski is a horrible selection for director. Sorry I won’t be seeing this film soley because of him. I will not reward a child rapist with my money.

  • purple poet

    The people saying “Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster lost me as a fan” well boo hoo. They have successful careers. I doubt they’ll care. Isn’t it the christian thing to forgive? Have forgiveness? The victim herself forgave him long ago and asks everyone to move on. What he did was wrong, but watching his movies or making movies with him doesn’t mean you condone his actions. Learn to separate the artist from their personal lives.

    And yay good to see the best actress Jodie Foster working again. Been awhile since she acted, especially in a juicy role.

  • Dani

    Love Kate and Jodie they’re my favorite actresses and Sandra Bullock

  • Nero 8 Download

    Good to see jodie back to work.She and kate always get good acting roles.

  • Victoria


    someone needs to get their shit straight!…
    I love winslet…
    but i hate to say it.. i lost some respect for her…
    working with this perve is ridiculous!!!….. especially since she has a daughter herself!

  • Julie

    Sorry I watched this fighting DVD last night and thought it was horrible. It was spent in one apartment the whole time arguing over such a trivial subject. I chose to watch it because of Jodie Foster and Kate, but I was horribly disappointed in the whole thing. It didn’t even have a conclusion.