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Sophia Bush: PETA Awards with Lea Michele!

Sophia Bush: PETA Awards with Lea Michele!

Sophia Bush hits the red carpet at PETA‘s 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards at The Hollywood Palladium on Saturday (September 25) in Los Angeles.

“I have the honor of being at @PETA event tonight,” the 28-year-old One Tree Hill actress said. “I just cried watching a video of a rabbit being skinned alive. I will never be the same…”

How cute do Sophia and Glee‘s Lea Michele look together?!

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush hitting up the PETA Awards

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sophia bush peta awards 02
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Credit: Adriana M. Barraza, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Bretton James

    With her good looks and voluptuous curves, the incredibly gorgeous Sophia Bush is one of the best things about One Tree Hill.

  • Jake

    She’s beautiful but also very annoying

  • okaaaay

    Beautiful? She so fkn ugly. She looks like a troll with her big head and height lmao

  • Emily

    the most annoying person. i had to unfollow her on twitter

  • maria

    No one is more annoying than Lea Michelle. She has an ego she has no business having at this point in her career. I am so sick of seeing her everywhere.

  • nina

    Now some critics Sophia just because she does not like BL who
    is a fictional couple!!! So pathetic

    She’s so beautiful and elegant! Great person who fight for good causes

  • ….

    Stupid bitch.

  • Kyle

    Yeah I love how people call her annoying because she didn’t like a TV couple and is very passionate about her beliefs. She uses her twitter to spread word about environmental/human issues and what you can do to help. If that’s annoying then you’re just a bad person.

    I think what’s more annoying is these people wasted 2 minutes of their lives going onto a page for someone they don’t like, just so they can say “I don’t like her.’ The world really cares.

  • jen

    sophia looks pretty but I don’t care for the other girl, GLEE sucks and it is overrated

  • Jenna

    Sophia looks gorgeous. Love her dress.

    Lea lost too much weight, she doesn’t look healthy.

  • jen


    Kyle you obviously care what people think of her so don’t type in ” wasted 2 minutes of their lives ” get over it. Not everyone thinks the same.

    I like Sophia but not her brainwashing hippie ways on twitter.

  • jen


    Kyle you obviously care what people think of her so don’t type in ” wasted 2 minutes of their lives ” get over it. Not everyone thinks the same.

    I like Sophia but not her brainwashing hippie ways on twitter.

  • Manu

    She is so gorgeous, probably the most beautiful woman on this planet. Plus she is so smart and fight for what she believes in, most inspiring woman in hollywood. And for those who said that she is boring well sorry if she is not talking about what bar she goes to or what kind of party she goes to!!

  • Rachel

    How come her ugly ass BF wasn’t with her?

  • jen


    Emily, I completely agree. I think she is a amazing actress but her twitter is just filled with hippie ways and she pushes her beliefs on the younger audience because they are easy to sway. She and her GF Austin are annoying with that crap.

  • Jenna


    LOL, I think you need glasses if you think Austin is ugly. And even if he was ugly, I’d rather take a guy with charming personality then someone who sleeps with everything that moves ( CMM, James)

  • Katie

    LOL you clearly know nothing about Sophia. I’m referring to the partying thing

  • jen


    LOL, James is 10x sexier than Austin and Chad put together, thats just my opinion. I don’t care if he sleeps around or not, the man is SEX

  • quincy

    Austin is HOT!!! Probably the hottest men Sophia have been with and also he’s faithful and he loves Sophia! He wasn’t there because he was filming in NC when Sophia took the flight to LA…

  • Adrianna

    Sophia became so annoying when she got with Austin. She looks like she’s trying to prove something. It’s pathetic really. We get it you’re in love but stop it already. And wasn’t she the one who said she’ll never discuss her relationships anymore?

  • lol

    Here comes the stan.. LOL

  • alex

    Austin is so fine (have you seen the surfrider event pics?)…Chad used to be hot but he didn’t aged very well IMO…and James sleeps with everything that moves…

    And I love that she’s open with her relationship with Austin. They are a beautiful couple who are crazy in love with one another and there is nothing wrong with that! She trust him and feel that she can talk about him because he won’t break her heart like someone did and that way she won’t be humiliated in public like back in the day!!!

  • Manu

    @katie Well no I clearly know nothing about Sophia because I don’t know her personally, you’re right about that but I do know what she says on twitter and she doesn’t talk about what parties she goes to!

  • sam

    Sophia is a wh***. She’s done so much shit in the past. You have no idea. Trust me if you know you’ll lost your love for her.

  • alex

    @Sam Go ahead! What have she done?

    If she really did something you’ll say it, unless you’re just making up things! :)

  • Irene


    You make it sound like she’s telling people to buy guns.

    I don’t have a problem with her twitter. Yeah sometimes she can be annoying with her retweets but it’s really easy to unfollow her and since her number of followers is growing, people are clearly interested in what she has to say.

    I like celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Ian Somerhalder etc. who actually use twitter to bring awareness on something important rather then using it as a place to promote their new movie, parfume or event.

  • Alaia

    I can not believe people actually attended this event. PETA is just as bad as the people who skin those animals.

  • Sarah

    Sophia is annoying yes, but her boyfriend is even more. He thinks he’s so cool and sound like such a pus**. There is nothing manly in him. It’s clear that sophia is the one who wears the pants in the relationship.

  • ughhhh

    She is SO annoying. I went right off her when she went on Craig Ferguson and started dissing girls (wtf lol?), “oh yeah, I’m a total guy’s girl not like those other girls, yknow? Girls are so annoying. Always whining”……..I was thinking POT MEETS KETTLE, what a *****

  • Ellie

    Any time an actor from OTH gets a post the insults start. The fans have their favorite actor and trash the other ones. Nuts. All the actors are nice and each has somethings that are annoying just like all of us. The crazy competition of who is better needs to end.

  • jen


    Hun trust me, I did unfollow her after all she posted was her BS eco friendly, peta having ways and telling everyone to use water bottles, STFU. Again, great actress but she changed when she got with Ms. Austin Nichols. Guy is a major douche who thinks he is so cool, can’t even wear the right shoes with his outfits, Loser.

  • e

    She has such an unfortunate body shape. She’s also a nauseating attentionwhore.

  • alex

    I’ve met her a few times before she got with Austin and a few times after she got with him and the only thing who chaged is that she’s smiling full time and you can see that she’s really happy in her life!

    And who care if she wears the pants in the relationship…there is nothing wrong with that! She’s happy and you should be happy for her…BTW Austin is a really cool guy, charming, intelligent…his humor can be weird sometimes but that’s the way it is, he doesn’t take himself to seriously!

  • Sally

    Criticizing Sophia because your fav did not get press.

  • e

    Love how Sophia stans bash James when she was the one talking about Austin joining OTH for her when James was still her boyfriend. What a class act, NOT!

  • Bee

    At all the people about James sleeping everywhere, do you ever think that maybe the 2 of them were just f*ck buddies and both agree with that because they waere not in a relationship?

    And i agree about sophia’s twitter, she wants averyone gets green, recycling and blablabla but she doesn’t even drive a hybrid car.

  • sianna

    I never understood people who don’t like someone but lose
    their precious time just to insult. When I don’t like someone I not
    lose even a second to talk about this person

  • alex

    I’m sorry but Sophia drives an hybrid car…so does Austin!

  • Ellie

    Insulting James then on to insulting Sophia. You try to out do each other with disgusting remarks. Comments get more and more vulgar just awful.

  • Irene


    And you know this how? Do you live with them?

    Sophia always supported Global Green so the only difference is twitter thing which they both made together because they wanted to inform people about Gulf situation.

    I’m pretty sure Austin and Sophia are the real deal, no matter how much some people (CS/BL fans) don’t like that relationship.

  • ana

    @Bee: Sorry buddy, but she actually does!

  • Lo Daddy


    Bitch please! Glee is fresh, amazingly written, and just down right awesome. One tree hill is TERRIBLE and needs to end like..4 years ago.

    They’re both really cute though :)

  • Ultra

    Sophia is the most beautiful woman in the world and her supporting what she believes whether it is PETA or eco friendly environment is great for such a young actress.

    JJ should be posting more Sophia Bush and Less Rihanna who is the real skank always being drunk and stuff.

  • hootie

    she is fat, she needs to go on a diet

  • Arya

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The girl is just PERFECTION from head to toe.

  • Trista

    First of all, Lea Michele has lost a lot of weight. I’m kind of shocked.
    And for anyone who may think that Sophia is fat, should be hung upside down and have some sense beaten into them. She’s beautiful and gorgeous.
    Enough Said.

  • to #44

    She’s not really fat, she simply has no shape or curves. A small bust and wide waist with a tummy bulge. She needs a strict aerobic work-out to define and refine.

    Her dress is an absolute failure. The toga party ended my dear.

  • Sam

    Tummy bulge? Needs aerobics?

  • Noli

    She saw a video of a rabbit being skinned alive!?!
    Oh my that is horrible!

  • Alison

    She is so pretty, i love her hair light.