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Nicki Minaj: I Don't Date Guys!

Nicki Minaj: I Don't Date Guys!

Check out the new artwork for Nicki Minaj‘s new single, “Right Thru Me“, which you can listen to below.

The 25-year-old rising star recently shared why she keeps her rap game clean. She told Ebony, “My fans seem to get younger and younger. So it’s very important for me to speak to a child differently than I would speak to an adult. And when all a child can hear is your music and see the way you dress, that’s the only thing you can really use to kind of steer [him or her] in the right direction. So I toned it down a bit. The music will always remain authentic. So taking out a few curse words every now and then doesn’t make you less credible of a rapper.” Great thinking!

As for her relationship status, Nicki added, “I don’t date guys. I hang out with my girls. They’re sexier, anyway, and they’re more fun. And less needy.” Ha!

Nicki Minaj – “Right Thru Me”
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  • mailey

    cool cover.

  • Larissa

    love herrr :)

    btw, use spell check guys …

  • Mario

    Hi! Have you seen new photos from Glee?
    We’ve also uploaded treailer with Britney!

  • Kaz

    I’m sexiest of the sexy !!

  • glow

    There is nothing new about her. her whole image is a rip of of Lili kim and EVE. she is not a great role model for kids doubt they are listening her her music .


    I think Nicki is a dope chick.

  • dani

    wowww. good for her for saying something like that. Nowadays, when underage girls are becoming so sexual and people are so obsessed w celebrities, shes got it right.

    who cares about swearing and stupidity in songs? i personally hate when they randomly say bad words to sound cool. My personal pet peeve is random GROSS sexual things men say about women in raps and how degrading it is to women. She randomly says stuff like that sometimes-at leats before- but her new stuff doesnt seem to.

  • dani

    go nicki :) dont say stupid shit and beat those sexual-obsessed chauvanistic male rappers in the rap game!

  • Nicki

    sounds ok my son is in love with her, knows all her songs and have me listening to her lol, all the haters just shut up, dont hate – appreciate; she’s a young black woman making a name for herself, and doing what alot of you cant.

  • Ihateph

    I think she su*cks


    How can you say you think about kids and talk about sex with a girl

    how is that child friendly

  • Werk

    Nice Pic she is very artistic!

  • Belac

    Good for her. I hate when the media constantly ask celebrities about their love lives. Who are you dating. What if you don’t want to date anymore, geez!

  • Belac

    Nicki is growing on me.

  • Jolly Folly

    She said girls are sexier. She didn’t say she talked about sex with them.

    Lighten up.

    From Wikipedia:
    While some songs and interviews have implied that Minaj is bisexual,she has said that she does not date or have sex with women,but added in an interview with OUT magazine, “I don’t date men either”. In an interview with Vibe she commented, “I just embrace all people of all lifestyles and I don’t tell them they are bad people. And I say girls are beautiful and girls are sexy and they need to be told that, and if they don’t have anyone to tell them that and mean it, I’m gonna tell them that. But I feel like people always wanna define me and I don’t wanna be defined.”

  • Beamie


  • jason

    As a gay man, I find Nicki Minaj totally repulsive. She’s yet another female singer who has claimed to be bisexual in order to get media attention. Go away, girls. We know that most of you have sleazy straight guys controlling your image, probably your boyfriends. Your image is being orchestrated from the offices of your record companies.

    Note how there are no male singers claiming to be bisexual. This says a lot about the music industry and its homophobia towards men.

  • jason

    Get lost, Nicki. You and all the other female singers are simply appealing to men who have a fetish for girl-girl action. These men don’t care about gay rights. Again, get lost, girl.

  • james

    @jason: just so you no nicki definately toned down the gay things when she got big back in 07 08 before she was signed and stuff she was way gayer maybe you should go look back at that stuff before you accuse her of randomally being bi for fame LIKE SERIOUSLY and she controls a image not no man and hip hop culture does not support gay things at all so saying her saying she bi is not good in the hip hop communtity have you ever noticed all these women rappers never coming out the closet ..hint saying she bi is not good in the hip hop black community ..she just doesnt care what people think

  • seriously??

    she has never once said that she is bisexual. in order to be called ‘bisexual’ you need to have the desire to have sex with the same sex. she has only ever said she’s bi-curious. and what girl isn’t? i dont know a single girl that hasnt said another girls boob job looks good.
    i know straight guys that say other guys are good looking. it doesnt mean they are sexually attracted to them.

    and in at least one interview she has said that she has never had sex with a women. get your shit straight before you go talking shit.

    Lady Gaga is all up on the ‘gay’ tip. thats her thing. but Nicki is in no way doing the dramatic ass shit Gaga does.

    she has an opinion, just like everybody else.

  • as a mega fan

    she has toned down the sexual stuff a lot.

    listen to her mixtapes. hell, listen to her first collaborations.

    i’m definitely proud of her.

  • aBlondechickk

    She says she’s “taking out a few curse words” and yet the hook to this new single is “how do you do that sh*t”.

    I like Nicki, just found that kinda funny.

  • quichie

    She looks a bit like Erykah Badu here.

  • Monelle

    LOL, I like Nicki but she’s HARDLY toned it down…wth is she chattin.
    Some of her lyrics I can’t even type here cos they’ll be censored lol

  • Franklin

    Hey guys. Really enjoyed your article on Nicki Minaj.
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  • darneshalakieaa

    i love this ladyy!

  • abby

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