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Barack Obama: Michelle Is My Moral Voice

Barack Obama: Michelle Is My Moral Voice

President Barack Obama gives his wife Michelle a kiss on the cheek before she takes the stage at the Clinton Global Initiative on Thursday (September 23) in New York City.

“At the end of each day, it is Michelle, her moral voice, her moral center, that cuts through all the noise in Washington and reminds me why I’m there in the first place,” Barack said before the First Lady took the stage.

Michelle addressed the crowd during the closing session of the three-day conference, which annually brings together heads of state, scholars and government and business leaders to discuss solutions for social change.

In her nearly 22-minute long speech, Michelle voiced her concern for military veterans and their families. She urged global development groups to include them in their work, especially in a tough economy.

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  • Big Mama

    What the heck is she weariing?

  • sarafina

    I like them both……………………..

  • Nima

    She is a beautiful woman inside and out, and he’s a great president. Very humble, when I look at them I’m not intimidated at all. Just don’t screw us over <3

  • Thai

    That moral voice is not telling him good things, thats obvious. US of A is in the abyss, stop denying it. And Obama is just another fraud. U reap what u sow.

  • mattchew

    Amen Thai! If she is his moral voice then she need to step it up a notch!

  • anonymous

    What the hell is she wearing, FUGLY!! And did she get a chin reduction? She looks less baboon-like.

  • mailey

    i dotn think the different patterns in teh dress work. but i like that she took a chance.

    she and B are cute tog.

  • Cindy

    No matter how hard she tries..she looks ugly!

  • rhonda

    if moochie is his moral voice we are screwed!

  • you know


    Dear Mr. President: I apologize that our country is overrun with bigots and ignorant, hateful teatards. F them.

  • you know


    Say hi to the gang of inbred losers at your next KKK meeting. We shall overcome people like you.

  • you know


    I’m sure you’re a real beauty queen. You know, that’s our tax dollars that pay for the forklift that extracts you from your house when you are trapped inside from morbid obesity.

  • smokie

    She should not have worn that dress!

    It makes one dizzy and it does her no good.

    This material looks like it came from some bedroom curtains..or recycled from an old ladies closet.


  • honey

    why doesn’t she take care of her own fat ass before she instructs others on what to eat.

  • honey

    why doesn’t she take care of her own fat ass before she instructs others on what to eat.

  • you know


    typical racist sexist remark we have come to expect from teatards. You know who has a fat @ss? your hero Glenn Beck. Your hero Rush Limbaugh – in fact he has a giant @ss and an @nal cyst. GROSS. GROSS. GROSS.


    so suck it

  • julie

    they are beautiful together, Obama is doing a great job cleaning up after George w. bush, Michelle, looks fantastic and is a great advantage to him and this country. classy folks.

  • Holly

    Extremely racist comment and therefore disgusting.
    Get a life.

  • BB

    I saw Obama speak at The Roosevelt Hotel the other night and it was great. He shook my hand and was amazing to meet in person.
    The guy is trying to help America but America needs to also help itself and get off its arses.

  • Tim

    I just love the way American people love to whine and complain about a president and the economy while they sit home for 3 months or more and never find a job.
    Or they failed to get an education years ago and haven’t any skills.
    The economy fell many months before Obama took office.
    Get your facts straight.
    As for Michelle, she’s not a beauty pageant contestant.

  • Becks

    “you know” I am confused. How is “honey” saying she has a fat @ss in any way racist or sexist. Are you saying only female minorities are the only ones that can have a fat @ss. That’s just ignorant. Just like your assumption that anyone against Obama is racist. The color of his skin does not give him a pass in everything he says and does. And yes, good or bad (depending how his term ends) he will be in history for all time. It’s up to them whether it will be positive or negative. But personal spending of tax payers money for vacations by Mrs. Obama is not very moral to me.

  • you know


    Because that is a typical racist stereotype. You jack@sses are all the same – you want to be free to spew your vile crap and then whine like lil babies when called to your face exactly what you are. Like we don’t totally see through you teatards. F off.

  • MB

    She’s got a fat assss and that ain’t anything new no matter what color she is.
    She’s ugly has all that monmey and dresses like an old granny.
    Watching her walk in long ^ supposed to be sexy dresses. LOL LOL LOL She holds the crotch up with bent over shouldrers like a 90 yr old and well she is good for a laugh.

    I have nothing to say about the pathetic one. Even tho it shouldn’t matter to me as am not american,. well half and half but not living in the USA i can at least say i am not responsible for voting the creep in.
    Is Hussaine his second name or damage??? What a freaken mess he put my relatives in. USA use to be such a proud country. What a mess!.

  • MB

    Oh i kow how to spell money honey. Spellcheck) I wish whatsherface up above and her skinny old man would learn to stop spending my relatives moolah.
    LOL He will just blame it on Bush. You would think he did ‘t pitch for the job of President b/c he is the first one to consistantly blame the past president for old and new problems. Somebody should haVE TOLD SUNNYBOY THAt’s not how it works. this is not a game.

  • you know


    Wow, it looks like America hasn’t quite yet cornered the market yet on stupid, angry evil bigots. Put your real name on your post if you are so proud of yourself. Otherwise hide like the cowardly little creep you are – who is nothing and will never been anything. Michelle Obama has billions of fans the world over. You. have. nothing. You are a loser.

  • you know


    Another teatard who knows nothing of the facts. Go back to your small pathetic life and try to stop obsessing with your hatred of the black family in the White House. If you think you can do a better job improving the world – THEN DO IT and quit running your stupid mouth. Otherwise shut up, @sshole.

  • Nero 10 Download

    What the heck is she weariing?

  • Tammy Terrell

    Michelle, “America is a downright mean nation”, is his moral voice. We are really in trouble. She believes that, so my question is, how does she propose to “fix” this mean nation? After three years, I think we know. Take from the producers and give to the freeloaders. Share the misery, except for the elite in Washington and Wall St who never know the pain of middle America right now. This is really sobering.

  • Tammy Terrell

    Not if the truth of his fake birth certificateand social security care is revealed. She will accompany him out of the WH and onto the helicopter. I hope to see that Nixonian wave as he says “goodbye, suckers”.