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Carrie Underwood: 'Mama's Song' Video Premiere!

Carrie Underwood: 'Mama's Song' Video Premiere!

Carrie Underwood‘s latest video, “Mama’s Song,” is here – and it stars two people near and dear to her!

The 27-year-old country star stars opposite both her husband, Mike Fisher, and her mom, Carole, in the video.

“[Mike's] not ‘in’ it but you can tell it’s him,” Carrie told People. “He hung out with my mom [on set] and he’s great with her.”

As for the best part of filming the video with Mike, Carrie shared, “Just seeing him in my world was sweet.”

Carrie Underwood – ‘Mama’s Song’
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  • mailey

    kidn of overkill to have all the relatives in ur video.

  • Lance Costa

    Carrie Underwood is incredibly gorgeous. American perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

  • Blair

    Love Carrie…..beautiful inside & out!

  • 1015PED

    so happy for her, congratulations Carrie

  • Love Me

    Down to Earth Gal…

  • Radiohead

    She is one cheesy ass bitch.

  • flutters

    Awwwww. This is a really sweet and emotional video. Sometimes it’s nice seeing people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Thanks for posting it Jared!

  • countrygirl101

    I love carrie underwood!! I think it was great that her mom and husband were in it. It was a song about them. Would of been weird if there were actor’s in it.

  • Jessica

    I love Carrie =)

  • GalPal

    Mailey-what would make you write such a comment? This video is perfect for her mother and Mike. It is called Mama’s song. Carrie and her mother have a wonderful relationship and you can’t get an actress to portray what a mother feels at her daughter’s wedding-all the emotion leading up to it. Bravo Carrie, Carole, and Mike. Radiohead-grow up-you are something else.

  • Rhiannan

    Well you just know those making nasty comments about this video have crappy mothers and/or husbands/wives, etc. Sucks for them. The rest of us who can relate, love this song.

  • Pinkrose

    He is as handsome s she is beautiful. Hope they last. Touched by her Mom….wish my Mom was still alive.

  • lu

    what a beautiful video!!
    love her! she looks so pretty!

  • dd

    awesome and very sentimental video

  • lisali

    Thats sweet!

  • Meg

    Beautiful video and song!

  • Bellac

    She found herself a good Canadian boy. I seriously hope they last. They seem like decent, sincere people.

  • Dee

    What a beautiful video. Just what I would want for my daughter! Aguy who loves and respects her!

  • so corny

    lmaaaaaaaaao her fans are as cheesy as her

  • http://www. V

    Can not fkn stand this vapid, corny, high maintenance frigid Republican. NEXT.

  • Matt


  • Dee

    Aw I think it’s sweet. If I were a singer I’d totally put my mom in my videos! Who better to play your mom than your mom? lol

  • Tala


    She’s entitled, happiness can be cheesy; however your comment was typical and I am offended that you dare use “Radiohead” as your nick!

  • http://twiter Reghan

    That’s the best video I have ever seen. Obviously the negitivity is just jelousy! If you don’t like her then why take the time to even watch the video and comment? Grow up and stop being so immuature… I love you Carrie :)

  • Adam

    I am glad those haters spend their time here writing rubbish..hahah

  • Adam

    Then you must be the one get dumped at the roadside begging money…haha

  • Adam


    lol…are you going for the AI judge audition?
    I afraid you will make 0 ratings..haha…NEXT

  • RoBA

    Very well said “GalPal” #10…..obviously the ones that are posting comments either have poor relationships with their love ones or are just simply jealous>

    a very beautiful and meaningful video with very beautiful decent people in it! KUDOS to Carrie!

  • Rachelle

    #1 single I predict! Poor Leann Rimes can’t chart with anything but Carrie is a surefire winner!!

  • Kathryn

    This was beautiful! I can’t imagine them making the video any other way. It was in no way cheesy or forced. It gave me chills and my eyes welled up with tears. I love you, Carrie!

  • griffin123

    I heard Taylor had a video similar to this featuring her mother a few YEARS ago. Is it me, or does it seem like Carrie Underwood tries to copy things Taylor does.

    Taylor stars in a CBS hit show in 2009, Carrie stars in one in 2010
    Taylor has her mother in her video (along with family footage in 2008) Carrie does the same in 2010
    Taylor signs with Covergirl in early 2010 Carrie signs with Olay just a few weeks ago
    Taylor did a movie in 2009, soon after Carrie did one

    Honestly Carrie is definitely trying to copy Taylor and if anyone doesn’t see that, they are blind. It would be cute if Taylor wasn’t so much younger because honestly Carrie looks kind of silly and sort of desperate at this point. What’s next? Trying to grow an extra 6 inches to be 6 foot tall like Taylor? LOL

    I just can’t get with all this copying so I can’t praise any efforts of Carrie until she gets her OWN IDEALS.

  • Jasonkc


    You’re stupid…I won’t even say anything else.

  • Wildcat

    This song is beautiful. But I still can’t get over the fact that Carrie despices her Oklahoma hometown.

  • http://@erikkaJay ErikkaJay

    She is the real deal. She writes from her heart & not many artists do that these days. Thanks for being an amazing role model Carrie & of course.. congrats! (:

  • yessss

    @griffin123 – You’re an idiot… Actually, Carrie’s mom was in her second music video ever (Don’t Forget to Remember Me) so apparantly Taylor copied her by your logic. And everyone approached Carrie to do all of that, she didn’t approach them. Carrie actually turned down multiple roles in movies because none of them were really something she wanted to do until Soul Surfer. If you actually think she’s copying, you need a reality check…

  • lena

    Carrie is a great artist i predict that this song will go number 1.and then i think she should release songs like this and then quitter.

  • Trish

    This is the video of the year! What a tribute to the relationship between a Mother and a Daughter. The reaction to this video has been unbelievably positive, There will always be a couple haters (aka jealous Taylor Swift fans). The video already has 425,000 hits and it has only been out for days! That tells you all you need to know about the response to this video.

  • Nero 10 Download

    Aw I think it’s sweet. If I were a singer I’d totally put my mom in my videos! Who better to play your mom than your mom? lol