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Ali Lohan Models Lindsay's 6126's Line

Ali Lohan Models Lindsay's 6126's Line

Ali Lohan shows off her sexy side in these new shots from the ad campaign for 6126‘s spring/summer 2011 collection, big sis Lindsay Lohan‘s fashion line.

The 16-year-old aspiring entertainer donned several outfits from the line inspired by Marilyn Monroe. The line “salutes modern women who understand that confidence can be bewitching and classic sophistication is always in vogue.”

Lindsay caught a lucky break this weekend. She was released from jail on bail after being thrown in hours earlier and denied bail.

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  • Natalie

    Seriously…..? She makes Miley Cyrus look like a nun :)

  • Spike Ghost

    Man, this is creepy, i mean she looks good and all, but that her parents let her do that is beyond me… I’m really sad for them that they didn’t learn with what happened to Lindsay.

  • keke

    I don’t even care about her cleavage, she’s ugly!

  • U MAD?

    Holy photoshop

  • Ihateph

    u mad? is right very photoshopped to bad they couldn’t hide the fact that she has my grandmothers mouth n chin lol …

  • zzzz

    I hate to say it, but I love and want that lace jacket. Okay, give me a bunch of thumbs-down, I’m forgiving.

  • rock n roll queen

    her face sucks and the funny thing is that she could be pretty in reality but the too much photoshop ruined her the clothes r fine but what does marilyn monroe have to do with this they dont look like her style

  • rock n roll queen

    @zzzz: i ll give u a thumps up the jacket is great

  • lmao






  • yuck

    Disgusting for her to be dressed like that at her age.

  • lmao


  • lmao

    @rock n roll queen: THUMPS UP?



  • essie

    something about her looks really off… if the article didn’t mention her name, i would have never guessed she was lindsay’s sister

  • Pinkrose


  • Pinkrose

    What kind of mother is Dina Lohan?! She would prostitute her girls for a freakin’ dollar!!!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    We should all boycott anything the Lohans do. This parade is why Lindsay is out of control. She evades the law and thinks she can shove some ugly fashion line down our throats. Get a real job Lindsay and stop paying for your get out of jail card.

  • jaye

    At least Lindsay is photogenic. She doesn’t look like she has any personality at all; looks too much like a mannequin . WAY too much photo shop; I do wish they’d stop doing that.
    I’m sorry, but this child has no career in entertainment. What can she do? She’s lifeless in this photo shoot. Has she even had a professional job yet other than doing something uncredited or being herself? It seems like she’s been around a long time doing nothing.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Isn’t it inappropriate to call “sexy”

  • marissa


  • Leesa

    She looks about 20′years older tan her actualmage. Not merely because of the way she’s drssed, but her face, too. And it’s not Photoshop. ali always looks about 10 years from AARP membership.

  • XYZ

    Sweet 16… Not…

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Isn’t it inappropriate to call this 16 yr old “sexy”? She’s so riding on Lindsay’s fame. She has to prove me wrong since for the moment she’s nothing. Even compared to Lindsay. And the latter is much prettier :p …I can’t believe Lindsay is paying her way out of jail though….They say everybody has to do according to laws yet rich people can break laws and get away with it, UGH. Oh and by the way, for all the people saying “we should boycott her”, “I hate her, go away Linz” etc, maybe if you’d stop caring about her jail whereabouts, she’d go away =) You know what they say, haters help you, good or bad gossip, it makes you famous!

  • duru

    her body is fine but her face, nooo

  • Status Quo

    This is so sad. How old is she? Seriously, someone tell the Lohans that they are all crazy and need to be medicated.

  • MissAnthropica

    Right now Ali is a no one. Only an aspiring entertainer.
    Why does aspiring entertainer make me think of a stripper or a low life porn star.

    Oh I know why…. because Lindsay Lohan likes to play those in films, not too much a stretch for Lindsay to do it after all.
    I feel sorry though for Ali .

    She probably has no developed talent thanks to her stupid mother and no developed intelligence thanks to her mother.Most likely the kid is already drinking using coke which would explain how aged her face is at only 16 years old. Dina I think likes her kids hooked on drugs so she can better control them and their careers.
    If her daughters heads were clear and not hopped up on coke and pills and booze then they would see how horrible their mother is and run like hell from her and she would loose all the attention and money we all know Dina loves.
    Hence why she continues to enable Lindsay she wants her to remain the way she is so Dina can remain the way she is.

    Ali’s best hope at a career is the paris hilton route sex tape, reality show and tabloids till she gets busted for drugs just like her big – dumb -waste- of -a -once- talented -kid- trainwreck- sister…..Lindsay.
    Sad really

  • Amanda Dubs

    I think that she is pretty but she is much too young. Lindsay and Dina are terrible influences I feel sorry for this poor girl. She is going to want all of the fame and fortune of her sister and it is going to end her up in the exact same place.

  • Dani

    There is an old saying that “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”
    Ali doesn’t have Lindsay’s charisma (good or bad). She lacks stage presence, talent, and experience. She has said she wants to be famous like Lindsay–in other words like many of the celebutards she wants instant fame and doesn’t want to work for it.

  • samanthar

    fugly sl*t

  • Peter

    Funny thing about Americans. World leaders in up tight hypocrisy when it comes to sex in the media, world leaders in teenage pregnancies. There is a causal connection between those two.

    That girl is older than most of their kids when they have their first sexual experience. But somehow, these decent pictures are considered the bigger problem. You can’t get pregnant from having those taken. Any indecency is in the mind of the beholder.

    I guess it would have been all fine if the pictures had been violent. That never seems to bother the American public.

  • lac

    She looks 35 and not a pretty 35 either

  • yasmine

    You guys are prude !
    She looks pretty, in my opinion.
    I mean there are models who are signed in their early teens who walk runways and dress “provocative.” And Dina Lohan as a mother, at least she doesn’t force her beliefs on her children, or are unsupportive of their dreams like some parents. I for one wish I had a parent who would support my dreams and didn’t undermine them

  • rock n roll queen

    @Peter: thank u god if they saw her riping throats off people in a picture for a movie for example they wouldnt react but now it somehow is innapropriate plus at 16 u have a body of a woman either their ridiculous laws want it or not at 16 i already had big breasts what i had to do wear loose tops so that nobody would consider me sexy god

  • rock n roll queen

    @lmao: i live in athens and im probably more educated at 18 than ull ever be at 50 so u should probably watch ur toungue cause ur speaking nonsense

  • rock n roll queen

    @lmao: i live in athens and im probably more educated at 18 than ull ever be at 50 so watch ur toungue

  • Dutchy

    What a lot of hypocritical comments here,because she is the younger sister of Lindsey Lohan its bad,but in the world of models big company’s use girls younger or from the same age in even more delicate pictures for all sorts of campaings and adds en you name it.And for my own perspective these pictures are not even that sexy,damn walk into a average highschool and you see way more skin than in these pics.

  • barbie

    Actually, i’m surprised how pretty the clothes are, and Ali Lohan is a good looking girl. Sure, she looks older than the typical image of a 16-year old, but then she is wearing an awful lot of makeup.

    The clothes are a million times more wearable than those produced by Madonna and her 13-year old kid in the Materal Girl range. Taylor Momsen who is their model is also a 16-year old.

    Come to thnk of it, a lot of models start their careers in the mid (even early teens, think of Heather Locklear’s daughter walking the catwalk at 12 years old!). So nothing controversial here…

  • AEP

    And here we go again…..Tabloids, start your engines.

  • Kolletje

    HUH…. Here’s a comment from a dutch mom..
    What’s wrong about those pictures?
    She is showing clothes and what if it’s a sister Lohan…
    Kate Moss was less younger when she started.
    And Brooke Shields?

    It’s Lindsay who isn’t the rolemodel for a lot off kids in the world but if we don’t pay attention then it will blow over.
    Paris Hilton does the same, drugs and to much money.

    Look what happend to Britney Spears.
    Kids who are to young doing this things without godd taking care of will one day walk out of line.
    But who’s to blame?
    The parents, the ones who keep on buying the magazines and love the missery or is it the world we live in.

    We want to know all about the young and famous.

  • Maartje

    They’re complaining about these pictures? I can’t see what’s wrong with them, I can hardly see a naked bit of her body. Prudish Americans…

  • TheGirl

    She’s 16? She looks a lot older.

  • anna

    @yuck: actually most models are that age and dress even’s a jab..what bothers me is that she’s ugly! I hope she doesn’t follow Lindsey’s path..

  • anne

    well, it was only a little bit of time before Dina started to exploit the next one for money. Where the the principles of this family? this just leaves me speechless.

  • Erika

    I agree with the first comment! LOL :)

  • mari

    Oh deary me. That is one girl who has a face like her father. I never before realized how much her face resembles that of Michael Lohan.

  • Lanna

    @Pinkrose: Dina Lohan absolutely is the root of Lindsay’s issues & will be too if Ali gies down the same path. Dina isn’t a mother, she wants so deparately to be their “friend” & rides Lindsay’s coat-tails

  • T Pain

    Isnt she embarrassed that she is 16 but looks 36??? I’d would be..

  • Jane

    She looks 26.

  • QNR

    Ali so far is quite different than Lindsay. People remember Living Lohan but she isn’t like that anymore. Doesn’t talk to the press, supports her family, doesn’t give interviews to the press, and it is nasty to imply that she does drugs cause there’s no evidence whatsoever of that. I agree with those that say that American’s are prudes and hypocritical and I am American. She’s 16, she has a woman’s face and body and she can wear these clothes. The problem is she did this shoot when Lindsay was in rehab and I think the stress of that shows in the pics as she doesn’t seem totally involved. Also, the photoshopping is terrible. Her features are strong, her hair is lustrous, cheekbones strong, and here they try to soften her look. For those that say she looks old because of makeup, in real life she wears little to no makeup. I’ve seen plenty pap pics of her and she’s wearing no makeup. Her features are just mature, it’s her facial structure. She looks older than 16, not old. She’ll turn 17 in December.

  • caitlin

    omg, ew….her sister was wayyyy better looking ,ali is odd looking…shes trashy :/

  • six

    SMH. It’s apparent that the knowledge is either leaking or non existent from your heads. Im not going to defend Ali’s modeling abilities, although I think she has a very different look. In the fashion world that means money, but everyone keeps bitching about her age. At the age of sixteen this girl is thee typical age to be modeling! You are lucky to still have a valid modeling career past the age of 20!