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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Make It To Milan

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Make It To Milan

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have dinner together at Bice restaurant on Sunday (September 26) in Milan, Italy.

The 24-year-old actress will be starring as Lily (Bird Woman), a carnival worker who happens to have a pair of wings, in the new film Passion Play. Last week, TrailerAddict released four clips of the upcoming release, which also stars Mickey Rourke as Nate, a washed-up Jazz trumpeter on the run from the mob in 1950s Los Angeles.

On Saturday, Megan and Brian attended Emporio Armani’s Womenswear Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show together.

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  • Aubrey Titmuss

    I hope that they both do more mainstream movies from now on.

  • wonda

    I like Megan but the movie sounds like a right stinker.

  • Brooke

    I have yet to figure out what’s so great about Megan Fox!?!?

  • Ash

    Megan <333

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I love Megan’s outfit. Simple yet sexy. But I don’t like the girl :) …. She’s very pretty but there’s something about hr that bugs me. Maybe the fact that she’s an Angelina wannabe or trying to hard to come off as a super sexy darling…I don’t know…. :D

  • mmmmmmmmmm

    mmmmmmmmn Brian Austin Green looks good.

  • Josie

    Saw BAG on Desperate Housewives what a HUNK.

  • Mary from Russia

    It’s a pity if the new film get bad reviews because of Megan’s acting. I like Mickey Rourke so much, he is a great actor, why did they cast her to play with him? I saw the trailer, she didn’t even try to play. I think she gets too much attention. She didn’t deserve it. To spoil films that’s everything she can do.

  • Kaz

    Sick bum

  • Pinkrose

    Why can’t she get decent scripts?! Seems Hollywood brass doesn’t have confidence in her acting ability…just int her looks.

  • mailey

    i might have to admit that she’s my girl crush.

  • robert

    like old nasty women bla bla

  • i hope

    hi guys why offent the people ok what about is Doomsday ? What can try to say?

  • dani

    megan fox is fakely beautiful, sad as she was pretty before she totally changed her face.

    anyone who says she didnt should look at original photos of her. Nevertheless, she did a good plactic surgery job and looks almost perfect in some ways…this pisses me off as its all fake. Plastic surgery makes me crazy because it is not attractive if it is not real. THEN, it makes ture beauty seem less good or never good enough! Therefore, she is no longer pretty at all because she is just a structure made by a doctor. If i had that much surgery and botox, id look better I think LOL

  • dani

    screw plastic surgery. its fake, so your not beautiful . sorry, cant buy that.

  • GH

    She is beautiful,but every girl with blue eyes and black hair I know is beautiful like her.She isn’t perfect,her skin is really bad and with all that botox it doesn’t get better.
    I saw her pictures back in 2004,nothing special,just an ordinary girl,nobody have noticed her back then,why?

  • Sean

    I’d like to see her in person,maybe she is just photogenic .
    Does somebody see her in person?Answear other ppl please,not her PR or stuff.

  • Andie

    I’ve seen her and she’s prettier than in the movies.

  • frog

    @Mary from Russia
    For your information, the film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and first reviews are already in – not one has criticized Megan’s performance, most people praise it a lot. It’s shouldn’t be a surprise since Rourke called her the best young actress he has ever worked with.

    I saw the clips also, it is ridiculous to say she “didn’t even try to play.” The one where she spreads her wings is mesmerizing, despite the fact there is not a word of dialogue between the characters. But it’s no wonder you didn’t recognize the subtle acting and expression if you are so closed-minded towards her.

  • Captain America 2011

    Oh look it’s the box office executioner again. She’s returned to bury what’s left of industry. After she gave it it’s last rights and sliced; now she’s back to dig it’s grave. God even her face morphs now; she’s Lindsey Lohans clone and Xtinas bootlegged doll. Over priced too. Seriously, THEY need to stop hiring her she’s just a bad investment.

  • luvd80s2

    @frog: What have you been smoking? one reviewer called the soon to be flop the “worst movie ever made”! No one has praised her acting ,they said she did what she was paid for, play the hot chick, thats all she knows. everyone is praising Bill Murray for his role an not anyone else! People were walking out of the screenings at how bad this movie is! Please put the crack pipe down and stop smelling her farts they are killing your brain cells! Please….. misunderstood my a*s! “mesmerizing” that’s the statement of the year! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Literature Test

    @Captain America 2011: Before you start dropping the literary devices, you might actually want to take a little time to make sure they make sense. Just a suggestion. Btw, Megan is HOT. Love you, Megan.

  • frog

    You are wrong, no matter how many exclamation marks and LMAO’s you put in.

    “The story is beautiful and the performances are stellar, the ending is great. I think that very few would expect Megan Fox to play a role like this.”

    “Rourke’s rumpled hard-man vulnerability is part of his charm and fans will enjoy his work, as will those who enjoy Murray’s ineffably cool line readings. Fox is persuasively shy and hurt, using a soft and whispery voice.”

    “Rourke plays Nate, a down and out jazz musician, who falls for a circus beauty that sports a pair of wings (Fox). Murray makes a rare appearance as sadistic businessman, who tries to tear them apart. Fox stands out in her most dramatic role to date”

    “Mickey Rourke and Megan Fox live up to their end of the bargain in this fantasy/thriller/drama of a film but the script and cinematography let them down from time to time.”

    “I liked the performances, for the most part. Fox is really solid, Murray is Murray, and Rourke is Rourke. Not too much of surprise, however you wanna take that. “

  • Whitecatthorn


    I am with you 100 %, she’s one the of the most plastic celebs ever. Her face looks different every year. Look at Jeniffer Aniston, her face still looks exactly the same after 20 years. So no one can deny that Megan has had work done. It’s obvious she has.

  • Whitecatthorn


    no she’s not, she’s like a walking wax figure, she’s not pretty, she’s plastic. 100 %. no more natural beauty left.

  • hj

    Saw BAG on Desperate Housewives,he sucks.