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Christina Aguilera: LACMA Unmasking!

Christina Aguilera: LACMA Unmasking!

Christina Aguilera blows kisses at the cameras at the private black-tie affair called “The Unmasking” held at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Saturday, September 25.

The 29-year-old singer celebrated the opening of the newest exhibition hall Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition Pavilion by performing four songs backed by a 20-piece orchestra — “Imagine”, “You Lost Me”, “Beautiful”, and “Fighter”.

FYI: Christina rocked an Atelier Versace dress, Louboutin shoes, Stephen Webster jewels, and a Christian Dior clutch.

20+ pictures inside of Christina Agiulera‘s unmasking at LACMA…

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christina aguilera lacma unmasking 01
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 02
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 03
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 04
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 05
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 06
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 07
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 08
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 09
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 10
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 11
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 12
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 13
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 14
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 15
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 16
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 17
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 18
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 19
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 20
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 21
christina aguilera lacma unmasking 22

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty, Apega, Jean-Paul Aussenard; Photos: WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • vbn

    Back to orange tan. Bad idea. She looks good with her natural pale skin.

  • Kaz

    Is she pregnant ??

  • Kaz

    hey paris Wher max?

  • sanoga

    Looking curvy and really, REALLY tan. For most this faux-glow would be a faux pas, but I think she’s sassy enough to kinda rock it. I’m going to out on a limb here and say she looks good… I like this look more than the pink lipstick and pale skin thing she was doing a few months ago.

  • jesse

    What is so bad about pale skin??

  • nvrmnd


  • Splendid

    looks gorgeous! :D

  • lmao

    YOUVE BEEN TANGOED. She looks ridiculous and gross. Why do some people make themselves orange?

  • RiRi

    I think she’s pretty…but this tan is too much…I love the way she looks without any fake tan <3

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • Ben

    It’s nasty how her foundation always goes into her scalp and side burns like that…


    Karma is Karma. She made enemies and she has to live with that. Good voice, vile personality.

  • lola

    Oh! I wanna see performances of hers!!!
    She looks great, by the way… ;) Fake tan is a normal thing in music and film industry – like botox (Madonna, Cher, Megan Fox, Kim K.) and stuff….
    so don’t judge ppl!!!


    & that video’s missing half of it’s footage. Don’t forget everyone else she spat on including one of the sweetest people ie. Britney Spears who has never once made a bad comment about any of her peers because she’s not insecure or threatened enough. Even Britney admitted when asked, “Christina is such a talented girl….but sometimes she says some things….that makes you think….wow. That’s…..not very nice. She’s not the easiest person to get along with….”

  • hdu!!!!

    @E. Norma Stitz: Insult to trannies.

  • lola

    @WATCH: that’s crap!!! then every single celebrity can have that kind of video!!!

  • Jola

    She is fatter than Britney Spears!

  • olord

    She’s back to her clown red lips, tacky fake hair & hilarious bronzer.

  • ?

    @lola: You’re on crack.

  • You Bitch P.H.


    So what!??? Is that a problem??? Not to her…. XDDDD And it’s all that matters…if you don’t like it – don’t look at her!!! Ughhh….

  • Catchy

    jeez she needs to get more natural look


    Osbourne on Christina Aguilera: “she is a disgusting human being.

    She explained: “[Christina] was like ‘Yo girl, artists for artists, yo, why you been talkin’ sh*T?’ I didn’t understand a word she was saying.
    She made out like she had started a fight with me, to make herself look cool. “She’s a p*$sy. She has a mouth on her, but she’s all talk. She only does it because she always has a security guard around to punch anyone she gets in a fight with. In reality, she’s like a f*king feather. I could pick her up and chuck her across the room.”

    “She does have a beautiful voice. She just has a bad attitude to everything.”

  • lola

    Yes, it might be a bad idea – but doesn’t mean it’s her idea… She has those silly stylists and ppl around her who make choices instead of her …


    Look at Mary J’s face when Christina comes out lmao.


    Hip-hop soul singer Mary J. Blige has vowed to never record a song with pop diva Christina Aguilera because she feels that she is “rude”. Recalling their first meeting Mary said that upon greeting each other Xtina extended her hand to Mary as though she wanted her to kiss it which was taken as an extreme insult by Blige.
    Mary was very candid about her dislike for Christina during a filming of a documentary for British TV even saying that the ‘Dirrty’ singer was not going to last in the business because she doesn’t know how to treat people and that Britney will be the one to go the farthest, people will always have her back (she was right).

    Vin Diesel makes it known he’s no fan of Christina Aguilera recounting a bad backstage run-in with Aguilera at last year’s MTV EMA rehearsals. “Christina [Aguilera] is a pretty girl, but she’s got a bad attitude that’s not for me. I couldn’t be around someone like that.” When asked to elaborate, he said, “We were doing rehearsals for the Europe Awards and I was filming a segment that was to be aired for the show, and [Aguilera] walks by and ruins the shot – she walked right in front of the camera. Now, this wasn’t a problem the first time, because I had no problem with reshooting, but as we were reshooting, she did it again. So, one of the directors went over and talked to her about it, and all I heard was, ‘You’re fu**ing telling me what to do!?’. It was ridiculous and completely uncalled for.”

  • Blup

    OMG. What a wonderful woman !
    She’s even more beautiful with curves. <3

  • Jay Zzzzzz

    Jealous face XD Too bad…I thought she’s a legend…now I have no respect to her anymore…

  • Rihanna

    OMG! That was years ago…when Kelly was a lil brat and Xtina was all “Dirrty” style…

  • Blah

    She’s doing an impression of Anna Nicole doing Marilyn Monroe. Been there done that. DULL….. Seen it already. *yawn*
    Does anyone care about her music anymore? No. Me neither.

  • massmurderer

    Sorry but shes getting too fat. Does she want to be criticized all over the world??? If I were that fat and famous first, Id go on a diet and secondly, Id change that clownish hair color and tan or make up. Finally Id go to parties.

  • Tanya

    I hate Floptina’s annoying vibrato. I dont even care about her personality, but it always makes me laugh when people say at least she has her voice. Bish please, Beyonce can outsing you any day of the week, even with all HER annoying runs, she still sounds 10x better, and dances better too. You can’t even do vocal melismas lol. I’d rather pay for a Britney concert than sit through Christina screaming and impersonating a second-rate Vegas Betty/Marilyn. Looking forward to Britney’s next album which you know is gonna sell well.

  • Edidion

    If you don’t, what are you doing here!? LOL >.<

  • umm

    @massmurderer: I hate Christina but she’s nowhere near fat…

  • You Bitch P.H.

    celebrities love xtina!!!

    @KimKardashian – “Just left Christina Aguilera’s album release party! Everyone’s gotta go out and get Bionic!!!!!”
    @KhloeKardashian “OMG! Christina Aguilera’s voice is so beautiful! She is performing at David Letterman! Wow!”
    @Adamlambert “Bionic: XTina’s vocals take other pop girls to SCHOOL. Production is A+ I’m entertained! Nuff said.”
    @ParisHilton “Love Christina Aguilera’s entire look! The hair, make up and outfit is sick!! She looks amazing!” (at the MTV movie awards)
    @kelly_clarkson -”RT @TATULife: @kelly_clarkson What did you think of Xtina’s performance at the AI finale? She has one hell of a voice, that’s what I think.”
    @whitneyEVEport – “I love christina aguilera”
    @nicolerichie -”CANNOT stop listening to Christina Aguilera’s Woohoo #IKnowWhatMySummerJamIsGonnaBe”
    @thekatiestevens – “I love #bionic !! Have it preordered DELUXE!”
    2:06 PM May 31st via Echofon
    @Tahj_Mowry – “When u talk, all I hear is wha wha whawhawha!” “”Mirror mirror, on the wall…Who’s the flyest ***** of them all? Nevermind I ammmm!” Yes Xtina!”
    @chicky (amanda bynes) tweets lyrics from her songs quite often. “After all the fights and the lies, ur wanting to haunt me, that wont work anymore cuz its over :)” … “I wanna thank u cuz u made me that much stronger – Fighter by Christina Aguilera” “Time 4 good song lyrics! Keeps Getting Better by Christina Aguilera….. ” “Some days I’m a super b**** up to my old tricks but it won’t last forever next day I’m ur super girl and it keeps getting better so hold on” “’m gonna tell u right now, I’ll make it sweet on the lips i’ll simply knock u out cuz when we’re both in the ring ur gonna like it my way.”
    @KimKardashian – “Christina just killed it singing the national anthem!!!”
    @cher – :Bout me & Xtina ! Didn’t know her b4, but she worked her ass off ! She has my respect & a great deal of my love !”
    & of course the people who work with her (her dancers, stylist, people she worked with for bionic etc) are always tweeting about her.
    @druidDUDE (kevin mchale) – “despite what i keep reading, christina’s album is really good..just skip the first 2 songs haha. ‘i am’ needs to be massive”.
    @Pink i just listened to Christina Aguilera’s new song, “you lost me” and i have to say. damn that girl can sing. i love this song.
    @adamlambert – “Bionic: XTina’s vocals take other pop girls to SCHOOL. Production is A+ I’m entertained! Nuff said.” & “New Christina Aguilera ‘You Lost Me’ video is simply stunning. Classy and understated.”
    @KristinCav – “Christina Aguilera’s performance gave me chills. She’s incredible.”

  • Ihateph

    Shes preggers again

  • katy p

    christina aguilera is simply one of the biggest names in the music industry
    Celebrities praising Christina Aguilera PART 1

    Celebrities praising Christina Aguilera PART 2

  • Jay Zzzzzz

    Is that your picture!? Oh, lol!!! XD My bad! You’re not that cute, funny and good looking….

  • stupid stans

    @34 LOL at you repeating the same people over and over again.
    And no one gives a CR*P about Kristin Cav from the Hills, Paris&Nicole, some Glee kid or the Kardashians LMFAO! At least the person on page 1 posted people in the INDUSTRY who have actually had REAL LIFE ENCOUNTERS with this pathetic nasty witch WANNABE diva.

  • Connie in Des Moines

    She looks like a mixed of Tammy Faye Baker,Anna Nicole Smith,Clown,Dolly and the same Old Xtina she’s been doing the last 8 years…SAD and BORNING!!!Why does she hate her natural skin color?This much makeup made her look older when she was younger now it just makes her look OLD.


    @Jay Zzzzzz: You just insulted your own idol LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. So not only are her fans groce like Floptina herself, they’re completely dumb as well.

  • Kiki

    I looooove her!!! She was there with Kim. K and Nicole R.!!! She’s such a lucky woman – she has ideal life (despite bad sides of her popularity….paparazzi, haters, lies, rumors, etc.) :D I envy her ;)
    She looks stunning in those pictures!!! Curvier than ever! I hope she’s pregnant again :) Looking forward to videos of her performance

  • massmurderer

    Shes able to look good but she doesnt want to. Its obvious. This is how she appreciates her husband, family, friends and money. That happens when you have never really suffer from anything. Anytime you have to!! Thats life!!

  • Jay Zzzzzz

    Who said I’m her fan at all? I’m just reading stupid comments and having fun XD oh, you ppl are so silly! Buahahahahahaha XD

  • Franck

    WOW !! The twins are back !
    Is she pregnant again ? Or she ate too much chocolate after her Bionic Flop.

  • Bionic_Xtina

    I actually don’t care if she’s pregnant. She released an amazing album, we’ll have a new movie and new songs in a few weeks.

  • OMG

    You people are ridiculous!! You only know how to insult and argue :o
    You are obviously sad little brats – immature….or you don’t have sex at all

  • elasticlove

    WTF are you on about! She looks gorgeous! Shut the **** up and get outta here!

  • Benito

    I’m sure that’s what Christina says to herself in the mirror everyday “Everyone is just jealous of me”! lol!!! I can just see it! LMAO!!!

  • Benito

    Love her no matter what haters (no lifers) say XD