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Willow Smith: Faux Hawk Braid!

Willow Smith: Faux Hawk Braid!

Willow Smith sports a crazy new hairstyle — a faux hawk braid! — while sitting front row at the Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show during Italy’s Milan Fashion Week on Sunday (September 26).

The 9-year-old “Whip My Hair” singer sat next to her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and Aussie singer Kylie Minogue.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Willow’s new faux hawk ponytail — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of Willow Smith‘s faux hawk ponytail

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willow smith faux hawk ponytail 01
willow smith faux hawk ponytail 02
willow smith faux hawk ponytail 03
willow smith faux hawk ponytail 04
willow smith faux hawk ponytail 05
willow smith faux hawk ponytail 06
willow smith faux hawk ponytail 07
willow smith faux hawk ponytail 08
willow smith faux hawk ponytail 09
willow smith faux hawk ponytail 10

Credit: Venturelli, Photopunto; Photos: Wireimage, SplashNewsOnline
Posted to: Jada Pinkett Smith, Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campbell, Willow Smith

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  • eve

    yesss. now i know.. she remains me exactly this blue creature from this film” Avatar”.. thought i didnt see this film.

  • em

    Stop posting pics of that stupid kid here, this is not just jared JUNOR. Besides, thats pretty impressive shes only 9 and shes already annoying poser. Congrats to parents.

  • sanoga

    Haha this little girl is something else! I can’t believe how young she is!

  • Franck

    TROLL !!!!
    And why is she even here ??? She is a KID she should be on JJJ.
    Please Jared stop promoting her because her label give you some money. That so clear.
    And by the way, this little girl should be doing some CHILD stuff. I blame her parent for that. I lost all my respect for Will Smith. That so Joe Jackson of him, and I used to love Will !

  • Jdub

    @eve: Hahahah im coming here to post the same thing! She definitely looks like something from Pandora! She’s still cute tho…definitely Will Smith’s daughter

  • http://j ivanka

    @eve: LOL YES

  • americans are cruel

    I don’t understand the hate for this CHILD. She is a sweetie and her song is so dance-able. Why are people hating on a child ?

  • Leah

    I don’t have a problem with her but Jared, if you’re gonna post about a young singer, you should give Alexis Jordin some posts :) That girl has an amazing voice.

  • em

    @americans are cruel: because new about that “sweet” and “cute” child supposed to be on jj jr, not here, thats annoying, im not interested what 9 year old girl likes to wear and promoting her is totally lame.

  • essie

    so funny that she looks IDENTICAL to will smith, usually the daughters look more like their mom than dad.. anyway i agree with the others she should be on the junior site

  • Kamo

    Of all Will Smith’s children, the GIRL had to inherit THOSE ears. Poor girl. I’m sure she’ll get them pinned back by the time she’s 20. And have you heard how DEEP his oldest son’s voice is?

  • willowsmith

    she’s an intelligent kid, more than a lot of posters here…

    “It means being individual. You can’t be afraid to be yourself. You HAVE to be yourself, and you can’t let anybody tell you that that’s wrong.”

  • em


  • Ben

    @em: Why are yall so focused on [her] AGE? Just wondering.

  • http://www. :)
  • TT

    pretty eyes though

  • Becks

    Look at those ears. She looks a lot like a little elf too. Stop shoving her in our face JJ. We are not junors and couldn’t care less about this little twerp.

  • Ola

    @americans are cruel: I don’t either. Britney, Justin, Christina……so many people in the industry started out her age. Remember the Mickey Mouse Club?

  • Jase

    @Ola: Don’t forget the Jacksons, Dakota Flanning, Brook Shields, Jodi Foster, Gary Coleman….list goes on. The bully-hate for this girl is absurd.

  • em

    @Ben: Duh! Maybe cause shes a child? Do you really think she can be inspiration for grown up people? Shes too young for being so “fashionable”, she will have time for that in future, now its time for having fun, playing with other kids, is that so difficult to get it?

  • lol

    she’s cute but her mom is annoying.

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • Dee

    Oh she is cute this time!

  • missy

    you can tell, Just Jared is being PAID to run these shots, the thumbs never work for the ones he’s getting paid for.

  • Ben

    @em: Why are yall only focusing on her IMAGE or her AGE? shes signed to a fkn MUSIC label

  • http://@haus_of_Kish Kisha_Fashionista

    First off, those who are MAD that a 9 year old is doing something you cannot can go skip into Traffic.. Last time I checked, 9 year olds were perfectly capable of forming their own thoughts and opinions. So WHY blame Will Smith for something that his daughter wanted to do. Some of you are SO lame is ridiculous. Let Willow Smith and that Ponytail thing be great and go worry about how to hide your embarassment and YOUR 9 year olds next clarinet recital.

  • 2pretty4d’sworld

    ew! What a weird head shape! lmao
    Let kids be kids

  • oh.

    @E. Norma Stitz: Idiot.

  • WERK


  • Erika

    That is something new…

  • kara

    I’m watching her ears and wonder if she can fly……

  • Jolly Folly


    Well why bother having Just Jared Jr. if he is going to post kids on Just Jared Senior? Personally I don’t have a lot interest in these kids or reality stars. Just my opinion. I’d like to see the kids on JJJr and the reality stars never.

  • Ao

    Look how strong she is that she’s still smiling! lmao

  • busted

    I don’t understand why news of a 9 year old child is posted here and not on JJ jr..

    why jared are you subjecting this child to these kinds of attacks.. not right.. I guess it is more important to get hits..

    Well I won’t comment again on a thread that features her..


  • mari

    @Ben: Maybe because on the planet where we are from 9 year old CHILDREN are seen running around on playgrounds and playing with Barbies or whatever and not wearing nearly skimpy dresses and are passed around from career to career, just because her parents treat their kid like a small grown up.

    But I don’t know, maybe that is different where you are from???

  • Iffy Miffy

    Well Jared, I sure hope you’re at least getting a huge pay-check from the Smiths for these posts considering people will run away from your blog when they see this fashion disaster over and over again.


    I know she is only a child and i hate to criticize young folks out there BUT she really annoys me already by the way she is marketing herself with over the top style. It’s just too much, too soon. I don’t like it that she tends to force it on people, like she wants to be an new icon at 9 years old of age !
    I rather see a 9 year old phenomenal artist with a spectacular voice who actually still dresses like a kid than a product shaped on a mini Riri like phenomena who is doing too much, too quick.
    There is something unappealing to a child who wants to mature so quick that she actually has a style, sings and has the degree of comfort like someone who is two times 9 years old. It’s not cute at all, it’s kinda disturbing.

  • 123

    Willow is a weird unattractive little girl. She needs to lose the weirdness and just work at being a normal 9 year old.

  • Liz

    Well, my mama always said “If you don’t have something nice to say about somebody, don’t say anything at all”, so…..

  • gio

    oh no oh no oh no!!!! we raised miley cyrus, justin Bieber and now the hardest part starts – willow smith – ridiculous !

  • Thais


  • elrkjsljlsj

    She has her dad’s whole face except the eyes. It’s actually quite startling! lol

  • Kaz

    She likd old like 16 year old

  • Marcelo P.

    She is looks like an Avatar.

  • Annabelle

    PLEASE, not this troll again!!!!!
    It belongs in Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @ mari The planet youre from is a typical 9-5 one, amirite? This kid comes from a family of Entertainers. She has creativity and confidence thus would have pursued the ENTERTAINMENT industry whether it’s Music, acting, fashion……..*regardless* of what age she started out. Skimpy outfits? How on earth is this outfit remotely skimpy ? Most of you are so ridiculous.

  • piperwest12

    That is one ugly child, why do they put her in hairstyles that emphazise those ears?! Stop promoting her on this site, she is a child of average talent being shoved into our faces by parents who swear she is brilliant. She has no style of her own because those are adult decisions being made for her. They need to leave her alone to be a kid and let her choose her own future.

  • tao

    ugly who is she

  • em

    @mari: Exactly :)

  • em

    @Ben: Im not going to crash same car all the time, its not my problem you obviosly dont understand my point, maybe when you were 9 you were signed to fkn music label too, so you had no time to get some education and learn how to understand what you read? :)