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Rihanna: 'What's My Name?' Video Preview

Rihanna: 'What's My Name?' Video Preview

Rihanna bangs a pair of drum sticks against a lamp post as she shoots her new “What’s My Name?” music video in the Lower East Side of New York City on Sunday afternoon (September 26).

The vid is being helmed by director Philip Andelman and it looks like it’s going to be a colorful blast! The song will likely be Ri‘s second single off of her upcoming Loud album.

Last weekend, Rihanna shot the video for her first single “Only Girl (In The World)“. Earlier today she posted the first pic from the set.

Rihanna: ‘What’s My Name?’ Video Preview

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna shooting her “What’s My Name?” video…

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# 1

I must be old and really out of tune with fashion because this ‘ish just looks a hot mess, which is sad because the girl is very pretty

# 2
Iffy Miffy @ 09/26/2010 at 8:35 pm

Oh my goodness. This is just really bad. Really really bad.

# 3

Yes, very very bad!

# 4

swagga jacking beyonce’s shorts smh…its time for this chick to stop,it aint working out at all…trying way too hard ….wannabe beyonce smdh…ummm next plz

# 5

Love it!!! So colorful!!! This is fashion!!! Ever heard of color block?! Can’t wait to see the full video!!! I’m ready to get “Loud”!!!:-*

# 6

Okie doke signed sealed and so delivered….its official her career is officialy OVER… #CHECKPLZ

# 7

you guys are so jealous! yup she’s a 22 year old doing her thing, stay mad haters.

# 8

rihanna’s rocking those shorts better then beyonce.

# 9

she looks like ronald mcdonald if he was a tranny.. gross.

ummm wtf????? I mean really?????

for the person who said she is 22, shes actually older than that…celebs never tell their real age….and isnt it obvious she is NOT that young???

i’m confused

Stephen King’s “IT” bangs on a lamp post…

smh….a lost soul…what a waste

OMG!!!.what happens to her..??.she wants to be the next lady gaga with tha clothes?’…rihanna there is only one Lady gaga,don’t copy her.

Overexposed ho

uhhh errrrr….oooooooooooooooooooook then

ugly chick with d*ck

What the hell is she wearing???

this person is too crazy

Dionne Warwick meets Ronald McDonald

GR..OSS.. @ 09/26/2010 at 9:15 pm


GR..OSS.. @ 09/26/2010 at 9:16 pm


Cute girl. Awful stylist.

what is this girl really up lately, she is all over the place, does she have a personality disorder , she cnt seem to find who she really is or maybe she’s just a fake/fraud…i dunno, she’s jus too weird.

Enough. You made two posts about her so far today. Call it a limit and post someone people actually want to see.

She looks like a broke down ronald mcdonald hoboing around on the street. What in the world she has lost her mine, JAYZ COME AND SAVE UR H**

Like Rihanna but he clown looks need to go.

you got to be kidding me !
And some people actually call THAT girl “fashion diva” ??? COME ON !!!

offtheproperty @ 09/26/2010 at 9:56 pm

Cool Rihanna

what are these weird transparent shorts she’s wearing under the other ones!? I wanted rihanna to go back to her pre umbrella look, she was gorgeous!

What the hell did she thinking ?!!!
And you calling THAT girl “fashion diva” ? COME ON !!!

Since her CB incident she’s lost a certain amount of sex appeal..her look has gone straight to comical and clownish.

i love the outfit!

i don’t like the hair, but the outfit is cute. she looks fun and adorable. she’s only like 21 or 22. let her have fun and quit hating.

also, quit “thumbs downing” everyone who says something you don’t agree with. i don’t think that’s what it’s for.

@dani, hey I put the disclaimer that perhaps its my age that’s not jiving with these clothes but truthfully if my daughter came through the door looking like that we would definitely have words, having fun at a young age is one thing…….looking like you just got off the “track” after paying your pimp is quite another

didn’t her last boyfriend, chris brown give her a nasty case of herpes?

Normally I love Rihanna’s style, but this is a frickin MESS! What is she thinking? Rihanna looks like a clown

why is she always dressed like a clown?

looks stupid. but she always looks stupid with her red purple fake hair.

rock n roll queen @ 09/27/2010 at 3:16 am

@okay: she doest look very good its true but even if she was ur daughter u wouldnt have the right to scold her shes an adult and yes ur probably old

What the hell?

@ Kerri
Who wants to copy Beyonce? loooooooooooooool
Rihanna is prettier with a far far better looking body & style. Beyonce is not as hot as you THINK she is. Get ur head out of her fake booty pad ass. At least Rihanna is fun & a risk taker unlike Beyonce’s no personality, FAKE all over self.

stunning RIRI !!!!
LOVE HER SO MUCH’s sever is crashig tonight because of submissions of Rihanna’s pic!!

she is trying to be edgy but she looks stupid and dated.
get a grip rhianna you look like a circus clown

@lala: troll check her imdb

wow that really seems interesting :D

Rihanna is so cool :)

can those legs any fatter?

WhatWillTheNeigborsSay? @ 09/27/2010 at 11:39 am

Before she cut her hair and dyed it she was just a beyonce copy and now she has more personality..she’s rihanna. I don’t think it’s the best look but she likes it and that’s important.

…at least she’s back to bright colors. but she didn’t mixed them well

Too Damn Bad... @ 09/27/2010 at 1:33 pm

Such a clown.

MrMarleyFAN @ 09/27/2010 at 2:26 pm

Your name? HOT MESS.

Beautiful talented girl but what’s with the red clown hair lately
please get a new stylist

I love the jacket but everything else looks silly….

LOL! hopefully it looks better on video.

Gaga4RiRi @ 09/27/2010 at 5:33 pm

I don’t care what any of you say….Rihanna truly is the best of all the female pop stars (after Madonna). She can dress, dance, sing and of course everything she touches turns to gold and platinum. Lady Gaga is a desperate try-hard, Katy is cool and sexy, but a little d-u-m-b and airheaded. Rihanna is just fun, sassy, sophisticated and makes it all look great. I loved her GGGB and Rated R era styles, but this one seems fun and free spirtied like she just is doing her own thing and not giving a damn what others think of her…Oh yeah, the song sounds good…So let’s count…”Only Girl” is gonna be #1 this week on the Hot 100 (her 8th #1…Just two more til she reaches Janet Jackson and four until Madonna…Then Five until she matches Michael Jackson and she’s only 22!!!!!!) Then there’s “Cheers” and now “What’s My Name”…She’s KILLING all the chicks and she doesn’t even have to try. Go Rihanna, 21st Century QUEEN OF POP!

Why she always lookin a hot mess?!

thats_right @ 09/27/2010 at 7:00 pm

she looks like a clown

i heard a snippet of “who’s that chick” and i hope it becomes a single <3

OMG she looks like a crazy tranny.. What the heck r those hair? And her leggs r so big!

Lol it’s EXACTLY what it’s for.

Is it possible to be any delusionnal? Don’t think so.. LMAO

Lmao haters go ahead and click the dislike button on this comment you f.ucking trollified s.hits.

You’re behind the keyboard, she’s behind the cameras.

Hating isn’t going to do anything outside of your own personal delusional enjoyment.

@rock n roll queen: well it appears that everyone on this site is either old as h$ll like me or in agreement that she looks a hot mess, she is a beautiful young lady and the clown outfits take away from it, regarding parenting I am truly fortunate that I do not have to worry about daughter “walking the track” even she is an adult I would be remiss as a parent not to share that this is a hot mess!

getitright @ 09/28/2010 at 12:19 am

@Gaga4RiRi: you’re CLUELESS…rihanna’s got NOTHING on LADY GAGA…that ronald mcdonald spawn has no personality, its manufatured for her. give the credit to true QUEENS OF POP like LADY G.

How old is she? @ 09/28/2010 at 3:56 am

Am I the only person who thinks she looks like an old woman? I dont wanna say she is doing drugs because its the last thing I would want to accuse her of plus I dont know the truth but it is the one thing that will make someone young age that quickly. why do I have the feeling that one day she will end up having some type of break down. I dont hate her but what Im noticing as well as other people are is that she is lookin a mess. That cant be good.

@How old is she?: You think she’s going to have a breakdown because she’s wearing fun vibrant colours? LOL! I’m so glad RIHANNA’s going back to her Caribbean roots!
Get it gurl!

Rihanna is so cute, beautiful, unique, go Rihi!!!

bananaa666 @ 09/28/2010 at 8:35 am

Her career is already over, ‘Only Girl’ is failing in the charts… Sorry 4 u riri fans lol

perese una pllasa con ese pelo rojo que fea

WOW!!!!!!!! RiRi is stepping her game up! i love the fashion. keep doin your thang Ri.

How old is she? @ 10/01/2010 at 5:54 am

@WOW: No I dont think shes going to have a brakedown cause shes wearing “fun vibrant colours”. I never used those words I think her actions from her last album to now leave me to belive shes got a screw loose. She was this pretty R&B singer then she clamed she was a rockstar now shes “back to her roots”. (the rockstar part) Thats called being a poser. Whatever shes aloud to do what she wants but she looks a little loco doin it. Plus her image looks like ****. JUST SAYIN!

Evisu Ies @ 10/07/2010 at 1:28 am


Hello! gckgege interesting gckgege site!

You guys are all hating and complaining now, but when the video comes out you are all going to be in awe at her beauty, something you wish you had.


his is a disturbed outfit coming from a 19 yr old
looks like the color wheel barfed on her and your right she is pretty!

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