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Hayden Christensen Rallies for the Kids

Hayden Christensen Rallies for the Kids

Hayden Christensen walks the red carpet at The Rally For Kids with Cancer Celebrity Draft Party on Friday (September 24) at Muzik in Toronto, Canada.

The cocktail reception provided rally drivers with the opportunity to meet and recruit their desired Celebrity Navigator. The rally driver who raised the most money got to pick their Celebrity Navigator first.

Hayden served as honorary co-chair for the event, along with Eva Longoria.

The 29-year-old Takers actor recently premiered his upcoming flick Vanishing on 7th Street at the Toronto International Film Festival with co-star Thandie Newton.

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Credit: George Pimental/Jag Gundu; Photos: WireImage
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  • Buzzy

    Hayden is so gorgeous. I can never get enough of this guy.

  • chris

    he looks fabulous. hayden is super sexy!!!! he is not fianceé. thank god.

  • me

    He is certainly on the right track. Movies, charity events, looks good too.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Nice to see him focusing on their career an!

  • chris33

    Good for him. Whatever funk he was in passed so its good to see him out and about promoting movies and doing charitable work. Looking good doesn’t hurt either, lol. Love him.

  • me

    I had serious doubts about this one for a long time but after Takers and Vanishing on 7th street I am beginning to think he will be some what like Harrison Ford.

  • http://Tjaem Slig

    Kkkkkk vapid

  • http://Tjaem Slig


  • ida

    good career move H!things are getting better…though i dont think that with thrillers his career will improve and he ll become more famous…i would say the opposite…:\
    what he needs is a blockbuster.or another life as a house.. :\

  • the truth

    @ida: Argree what you. He have proven that he’s bankable star anyway. And the movies he make i still like them anyway. He don’t has to have a blockbuster movie to make me go and see him at the movies. I like scary movies anyway.He don’t have act in a movie for me to see him on this site.Love that he do event like this and shows he like people and can get along with other people. He was on twitter and he took pictures with some fans.Good for him and he is cute too.

  • facts

    Delusional fan girls. He looks whack and isn’t aging well at all. Lay off the drinking and coke, Hayden. remember those crazy parties we used to have back in Thornhill? Yeah, Grow Up.

  • Kay

    He looks really good. His fashion sense is top.
    Glad he looks well. Really glad.

  • Viper


    Disagree with me if you like but he will never be up to Harrison Ford caliber. He might look good but ,he is still wooden in the acting skills that is what critics still say about him and what is coming across on screen.

  • callmewhatever

    He is aging beautifully! He looks so boyish and cute for so long and now he’s becoming incredibly handsome. He has also gained a little bit of weight which he couldve afforded to do. You are sexy Hayden!!!

  • MissAnthropica


    I think what they meant is Hayden has the ability to rise above Star Wars the way Harrison Ford did and become more than just that.
    Hayden reminds me of Harrison alot.
    Both have ranches ,keep to themselves alot, have low voices and a down to earth charm.

    Harrison got horrible reviews early in his career as an actor and didnt see that turn around till he was almost 37 to40 years old
    So I see the same thing happening for Hayden that he will really grow into his own as an actor over the next 10 years or so.

    Id love to see Harrison Ford and Hayden in a good film together one day when the time is right.

  • MissAnthropica

    @callmewhatever: Its for his upcoming role in the film THE COLD.
    Set to start filming end of this year into beginning of next year.
    The men in it are former soldiers and hunters trapped out in the cold wilderness, so Hayden had to pack on some weight for the part.
    And so he wont freeze to death while filming lol

  • Brightside

    Who are you referring to? Hayden Christensen or Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford has numerous critics harping on about his abilities since Star Wars but it hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of Hollywood’s leading men. Keanu Reeves is another one that has been constantly hounded by critics and even George Clooney has fallen foul of critical appraisal. Now I’m not saying I agree or disagree with critical views but audiences have shown that those views don’t make much of a difference in the long run.
    At least Hayden Christensen is doing something good with his celebrity status now….something that has been missing over the last few years. It looks like he is coming out of his shell, like the days before he met Rachel Bilson. She has the ability to suck the life, light and morale out of the men she meets, like a wizened little sucubus.
    There’s something very disturbing about that!

  • Saywhat

    Extremely bad actor! What moron is casting him in the movies? No wonder movie industry is in trouble. It’s actors like him that are bringing it down.

  • L

    Thats nice of him :)

  • me

    @13 and 18

    He has become a very bankable star lately. The public likes his movies and pays to see them. Say what you want but you can’t substantiate it, the numbers speak for themselve.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Brightside: When it comes to George Clooney and bad reviews…. one film comes to mind
    Attack of the Kiler Tomatoes lol
    Yes Clooney was in it. All actors get bad reviews at one point or another in their careers. Even the late and great of course Heath Ledger got horrible reviews early in is career. It wasnt till the last two to three year s of his life he was able to escape those reviews.
    So all actors have to overcome that stage in their careers, when people are going to kick them while they are down and Hayden has gotten atleast five years of that, but……
    I think Hayden will overcome it like many have before and as he ages he will grow into a respected and serious actor.
    Everyone that has worked with him says he is so serious and focused when it comes to his craft and that can take an actor far with the right films at the right time.
    Its just a matter of time for Hayden.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Saywhat: No its people like Lindsay Lohan that are bringing the industry down.
    Enough said.

  • Viper

    Harrison Ford was always seen in the Original SW movies as a leading man even his co-stars said Harrsion had that leading man persona about him. NEVER has Hayden been spoken by critics as been anything but wooden. Sorry Harrsion Ford is a much better actor even in his prime then Hayden is now.

    Funny how the second that Hayden dumped Bilson all those who didn’t seem to like him during the Ryaden period now come running out to claim he is so wonderful. NOTT all he is doing is damage control he needs to bring up his creditability as a actor and regain fans.

  • jolene

    STUNNING!!! he’s cute and yummy beyond great actor and a wonderful person!!! looove him!!!!

  • me

    I have to say that Raydens are idiots bc there was nothing appealing in the strangely cold relationship Hayden and Rachel had. May be they had great sex but she is a lost cause bc she does not even know how talentless and stupid she really is. I don’t know that he know it but for some reason they parted. After all, if he loved her so much, he could have moved to LA for her. Who knows.
    Also, no one is trying to say that he is identical to H. Ford. The possible similarity to Harrison Ford is that H.F. is not exactly an Oscar nominee every year like the likes of Meryl Streep or Bardem, but his movies were and are commercially popular and he is well liked by the vast audiences. I thought that there was no future for Hayden and no place in show biz but now I see that there is a chance that he is carving out an image that is appealing to the general public and may bring him success. Takers was well received and his performance was well liked. Judging by Brat Anderson’s last work Hayden had to have done a good job in Vanishing on 7th street if they intend to work on more projects, which was stated in the interview.

  • me

    Also, Harrison Ford is educated but if you notice, Hayden is doing much better in his interviews lately, possibly due to self education, which may add to this ability to understand his characters better and thus emote with clearer interpretation. I am telling you, he sounds and looks better lately, and yes, after the break up. I don’t know that it is connected but is definitely true. It seems that he is moving up and she is moving out.

  • annie

    FACTS UR WACKED. hayden is young,talented and gorgeous. i love men not boys. go hayden, i have seen takers 10x,cannot wait for van.7thst.

  • MissAnthropica

    His former relationship with his “EX” was so cold it made him look even more gay to the public not less. If that was a beard relationship it did more damage than not having a beard ever could of.

    Personally I dont think it was a beard relationship but I do think the whole thing was completely fake.on some level.

    Cold dead fish is warmer than those two ever were with eachother.
    As to why they had the fake relationship no one will probably ever know for sure but can only guess it had something to do with trying to further both of their careers together but it did the opposite and almost killed what both had of a career.

    But thats the past no point in bringing it up

    Hayden clearly realized a fake cold as old sushi relationship wasnt going to give him the career he wants so he is going out there and getting it for himself the hard way not the easy way and the change in him is a nice thing to see

    Not to mention all the charity work he has been doing quietly lately, he didnt even let this event be widely announced that he would be involved and just showed up and helped out.

  • Sammy

    Ugh, he looks like he’s back to hanging out with trashy chics, pre Bilson,. Rachel was lucky to break up with him, now if she holds her ground and does the Rules she can be with a real man and not a pormiscious party-boy.

  • amy

    How can people say that he is not ageing well?! In my opinion he looks really young for someone who is 29! He has still got that boyish charm about him, and he does not have one wrinkle on his forehead, which is quite unusual for men (and no, it is not botox!). He is simply the most handsome man on earth and I hope that he will get the success he deserves :)

  • MissAnthropica

    @Sammy: Its “promiscuous” not pormiscious you idiot.

    Way to really come across as believeable lol

    Your the same moron from the Rachel thread the tryed to post a twit picture he took with a fan at the rally party and claim he was on a date with her.
    Till I pointed out the pictures he took with alot of people on friday as part of his hosting/ chair man gig lol

    Trashy chics? Really well if Hayden likes trashy chicks and he was with Rachel for three years what does that make her?

    Dont insult Rachel like that lol
    Oh wait you just did.

    That would be like a Hayden fan saying Rachel only likes trashy men then that very same Hayden fan would be dissing Hayden while trying to bash Rachel.

    So what have we learned today?
    That when you tryed to bash Hayden you ended up insulting Rachel.
    Smooth move lol

    If you like Rachel thats great you clearly are one of the boys on here with a crush on her but dont try to make up lies about her EX and bash him to make yourself feel better it is sad.
    Or are you one of those delusional people that thinks a girl like Rachel comes to this site and reads these comments and your hoping if you say nice things about her and bash her ex that she will pick you somehow?

    Get over it people they were most likely fake and are OVER.
    Rachel fans hate it when Hayden fans come over to her thread and bash her but it suppose to be ok when Rachel groupies come over to Hayden’s thread and make cr@p up and bash him?
    I dont think so.

    Most likely your the same person posting under different names, saying Hayden looks out of it, and then that hes a bad actor.
    Its always a new screen name that the comment is made under and then never seen again.
    If you dont want people bashing and trolling on Rachel’s thread then dont come to Hayden’s thread and do the very thing you complain about people doing over there.
    Personally I just hate trolling on any thread on here.
    It is lame.
    Enough said.

  • the truth

    @me: why are you so doubtful are him? anand why you are bringing up rachel anyway? its over and he didn’t want to live in la. rachel didn’t want him anymore and she wanted him to make her career better for her not him.Rachel will not have a good relationship with a man th way she act with them.Rachel don’t how to love anyone.Hayden is doing what he wants to do with his career.He always had it in him to do so.As far as with their relationship . He was hardly there with her all the time to have sex.She was with other guys when he wasn’t with her.Why bring rachel up anyway. See a promising career with him. Like i said he don’t have act in pictures all the time.He knows what he’s doing.He still with chraity event today in toronto with Eva L. They looked cute together.Rachel just didn’t want to be with hayden anymore.

  • nicolette

    How do you know that it is Rachel who did not want to be with Hayden anymore and not the other way around. You don’t know this.

    As to his career, I have absolutely no doubts that he will continue working and staring in movies unlike his ex who was only a side kick to other actors bc she can not carry a movie or even a tv show.

  • UnsureaboutChris

    @the truth: You do realize Eva is married to Tony Parker right?
    I dont think Eva is at the Rally in Toronto actually. Havent seen any pictures of her yet.
    She co chairs the whole charity and usually hosts the LA version of the rally.
    She will be at the LA rally next month as one of the celebs people can try to draft to drive their car with them so will her husband Tony Parker both are listed on the LA version of the site.

    I think Hayden was the only host for the Toronto leg on the rally and was most likely asked to do it because Eva was unavailable to host the event in Toronto.

  • me

    If Eva was not in Toronto than how do you explain pictures of her and Hayden together in Toronto at the rally? They are all over the internet. Get your facts straight.

  • MissAnthropica

    Found some really sweet pictures of Mr. Hayden Christensen at the rally.
    He is painting and drawing with some children who were at the event that have cancer and the money raised from the rally goes to children like them.
    He looks very genuine and kind with the kids you can see it in his eyes.
    I never say this but um….. AWWWWWW ADOREABLE

    Eva is there at the rally.
    As to why some people on here are trying to link them together when she is happily married and both are trying to do a good thing and help sick children out is beyond me and I think really messed up.
    Its a charity event people.

  • Deborah

    I agree Hayden looks so much more at peace since he got rid of RB and now he can focus on his career and not be in her clutches. I can’t wait for Vanishing or The Cold or The Genesis Code. I think he will have these three more movies as successes. As far as him gaining weight. i think it looks great on him. He is definitely looking better now that RB isn’t telling him what to where now. He is my favorite actor now and always and I only wish him the best in his professional, as well as his personal.

  • Dtor

    Wow. Hayden’s bouncing back from those alchie drug days. I think some of us thought he was going under a couple years back while filming for Takers. I don’t know what had come over that Canadian white boy but he was drowning in it. Whoever says Rachel Bilson was trash don’t know LA lol. Rachel is a petite little girl and she walks just like an angel. I aint never heard that girl was some kind of trashy skank. She is something else. I think some guys like her cause she’s still pretty when she’s not wearing all her glitter duds. And when she is in her own neck of the neighborhood she’s pretty cool to anyone.

    Hayden looks like he’s bouncing back. Bro hope you got over the sh*t that landed you on your ass back then. Didn’t think your eyes were going to look normal again. lol. It’s cool brother. You fooling people though with that suit. You know you hate it. lol

  • DelaCapri


    No Dtor. You’re just assuming about Hayden. If you are referring to a couple years back in LA when he looked awful then that was just a bad time for him because of his personal family problems. You people who keep bringing up drugs want to make it seem like that after he got all depressed during that time of filming for Takers that he went boozing and getting high on pot and other stuff, which is not true. I can buy that he might have boozed it up but not the drugs. And who are you? Do you know him well enough to say that about him?

    Those of you who keep bringing up Rachel Bilson are losers. She was someone who was special to Hayden and it looks like to me it’s over between them. I think you who keep talking about her have some serious issues with yourselves.

    Hayden’s looking sharp even though his shoes look just nasty. OMG I didn’t see those shoes!!! They are brown! And hideous!. Somebody tell Hayden before he goes out in front of the cameras not to wear brown faded shoes with his gray or black suits. I didn’t even see that.

  • 1

    I think he looks great, he is dressed much better than during Rachel times and his shoes are rugged and appropriate. He looks effortlessly elegant.

  • Tanya

    this t0ol is so f**ing ugly and talentLESS

  • ha!

    Some crazy people say that about Brad Pitt too, you must be one of them.

  • brenda

    @42..Yes the people that say that about Brad pitt is truth..he looks like a hamster or porky with that puffy cheeks !!..but Hayden Christensen is so Hot and gorgeous too!! he needs a good movie now

  • MissAnthropica

    To each there own I guess.
    I never have been one to crush on Brad though he was very beautiful as Louis in Interview with a Vampire and hot in Fight Club. But I can atleast see the appeal of the man to many people.

    Brad Pitt’s career was unique in the sense it didnt take off till he was in his early thirties. Most pretty actors their prime is their late teens early twenties.
    He was 31 when he got to play Louis in Interview with A Vampire and from there his career really exploded turning into his heartthrob a list actor self everyone came to know.
    Brad was 28 when he got the role in Thelma and Louise and people started to atleast know his name.

    So Hayden at only 29 has a very good chance of the best years of his career being just around the bend from him.

    Will be interesting to see if that happens from him as he goes from lets say only 29 yrs old now to in ten years when he is 39 and what he will have done by then.

    Harrison Ford also was a late bloomer as an actor just like Brad Pitt. Harrison’s career didnt really begin till he was in his mid thirties with Star Wars and then he gained respect as an actor with roles like The Witness in his fourties.
    Hayden was a late bloomer in general in real life, at 16 he still looked like a little kid from the earlier tv show work he did. It wasnt till he was 17 or 18 to he shot up to over 6 ft tall. So Hayden may just be the late bloomer type in all aspects of his life.

    So Hayden is still very young in his career when you compare the three and he may have some great performances from him just ahead of him.

  • MissAnthropica

    All depends how focused Hayden remains for the next ten years and how hard he works for it and wants it all really.
    He seems very focused these days.
    On his career and charity work. The charity part is awesome
    Its cool to see someone want more than just tabloid talk on gossip blogs if only EVERYONE was that way in the industry.

  • yessica

    I don’t find brad attractive but he has that fame of attractive man but he is not anymore,he is ageing fast.

  • Nero 9 Download

    he looks fabulous. hayden is super sexy!!!! he is not fianceé. thank god.

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