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Lindsay Lohan: Bail Granted, Avoids Jail Again!

Lindsay Lohan: Bail Granted, Avoids Jail Again!

The saga that is Lindsay Lohan‘s life continues! The 24-year-old actress will be bailed out of jail this weekend and forced to wear a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring device (her third).

“An order has been signed by Judge Patricia Schnegg granting writ of habeas corpus,” court spokesman Allan Parachini confirmed on Friday. “Bail has been set at $300,000.”

TMZ reports “she is not allowed to be around known drug users … and must submit to search by law enforcement at any time. Also, nightclubs will be a major no-no … Linds has to stay out of places where alcohol is the ‘chief item of sale.’”

Earlier today, the 24-year-old actress was taken into custody after Judge Elden Fox denied bail and ordered that she stay in jail until her next hearing on October 22.

Lucky stars, Lindsay!

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  • noooo!

    Not right, she belongs in jail!

  • itstrueagain

    I guess dead is better, because this doesn’t end happily unless something is done. Too many enablers equal disaster.

  • dead for sure

    This stupid girl will not live to age 30, and our justice system is busy digging her grave now.

  • Kablamo

    Celebrity justice strikes again. Stupid hag. She’s going to end up like Brad Renfro.

  • http://!! MEMEME

    Keep giving her more chances.. seriously. When’s enough, enough?? When she is either laying in a morgue.. or when she puts some innocent person in there because of her careless and reckless behavior?

    It makes me sick. She needs serious help, not a freakin SCRAM bracelet people.

  • http://dlwater donna

    The only lesson shes learning is that celebrity gets you whatever you want.

  • Cristobal

    She is on my last nerve and I have lost all respect for her.

  • Chris

    SHE’S ANNOYING THE HELL OUT OF ME! I just want her to move away from the spotlight and never hear from her again! Everyone is tired of your shiz, and I’m sure your 2 fans will manage!

  • facts

    What a neverending joke. She’s laughing! Anyone who supports this trash is delusional and idiotic to the max. Stoooopid C U N T.

  • facts

    And what the hell is with Just jared supporting her? How can you support this witch when you Jon’t even hold her ACCOUNTABLE for everything she’s done? He writes these headlines and articles as if we’re supposed to cheer her on. NOBODY is cheering her on but YOU, Jared. You delusiona twat.

  • Sonja

    A stay in prison does not help. She belongs in a rehab clinic for at least 1 year. But she must pay the residential detoxification with her own money. The taxpayers have already spent enough money for her. She must be kept away from the public. Her career is over anyway. She also has to change her circle of friends.

    But I´m sure she will never change. She has learned absolutely nothing. For her, the whole life is a party, but if she doesn’t wake up soon, it will be too late.

  • Tony C

    You are all being unfair. Lindsay is not a threat to the public. She is an overpriviledged addict, but she no longer drives. She is only a threat to herself. Lindsay belongs in a strict rehab inpatient rehab program,
    where she can change both her physical and psychological addiction.
    Jail is useless, and puts her in danger. This is a medical problem and needs to be treated like one. Sometimes accupuncture can actually help
    to change the body’s need for the addictive substance. Lindsay is an addict, not a criminal.

  • boston61

    Forget Lohan we need to get energized to keep the RepubliKKKans who destroyed our economy from gaining seats in November. The RepubliKKKans are the ones who belong in jail from George W. Bush on down. Wake up kids the RepubliKKKans DO NOT have YOUR best interests in mind!!!!!!!!

  • toni

    I’m done with her and this justice system. About now she needs to figure out if she needs help and wants help. I’ve been through supporting her and her antics, but as of now as sadly and harshly as it sounds, I don’t even care if she overdoses. She keeps being given chances and she keeps making excuses and people keep making excuses for her.
    All of her once fellow acting friends have moved on to big and better things. Hell I remember when people thought she was better than Hilary Duff and that her career would sky rocket high above her. Look at her now. She’s in and out of jail, failing drug tests, going in and out of rehab and acting an overall hot mess while Hilary has grown up matured into a woman, now is married to someone who loves her, has loving people around her, and you never NEVER hear about her leaving clubs late at night having a thought that she just did a line of coke, failing drug tests, having multiple DUI”s, going in and out of jail and rehab. Hell you never hear about Raven Symone her once room mate acting a hot mess and running around like she has no sense.
    If Britney’s people can’t help her get back to glory clean and sober, then no one will. I think Larry Rudolph and his team needs to just hang up the towel and let her find what she wants in life. She needs to get away from Hollywood, New York or any big city and get the help she needs and wants not what others want and need.
    Her parents need to get a clue and realize THEY’RE NOT HELPING HER. They’re making her worse and they keep blaming everyone except her especially her mom.
    She needs to grow the hell up and take responsibilities for her actions and the justice system needs to stop wasting tax money on this low life of a person and put the money more in education where there are students who are willing to get a better life than this bratty little bitch.
    Sorry for the mean and harsh rant, but I can’t take this happening anymore. If this was me or any other person especially a minority, they would put you back in jail in a hot second and wouldn’t look twice.

  • harmalinda

    A judge Maria Stratton in L.A gets away with not allowing any bail in her courtroom. The justice system is whack.

  • jim


    yet your good ole obama is doing such a great job spending money left and right putting us in more debt alll the while the economy continues to fail even though he claims the recession is over..

  • BW

    I’m thinking about getting drunk and driving into Lohan’s backyard and then complaining that I’m being treated too harshly. It was just a little vodka…

  • Joboots


    Excatly……………how much longer this soap opera we’ll have to
    stomach with?????


    woo-hoo Lilo is out…haha haters, she also still has her driver’s license too….suck it….she is better than all you, anyone that hates her is pathetic

  • Mrs.B

    Someone really must hate her and wants to kill her to give her a stupid bracelet again. She may not belong to jail but she def. belong to a rehab.
    Press and everyone should have some respect and leave her alone, she needs to go away and take care of herself.

    She is a perfect example that money can’t buy you happiness.

  • jojo


    YOU are beyond pathetic; idiot!

  • MKhay

    what a tool bag.

  • Not impressed.

    This girl will be the butt of jokes until the day she dies…just saying.


    @Tony C: She still has her drivers license they gave it back to her when she got out last month then she almost hit a woman and a kid in a stroller soon after.
    Luckily she didnt… for them not her . Who gives a f@ck about her anymore because doesnt give a f@ck about anyone else anymore.

    They will be taking her license away again though most likely for her recent mess ups. Driving is a priviledge for a convicted addict not a right,

  • overrated.

    Hey Lindsay, Britney faced the consequences. So should you. What in the hell has happened to her !? I don’t hate her.. but she does need some help.

  • april

    @BW: @BW:
    And they will throw the book, and the shelf, at you.

  • M.

    What a joke! This is are legal system at work where the famous are above the law

  • Jasmine

    I have two things to say–
    1) Beautiful picture of her there.
    2) She’ll never recover. Let’s move on, mmkay?

  • april

    The people in CA should insist that the judge step down. The judge keeps doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Isn’t that a form of insanity like beating your head against the wall and getting upset because the pain won’t leave? Just because she isn’t supposed to drive does not mean she isn’t driving. Look at her track record. If she does kill or injure someone the family should sue her and the judge. With the way Karma works she may hit the judge head on after a night of drinking and drugging.

  • dee

    URGH!! I’m so sick of her!! I don’t care if she goes to jail or rehab.I just don’t wanna hear about her ever again. NO more LIndsay coverage pls!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I was sympathetic now I am MAD. Imagine, any other person would be spending time in jail and even if they were granted bail, who can afford $300,000 bail? This is such a blatant example of the inequalities of our justice system. Yes, fame and money get you legal favors. Just ask Paris and Lindsay. Next time you all see some young kid or poor person do time in jail for drug related incidents, think about it hard – they are only in the system because they don’t have fancy lawyers and big money to get them out of the system. This is pathetic and unfair. Boycott all Lindsay’s work!

  • annoyed

    seriously why cant this stupid girl just rot on jail!?!? they just keep letting her off! if she wasnt a celebrity she would have been in jail at her 1st offense in 2008…



  • yodasoda

    We are tired of this “WANNABE” actress/celebrity taking up valuable human air space with her “STUPIDITY” !!

    Lindsay Lohan = White Trash …….. PERIOD !!

    Enough Already Troglodyte !!

  • Fruttel

    Lilo, you may be a fan of Lindsay Lohan but you are so NOT helping her by standing by her no matter what!!!
    She is beyond help from fans, friends and, as it seems, even from her family.
    She NEEDS a very strong hand who makes her face the consequences of her behavior in a way any other citizen has to, and who will help her in a véry consistent way to kick her bad habits. What she doesn’t need is people like you and the American legal system to let her get away with what she does wrong – how on earth will she learn?? This must all be a huge laugh to her, and I can’t blame her.

    BUT, will you still be so supportive of Lindsay when she kills one of YOUR loved ones while being a drunk driver???????? (sorry for the grammar-faults, English isn’t my native language)

  • http://Tjm Slig

    Why she out jail .i hate crap

  • http://Tjm Slig

    Go go go back in jail

  • Heads/Tails

    @FREE LILO: You KNOW you are just saying this stuff to make people laugh—at least that’s what I’m doing when I read your writing—-it’s not that you’re clever—it’s that you’re a bloody idiot and I’m laughing that you are sitting at your computer with your absurd comment name and following her stories to write comments like this. HA—-you probably are still working it in chat rooms in AOL trying to pick up girls or guys (whatever the f*ck your sex is) in a greasy wife-beater with a bag of Doritos and living in squalor. You are my HERO!

  • Eli

    What kind of law system is that?! I really love the United States, been there many times and loved it!!! But honestly: your law system sucks (at least when it comes to celebrities)! Why’s there no respect from a judge for another one’s decision?!

    I think LL belongs into a good clinic where she can deal with her addiction – at least for a few months – afterwards she should face some time in jail for her irresponsible behaviour towards others. But I guess it’s more likely that she will end up in a grave.

  • scallywag

    It just may be right that our collective hero was dealt a harsh hand, or the slight of a judge who was presumably too eager to deal with Lilo in a way that suggests “party favors and 8 inch Louboutins aside’ the court always knows best. The truth is Lilo always knows best and to be sure the little chipmunks we keep in our closet haven’t stopped clapping with joy. Of course you’re probably clapping for joy too…

    Isn’t it time you became immortal like Lilo too?

  • nana

    as always money talks and b.s. walks !!!!!!

  • LOVE

    Sooo many other starlets to talk about

  • Sadie

    Im just sad for her. She has nobody who understands the seriousness of this situation. Her mom is in denial/asshole, her dad is a kind of a scumbag, her friends are like her. There is no way out- its cycle and it will continue until she is in a coffin.
    For me Lindsay Lohan died when she turned from an smart actress to a pointless celebrity. After mean girls.. it all went hell.

  • poo

    if her name was laquesha lohan, her a*s would have been in jail for years after the first violation. and to person who said she wasn’t a threat to society: driving drunk and crashing your car is not a danger to citizens?? what’s wrong with people??

  • Janey

    When is this girl ever going to pay for breaking the law? And what good is the SCRAM bracelet and the random testing if she fails these “random” drug tests and all that happens is that she gets BAIL again and again? They should have just set her free and handed her a bottle of vodka and a vile of coke instead of fitting her with that that useless, pointless, means NOTHING because if she violates the terms of her probation NOTHING HAPPENS, SCRAM bracelet.

    Her MOMMY and DADDY scream that she doesn’t BELONG in jail for breaking the law. Daddy says she belongs in REHAB even though she doesn’t want REHAB, she just wants to drink and do drugs. MOMMY says she’s just a kid (24 YEARS OLD IS HARDLY A KID) who likes to have fun, but she’s not in trouble. She’s going to end up hurting someone or herself while on drugs and then her MOMMY and DADDY are going to scream that the legal system is to blame! They should have DONE something! BLAME BLAME BLAME anybody but Lindsay! BLAME BLAME BLAME anybody but YOURSELVES, MOMMY AND DADDY! Disgusting!

  • Paul C

    yay, not allowed to associate with known drug users… that means Paris will have to stay away… which will be the best thing for Lindsay… she HAS to get away from that party set…

  • Lacey

    All I have to say is if T.I. ends up back in jail for marijuana and some other drug, then something is not right about that!

  • diane

    Special treatment???? She will do this again!!!! What kind of justice is this!!!! She is probably laughing at everybody..She can do whatever she wants!! Please…she belong in jail!!!! put her back! she is not a good example to other young celebrities…What a SHAME!

  • yeah right!

    Lindsey is a skank and a coke head. Attractive qualities in a lady, no?

  • MEOW!!!