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Darren Criss: GLEE's Newest Star!

Darren Criss: GLEE's Newest Star!

Darren Criss has been cast in Glee!

The actor-singer-songwriter, who played Matt Dallas’ bro on Eastwick, will play the character of Blaine — a cute and charismatic gay student from a rival glee club named the Dalton Academy Warblers.

Blaine will probably play a love interest/boyfriend for Kurt (Chris Colfer). Interesting casting!

DO YOU THINK Chris Colfer and Darren Criss would make a cute couple?

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71 Responses to “Darren Criss: GLEE's Newest Star!”

  1. 1
    dumb Says:

    good cast

  2. 2
    Arya Says:

    OMG ! Gay Darren on glee ?! I don’t know if they would make a cute couple but I sure know that Darren’s awesome !! Go Darren !

  3. 3
    joe Says:

    no I want 2 see chord overstreet

  4. 4
    Melissa Says:

    I don’t so much love the idea of him and Chris Colfer, but I’m thrilled that he’s going to be on Glee!

  5. 5
    Heather Says:

    Anything with Darren Criss is just…. TOO AMAZING <3 And actually, yeah. I think they’d make a very cute couple!

  6. 6
    CNXY Says:

    You just made me the happiest girl on earth with this news. He’s super talented. Now I’m so excited, I can’t sleep.

  7. 7
    melz Says:

    A very potter musical/sequel’s harry freakin potter. YESSSSSS!!!!

  8. 8
    Mitch Says:

    I thought his name would be blair….

  9. 9
    Elizabeth Says:

    Okay, they seriously need to get married in real life…so Chris Colfer could change his name to Chris Chriss.

  10. 10
    starkidftw Says:

    yes! fangirl prayers have been answered! congrats darren! this is so awesome.

  11. 11
    Lisa Ramero Says:

    It’s harry freaking potter for A Very Potter Musical! SO excited!

  12. 12
    Holly Says:

    Darren is amazing, he is a super nice guy and an azming actor/ singer/ songwriter! he is Perfect for glee! I LOVE YOU DARREN!

  13. 13
    Carly Says:

    I AM SOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! This is the best decision ever!!!!!! DARREN FREAKING CRISS IS GOING TO BE ON GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14
    lapi Says:

    great!! its gonna be amazing see him in glee!!

  15. 15
    Aziza Says:

    woot! That is great news. Darren totally deserves it! Represent the gays!

  16. 16
    brenda Says:

    What a beautiful eyes!!…he is cute but I don’t like the hair too much

  17. 17
    Meaghan Says:

    Yes! Super happy. Not a big Glee fan, but this’ll put Darren on the map WAY more than Eastwick could have.

  18. 18
    Tierney Says:


  19. 19
    Desiree Says:

    YES!!! Darren so deserves this! It’ll be interesting to see him with Chris Colfer, can’t wait to see this!

  20. 20
    Katherine Says:

    @Tierney: tierney you are everywhere hahaha!!

  21. 21
    Ana Says:

    nope, they dont make a cute couple cause he´s MINE!!!
    I love him and Im so happy for him!

  22. 22
    Charlotte Says:

    DARREN!!!!!!! YAY!! he so deserves this, he is so talented.

  23. 23
    Noel Potter Says:

    You cannot imagine the prolonged intensity of the happy dance I just performed.
    Can I just say OH my FREAKING wizard GOD, what a BOSS win?!?!
    This is fantastic! And goes to show how much consideration Ryan Murphy and the producers put into the fans’ opinion. It’s fantastic! :D

    Now that I think about it, Darren and Chris would actually look pretty cute together. I personally think this will work out VERY well.

    Now to go tell everyone I know…

  24. 24
    hogwarts13 Says:

    It’s Harry Frickin’ Potter!!!!

  25. 25
    reba Says:

    is it just me, or do these cast members look nothing like teenagers? “Glee’ isn’t guilty alone – Vampire Diaries, 90210, etc.

  26. 26
    ajh Says:


  27. 27
    Katelyn Says:

    He actually just cut it.
    Lol, so you’re in luck.

  28. 28
    Wow Says:

    NO! Sam has to be kurts bf! plus Ry Murph already said Kurts bf wasnt gonna be openly gay

  29. 29
    Neena Says:

    I think I just died a little inside. I LITERALLY SCREAM WHEN I HEARD THIS!!! I. CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO FLIPIN HAPPY!!!!!

  30. 30
    B Says:

    Me thinks, with Darren on Glee, their ratings and are gonna go THROUGH THE ROOF. I personally, cannot freaking wait. Love Glee, love AVPM/S, love Darren’s music, love the casting!

  31. 31
    kj Says:

    glee should be up for an award for how many guest stars and new cast members come on the show but then it probably wouldn’t be fair to everyone else!!

  32. 32
    hayley Says:

    i lovelovelove the casting, because darren is amazing and always has been- but as for darren & chris? it prob won’t work out since darren’s straight, but hey: blaine and kurt would be supercute =]

  33. 33
    carriewhite410 Says:

    There are going to be thousands of females who die a little inside at their jealousy…..

  34. 34
    bob Says:

    they never confirmed that darren will be playing Kurt’s boyfriend……….

  35. 35
    Carly Says:

    @reba: I don’t think you understand DARREN CRISS IS GOING TO BE ON GLEE!!!! who cares how old he looks!!!!!!! IT DARREN CRISS

  36. 36
    iamtheonewhoistotalyawsome Says:

    i gotta start watching glee

  37. 37
    mae c. Says:

    oh really? nice :D

  38. 38
    Ginny Says:

    Wowee! Harry Potter!

  39. 39
    bette Says:

    If he´ll play Kurts new boyfriend, I wonder where Sam (Chord) will end up? Maybe a new boyfriend for Rachel, Quinn, Santana or Sunshine. Maybe they will create a new love triangle for Rachel, Sam and Sunshine. Maybe Sam, Rachel and Finn. Maybe a love triangle for Artie, Sunshine and Sam. Or maybe a love triangle for Puck, Santana, and Sam or maybe Brittany, Sam and Santana. Maybe just Sam and Quinn. OK stop.. That´s a lot of maybe´s…

  40. 40
    celia Says:

    HOLY MACKERAL!! What a great casting! I need to start watching Glee, because now they’ve got Harry ‘freakin’ Potter on their show!!!

  41. 41
    Zoe Says:

    Best casting ever! OMGOMGOMG! I hoped this would happen but I never thought it actually would. I am going to spontaniously combust from happiness when his character and Kurt are even in, like, the same shot. Casting guys over at Glee…you have made the best decision of your careers. You will not regret it XD

  42. 42
    Alyzzaaa Says:

    that’s TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! :D

  43. 43
    ChocolateMantle Says:

    I don’t really like glee and all but DAMN!~ If he’s Kurt’s love interest i’m gonna have to start watching it… :P

  44. 44
    maica Says:

    ugh… i want SAM to be Kurt’s BF… I mean come on a gay wuarterback is like WIN!!!!! Chord Overstreet!!!!

  45. 45
    maica Says:

    ugh… i want SAM to be Kurt’s BF… I mean come on a gay quarterback is like WIN!!!!! Chord Overstreet!!!!

  46. 46
    Rumbleroar Says:

    Eeeep! Darren!!!

  47. 47
    Erica Reyes Says:

    OMG! I’m so excited that Darren’s going to be on Glee! He’s really an amazing musician and so talented in general. He deserves this!

  48. 48
    Kirstyn Hippe Says:

    Wow, I am SO happy that Darren has joined the cast. If any of you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend watching “A Very Potter Musical” and “A Very Potter Sequel” (which he wrote all the music for)… even if you aren’t a Potter fan, you’ll PEE yourself laughing. I guarantee it. Oh, also, he has an EP out called “Human” that’s AMAZING. The songs on it are my favorites at the moment : )

    Oh, you can also find him here:

    And here’s where you can find AVPM and AVPS:

    Like I said, Darren is AMAZING and you should definitely check out his stuff : ) He’s definitely my favorite artist at the moment. You could say I have an obsession. But he deserves this, and I am so happy for him.

  49. 49
    gleek Says:

    it’s harry freaking potter! DUDE, THIS IS GONNA BE TOTALLY AWESOME!

  50. 50
    abbey Says:

    I really want Chord Overstreet to play Chris Colfer’s boyfriend. Not that this guy isn’t cute. It’s just that chris and chord are why cuter together. I hope that chris character Kurt will end up with Chord’s character Sam. Not this guy can’t be with him. I know that Ryan said that Chord won’t be Chris’s boyfriend. But, I think that he is trying to throw us off.

  51. 51
    Vanessa Says:

    Darren Criss on Glee?!


  52. 52
    Kelly Says:

    DARREN FREAKIN’ CRISS! I am so excited. I don’t care if he ends up with anyone, just him being there will be magic. And they get points for random AVPM references.

  53. 53
    Erica! Says:

    OMG HELL YES! <3

  54. 54
    Jess Says:

    OH MY GOD.
    I never really watched Glee, but I’ll watch it for him!

  55. 55
    Laura Says:

    Woo! Darren Criss + Glee = BEST COMBINATION EVER! Haha. Can’t wait.

  56. 56
    Rachel Lynn H. Says:

    Hmmmmm, I think Darren Criss isn’t attractive but he has an excellent voice. I think the character of Blaine/Blair should be a popular prep who is into politics, reading, theater, music, and on the Debate Team as well as the Glee Music Club. Plus Sam should be a likeable character who is a Class Clown and a Social Butterfly who is into sports, yoga and mediation, working out, partying and hanging out with friends as well as secretly a big fan of the “Glee” music club and into music, and Glee Club helps him accept himself as a music lover.

  57. 57
    jaylo Says:

    Oh no, That’d be way too awesome.

    eh, nevermind

  58. 58
    Janice239 Says:

    Oh my rowling, thank you wizard god, what a freakin boss win!

  59. 59
    Nan Says:

    omg darren! yaaay from a very potter musical!

  60. 60
    malfoy Says:

    its harry freakin’ potter!

  61. 61
    VPM fan Says:

    YES! VPM’s harry potter the two world collide!!!

  62. 62
    JayElle Says:


    He cut it recently actually, it’s kind of a little fauxhawk thing.

  63. 63
    JayElle Says:

    Things that happend when I found out about Darren Criss being on Glee:

    1) I have a poster of both Darren Criss and Chris colfer in my locker, and when I found out about this I moved them together and drew hearts all over them. :D

    2) My fangirl scream was that of epic proportions.

    3) I started imagining Chris Colfer saying “Totally awesome” After like…..everything.

    4) I praised Grilled cheesus and my totally boss Zefron poster

    5) I dedcided that they’re couple name would be “Kuraine”

    6) I just about friggin died.

    Dude, they’re gonna be so SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT

  64. 64
    Bee Says:

    But do Chris Colfer and Darren Criss would make a cute COUPLE? NO BLOODY WAY.
    I’m still depressed over the change in script with Sam and Kurt :(

  65. 65
    padfootpuppy_16 Says:

    @melz: I know!!! So excited!!! :D

  66. 66
    Lauren Says:

    darren criss is supermegafoxyawesome hot ;)

  67. 67
    Lauren Says:

    darren <3

  68. 68
    glee freak Says:

    omg he is so cool!

  69. 69
    daphne Says:

    darren criss amazing! darren criss as a gay boy not so much. wish ther was a way 2 contact him. Starkid is amazing.

  70. 70
    wow Says:

    Omg LOVE starkid and very potter musical

  71. 71
    Places to visit in Shimla Says:

    I love him and Im so happy for him!

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