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Willow Smith: Ferragamo Fashion Fun with Mom!

Willow Smith: Ferragamo Fashion Fun with Mom!

Willow Smith hits up the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show during Fashion Week on Sunday (September 26) in Milan, Italy.

The 9-year-old “Whip My Hair” singer has been creating new trends throughout the week, including a faux hawk braid, which she wore on Saturday!

After the show, Willow and her mom Jada Pinkett Smith attended Naomi Campbell‘s celebration for Dolce & Gabbana‘s tremendous 25-year career.

10+ pictures inside of Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith enjoying fashion week in Milan…

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52 Responses to “Willow Smith: Ferragamo Fashion Fun with Mom!”

  1. 1
    Everything_bUtt_The_Girl Says:

    Seems.. new stage mom Jada is living through her daughter and son. Willow will put an album out and Jada has to show up with her everywhere in a calculated marketing move to shove her ofspring down our throats..she might be A-list by association to her bankable husband-actor, but I don’t remember her getting acting jobs lately

  2. 2
    DarkEmpress Says:

    Wow! That handbag is amazing!

  3. 3
    DarkEmpress Says:

    She is on HawthoRN – she plays a RN!

  4. 4
    rach Says:

    This kid is way too damn overexposed. GO TO SCHOOL KID

  5. 5
    nvrmnd Says:

    seriously again? I’m sick of this child already
    nepotism at work!

  6. 6
    tiiiifff Says:


  7. 7
    tiiiifff Says:

    Quit hating on herr!! We all know your all jelous because you wish you were just as spoiled! Hell I wish I was…Lucky lil girl…

  8. 8
    tiiiifff Says:

    Quit hating on herr!! We all know your all jelous because you wish you were just as spoiled! Hell I wish I was…Lucky lil girl…

  9. 9
    N. Says:

    Yes, she has a show but she doesn’t get a lot of attention for it. They also showed up to Jaden’s movie premiere, managing to take most of the attention away from the movie’s stars – their own son & Jackie Chan.

    Everyone in the free world knows by now that the majority of children that grow up in the spotlight usually end up with serious problems later – addiction and depression among them. While it might seem fun right now, and I hope that their home life is stable enough to ensure it doesn’t happen, it still doesn’t seem wise to be exposing a 9-year-old to a lifestyle that can end up being so disastrous.

  10. 10
    kAITLIN Says:

    wow, now they’re creating two monsters. talented i’m sure but monsters none the less. go to school, get out of the spotlight. jada will regret what she’s doing to her kids.

  11. 11
    lmao Says:

    I can’t stand this fake Jada.

    Every ten minutes she says, me and will just had sex.


  12. 12
    Lena Says:

    This little girl is so cute! It’s hilarious that she has grown adults all riled up lol!!!

  13. 13
    Kirsten Says:

    Jada needs to stop pimping this poor girl out. She should be doing times tables and playing with dolls. Let kids be kids. She can focus on a career when she is older.

  14. 14
    Kim Says:

    Jada is WEARING that hat.

  15. 15
    jake Says:

    OMG, you will find haters everywhere won’t you.

    To the Haters, I bet you guys haven’t even heard Willow Smith speak. You just write her off. She really is a sweet/well put together kid. She is beyond her age wisdom wise and is really talented. Thanks to her mom this young girl will grow up to be a confident women and will not turn out like Lindsay Lohan. The smiths are just allowing their kids to follow their dreams. Kids tend to do what the parents do like a family business. Its all ok. Let the kid have fun and get to go to fashion shows. It will build her character. This girl at her age is working to make a name for herself and not live off of her parents money. Kids her age are probably begging their parents for stuff. At this rate Willow will create one heck of trust fund for herself.

  16. 16
    jake Says:

    To the haters watch this Ryan Secrest Interview she did and then see make up your mind. For a nine year old she deserves props and props to her mom for raising such a well spoken and confident young girl.

  17. 17
    Ultra Says:

    This girl is getting as much attention on here as Rihanna its disgusting.

  18. 18
    Gag Says:

    Gag. Who cares about this kid with the big ears?

  19. 19
    jimmy carter Says:

    Wilow is one ugly kid.


  20. 20
    MKH2K Says:

    @jake: All I see is some gum smacking an poor singing!

  21. 21
    essie Says:

    i think by exposing her like this, the expectations are set too high. Ok, let’s just say she becomes a hit sensation, she will have to keep proving herself over and over. I think that’s just too much pressure for such a young girl. and I still don’t understand why she’s featured on JJ and not JJJ. I doubt adults will listen to her music, not like she can sing something that we can relate to lol.

  22. 22
    wow Says:

    Wow it’s been a Willow Weekend here on JJ. After a while of looking at these threads I’m giving the little girl a break. She’s having fun going to all those fabulous places with her mommy. How fabulous She’s also trying to get her name out to keep up with Jaden and showing off her pre tween look. She’s trying to get in the music business which is rough but how crowded is the field for the pre-tween set? Seems kinda empty unless you count Sesame street, Nick jr and those type of music.The Miley’s, Beibers, Jonas’s, Selena Gomes, etc are way to old now for that demographic that Willow is trying to reach. Jackie Evancho sings opera. All I can say is that I hope Jada is there for her little girl when one day Willow won’t want to smile for the “cameras” and may even have a temper tantrum on the red carpet. Remember folks she’s only 9 it’s gonna happen. It doesn’t mean she’s spoiled it’s just that , that’s what children do, have tantrums or crying spells at the worst possible time. They haven’t learned to be “on” all the time.

  23. 23
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    Ok, her publicist paid of this site. This is ridiculous now! Enough!!!

  24. 24
    christina Says:

    I’m kind of annoyed by her style. It’s always way too much and she looks like a clown, not like a 9- year old girl. However, I do respect her music and her creativity.

  25. 25
    marilyn Says:

    wow!! handbag? that thing is a suitcase. what the hell does she have in that thing??

  26. 26
    marilyn Says:

    wow!! handbag? that thing is a suitcase. what the hell does she have in that thing??

  27. 27
    rhonda Says:

    the little freak didn’t fall far from the freak tree!

  28. 28
    get that kid to school Says:

    Shouldn’t a 9 yr old be on the playground with other children or in school?

  29. 29
    Mmhmmm Says:

    Jada is confused! Sexually and stylistically . Actress, hip hop wife, rnb or Lesbian metal head? she really don’t know, huh? She’s fo sho a stage mom tho. Has will cheated on her yet?

  30. 30
    Jason Smith Says:

    Looks like Willow is enjoying fashion week with mom! Lucky girl!

  31. 31
    josh78 Says:

    it’s carnaval!

  32. 32
    efron Says:

    She is one fugly kid, looks like she an avatar.
    And please Jared, put her where she belongs, in JJ junior.

  33. 33
    Kaz Says:

    Fish like dad

  34. 34
    T Pain Says:

    Mom is not doing a very good job of being a mom…this is so sad. just look at her pose for the camera with that get up..very smug if you ask me.

  35. 35
    justsayno Says:


  36. 36
    Annie Says:

    Looks like a child prostitute and her pimp. SCARY.

  37. 37
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Oh my … this is just getting worse and worse. I don’t know who’s dressed worse but probably the kid. Oh my … horrible, just horrible. Wonder what the social services are doing? Oh wait! It’s the Smiths, they don’t count.

  38. 38
    jesse Says:

    I’m sorry but why isn’t this kid in school?!?!

  39. 39
    Guy Berryman is very handsome Says:

    A bit too young to attend fashion shows at her age.

  40. 40
    slambang Says:

    She looks just like her dad, ears and all. Poor thing. LOL

  41. 41
    In The Know Says:

    Really an odd looking child. Expose your kids to the media like this and your going to get all the comments posted on here.

    These parents are simply divorced from reality.

  42. 42
    puke Says:


    Hahahahahahaaa LOL you’re right!!

  43. 43
    Jasmine Says:

    In defense of the little girl…Look up most celebrities and you will see some form of nepotism…

  44. 44
    Nahla Says:

    Obviously, Will is not parading his kids because he has a job since he is a good actor. Aside from some low budget black movies, Jada hasnt had a career just bumming off her A-list husband. Now she is pimping her kids. So sad

  45. 45
    um Says:

    For those who are asking about school arent these pictures usually on the weekends? I haven’t kept up but she and her siblings do go to school.

    jada is not bad as an actress it’s just that she pics crappy movies to do and she has been for the past 10 years or so having and raising her little ones, Jaden & Willow who now seems so grown but are still little.

  46. 46
    Anny Says:

    Nahla @ 09/27/2010 at 1:29 pm

    Obviously, Will is not parading his kids because he has a job since he is a good actor. Aside from some low budget black movies, Jada hasnt had a career just bumming off her A-list husband. Now she is pimping her kids. So sad

    ^^^ Charlize Theron is that you?!?!?! Will Smith is just as much to blame for these kids being pimped..

  47. 47
    lol Says:

    Will’s genes are strong. Both his kids, I think even his eldest son, have a strong resemblence to him. Too bad for Willow. She may change when she’s an adult but I hardly think it will be that dramatic where all of a sudden she looks like her mother.

  48. 48
    alle Says:

    willow should not be wearing makeup.. come on BLush.. WTF… JADA you are taking this too far. at first it was cute but its too much now..

  49. 49
    yeah Says:

    ironically Jada is the classically trained artist in that family. She’s classically trained ballet dancer a choreographer then added acting. That’s how she got cast in A Different World I don’t know much about Will’s background other than he was a rapper and got his tv show Fresh Prince of Bel Air because of that.

    Why, if they want Willow to go in the biz, don’t they enroll Willow in an arts academy like Jada went to?

  50. 50

    See that’s how parents should spend time with their kids. Instead of in front of the computer hating on people that you obviously envy.

  51. 51
    T_Mauricio_C Says:

    @Everything_bUtt_The_Girl: Ummm…. You do know that Willow is 9 years old right?! Do you know ANY 9 years olds that do anything without their parents? Especially when it’s concerning record deals or movies. Also Jada has a very successful show (which is on it’s second season) called HAWTHORNE on TNT. Jada also was a well known actress before she and Will were married. So, please do your research before you make STUPID comments. Everything you said was total ingorant verbal diarrhea. :)

  52. 52
    lillieb Says:

    there are a lot of kids who should be so lucky. as to have two caring parents in the position to afford to let their children follow their dreams. as well as to be artis themselves and understanding the need to create.

    do hate on a little girl, it so unbecoming. we should be uplifting children that are striving to do something positive in their lives. so many fall through the cracks!

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