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Suri Cruise: Bonding Time with Katie? Czech!

Suri Cruise: Bonding Time with Katie?  Czech!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise walk back to their Prague hotel after taking in the sites in the Czech Republic on Thursday (September 23).

Suri, 4, spent time with dad, Tom Cruise, and mom Katie, on Wednesday night. The cutie-pie was carrying a cute motorized pink puppy that she put into her stroller!

Tom, 48, is reportedly scouting out shooting locations for the upcoming Mission Impossible IV.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Brooks Brothers blue blazer.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise bonding with Katie Holmes

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suri cruise bonding time czech 01
suri cruise bonding time czech 02
suri cruise bonding time czech 03
suri cruise bonding time czech 04
suri cruise bonding time czech 05
suri cruise bonding time czech 06
suri cruise bonding time czech 07
suri cruise bonding time czech 08
suri cruise bonding time czech 09
suri cruise bonding time czech 10
suri cruise bonding time czech 11
suri cruise bonding time czech 12

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  • tgunn

    you ho

  • boogiewoogie

    getting way too big to be carried! Going on 5.

    B R A T. very clearly.

    dumb parents! Pitiful

  • Suri Jackson

    I never really jumped on the Katie is medicated bandwagon, but c’mon…It’s obvious that she’s either drunk or high.
    Suri has a jacket on, but her feet are bare, and given the quality of the part, it’s obvious that Suri won’t sit still long enough to get her hair fixed. Putting hair in pigtails is not a extensive process. She’ll be five in about 3 or 4 months(who knows the actual date?), and she should be able to follow direction.. Suri obviously has no respect for Katie in a parental capacity.

  • joel

    That poor bodyguard.

  • smokie

    ugh…another photo of dumb momma and her brat.

    someone can’t even part her pigtails straight! Wonder who?

    she can’t dance. sing. talk normally, think, act, raise her kid right, part her hair right……..has strange “fashion taste”…etc….probably more……

    crazy! soon…..she will just disappear into the woodwork….and people will say..” Katie who?

  • Kate


  • missy

    Suri is so adorable. There are photos on other sites of her playing in the park earlier in the day. (and yes she has shoes on) She probably got tired and mom carried her home. What’s the big deal? So now if a 4 year old’s hair isn’t 100% perfect, the mom must be on drugs? You guys are really grasping at straws.

  • Lavito

    Katie has that empty, no emotion look face again. I don’t get it, why does she carry that kid around when she’s too big and heavy to carry?!?! And, why is she allowing Suri to go without shoes or socks?!?! What is wrong with this woman?!?! Perhaps it might be that kid is spoiled rotten and rules over her momma. I certainly think so.

  • True Love

    Totally off topic but I was so jealous of Anna Torv getting kised by Josh at the end of the FRINGE episode tonight :-P
    Check out this video clip – he’s just the cutest!
    Well I take that back about being off topic. I also believe that Josh is Suri’s dad, so I guess that makes commenting on him still on topic.

  • MissAnthropica

    She is nearly four years old and Katie and the nanny still carry her around like she is an infant.
    I mean its ok to carry your kid sometimes if they are tired of course but this kid is CONSTANTLY carried often with a blanket like she is a baby.
    Let her walk sheesh before she turns into a spoiled rotten brat.

  • Fruttel

    Holy cow, you guys must either be psychiatrists, psychichs or perfect moms, to be able to deduct só much from a few pics taken by a paparazzo. (or by paparazzi, they often seem to come in packs without a packleader)

    Ever thought of looking at pics without having your negative comments formed in your minds already?

    (Oh, and FYI: I’m nót a fan of Tom Cruise and I have to admit to never having seen anything with Katie Holmes in it)

  • Lisa

    Wtf is wrong with this ugly brat?! She is constantly carried at 4.5 years!!! And her momma looks like a homeless and can’t even get her daughter to put shoes on…

  • sites?

    taking in the sights
    taking in the sites


    @True Love:
    Thanks for the link. Josh was so nice to that interviewer. You could tell that she was a real DC / PJ fan. Did you catch how Josh mentioned working through all of his teenage love/angst issues back then(while actually answering a Fringe question), and referencing making mountains out of molehills. It seemed that he was commenting on much more than just the characters.

  • True Love

    I believe you are correct. Josh’s “worked through all of that years ago” statement was about Josh and Katie and not just Pacey and Joey (sly how he slipped it in there, though), and despite what he said, I think there is going to be a confrontation between the two at some point in the future (hopefully sooner than later, but it’s already been 5 years, so I’m not holding my breath).

  • TOM

    I hope katie holmes and joshua jackson will make a movie together!

  • Jenny

    How come I see a LOT of photos of Suri being carried? She’s already almost 5 years old!

  • flybird

    we love suri cruise!

  • jap

    Dear American,
    we all love Suri. Yes, She has a subtle charm.
    Suri Cruise is popular around the world.
    American should be proud of her!

  • Star Fox

    Mind your own kids, #3.

    Just another day here, #7.

    Holmes doesn’t think she’s too heavy and big too carry, #8 and #10. If both don’t mind, why do you?

    If she becomes a brat, it’s not your problem.

    It’s too much to ask of them, #11.

  • flybird

    Star Fox ,great!
    Suri Jackson ,get your ass out of here !

  • JJ

    jap/flybird..: “”We” love Suri” and that is “around the world” ???

    OK. To the creep jap/flybird/simonette, so you talk, blab about your infatuation of little Suri Cruise with your thousands of international friends… and “you and them” pedos from all around the world, feel that 4 years old Suri (your pedo obsession) has a “subtle charm”… What is that “subtle charm” you are attracted to? Or is it lust you feel, creep?

    That’s creepy, omg… that’s scary and a bit vomiting.. How infatuated/lovestruck that crazy woman is with little Suri…? Insanity.

    Have you heard of John Hinckley? That lovesick guy who wanted to impress a 14 years old Jodie Foster…?

  • Weird….

    I think tomkat are very odd parent, why they can’t put sock or something to cover suri legs, when her parents bundled up with jacket or sweater but this 4,5 years still using blanket like infant, Jeez…… i can’t understand.

  • car

    honestly i don’t like anyone who sells you their soul for fame, but as far as her carrying suri i would too if paps were chasing us with cameras.

  • flybird

    It’s none of your business. I think you have go much too far! Who do you think you are? You make me sick!
    American should be proud of Suri Cruise!

  • JJ

    @flybird: OK I agree I’ve gone too far with the “pedo” insinuations. It was wrong. I regret already and I apologize to you for that. I do not think you’re a pedo and my post was cruel. I’m sorry.

    But still, your love/obsession with this celebrity baby is sick. But you know that already I guess…

  • annie

    There are pics of Suri and Katie at the park, where she probably took her shoes off in the sand pitt, and decided to keep them off.
    Always something……now it’s the part in Suris hair…’s not straight
    what are you people going to find next?
    However, there is something that really interests me about some comments,
    When it comes to other celeb kids, everyone goes on about how the paps should leave them alone.
    They are only little children everyone says. I have never seen how many paps are there for the other kids , 1or 2 maybe, just guessing.
    For Suri there are 30 and more surrounding her, on each side of her, shouting and flashing their cameras……don’t pretend that you all have not seen them, and then you wonder why she’s carried when they are around, but the minute they are not in her face she is very happy to be put down, and walk around.
    Her pigtails are too cute, and shows her adorable little face and her jacket is adorable. This poses a big problem for some of you doesn’t it?
    Why is THIS child so adorable…….because for whatever sad reason , some of you don’t want it to be so, ………….soooo you try to be as nasty.
    as you can.
    Just asking. Does it make you feel good?

  • Suri Jackson

    No. I think I’ll stay.
    The thumbs up and down should determine who should stay and go. That being said, you, Star Fox, Rainbow, the bad Annie, and the rest of the minions from Tom’s CULT should move along.

  • eve

    jesus christ! Does this child can’t walk , or sth? ill legs ?? so big and always carry… no comment!

  • slam dunk

    JJ and KH always had incredible chemistry. They were great together on Dawson’s Creek and made a baby together, but I don’t know about a movie. I’d prefer that they make a dna test together with Suri.
    Katie had opportunities with some great roles to hone her acting skills. She decided to go in another direction and the thought of watching her onscreen in something new(even with JJ) makes me want to hurl.
    I’ll stick with the PJ videos on YouTube and remember happier times.
    Maybe Tom and Katie should make a movie together! Their chemistry is about as real as Cruise and Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut!!!! (bwahahaha)

  • TGIF

    Suri really is getting to be a cute girl. Tom and Katie are insane. I really wish they would put some friggin pants and tennis shoes on the kid once and a while! Poor thing is really going to be a screwed up adult. :-(,0,1#1

  • tps reports

    OK ! First of all, Suri always looks like a mess! This photo op is no exception. That hair of hers looks terrible! KH needs to comb/cut that god awful mop! I’m sure the brat, Suri won’t let her because then she would not be able to hide behind it!! When we actually see her face she never smiles and tends to make these super weird faces…is there something wrong with her? (besides being the ultimate spoiled brat!?). As for KH…what the hell!!! This women needs to get a serious clue! What kid goes to the park in a short skirt and some faux fur fugly jacket??!! Look at this pic….does KH want the public to see her diaper? You can almost see it in this shot!! This family is sooo bizarre!!!!

  • it’s robo-bride

    Instead of picking on Suri, focus on Katie–what the heck is she wearing?
    First off as usual she can’t be bothered with her hair. BUT she appears to be in full make up so she must know this is a wonderful pap opportunity to pimp out the princess.
    Secondly she is wearing leggings that accentuate her thick thighs. The top is hideous on her. And then she pairs it with a formal blazer ala Austin Reed style. She further insults the blazer by pushing the sleeves up. This type of blazer is not made to be informal with pushed up sleeves and as usual Katie thinks she is being fashion forward while just looking idiotic.
    The shoes are fine. So negative checks for hair, top, leggings, blazer. And positive checks for shoes and make up. Guess Suri fell down on her fashion adviser job today.

  • aml

    Suri just looks so miserable! Never smiles and is always making faces! maybe her diaper needs to be changed?

  • Tard

    WOW !!! what is with that outfit??? Yeah, right, Suri has such great taste!! She looks so stupid!

  • PR sciento

    I feel sorry for suri, what tomy girl & robo wife done with this 4,5 years child, play makeup and curly hair, high heels and what the next, omg…….

  • to kate

    unfortunately, that’s no longer possible. joshua has been living with diane kruger since 2008. there are some people in Los Angeles who will not be surprised to hear that josh and diane have gotten married. katie and josh are long over

  • aml

    @PR sciento:
    They treat her like she is a dress up doll. These two parents have major issues! They are making this kid look like a little ho !

  • to slam dunk

    I’d prefer that they make a dna test together with Suri.
    the dna test has already been done. tom cruise may be an irritating fool but he’s not stupid. unfortunately, for little suri, joshua has no legal claim to that little girl.

  • to tps reports

    i think suri is one very angry little girl. she’s mad and intends to let the whole world know it. it’s obvious suri doesn’t like the people taking pictures of her i would not be surprised to hear reports of suri kicking a pap or throwing things at the pap. i think, if katie had the sense god gave a goose, suri should be seeing a psychologist who has experience in dealing with the children of celebrities to help her deal with the issues involved.

  • Raven

    Did Suri have on that same outfit yesterday when they went out to dinner.

  • Deb’sgirl


  • Interested

    When was the DNA test done?

  • Kimberly

    She is not gonna turn out to be a spoiled brat.
    Anyways if cameras are following around all the time obviously their gonna pick her up. Anyways she’s not everyone elses kid ,she’s Katie’s.
    Why is everyone commenting like they own her?

  • Lynny


    #11 BULLSHHHIT!! what are you doing here then?

  • PR sciento

    Scientology had abuse this kid, who needs to play & interact with other kids, without exposed to media everytime with dress up doll & heels & make up etc..

  • Fakkers

    A REST is a good idea!

  • Plaza
  • DNA

    They treat her like she’s royalty


    that’s all

  • Antarctica

    Dumb parents