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Rachel Bilson to Matthew Williamson: Milan Support!

Rachel Bilson to Matthew Williamson: Milan Support!

Rachel Bilson supports designer Matthew Williamson at the show for his Spring/Summer 2011 collection on Sunday (September 26) during Fashion Week in Milan, Italy.

The 29-year-old actress made her way through the airport in Los Angeles on Saturday en route to Milan in a pair of rainbow socks!

Rachel spent some time earlier this weekend at the Christian Dior boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif. She must have been stocking up on some new styles for Fashion Week!

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Credit: Venturelli; Photos: WireImage, INFdaily
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  • summer

    Even in Italy she is STILL on JJ. When i saw her leave LAX i thought “yay! vacation from this girl for at least 2 days on JJ” guess i was wrong. get her out of this site already!

  • summer

    Even in Italy she is STILL on JJ. When i saw her leave LAX i thought “yay! vacation from this girl for at least 2 days on JJ” guess i was wrong. get her out of this site already!

  • ava

    Mischa Barton is also there. Maybe they can meet up and talk about the good ol OC days when they were still relevent. Then they can sign up for acting classes together.


    Why does this Z list star gets so much post in this site??..This is the only gossip site in the world which keep posting about this nobody on the daily basis.Its so evident she and that willow smith pay this site

  • Yanni

    who cares about this woman ……….. !!! she’s not even pretty

  • super



    Wilow is a sexy b*t*h..she could easily give hollywood’s hot s*u*s like megan fox or freida pinto a run for there money

  • antwacky

    Basing “now & then” of their current HW Radars. Their extinct show called OC actually means OFFICIALLY CURSED!

  • Shy

    Oh God… You’ve got to be kidding. If we will take last 3 weeks and count all the posts about any celebrity on Just Jared then who will win? Rachel Bilson will win by mile i. Because no other celebrity gets daily posts here. Who is she? People who didn’t watch O.C. back in the days don’t even know who she is.Because she hasn’t done anything since. Some supporting role in Jumper. Where she takes the money to pay Just Jared and personal “paparazzo”?

    We should start campaign: “Free Just Jared site from Rachel Bilson”.

  • rach

    I think if we boycott her threads JJ wont post her because he gets no benefit. So lets boycott her threads!!!!!!

  • Bern

    As pretty much everyone else has said, I am absolutely sick of seeing this no-nothing. She is worthless and there’s no point in posting her.

  • juniper

    A Frustrated (movie & TV) Actress…
    A Frustrated Fashion Designer/Icon…
    A Frustrated Bride (very much predictable)
    Yet a Successful Mediawh0re & a Generous Paparazzi Friend.

  • Brightside

    Looks like she’s doing a trout pout! Very fishy lips!

  • periwinkle

    Everything she touches are/were all doomed to fail w/ a capital F (TV, Movie, Fashion, Hook-Ups) that’s why she’s constantly doing nothing & remains to be a D-lister; so there’s NO need to boycott “All Things BRATchel”!

  • periwinkle

    @periwinkle: Wow her nose isnt the only thing that has changed on her face since she first started the OC.
    Her lips look scary different now mishapened and fake looking now and her eye brows or eye lids look lifted now, possible altering of her cheek bones as well. She for sure botoxes now you can tell. I dont think I had ever seen an old picture of her like that before WOW her plastic surgery is really obvious when you compare them. Why the hell would a woman do that to herself lol

  • MissAnthropica

    Mr. Matthew Williamson for whatever reason um … can I say this? doesnt look very thrilled to be standing next to Rachel?? or it could just be he isnt sure who she is exactly. lol
    I guess either is possible.
    i somehow doubt the man was ever a big ” OC” fan.
    Oc means OFFICIALLY CURSED that made me giggle.
    I dont know Adam B. seems to be doing well these days and so does Ben.M. and even Peter G.
    It seems to be the OC girls are the ones with the career
    ” technical difficulties” lol
    ” Please stand by… youll be waiting awhile”.
    She wore a pretty safe dress for the evening I must say neither ugly nore interesting just boring. And those same nude colored shoes she always wears these days…. AGAIN.
    Her hair is all over the place it seems also what it up with that.
    Its over here….. now its over there …. now its over here again kind of thing.

  • Shan

    Please explain Jared why you find it necessary to post pictures of Rachel every single day doing mindless things such as shopping, attending fashion shows, shopping, at the airport, and oh yeah…shopping. Can’t you tell by angry comment after angry comment that we do not care to see her here especially day after day?! How about even 1 day with no Rachel posted…please?

  • jeezzum

    @15 – on the 2nd pic
    Her “old / original face” looks like a bowl of plain oatmeal w/ nasty eyebrows.
    And what a blah-blah-black dress she is wearing – more apt to look like she’s “attending the funeral of her double-dead career” rather than on a fashion event. No wonder MW looks dead too lol!



  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    she is a icon you say?

    since when? i have i missed somthing when did that happen?

    the only thing she is known for is not being able to get a job,

    media whoring

    shopping taking the bins out,

    being linked to guys who would not know her they passed her in the

    its more like rachel who?

    icon really? are you sure

  • Kaz

    Boring old

  • öpve

    love it!!! she is so stunning!!! love her!
    have a nice trip in Italy. Europe rocks.

  • fitzroy

    This Little Mutt is so full of hubris and self-promotion. She is already way over played, over rated, over promoted and over done. Her publicity addiction continues to be infuriating because she thinks she’s famously hot & impressive but she’s really just a “cold diarrhea”!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! If this is the only support this designer could get he’s in trouble! He would have done better trying to get Lindsey Lohan to support him.

  • Moon’


  • Looks Like a Botox Freak

    OMG those pics from the OC days and the new ones say it all. Probably monthly botox. Surgery on her nose. Lips get regular collagen injections. She looks like a total middle aged freak and she *isn’t 30 years old yet.* She was aging fast and badly and starting to look like her mother so daddy and fiance Trashden paid to have all this work done and for the non-stop media wh07ing that happened since Jumper came out. Too bad it did no good. All its been is like a reality TV show that comes for free on the internet, that apparently no one will pick up syndication on so she’s just like Lindsay Lohan. Except even she knows posting topless photos of her doing drugs on Twitter will do nothing to further career. Rachel, for god’s sake, get your boobs done! Your face is already fake and the only thing more pathetic than a fading starlet with a fake face is one that still has obviously real small sagging boobs. It looks like you can’t afford the boob job and we know your daddy can.

    I wonder if Matthew is worried that she might glomb onto him as her next bff/victim of this pathetic attention-seeking personality.

    Rachel go back home to LA you freak! At least you will be with your own plastic invenomed kind there! Milan doesn’t need another parasite. It has enough trouble with bedbugs.

  • Eric Shinn


  • annie

    boycott is a great idea. mean while hayden looking so hot and sweet,taking pics with kids at cancer rally.she needs to stay in,like she used to do.icon of stupidity smelly no talent club.

  • jade

    she is beautiful!

  • pinkiesfunhouse

    she looks pretty spiffy to me :) i like rachel.
    every1 of lexy’s comments is posted one after the other
    1-4 minutes apart. good going lexy. & please botox?
    the girl is naturally beautiful!!

  • JC

    Look at her all high society. It must be awkward when the topic turns to careers and she boasts about her one episode cameo in How I Met Your Mother.



  • 3 JJ Posts in 24 Hours

    Wow how much do you have to pay JJ for that? No one gets that who actually is a recognized talent without paying for it except Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. They are about the biggest stars on the planet. Rachel Bilson hasn’t had a real job in any field that could be called actual work since Jumper wrapped almost 4 years ago. But she’s been on JJ more than Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchette, Keira Knightly, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman and Victoria Beckham put together. That can mean only one thing: someone is paying the papparazzi to follow her everywhere (and I do mean everywhere but the toilet) and gossip sites to run the pictures. JJ doesn’t care. He’d run pics of the Octomom every other day if she wasn’t far too poor to even pay the mortgage. Rachel is the worst kind of celebrity there is. Even Kato Kaelin looks like a serious man next to her.

  • Daemon Tools Download

    Boring old