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Hayden Christensen is a Bench Warmer

Hayden Christensen is a Bench Warmer

Hayden Christensen sits on a bench while waiting to be picked up at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (September 27).

The 29-year-old Takers actor just returned from Toronto, Canada, where he supported the The Rally For Kids with Cancer Celebrity Draft Party. The day after, Hayden and Eva Longoria kicked off the celebrity race in Toronto raising money for the SickKids Foundation.

FYI: Hayden is wearing AllSaintsMilitary Boot.

15+ pictures inside of bench warmer Hayden Christensen

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hayden christensen bench warmer 01
hayden christensen bench warmer 02
hayden christensen bench warmer 03
hayden christensen bench warmer 04
hayden christensen bench warmer 05
hayden christensen bench warmer 06
hayden christensen bench warmer 07
hayden christensen bench warmer 08
hayden christensen bench warmer 09
hayden christensen bench warmer 10
hayden christensen bench warmer 11
hayden christensen bench warmer 12
hayden christensen bench warmer 13
hayden christensen bench warmer 14
hayden christensen bench warmer 15
hayden christensen bench warmer 16

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  • G is for Giggles

    He looks SO GOOD, OMG!

    Whatever your doing, KEEP IT UP SWEETIE.

  • offtheproperty

    Perez Hilton is suggesting on his site that the IRS should audit Lindsay Lohan. Honestly, I can’t think of a more Low-Down thing to do. Perez Hilton is clearly the grossest and most obese and vindictive piece of slime in the history of Hollywood. He is by no means or in any way “cool.”

  • @2

    What the heck does that have to do with Hayden? Take it to her post.

    Hayden is looking great..yum yum.

  • offtheproperty

    Sorry. Yes, Hayden looks great and Hayden is cool.
    But Perez Hilton is an As S hoL e !

  • @4

    Everyone already knows Perez the biggest BS blogger around.

    And Hayden still looks good.

  • Lake

    WTF? You’re insane, you need to take that crap to Lilo’s last post. You obviously have the wrong thread. Hayden looks amazing, if a bit, um, adrift, lol. Missed signals with whoever was supposed to pick him up? I love that he waits on the bench with the common folk and didn’t go all diva HW celeb expecting everyone around to cater to him. Down to earth Canadian. Too bad more Americans aren’t that chill. Oh Canada…

  • annie

    HAYDEN,HAYDEN,HAYDEN looking so good and better since bilson is gone yeah.movies,movies.

  • Brightside

    I am amazed at how much healthier he looks now! How much more relaxed and settled! The last few months he looks as though a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. This happened to Adam Brody too! It’s not usual for a break up to produce such a positive change in appearance and character and only proves that there was something deeply debilitating and draining about the whole affair. I don’t think that Rachel Bilson is a good person to know in a relationship situation. She doesn’t do her boyfriends any favours at all and they all look so much happier when they are freed of her. Very strange. Perhaps she’s one of those toxic people I keep reading about!

  • @8-the pathetic Brightside

    WTF does Rachel have to do with this post? Hayden has spent weeks on the red carpet, come back from a month’s holiday-of course he looks good idiot-besides we all know that you bag Hayden every chance you get.–Go run and find Lexy

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    He still looks dirty and pasty white. Lose the Canuck rag hat. Or better yet give to me and I will puke in it! =)

  • http://Tja Slig


  • lexy hates bilson

    The IRS should audit a lot of people…not sure what that’s got to do with HC though…
    Guess he’s got some business to take care of in LA. Good to see him trying to revive his career.

  • Emma

    This guy is f****ing USELESS.

  • leimore

    He also have to revive his HW image (if its still had credibility). Imagined he got hooked up w/ JJ’s pet always-jobless-celebritard w/ mental & attention-deficit issues – yeeesh!

  • look

    Looking good.

  • Kaz

    Boring like matt

  • leimore

    And ooops, I forgot that “his ex-fiancee is also a useless/worthless tool” too. What a smart……azz Hayden!

  • jamie


  • Lora

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Guys, what is IRS??

    You know guys, it’s surprises me how a mere change of a cap can do so much good to the look. I did not like his outfit at that sick kids rally at all. I mean the picture where he waves flags with Eva.

    I understand that the dress code there could be casual but why look like a swine-herd?? Why so much stress on being a farmer?? He wants to have an air of rebellion??

    With all my love for him, I can not accept his message and his sense of fashion sometimes… Why he drags these old-look boots in every outfit during the last few events?? Yes, they look peculiar and it was ok in Veriety Studio but with a classic grey jacket it’s not even tolerable. Bad choice.

    But apart from unfortunate clothes he does look gorgeous!!

  • me

    @Lora 19

    I respect his choice of clothes. It reflects who he really is and what he likes, he is not pretentious or insecure. He has a career and does not nee to rely on selling clothes that are uncomfortable and a waste of money, something his ex is involved in full time.

  • TeamCanada

    I love is hat!!!! It looks so wicked on him. Why shouldnt he show his pride for his home country?
    Many Americans wear t shirts or baseball caps with American flags on them or bald eagles he is just being just as patriotic about his home country Canada.
    Woot Canada !!!!
    I have the black and white versions of that hat and I love them. I happen to be a American/Canadian hybrid and I think its great his style from his hat to his old worn in boots.Also those arent the ones he wore at the event the other night I think. He has beeb wearing several old pairs lately lol He has alot of old worn in boots.
    Good a man who clearly isnt afraid of getting his hands or his boots dirty if only more people were like that the world would probably be a more tolerable place wouldnt it?

  • ugly

    f’ugly talentless tw@t

  • Yeech

    He really looks sloppy and like he pulled on whatever dirty clothes were shoved under the bed. He also looks like he hasn’t showered or shaved. But he’s back in LA maybe in talks to to Takers 2 or something…and getting back together with soulmate/beard Rachel Bilson. They are perfect together.

  • kaleigh

    I believe that Kim KardaSK@NK is single too. She’s a pefect match for him in terms of wh***ring abilities that his little ex-flame’s got; as her inner talent & passion.

  • MissAnthropica

    @ugly: @Yeech: Shut up you little cyber troll.
    Pathectic go back to your Rachel thread lol All you trolls do is come over here and bash him atleast when I go to Rachel thread I try to be fair about it. If she is wearing a good outfit I point it out etc
    I dont love his ex or hate her either.

    But you little trolls or should I say one crazy troll cant stand Hayden.
    Its pathectic of you,

    Even when JJ posted about Haydens charity work the other day the only big comebacks you trolls had was to talk about his looks AGAIN lol

    Sad attempt to bash him like a desperate person grasping at straws.

    So I will say to you what often crazy Rachel fans say on her thread when someone disses her looks which they OFTEN DO.

    ” Your just jealous of Hayden and how good looking he is because you never will be that good looking and Rachel would never get into a fake relationship with you;p”

    Enjoy the taste of your own medicine.

    You bitter jealous pathectic little thing whoever you are ;p and have a lovely day ;p

  • Lora


    No offence, but does comfy clothes cancel taste?? If I am comfortable in slippers should I wear them with all clothes and appear in them everywhere for that reason?? What about respect for people and occasion?? Or showing who I am and what I like is above all?? I think he overdoes it with ”I- do-not-care” look this time. I really did not like him in those clothes near Eve, so elegant even in casual wear.

    And what having or not having a career has to do with buying clothes or taste?? I am not expecting or wishing him to be a fashionista but there should be at least a common sense in choice if not a taste – classics never go with funny boots. Boring truism. And his ex ,hate to mention, has nothing to do with it.

  • MissAnthropica

    Btw for all the little morons who dont know it was 113 degrees in downtown LA and LAX when he arrived it was the HOTTEST DAY IN 100 YEARS of keeping record of the temperature in southern california.
    So if he looks a little rough around the edges it may have been he was baking to death in the sun!!!!!!!

    I think it says alot about him that he chose to sit outside on a regular bench with regular people during the worst day in southern california ever temperature wise atleast and he didnt storm off back into the cold airport and head for one of the celeb lounges.
    Which he could of.
    Instead he roughed it like anyone else till his car showed up.

    P.S. No offense to his ex but there is no way in the hell that was LA yesturday that Rachel would of sat outside and waited for the car like a normal person and didnt make a scene about it all. No way she would of done that….. the plain and simple facts.

    So shut up stop with the hate and take off your blinders Hayden isnt a bad guy. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Lora

    @TeamCanada: His look on the bench is perfect for the occasion. I talked about different event.

  • chris33

    He looks so good. Single life is certainly agreeing with him. Happy to see him out and about doing charitable things. Good for him. Love the style, the hat, the man, love him. Can’t wait for Vanishing on 7th Street. :)

  • me

    @Lora 26

    I would prefer that he wore canvas sneakers but he hates lacing his footwear up. At least he does not have to be ashamed of who he is and try too hard. It was a casual function and he was dressed appropriately for it, as to the boots, it was not a modeling show, he wore what he was in the mood for.

  • the truth

    @Lora: And for all those who think its wrong for he has on. Be real he just wearing what he like he like .That who he is. Like he said once he don’t mind getting dirty. Unlike his ex. She didn’t want him to wear things like that. He knows how to dress when it calls for it. He just being hisself.That’s the reason why is ex can’t find no man cause she wants to change them into her.And he’s not going back with her either.Not give up his freedom are what he is and what he wants to wear.He dont put on an act are what he’s about like other people.If he says that he love to wear his clothes that way he’s true about it. Also those that say he’s boring . That’s the way he like it drama free.Since rachel and him broken-up. She has been linked to dating everyone. She had even tried to get an acting gig anywhere.Walking around shopping and nothing else. and showing off her legs in shorts So tell me who did bettter after the break-up? Hope he’s there to get another project started. Cause everytime he would come to LA she would be dating someone. Still loook good. And jared he lives in canada not la.You wrote it wrong.Good to see him as always Love his Canada cap.Show hometown pride!

  • Viper


    First off it would be hard for him to “GET BACK” with his ex when she is in Italy and not around THANK GOD for those of us who were sick of the showmance. And second why would anyone want to hook back up with that woman she seems to be what is making the men she dates look the way they do. It took Adam Brody awhile but he does look good now.

    Who knows why HC blew back into town I doubt it is for any takers movie again since TI will obviously be doing time for his last crime. Plus Takers wasn’t all that wonderful compared to THE TOWN.

  • Dani

    Hayden is super Hot!

  • callmewhatever

    Am I missing something?? I think he looks HOT SO HOT! I love his boots, casual clothes and hat. Looks like the hottest regular guy u’ve ever seen.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Viper: Good point Hayden didnt come back to la TILL RACHEL LEFT.. LA lol Rachel is in Milan all you little Rayden retards get over it . It was a horrible showmance and we all dont have to watch the bad acting of it anymore.

    Hayden is more likely in town for the upcoming film “the cold ”
    he has been packing on some weight for the role of a former solider and they are hoping to start filming by the beginning of winter this year into next.
    So I doubt it is for Takers2 but it might just be for the much better THE COLD.

  • Lake

    I hate those boots, but hey, he’s sitting outdoors on a bench at the airport. He just got off a long flight, why shouldn’t he be comfortable? I didn’t care for him wearing them on a red carpet, but it’s his choice.

  • jolene

    gorgeous and cute!!!!!! thanks jj!!!!! muchly!!
    he’s so cool!!!!! his style is just perfect!!!!!
    single hayden makes me crazyyy!!!!! I’d love to make out with him!!! lol

  • DelaCapri

    Oh heavens. Those ugly boots have got to go. Sorry Hayden. They look so yucky. lol Nice fresh face though. He’s looking healthier. :)

  • DelaCapri

    I’m not sure why anyone feels they have to bring up Rachel over and over. None of you know what she would or would not do just as you don’t really know what Hayden would or would not do. Take him and this photo for what it is. I get so tired of people inviting the trolls to argue. We don’t want to talk about Rachel. So stop bringing her up or arguing with other people about her. She’s out of the picture.

    I’m glad to see Hayden doing whatever he has to do and looking good I might add.

  • LJ


    I agree, and he looks handsome too! =) I hope he’s in LA for more than a day or two, I would love to get to see him doing more charity.

  • rose

    Some bring up rachel bcz it seems a bit more than a coincidence that he is in LA at her return from Milan, may be he is still the same idiot who wants to marry her and not take care of his career, charity and meet a worthy partner in life not this pretentious, fake woman who is 30 but thinks she is still 10 years old.

  • ann

    c’mon!! the boots are awesome!!! hayden looks beautiful!! takers is nice btw!!

  • MissAnthropica


    First of all please dont use the word “WE” instead of I, you only speak for yourself and to suggest anything otherwise with using the word “we” instead of ” I” makes you seem big headed or that your one of the grumpier members of the gang from IMDB.
    Hopefully not the latter. lol

    Last time I checked we are all on a gossip site ………so all anyone does is guess and speculate about things…. what someone would or would not do. etc etc … its called gossip my friend and if your on this site…. well your apart of it too.
    So off the high horse please.
    Also “DELA” his ugly boots have got to go you say?
    Who are you to say what has to go and not go in his life or anyones life if the shoes make the man happy let him wear them if they bother you that much then dont look at them. Hayden has plenty of others places a fan girl can gaze at I am most sure.
    I find it ironic you say this…

    .”Oh heavens. Those ugly boots have got to go. Sorry Hayden. They look so yucky.”

    Then turn around and say something totally hypocrtical to what you just said in your comment before.
    You said in your next comment

    “Take him and this photo for what it is”
    Maybe Dela you should take some of your own advice and take him as he is and shut up about the boots people lol
    They are just shoes the world will surely not end tomarrow because HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN LOVES HIS OLD BOOTS.

    I hope he continues with the type of charity work he has been doing lately its really awesome that he has been getting involved the right way about things.
    He might also be in LA for Vanishing on 7thOr ,a st, they are still trying to finalize a distributor for the film within the next few weeks and Hayden’s brother Tove was one of the producers on it so it could have something to do with Vanishing on 7th st, The Cold, or I really hope not… but Jumper 2 oh I really really really hope not I would sooner watch Takers 2 lol
    Or maybe he just wanted some nice California sunshine although we (myself and other cali natives) have farrrr too much of that right now in southern california.
    Hope Hayden doesnt get too toasty. He looks a bit like the kind that might burn lol

  • LJ

    “Some bring up rachel bcz it seems a bit more than a coincidence that he is in LA at her return from Milan, may be he is still the same idiot who wants to marry her and not take care of his career, charity and meet a worthy partner in life not this pretentious, fake woman who is 30 but thinks she is still 10 years old.”

    I hope you’re joking…

  • RoseThorne

    I dont like the post comments on here much but that other ” rose” is going to make me look bad.
    @rose: Really your going to call the guy an idiot?
    For what exactly? Making a mistake even if they were real or a fake relationship? It seems some “fans” are never going to let that go. How supportive of some of his claimed to be ” supporters” Calling him an idiot honestly just makes you sound like a bitter empty simpleton. By all means though please continue with your conspiracy theories and obvious bitterness I am sure it fits you. Hayden from what can be gathered of him is not an idiot at all, he seems very intelligent but there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom and wisdom you cant get from a book it is given to you piece by piece over time. Now could he be a tad naive? Possible but even then his fans should just support him or not but make up their forsaken minds about it. Ok rant done. Back to quiet no commenting on here mode. ^.^

  • Rachel and Hayden Forever

    Rachel comes back to LA today and you know that he will go back to her. He is nothing, barely on the radar, without her horrible reputation as a press wh07e and a no-talent spoiled rotten shopaholic daddy’s girl who owes her whole ‘career’ to nepotism and the casting couch. He needs a beard badly because he wants to work and even if the product was mediocre to poor, at least the work was steady, when he was with her. She is his perfect mate and match. He is a loser and anyone who says he looks fresh and gorgeous in those pics needs their eyes checked. He looks dirty and rumpled and fugly and smelly even for LA heat, and if he weren’t such a cheap guy, he could have arranged for an airconditioned limo to pick him up. His worthless girlfriend dragging brother must have forgotten when he was coming in or Rachel’s mother was still shopping and wasn’t there as previously arranged.

  • Lake

    Totally delusional.

  • rose

    You say Naive, how naive can you be. He dated her for 3 years and after all this time still said he was deeply in love with her and could not wait to get married. How naive can you be? Don’t they talk and text to each other. When she opens her mouth I want to puke, she is a definition of a ditz. And the fact that he does not like to spend time with her, doing what exactly, shopping and eating all the time? What the hell does he want form a relationship, just to say that he is engaged?

  • Lake

    That “deeply in love and can’t wait to get married” was never said by Hayden. It was fabricated by the LaCoste reporter. Every interview he did that day that I saw, I believe there were three of them, he refused to talk about her or say anything about her. Besides, it doesn’t matter. He broke it off, it’s over. Time to move on, he clearly has.

  • Jokergurl

    He looks hot, he’s very tall too, that never hurts :)