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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Rain Date!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Rain Date!

Orlando Bloom and and his wife, expectant mom Miranda Kerr, try to stay dry during a romantic date night on
Friday (September 25) in Milan, Italy.

The cute couple was seen dining at Da Giacomo restaurant, which has “cuisine mainly based on fish: tuna, prawns, spider-crabs, sea-bass and many other fish varieties can be selected straight from the display case.”

Miranda is due early 2011. Can’t wait to see the little one!!

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  • ihatebooks143

    I cant wait to see their baby too! <3

  • Cassie

    It is nice to see that he is so protective of her and loving. Am laughing at the morons on Delphi. They are still going at their idiotic theories that the marriage never happened and that the baby may not be his. How stupid can they get? It’s his baby and they were married. I wish we could shut down that pointless board. I like seeing pics of orlando and Miranda. They are a good looking couple. There are some hypocrites on the Delphi board too. They post on elflady saying nice things about Orlando and Miranda and then they go on Delphi saying mean and hateful things about them. Two of the hypocrites on Delphi are mcamp and sighs4l who I have seen on olove. Can’t stand that when they go to Delphi and contradict what they said on olove. I am glad that the delphites are proven wrong each time. I am excited for Miranda and Orlando on having a kid and ignore the haters. At least we know the only haters are on Delphi. Miranda is glowing and she looks beautiful. He looks gorgeous as always. To the people on Delphi, get a life and accept the fact that they are happy together.

  • Erika


  • lulu

    cute couple

  • Kaz

    Yeah i love the rain

  • http://Tjdm Slig

    I love just baby .i hate perans

  • Kaz

    I don’t care perants i love only baby

  • http://Tjdm Slig

    Orlndo like 40 old and mirrenda like 39 old

  • http://Tjdm Slig

    Orlndo like 40 old and mirrenda like 39 old

  • coachhandbagsonsale

    these guys looks older than their real age lol

  • @Cassie

    I think it’s dispiriting how so many of the people who seem supportive and sensible at Olove are sneering at Orlando and developing unlikely conspiracy theories on other sites.

    Orlando has a sparse version of the Duke’s moustache and beard – interesting new look for him.

    I’ve never tried to share an umbrella by both taking the handle. I wonder if they did it to look romantic in the photos, and then they’re laughing because they can’t coordinate it and Orlando is almost falling over? He looks a bit crazed in those two photos.

  • http://hotmailaustralia trish

    They look awesome together and so happy, how could anyone put them down unless they are jealous of them. May their love and happiness continue to grow throughout their life together.

  • fgfgfg

    @11 For anyone who ever read CS Lewis’s The Last Battle, the Delphis are like the dwarves at the end who are in paradise but see only a smelly dark stable full of rubbish. They are so anxious not to be ‘taken in’ , to be able to say “see told you so” if it all goes wrong, and to prove that they are not susceptible to PR hype that they’ve lost all touch with any kind of reality about Orlando and Miranda. I have no idea at all what goes on between those 2 (why should I?) but there’s no harm in at least considering the possibility that things are exactly what they seem – that they’re in love, married and having a baby.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    Love them can’t wait for pictures of them at the event they are invited tonight I live in Albania who is just HOURS away from Italy LOL it’s raining like crazy here too rumor is he is invite to Chiambreti Night a cool TV show in Italy hope it’s true when I read it in my mind I archived as a rumor but now he is in Italy so….

  • :)


    Miranda is 26 :) I don’t think orlando is that old lol

  • age

    Miranda is 27.

  • @15

    Miranda is 27. I can buy that she looks older than that here, and it might curtail her career quite soon because it was always built on looking cute. Orlando went quite quickly from looking 25 to looking 35, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing because it probably makes him easier to cast. He looks handsome and authoritative in the pictures from the set, where he looked young and naive as William Turner (who admittedly is only 21 or 22 in the POTC sequels, right?)

  • Sexy

    They are looks older than their age.



  • http://Tjm Slig

    U love orlando ok. He like 50 years old

  • @Slig

    No – Orlando’s the one in the grey beanie, not the one in the stripey jacket.

  • Cuteness overload!!!

    LOVE THEM!!!!

  • jackie

    not everyone has to look eternally 20, geez! besides Miranda needs to look older because she was such a baby looking thing for so long (not in a bad way) but actually since she’s matured she looks more sophisticated and elegant (hence all her high fashion jobs recently) I think it will help her in her career, not derail fashion photographs why do you think Supermodels reaching 40 get more work than the new teen aged models? lol because contrary to popular belief really an innocent baby face is not what everyone in fashion wants. In fact very rarely they want that. maybe on the runways but in campaigns and on covers the more grown up girls rule. anyways I think its damn cute how he is so protective over her, awww. they are so in love. wish them the best! I actually think Orlando is better looking now then when he was real famous lol. Im sorry Im not into the Justin Beiber “my balls haven’t dropped yet” look.

  • Courtney

    Orlando is 33 he’ll be 34 in January and Miranda will be 28 April 20th 2011 a few months after she gives birth. she happens to share a birthday with Olivia Dahl who was the oldest daughter of Oscar winning actress Patricia Neal and beloved children’s author Roald Dahl. it was originally in her memory that the mother on the TV series the waltons was named Olivia because Pat insisted on that when she agreed to play the role in the Pilot movie The Waltons Homecoming A Christmas Story in 1971. and the producers and writters weren’t going to say no to an Oscar winner who was honoring the memory of a deceased child who at the time would’ve been 16 years old had she survived the bought of meseals that took her life 11/17/1962

  • just sayin’

    I’ll take one of their “old” asses anyday!

    They look marvelous!

    And, if you can’t tell that he loves her by looking at the way he looks at her, then you must be that kid The Who did a rock opera about, “Tommy” – you know, the deaf, dumb and blind one.

    And, if he’s only “acting” like he loves her so, just give him an Oscar already.

  • robert

    if guys say the parents is ugly i’m sure the give baby also ugly if you think the anther celebrity parents good cupole i ‘m sure the baby to be beauty like some celeb

  • Sighs4l

    Well, since you called me out by name…

    Once again, and I’ll try to keep it to words of one syllable so even Dingho herself, with Entrapment Baby (in her belly), can understand:

    1) Just because you are a fan of Orlando Bloom does NOT in any way shape or form mean you have to be a fan of the Dingho. I am a fan of Orlando Bloom. I’m not a fan of Dingho. Deal with it.

    2) You can belong to both Orlando Love and Delphi. There is no inconsistency there. See #1.

    And for you, especially Dear Bessie, sorry Cassie:
    Don’t like Delphi, don’t read Delphi.

  • huh?

    I don’t know what pics you guys are looking at, because neither one of them look older than they are.
    With that amazing skin, Miranda looks 25 at the most. And the only reason that Orlando looks 30 is the facial hair. If he shaved, he would be right back to baby faced Bloom.
    They both look beautiful here. And very happy. :)
    As for Delphi, I just ignore them. Why give people like that any more attention than they deserve (which is ZERO)?
    If they bring their idiotic conspiracy theories or insults here, I will answer them. But other than that, I couldn’t give a rat’s a$$ what they think.

  • @27

    No one said that you have to be a fan of Miranda’s.
    But if you are a fan of Orlando’s, out of respect for HIM, can’t you refrain from hurling insults at someone that he OBVIOUSLY cares about?
    No one is asking for you to bow down to her. Just stop insulting the mother of his child.
    Do you plan on insulting the baby when he/she arrives, too?

  • ihatebooks143

    I dont read on that site anymore, but if someone there really said that Orlando is only acting like he loves her, is just insane… anyway ok, believe what you what to belive..if thats what makes you happy, just a friendly advice.. try to make a reality check, so you wont look like a stupid pathetic fanatic =p because what you believe in doesnt change the fact that theyre already married and having a child..

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    LOL Raves @ Delphi loons now the only idiocy you can find to say is that they look “old” ?
    WOW PATHETIC .Funny seeing the psychos run out of insults it’s not fun anymore COME ON Delphi morons you can do better than that

  • @31

    Well, this week they are saying that she looks old.
    Next week they will be saying that she looks like a child, so Orlando must be a pedo.
    They can’t think of new insults, so they just rotate the old ones.
    They both look beautiful here, and so happy!

  • Please, no


    I’m sure lots of people agree with you but you really should keep your problems with delphi & two faced people private. All you’ve done is bring one of them out in the open to voice her idiotic defence.

    Now this post has already started to desend into a fight. Ugh!

    Is there no positive place? I too can’t stand the elflady site because of the hypocrites but this place is also so unpleasant ..

  • ihatebooks143

    They cant take seeing Orlando and Miranda always together…happy and inlove.. after what they’ve predict not so long time ago (when theyre still dating) that they wont last…look at them now…hahaha Its like tasting their own medicine huh? =p theres more…just wait for the baby to arrive and they will be a family of three!!! I guess someone will cry blood? hahaha!

  • http://j ivanka

    im starting to like this couple, orlando is so caring in every picture and i really want to see her with her baby bump maybe she will gain a little weight.

  • Fan or not …


    It’s alright that you are not a fan of Orlando’s wife but why do you have to be so unkind as to call her names and make insinuations? Have you ever tried being polite & kind to people? What harm has she done to you?


  • sara

    They both look fabtastic!
    Maybe we will get a good look at the baby bump at the party tonight

  • Cassie

    At sighs, for the last time, you don’t have to be insulting his wife. If you say you are a fan of Orlando bloom, be a fan and be supportive. Don’t go throwing insults at people he cares about. Show some respect. Yes You can go on both boards but it’s hypocritical when you pretend to be nice on one site and then bash Orlando on another. I like seeing how loving and protective he is towards his wife. To sighs, have you ever been nice or kind to people? Try it some time. Your insinuations and insults make me sick. Still trying to defend yourself with your theories.At sighs, you rant acting like a fan of his by knocking his wife. I can’t wait to see more pics of this lovely couple.

  • Cassie

    I meant to say arnt acting like a fan of his by insulting others. At please no, we should try to keep it a pleasant place here. You are right. it is hard to keep my thoughts on Delphi private because sometimes they go too far with their insinuations and when they say mean things about Miranda, of course fans of hers will support her. I can’t wait to see pics of them and their baby. They will be one beautiful family. The best thing would be too just ignore the delphi people.

  • ?

    These two are hideous in these pics. Downhilllllllllllll

  • Can’t be happy

    These people can”t “feel happy” for Orlando and Miranda because they desperately need a ‘scapegoat’ for their own feelings of inadequacy and failure. These are angry, frustrated souls who’ve become way too cynical and soured on life for some reason. I suspect many of them are bitter about their OWN failed relationships or because they feel inadequate and unsuccessful in other meaningful areas of their lives. They see this happy, successful, LOVING couple and it irks the Hell out of them. Misery enjoys company. Because they’re so unhappy and unfulfilled, others MUST be too – and damn all the evidence to the contrary.

  • @41

    Well, one of the delphi girls admitted to just that.
    That seeing pics of them together, married, happy and expecting, only reminded her of what she was missing in her own life.
    That, at nearly 30, she was upset at seeing two people in a relationship, because she didn’t have something special in her own life.
    She claimed to be pulling back from the fandom to spend more time on her own life, but she only pulled away from the positive side. She still posts on delphi. Which means that by surrounding herself with only negative feelings, she will only make herself even LESS desirable to others.
    She will be lonely for the rest of her life unless she pulls away from that hatred and darkness. No one wants to be with someone who only sees the negative in every situation.
    She’s young enough to change if she really wanted to. Other members of delphi are so old that there is little hope for them.

  • callmewhatever

    I cant get over how lucky she is? Well obviously he’s lucky too but just looking at it from a woman’s point of view. WOW, you cant do better than Orlando Bloom!!! And like someone said, look how loving and protective he is of her

  • @Cassie

    Cassie I’m not a fan of those girls or the “values” they represent, but I really think they’ve lost all credibility as they’ve been dead wrong about everything they’ve been predicting for the last three years. The ones that remain haven’t changed their minds even after seeing they’ve been wrong all along so it’s unlikely they will now. They just want to believe.
    I think that you’re feeding them by talking about them. If they go to other sites and talk crap I understand that you or others reply, but I see no point in baiting them to come here and giving them attention.
    They lost credibility, that’s why they don’t bring their theories over here or to other sites that often. Now stop talking about them and they’ll soon be forgotten for good.

  • yes!

    They both look gorgeous!
    Can’t wait to see pics from the event tonight.

  • sara

    I can’t wait to see them all dressed up tonight.
    Orlando looks so sexy when he is in a suit. And I hope that Miranda shows off those amazing legs of hers.

  • lol

    @Fan or not …: apparently being taller,thinner,richer and more beautiful AND having a hot hubby is enough to make girls feel like “something has been done to them” attack mode central aka insecurity.

  • kuriouskitty

    i think they’re a cute down to earth couple

  • @42

    That’s the same one that called a pregnant woman “fat”, right?
    So pathetic.

  • YAY

    OLove has the first pics from teh event tonight!
    They both look amazing!!!
    His hair is all sexy loose curls, and Miranda is glowing.