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Lindsay Lohan - Mug Shot Revealed

Lindsay Lohan - Mug Shot Revealed

Lindsay Lohan‘s latest mug shot has been released.

The 24-year-old actress was taken into custody today after Judge Elden Fox denied bail and ordered that she stay in jail until her next hearing on October 22.

Lindsay‘s father, Michael Lohan, spoke out about her sentencing outside the Beverly Hills Courthouse today.

“I’d rather be in jail than my daughter today,” he said (via Us Weekly). “Jail is not good for anybody.”

Bigger mug shot inside…

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lindsay lohan mug shot september 2010 01

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  • Michael Lohan

    Good Lindsay!! She’s now facing her real problems

  • Ladyb

    She’s the new Robert Downey Jr. She won’t get clean for a while.

  • SerCan

    She looks pretty!

    It is funny how many people hate each other in States. Why would you want her in jail? I want her in rehab if drugs are her problem. What is next, sending serial killers to rehab?

  • Mary

    Wow, this family. And @Ladyb: hell no, Robert has talent.

  • Leni

    @SerCan: This isn’t the land of puppies and dreams, we have laws. If you break them you will and should be punished accordingly. Besides Lindsay has been to rehab many times, and she is still a fu*k-up

  • jenMS

    She’s exactly where she should be.
    @SerCan: If you or I had pulled all that she has, that’s where we would be. She did something illegal – jail first, then rehab.

  • jenMS

    She’s exactly where she should be.
    @SerCan: If you or I had pulled all that she has, that’s where we would be. She did something illegal – jail first, then rehab.

  • KellStar

    This is what’s best for her. If only she were able to get a solid support system in her life.

  • Yawn

    Why bother with this one? When she’s thriving, successfull and leadig a clean life THEN we should pay attention. Not now.

  • Moses Ashford

    I don’t want to hear about her in the news anymore. I wish that she had just done more mainstream movies over the last five years but she has overexposed herself beyond belief for his personal life. I’m sorry but I’ve had enough of her.

  • Heads/Tails

    Good—finally she’ll be in the slammer for about a month. What hubris she had after she got out. The flashy Maserati and clearly getting collagen in her lips–all flash and no class. She seemed “very humbled” from her experience, right? So humbled, she partied to her “success” at rehab. I bet you all that the orange jumpsuit is making her think about is “at least I’ll be out in time to plan my Halloween outfit”—and since Lohan has become such a farce, she can come dressed as herself—she’s created her own monster with her frightening persona.

  • SerCan

    No offence, but I think you have many thing there but not law. There is no general law, but there are laws for different people, example: it is not the same law for rich and poor. Look at Paris Hilton!

  • Linda

    What a psychopath. I want her in jail… now


    I love her!!!

  • Michelle

    No, I am pretty sure it’s a law that drugs are illegal. The severity of punishment is another story.

  • LH

    Keep her in jail this time! No early release or privileges!

  • jane-lee

    Being an actress, much to dream and have the reputation of lindsay helps, so why waste time in prison?

    Now, we don’t know the real problems of lindsay but it’s tragic

  • Natasha

    I hope she gets stabbed to death by an inmate so she can go away and we can stop hearing about her all the effing time!!

  • elle

    I’m her fan so I like her a lot… but this is where she should be and not out in Hollywood… she needs time to think and find out how to live once again a normal life.

  • Connie in Des Moines

    I wonder what her Lips will looks like when she’s at her next Court Date?LOL!!!!!!!!

  • [marie]

    c o k e h e a d . . .

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …fcuking priceless. swollen uneven lips and all. ahahahahahahahaha

  • lady.egxoxo

    somebody give her a job! so she can stop getting arrested.

  • miss infamous

    Orange is her color…

  • Tom

    She takes a good photo.

  • Sadie

    8 to go and Dina has her mugshot calender ready for the holidays :))

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey she still looks better than Taylor Momsen!

  • Is anyone else….

    Tired of Infamously Cool’s trolling? Twit never has anything good to say, it just trolls.


    Lilo is so sexy, don’t you just want to kiss those perfect lips <3

  • Lucky Charm


    LMAO! And they can use the money from the calendar sales to pay off her legal bills.

  • Janey

    She’s in jail because she BROKE the LAW! She’s on PROBATION, is being MONITORED and randomly tested and she STILL is caught with ILLEGAL drugs in her system. ILLEGAL! She needs to be PUNISHED for that. She’s not going to get help for her ADDICTION until she wants to. Putting her in MANDATORY rehab will do NOTHING for her. She will always SLIP back into drugs until she hits BOTTOM and SHE decides it’s TIME for her to get help for her addiction problem.

  • Bellac

    She’ll be released in two weeks.

    So sad! I can’t even laugh anymore.

  • http://Tjm Slig

    Hahahahahahah look she face hahahah enjoy

  • anon

    There’s snark and then there is scary. YOU PEOPLE MAKING COMMENTS WISHING HARM ON HER ARE SCARY. I have a feeling you are already doing harm to someone or something. I just hope you have little power over the vulnerable and those under your trust.

  • michael

    @jenMS: You are surprised by how many people hate each other in the States? We are suppose to like drug addicts and law violators? I dont know how it is where you are from, but you don’t make friends with strangers, especially not the ones on Lohan’s level. And its true, people here do get off easier depending on how much money they have…That is why we are all THRILLED Lohan was denied bail, no get out of jail for free pass for ANYONE.

  • anon

    How she decides to “entertain” us is up to her. I hope she meditates on that reality.

  • longchamp

    it’ll do her good – some time to think, away from the hungry hollywood machine

  • Jasmine

    What is this, mugshot #12?

  • nkenk

    She violated her probation which is ILLEGAL. Maybe actually staying in jail will scare her straight.

  • Lady Bouvier

    A thorough look at Lilo’s newest mugshot is the phantom looking back at you and laughing- ” The truth is I’m still getting paid and you know one of them bitches is going to want to offer me another cool million the minute my block wedge heels scrape civilization.”

  • heyhey

    Ha Ha. Enough is enough. Let her rot in jail already.

  • offtheproperty

    I think that’s her best one yet. The first one was the worst.

  • efron

    Its so sick to see all these people wishing harm to Lindsay, yeah she f**cked it up BIG TIME and yeah, she is to damn st*pid to not realize that provation means u cant f**ck it up or you’ll get locked up, but that is not a valid reason to be happy about her being locked up in jail. I trully hope she gets out of all the issues she’s having and make a nice comeback cus she can act and she can do a good job if she puts her mind on it instead of snorting coke. She already had to many chances and hollywood doesnt give that many opportunities, neither does the audicience.

  • saw

    she looks like a new Robert Downey jr at his dark days, but she doesn’t have his incomparable talent, humor, irony, eccentricity, beauty.
    she looks more ordinary…I hope for a her good day.

  • seesee


    yes it should be but media thrives on negative publicity. its sad in our society positive good news doesn’t sell magazines or get reported on. this does unfortunately.

  • dawne

    I can’t handle any more press on this spoiled prima donna and her enabling mother and sister………we don’t track paedophiles whom are on probation and busy re-offending but we sure are keeping close watch on this bimbo.

    I agree she should be thown in the can….but the farcical imbalances in the justice system are downright scary.

  • Sam’s ex


  • N2

    She needs support and help. Even the person taking her mug shot has been swindled under the influence of star power – it’s taken from above to make her look young and cute. Life must be difficult if everybody wants a piece.

  • Courtney

    HAHA did anyone else notice the very bad botox she had done on her lips

  • stiger

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