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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Nobu Night

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Nobu Night

George Clooney catches dinner at Nobu restaurant with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis while visiting Milan, Italy on Monday night (September 27).

The 49-year-old actor got some laughs as he jokingly stopped to pose with the paparazzi along the way!

George arrived in Milan early last week after visiting Elisabetta‘s parents in Sardinia. Elisabetta and George have since checked out a few shows during Italy’s Milan Fashion Week.

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  • miss infamous

    Since she barely speaks English Im surprised they have lasted this long

  • Rosemary

    beautiful couple

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Dump her George. Something about her I don’t like. She reminds me of the last one he dated – a woman with no real career who is out to use George. Be careful George.

  • yo sista

    Has George left his new, hot (barely legal) BF in Italy? He needs to treat his real lovers with some respect!!!!

  • ascot

    George is so ridicolous playing a moron man role in the horse-face arms! she’s too well known in Italy, no one kept her more of 1 month and she had dozens of rich men and soccers! wake-up George, griffed dress doesn’t make her a lady, you looks like trash too!
    he’s giving pubblicity, money and visibility at a cocked escort that all know in Italy! George this is a bad thing !
    they always call paparazzi to publicize “the couple”, this is ridicolous and pathetic, George’s falling too down in the ground!

  • yo sista

    @yo sista: Sorry that should be Lake Como

  • Anonymous

    @yo sista: it was a lover of his real girlfirend, and of course he left him in Italy.

  • rachel

    They are two famewh*res

  • Abby

    He finally got his Cindy Crawford. He’s been obsessed with her for years.


    @yo sista: LOL u must read blindgossip . com

  • Big Foot

    She does really look more and more like Cindy C everyday. It’s like she’s transmorgifying. Obviously there is some powerful magic afoot. One of them is clearly a witch, but which?

  • Anonymous

    Big whoop. They’re just a fake publicity couple.

  • BeautyinBed

    The hint is… as soon as Elisabetta has occupied George, Sexiest Man Alive and other ManoftheYear’s awards were given to vampires. Though before it was George Clooney all the time.

  • to anonymous

    it was a lover of his real girlfirend, and of course he left him in Italy.
    if you say so. we all know that you are ALWAYS 100 percent absolutely correct in everything you say. even though you’ve never had any contact with george.

  • lilo

    omg! she really looks like a man! a ugly aged tranny! see the 2° pic the horse-face she has! she’s so emaciated, skinny long aged face, she looks like a 40years old!
    when this gold life with GC’s money will end, she’ll come back under the Hollywood night club tables of rich men tu buy her cocaine!

  • Anonymous

    @to anonymous: Depends on what you mean by contact. The way George’s hand lies on EC’s knee you cannot call it contact, it is its absence

  • Wild Angel

    @Big Foot:
    Like wow! Like Cindy is real mad at you ! No more free meals at Nobu, Big Foot!

  • Lady Horse

    it is clearly seen that this black suite she wears was originally made for a human, but was worn by a horse. Her trousers fit very bad, at the font as well is its length haven’t been regulated. The only thing that looks cool on the horse are these silver horseshoe! And the bag called – doggiesbone with ribbon.

  • Little Foot

    @Wild Angel: He is no longer interested in Hot-dog, because now he has Hot-horse. It cheaper, believe me!… though we can argue about ‘hot’…

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous #16, that’s GC’s standard publicity pose when he sits next to a date. He did the exact same thing with Canalis at the Venice Film Festival last year. There are pics showing him with his hand on her knee exactly like that as they sat in the front row inside the theatre in Venice. The Armani show is a public event, he and Canalis were there for publicity. He’s an actor. He did also did the same thing with Larson. It’s just a performance, but the script is old and no one is buying it anymore.

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous: This is standard pose of usual goat or my pig!!!!… exactly nobody buys it!

  • http://justjared alessia

    io…da italiana….vi dico che non ci credo tanto in questa coppia….poi non lo so ….

  • Anonymous

    If it would be this way many who would like to be on that place, even Wild Angel!

  • Wild Angel

    There is something different about Betty in those photos. You are correct, Big Foot! Something only the power of magic can accomplish . Aha! The magic of Mr. Waldo! Maybe Betty talked Waldo into giving her a little trim. :)

  • Wild Angel

    @Anonymous: Haha, I say!

  • Anonymous

    Canalis wore a Cavalli suit to the Armani show. Major faux pas. This girl is so oblivious to others and has no clue. Also I wonder who lost their front row seat so this skank could sit there and do her famewhoring.

  • Anonymous

    @Wild Angel: No mystery… you just need to watch carefully and real face will indicate itself
    Magic is for the eyes that see badly.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Baby Jesus that’s a scary pic of Canalis, Anonymous #27. Puts me in the mind that she may be an alien creature from V about to remove the mask and start eating humans.

  • Wild Angel

    @Anonymous: No, no! I must look away! Magic gone mad!

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous: “Canalis wore a Cavalli suit to the Armani show” it is as principle of idea’s substitution. Bad dish served with a good dish… and everybody eat it, get used to eat sh*t. They think that Armani forgot how to sew, and in reality it is not Armani’s suit. Someone thinks that George has lost his taste having such a bad girlfriend, but in fact she is not his girlfriend at all.

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous: Yes, now at last you can understand what George’s is doing. He is hero of our time! He annihilates her.

  • summer

    Is it just me or she’s like a woman version of george? haha idk i find it funny ’cause they could be twins. am i the only one thinking that? lol



  • Anonymous

    Interesting, what George whispers to her??… judging by his eyes it probably something hellish

  • boston61

    She looks like a man. He has really gross skin. He should be thanking aunt Rosemary for his career launch. Oh I forgot he is another Hollywood self made man. Just like Gwenyth and Stella.

  • Missy Bea

    @ miss infamous you arrogant stupid b.i.t.c.h. I bet you are some air headed bimbo, who can’t speak any language at all… I bet you are single and ugly, full of complexes

  • Mary

    I just think it is sad how George used to be so against the paparazzi and now because of “her” he is posing with them? What happened to his morals and ethics and standards? Sad when a wench like her can totally make a man just completely give away everything he ever believed in and for what? Sad, sad, sad.

  • Big Foot

    OMG! After seeing that photo I have to apologize to Cindy.

  • twpumpkin


  • Wild Angel

    Ah, but the news is good! The camera does not lie. George’s chakra is safe in his pocket. George keeps his hand on his chakra to protect it from Alfonso’s Chi.

  • to anonymous

    tell us, do you have personal contact with george. are you a member of his family, are you a member of his inner circle, and/or are you a personal friend of his? if not, then all you have is pure conjecture not facts to back up your idiotic statements. as for the picture you put out in post 16; hello, i see lots of couples sitting like that at the new york met. opera one of those couples are my parents who have been married for 35 years.

  • KC

    George isn’t foolin’ anybody. He’s been getting his butt rimmed out by Waldo for years. He’s as gay as a $3 bill and Elisabetta knows it. But, she doesn’t care because the relationship is fake. Also, her brother is gay. This is one of the reason George picked her. Only I think if not her, her friends will out George once the contract is up!

  • to anonymous

    are you jealous that it’s elisabetta with george and not you?? because you sure sound like it.

  • Cheyenne

    I have always liked George. He is such a charming man so I likewise respect him and the company he keeps. If this girl makes him happy, who are we to judge. Life is too short to be so involved in his private life. Try living yourself for a change.

    Maybe if some of us had more interesting lives, we would have less time to b.i.t.c.h about George and his significate other(s).

  • KC

    If the gay rumors start up again AFTER the break-up, expect George’s hollywood buddies to make more jokes about him being ‘gay’ so that his guillible fans will believe that he’s not.

    That’s the only reason why Matt and Brad made those gay jokes. They were hoping that the public would really think they were joking when in reality they weren’t. Duh, wake-up people!

  • Big Foot

    @Wild Angel

    Is that a chakra in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • Wild Angel

    @Big Foot: I laugh! :D

  • Cupkin

    I just have to ask, if you could decide, what WOULD be good enough for George, what would such a wonderful woman have to have to be ‘worthy” of him. Lastly, why would such a wonderful woman want to have anything to do with him? What would make HIM good enough?

  • Anonymous

    I think her contract extension was just for a month. I guess we’ll see.

  • to cupkin

    i think the woman would have to be elegant, have class, be independent and not have to depend upon george to become successful in her chosen career. as for the woman having anything to do with george, it would depend on whether she wants to be constantly photographed and followed by the paps every time she leaves the door.