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Megan Fox: Milan Fashion Week with Brian Austin Green!

Megan Fox: Milan Fashion Week with Brian Austin Green!

Brian Austin Green gives his leading lady Megan Fox a sweet kiss on the head at the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show during Italy’s Milan Fashion Week on Monday (September 27).

Megan finished off her sleek Armani ensemble with grey Brian Atwood “Debra” pumps. Last night, she wore black suede Brian Atwood booties to dinner with Brian.

On Saturday, Megan attended the Emporio Armani show.

10+ pictures inside of Milan Fashion Week couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

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Credit: Venturelli; Photos: Wireimage, WENN
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  • Sammy

    she’s really really pretty. and she looks great.
    (he loves her.)

  • Dan

    She looks so drop dead gorgeous here! A lot more natural then in some of her other even photos. But WOW I can’t stop looking at how hot she looks here! Love Megan.xx

  • ug


  • seriosuly

    she looks beautiful
    love the outfit!

  • Anne

    Please, stop talking about this dumb girl.

  • woman11

    She looks very appropiate. I love the outfil too. Looking so pretty Megan!!

  • Mary

    WOW she is gorgeus, Brian is ugly

  • the truth

    She never look happy when she’s with him.Wish she would have transformers movie again. its’s not going to look right for her being n it. Should have waited and married him. Cause he follow her everywhere it seem. And tha’s not good for her image right now. And he’s not working at all.Buit she still loooks good. And she can get better work soon cause stay around him is not good at all. Hope she wake up and find out married life isn’t good when you’re trying to get mwork and your lazy husband isn’t doing anything but folowing you around.

  • Dilma

    She is so pretty and her husband is awful, He has the biggest head I’ve ever seen

  • Captain America 2011

    The girl is box office POISON. Must you all shove her down our throats? She’s a loss not an investment and companies would do well NOT to employ this farce of a girl. She’s grossly over paid she doesn’t meet demands and she is in no way a profit maker. She’s spends other peoples cash and lives off of high priced freebees. All her projects are utter flops and her acting ability is nonexsistant. ENOUGH is enough as if the black outs weren’t clue enough? People are sick of this girl just sick of her. Production companies lose more than gain and her salery is ridiculous and quite frankly

  • John

    Why is she with him??? I really don’t understand, he is so ugly and old for her
    PS: Dilma, ha ha ha “the biggest head I’ve ever seen” LOL



  • Captain America 2011

    –quite frankly criminal. She has nothing to contribute to us and can’t hold a movie. Her career is finished she should never have even tried because this girl is a pure example of Holllywood recycled trash.


    She is too much hot for him

  • Troy


  • Inna

    I’m still waiting for her for transformers 3, Am I naive??? I guess
    Sam and Mikaela FOREVER

  • shoegal

    i think she looks better when she’s dressed down and casual.

  • frog

    @Captain America 201
    Do me a favor and speak for yourself, okay? I like her as an actress. I enjoyed her in Jennifer’s Body, many people did.

    Also, your attempted business analysis is just empty rambling. Box office poison? Jennifer’s Body was the only film in which she played the lead that underperformed. And even that wasn’t an “utter flop” as you call it – it made its money back.

  • kb

    @John: Why are you with the person you are with? To me he is very handsome and the last time I checked you marry someone because you love them-love has nothing to do with what you look like idiot.

  • mike


  • Joy

    Fcukin HOT couple are you guys BLIND.

    Brian Austin Green looks sharpe and let me say it again really HOT.

  • Number Six

    Foxy is so HOOOOOOOOOT!!!

    And… Sam and Mikaela forever!!!!!!!!

  • This is the Truth

    @the truth: She looks happy to me as she is with her husband which means she is awake already.

    She waited 6 years for him now they are married and again it seems from interviews and photo’s very happy. Sort your life out before worrying about hers.

    When your in love and happy you are together it’s not following (maybe you would like to follow her) like a stalker it’s bliss from happiness. The lazy man as you call him has been working for over 20 years well before Megan Fox came to light and I’m sure he will continue to get work to provide for his family.

    Jealously will get you know where near Megan Fox stop dreaming fools. She made a choice and it’s Brian Austin Green.

    Her career will be fine but it would have been great if she was in Transformers will not be the same but everyone move on what’s done is done.

    They are a great couple try and handle your problems.

  • salma

    hes hot

  • Man oh Man

    BAG is a fine looking guy end off.

  • Josh

    @DIANA: Have you seen the ladies that Brian Austin Green has been with in the past or linked with eeeeee Tiffani Thiessen and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo that dude is spot on.

    He’s too hot for her.

  • Here they are

    The fat haters didn’t take long to come out of the woodwork. If you b*tch*s spent more time on the elliptical and less on your jealousy, you’d probably be close to your proper weight.
    Oh, and Megan looks hot as always. And they’re the hottest couple in H’wood.

  • wow

    OMFG that’s the best she looked ALL YEAR

  • wow

    @Captain America 2011: wow dude you need to relax, you think its so easy to have a career, not everybody is draw at box office, not even the best actors…if she is so over why bi tch about it…just move on to more important things

  • Robot Alert

    Looking at these photo’s I dont believe megan fox is real lol she looks so shiny I think shes a robot

  • Robot Alert

    Looking at these photo’s I dont believe megan fox is real lol she looks so shiny I think shes a robot

  • Jime

    She’s gorgeous, and I love the outfit. And the makeup is very pretty, I hate when she uses ton of it….she looks so fake. It’s better this way :)

  • cuba

    Yay, she’s looking a little more natural! All those injections were weird. I’m a fan of the nose job, but those duck lips creep me out. Now she’s a semi(?) natural beauty.

  • viper


    I can’t speak for Cap but Jonah Hex was an epic flop and JB just barely made it’s costs but nothing more. I give that to Amandas credit rather than Megan Fox. Amanda not only has played beautiful roles but the can actual act and won actual presious awards while Fox wins the rewards like’ worst actress of the year’ or ‘ just do somthing ‘ award. Fox is beyond over rated. Not to mention the second she opens her mouth she just digs herself a bigger hole. Beside she is NOT the first actress to have black hair and blue eyes- granted she dyes her hair black and tattooed her eye brows and got a nose job. There are thousands of actressed with blue eyes and black hair : julia Voth comes to mind and that woman is SMOKING. Look her up I saw she is everything Megan Foxes only wishes she could be.

  • viper

    Also I agree she is very tiny and her outfits esspeically the ridiculous shoes just down size her even more. I bet she’s no taller than Hayden say a couple of inches. She resembles a blow up doll playing dress up and every times I see her like this all I saw is ‘ awww look megans playing adult’ Why on earth should people take her seriously at all is beyond me.

  • http://justjared alessia

    sono contenta che sia venuta in italia :) speriamo che resta così potrà uscire a qualche trasmissione !!!!!!

  • FAB

    Why isn’t Giorgio Armani featuring the hottest HF models on his shows like D&G…………

    Well Megan made up for the lack of them last night:) but i still do think the model on the Giorgio Armani FW 2010 ad is much prettier than Megan.

  • Mary from Russia

    I wonder why there is so much blind admiration. I’ve never been to USA but I think there are millions of naturally beautiful girls here. Why do you admire this fake talentless woman, while having so many gorgeous actresses? For example Liv Tyler, she is natural beauty with black (not dyed) hair and eyebrows, blue eyes, beautiful lips. Megan has fair hair, wears extensions, and tattooed her eyebrows. I find it disgusting. We call such girls “mooqla” ))) A real beauty is always natural beauty.

  • Mary from Russia

    @Robot Alert:
    Not a robot. A Transformer. Megan Transformer Fox!
    Every year new lips, every two years a new nose.

  • gaunt

    lettme just say that she looks exquisite….@This is the Truth: agree completely. I wonder why she doesn’t get any decent scripts though….l’d like to see her perform.

  • @fab

    Giorgio doesn’t need supermodels for his runways because his creations are so stylish, classy and creative that are immediately n spotlight by themselves, no matter who is wearing them.
    Very often designers ask for celebs and supermodels because they don’t have much to offer in terms of quality and style and by doing this they get the attention they would never get for their work alone.
    Giorgio is simply the king, and Meg should follow his advice more often, like she did here.

  • janith

    Aishwarya rai was there too in same raw with megan.Aishwarya looks very beautiful than megan i think

  • viper


    I agree with you there; to a point. I can’t speak for Cap dude, but it’s annoying as hell to see her posted on every billboard over here, (granted funny things were painted on her proving what a farse she is) she’s in the ads and in every magazine, and there isn’t a day where she isn’t on a gossip site or just everywhere and like he said ‘shoved down our throats’ I too am sick of seeing her and her terrible acting.
    She needs to just permanantly disappear so that somebody with actual beauty and talent may get discovered and contribute to hollywood than add to it’s degeneration.
    I don’t get the appeal at all.

  • frog

    She was in Jonah Hex for 10 minutes, it was hardly her movie and she can’t be blamed for its failure.

    What has she done so far for you to say she doesn’t have talent? Don’t you have to wait for her to actually get a chance to act in a decent role before you can make that determination? Judging anyone based on their performance in a Michael Bay movie is silly. People are so quick to make assumptions about actresses who openly capitalized on their sexiness… Sure, it is understandable to be sceptical but it is unreasonable to completely write off.

    I think she was good in Jennifer’s Body, which was her most advanced role to date. I think she’s a decent actress and I think she has potential.

  • Mary

    PS: Brian Austin, who are you? no one, get out of here

  • yeah

    She looks beautiful here and BAG is hot!

  • Mary

    @Mary: BAG RULES 2.

    “PS: Brian Austin, who are you? no one, get out of here”, the hot guy, the guy who was famous before Megan was even heard off with over 20 years acting experience.

    The guy that when she came to Hollywood he helped introduce her to famous contacts. ooooohhhhhh, the guy she decided to marry because of respect and love. The guy who is clearly going nowhere anytime soon as they appear to be both happy. The guy who has your dream girl. The guy from Desperate Housewives before that Smallville before that TSCC.

    The guy who’s getting better with age, finally the guy that says get a life she’s mine.

  • jen

    Gorgeous couple. She is pretty and he is handsome, after I saw him in smallville, I changed my mind about him. The guy is hot. Also they look cute in that pic where he is kissing her forehead.

  • sara

    I’m not jealous because I’m beautiful too and I used to like her a lot,
    but I don’t see her beautiful anymore,in every picture I see plastic face with a really bad skin.

  • G.I.

    Is she trying to hide the pimples with a purse?