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Rachel Bilson: Rainbow Socks at LAX!

Rachel Bilson: Rainbow Socks at LAX!

Rachel Bilson shows off a fun pair of rainbow socks as she goes through security at LAX airport on Saturday (September 26).

Yesterday, the 29-year-old actress was spotted visiting the Christian Dior boutique in Beverly Hills.

Rachel recently shared her new obsessions with InStyle. One of them is The Body Refiner from

“Bathe with this scrub and it leaves you sparkling — literally!” Rachel told the mag.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and her rainbow socks at LAX…

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rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 01
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 02
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 03
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 04
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 05
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 06
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 07
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 08
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 09
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 10
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 11
rachel bilson lax rainbow socks 12

Credit: GVK; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • lake

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz is right. Another day, another boring useless Rachel Bilson post. Whataver.

  • qaz

    wonder where she’s going.
    looking good, as always.

  • diana

    she’s my style icon.

    casual, but cute.

  • dakila

    Rachel Bilson is a perfect lilttle thing!!!!

  • Brightside

    Just recently I read a Hollywood executive producer describing Lindsay Lohan as ’4 years of tabloid but no product’. What, I wonder, does that make Rachel Bilson? 4 years of Just Jared but no product? How they must laugh at her in Hollywood!

  • @3.4,5

    @qaz: @diana: @dakila: Oh looks its return of the trolls. Next time try not to be so obvious your the same person posting less than a minute apart.

  • Viper

    I’m sure she is going to some fashion party she is carrying that DIOR garment bag as if to advertise that she is sporting DIOR for the function. Expect she will have jj earning his paycheck this month. The Jeans might be the style but honestly they are unattractive. Makes her look more like some homeless woman. She has enough luggage with her for about a 2 month stay but with her that is her week wardrobe. Is that girl along side of her Jill?

    @ brightside

    If RB was milk she would be past her expiration date she is so moldy now she is hard to really look at and take seriously.

  • k


  • Brightside

    I’ve never taken her seriously. There was something so unappealing about the whole concept of The OC that it was impossible to take seriously. Rachel Bilson was that unappealing concept…mind you, so was Mischa Barton. There are actresses and there is dross. Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton are the dross of the industry along with Heidi Montag, Paris Hilton and others too numerous to mention.

  • diana

    @ 3.4,5 wtf? you’re crazy.

  • rb

    Milan fashion week anyone?????????? Or else, seeing as she has long suffering Jill (mrs josh schrawz) in tow, perhaps she FINALLY wangled her way onto Gossip Girl! one can only dread!!

  • Shy

    I wonder if we count all the posts of any celebrity on Just Jared in 6 month. Which celebrity will have the most posts? Worthless Bilson will take number one spot easy. Why? Because she appears DAILY on Just Jared. Any other celebrity doesn’t have that privilege. The most FAMOUS can appear once in 3 days. Not so famous can appear once a week or month. Now the most obvious question: “Why Rachel Bilson who is NOBODY and no one even remember why she was semi-famous once (during O.C.) gets DAILY posts here”.

    Shame on Just Jared for taking money and turning this good site to home for trash who pays money.

  • Kaz

    Really crab why she here always

  • hoho

    love her hat! cute that she’s flying away with her bff.
    where is she going? vacation or fashion ?

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Brightside – the thing is – Lindsay still gets work! She’s got some movie coming out (I keep seeing commercials for it) and she still gets her magazine covers.
    Look how happy she is to see the paparrazi!!! I thought her PR people said she was going to focus on her career?? Did they mean her career as professional shopper or media whore??

  • katielane

    “Rachel recently shared her new obsessions with InStyle. One of them is The Body Refiner from ‘Bathe with this scrub and it leaves you sparkling — literally!’ Rachel told the mag.”

    I find it hilarious that people read these magazines with statements like this and actually believe that Rachel BIlson would say something that commercially motivated. Dude, LaMer is one of InStyle’s advertisers. Wake up.

    Read more:

  • overr

    These pictures will end up in the latest episode of her reality show: “The Empty Life of Rachel Bilson.”
    Today’s storyline is all about Rachel exposing her socks at the airport.
    She wears rainbow socks! What a fashionista!

    In next week’s episode, Rachel has a manicure and pedicure.
    What color will our fashion icon choose?
    Stay tuned!

  • cc

    Josh S. seems to be perfectly okay with his wife also not working and instead spending most of her time accompanying BFF Rachel on her shopping expeditions.

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    A bit kooky but still looks adorable. Rachel can so get away with being a bit kooky.

  • me

    Jill Schwartz is not in every JJ picture with Rachel shopping. It looks like Rachel accompanies every one every time they go shopping plus she goes alone. No one on JJ is seen shopping and eating and doing nothing else as much as Rachel. I am sure Jill spends time with her husband and does a myriad of other things unlike Rachel who is engaged in eating and shopping daily, which accurately depicted on JJ.

  • me

    BTW, clowns were hats like that. It looks like that hat is about to fall of her head. All her outfits and extremely uncomfortable e.g. high hill shoes and look forced, she is trying so hard that you can’t help but feel sorry for her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    How do we know Jill doesn’t have a job and a life of her own?

  • taylor

    she looks absolutely adorable. there’s nothing wrong with being fun and casual when you’re simply going to the airport.

  • anna

    why is she blonde?! I hate it!

  • Brightside

    I wouldn’t mind betting they pay Rachel Bilson a little on the side. She’s a product prostitute. No product of her own to offer, so willing to pimp out herself as an endorsement. Something I’ve always found a bit sickening about the low end of celebrity culture.

  • cutiepatuuuttiiee

    adorable, thats something i would do :P

  • where to?

    where is she going? she looks so comfyy in those socks hehe and which scrub is she talking about?? WAAAHHH RACHELLL :))

  • MissAnthropica

    She is most likely heading to Milan fashion week to a bit more free attention.That is why she was at the DIOR boutique the other day she wasnt shopping lol she was picking out a dress to barrow for the event lol
    She is trying to hold up her garment bag to show the name DIOR as she walks with the bag in her arms but never succeeds in showing the whole name clearly.
    So much for the free promotion of dior she probably promised to them if they let her take one of their dresses.
    So Milan it most likely is and then possibly Paris for her as well.
    Basically two free attention pit stops for Rachel.
    She loves those .
    Just being honest.
    Now about those jeans although the ripped look is in those ripped jeans were not a good choice too many trends going on at once it overpowering.
    Subtle ripped jeans would of been better not pants with gapping holes in the knees that make you wonder how they got there
    The hat is cuteish not crazy about the color but with the jeans and the t shirt the flats and the ugly socks its more of a ugly miss than a fashion hit.
    Wonder what the DIOR dress will look like ?

  • me

    I like what Jill wears much better. She is elegant, comfortable and is not trying too hard like the clown look next to her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Brightside – Dior doesn’t need to pay Bilson – they’ve got Charlize Theron endorsing their stuff. Why pay some out of work nobody…when you’ve got a beautiful and talented Oscar Winner on payroll?? I thought someone said she was on her way to Toronto to go to that charity event HC is at?? We’ll know where she is soon enough….

  • summer

    WTF is the only word that comes to mind at the moment. i’m fed up of her on JJ. We should do a petition! hahaha

  • Back to Hayden?

    She calls the press to record her every move outside the house including published pics on JJ taking out her recycling to the street and taking the dog for a walk + picking up the doggie do-doo. 3 years of intense papparazzi coverage and no product to speak of. Now she’s reduced to being unpaid pitch person for products to the papparazzi (who she calls) and being a ‘style ambassador’ while looking like a homeless person. Granted she’s also been looking like hell most of the time for 3 years but that doesn’t stop JJ from pressing out the ‘fauxinista’ 3 times a week. Daddy must have JJ on the payroll permanently.

    She is the kind of talentless parasite that gives talentless parasites a bad name.

  • MissAnthropica

    @lexy hates bilson:
    She is going to one of the MILAN fashion week events.

    Most likely on INSTYLE’s dime also.

    The dress from DIOR is most likely on loan as long as she makes sure she is pictured in it alot, which of course Rachel never fails to do that.

    She isnt going to the charity event in Toronto that her EX is involved in.
    How many times does thtat have to be stated before freaking RAYDEN losers get it.

    The Rally for Kids event Hayden helped co’ hair came to a close last night with a after party and a $100.000 donation from Hayden himself and also a $100,000 donation for Eva Longoria herself. Rachel did not attend of course lol
    Because THEY ARE OVER and Milan fashion week is going on and fashion week is more Rachel’s style than a charity event in Toronto is.

    The showmance has long been over since most likely early this year around April and they were just keeping up the act of the showmance at the MET GALA BALL in early MAY, but since then the fake relationship nightmare has been OVER

    RAYDEN FANS should move onto some other fake couple. there are plenty of them out there still faking their “relationships”.

    Rachel surely got that DIOR dress for a major PR appearance somewhere in Milan fashion week, its just something Rachel would do that kind of event is more her style.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I’m not a Rayden fan and I think the Diore name doesn’t really need Rachel Bilson associated with it for PR. It does quite well on it’s own and again, when you’ve got Charlize Theron and Blake Lively wearing your clothing…you don’t even need to LOAN out a dress to some nobody…and let’s be real – the readers of InStyle aren’t buying Dior. That’s out of their price range.

  • Brightside

    I didn’t mean Dior….Dior is a product that doesn’t need small time help. I meant The Body Refiner from
    Infused with diamond dust, WTF, seriously, I do not jest! Rachel Bilson is endorsing this product, disgusting little baggage that she is!

  • Brightside

    As if diamonds don’t cause enough fcking problems and, no, I don’t wear the fcking things. I don’t own any!

  • MissAnthropica

    @lexy hates bilson:
    If Dior and other top fashion lines loans out dresses to people like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and probably next even the Jersey Shore crew then they will loan it out to girls like Rachel.
    Hell designers even loan out garments to Mischa Barton still even though she is just as washed up and is a complete trainwreck. But she a train wreck with a some what remembered name and in the end the thing to remember is…………
    Press is press.
    I didnt say it was a good idea for Dior lol but that is most likely what it is,
    Also Dior does advertise in INSTYLE magazine even if it is out of most reader’s price ranges they still do. So does Burberry and a hundred other brand people that read the mag cant afford and thats the point.
    They cant afford it and they want to make those readers want those things they cant afford enough to spend money they dont have to begin with. Just so they can have that elusive designer handbag.
    Its marketing at its simplest.

    Rachel’s people are very good at getting these little arrangments for her like attending fashion shows in Milan etc etc.

    I have to give them credit, her people make atleast something however small it is out of completely nothing for their client Rachel.
    That cant be an easy job.

    I imagine the whole her being papped “shopping” at a Dior boutique in LA the other day was all just part of the deal for her to be loaned the dress to wear at Milan’s fashion week.
    Also unlike Charlize who is paid spokewoman for the line or Blake Lively which every designer wants their products on Blake right now so they have to compete to get their garmets on Lively while with someone like Bilson Dior doesnt have to fight to get their dress on her, but still gets the exposure they are looking for with a bunch of photos at a top fashion event.
    Plenty of even less known actresses than Rachel are loaned out dresses for just that reason.
    It doesnt cost Dior anything and they get a little bit of free exposure in the in between times when they are lucky enough to get one of their dresses on a bigger name like Blake Lively.
    Its just the name of the game .
    All exposure is good exposure to them atleast.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Brightside: There is diamond dust in the body wash!!!!!!!
    Wow I guess Rachel forgot about her trip to Africa early this year and how the diamond trade industry hurt those children.
    How easy she already forgot.
    Unless the body wash is made from conflict free diamonds that are not blood diamonds buying that body wash would be harming those very chidlren she was talking about.
    I dont hate Rachel ……………..but wow that is really low to promote a body wash with diamond dust in it just months after you were on your high horse about the diamond industry hurting people in Africa.
    Thats really low of her.
    Shame shame Miss Bilson and she cant claim she didnt know better thats the thing so you have to assume she doesnt care as long as it makes her ” look glittery”.

  • JC

    I’ve constantly defended her because she is so adorable, but what a pointless existence she is. I mean, if you don’t have to work and can still have means to live a very comfortable life, maybe it is time to use some of that time on something other than yourself. Contribute something to this planet besides fashion advice. Get involved with something, anything that isn’t just about you.

  • MissAnthropica

    The art of elysium had a fundraiser in la before Rachel departed from LAX and she could of been involved with that if she had wanted to really, They have held several events in LA that many people attended but not her.

    Which is odd because ………..a few months back she claimed to have aligned with coach purses to help the art of elysium cause by picking out three purses which a very small part sales would go to the cause…. but no one ever heard about the cause and her ever again.
    She got three free purses out of it sadly

    The thing is I think she chooses to not get involved

    I try to be open minded about Rachel although she doesnt really make that easy with the way she behaves , waiting to see if she does the right thing and really gets involved with a cause that isnt self serving and helps RACHEL first,

    So far I havent seen that from her.
    Maybe one day she will contribute something to society besides bad fashion advice where she just plugs whatever product INSTYLE tells her to but I think that day may be a long long ways away if ever.
    I have my doubts that she ever will change and do something like that but I guess you never know.
    People change
    I am just not sure she is one of those people to wake up and truly change for the better.

    I would hope any human being on the this planet would live a less self serving life and maybe one day she will stop being so selfish and self serving and do just that.
    But then again maybe not????

  • Arya

    Rachel Bilson wears rainbow socks… So what ?

  • Viper

    How many fashion weeks does Milan have I believe I remember Victoria Beckham going to a Fashion week in Milan just last month or something like it. Rhianna also goes to all these Fashion Events why I don’t know does she have a fashion line coming out??? DIOR has Charlize and Natalie Portman to promote their lines if they need A listed celebrities. Rachel jumps on some kind of copycat fashion designer, I wish I was a talented actress bandwagon she isn’t original and hardly unforgetable. She is slowly showing how desperate she has to be to have ppl remember she lives in the HW celeb scene.



  • emy

    Rachel should try to emulate what Emily Deschanel did. Emily got married quietly and privately. No stringing the media along with a fake engagement and being constantly photographed wearing a strategically displayed handbag, shoe, outfit while doing mundane things like crossing the street or paying the parking meter.

    . If you’re an actor and you want to conduct your private life in private, you can do it. But Emily has a career as an actress and Rachel barely has one, so she enters into these deals with fashion outlets to earn extra income. That’s the big difference. Don’t feel pity for Rachel the next time the paps do something which you feel is intrusive. She brings it on herself.





  • ATLqueen

    How are we all of a sudden hating on this girl being involved with diamonds?? FYI (#39) all diamonds don’t just come from Africa….. Hello do your research. And if you want to really get mad at someone get mad at Dior/ They’re the once who came up with the idea. And oh yeah, don’t get mad at just them two how about the entire world that rocks diamonds left to right. This is what I mean people just try to find any and every reason to dislike the girl…….

  • so cool

    shes so hot and so cool and such a great girl everybody likes her except the hater her BRIGHTSIDE bit shes ill so ignore her RB is doing great did you guys hear what shes going to be doing soon it is awesome!!!!

  • MissAnthropica

    @ATLqueen: Do your research
    Dior isnt the one that makes the body wash with diamond dust in it
    La Mer does.
    If you bothered to actually read the post JJ wrote then you would know that wouldnt you?

    Of course not all diamonds come from Africa but not diamonds from other countries are conflict free either.

    If a person like Rachel is going to come out and talk about the harm the blood diamonds cause in Africa mere months ago but then turn around and promote aka PLUG a body wash in INSTYLE and attach her name and endorsement of the product to it then she better know for sure where LA MER not Dior gets that very diamond dust.

    Thats like saying you endorse the vegan lifestyle while munching on a burger and wearing a fur coat it just makes you look BAD.

    I dont hate Rachel and always try to keep an open mind when it comes to the little sad girl but I will also call it like I see it.

    Either the Africa trip was nothing more than a photo op for her or she just doesnt care where the diamond dust comes from with the La MER product because she likes it wants to use it and wants to turn a blind eye to the details of it all.
    Very irresponsible of that is true.

    Now go back to your little IMDb boards ATL”QUEEN”