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Halle Berry: Bonjour, Olivier Martinez!

Halle Berry: Bonjour, Olivier Martinez!

Halle Berry meets up with Dark Tide co-star and beau Olivier Martinez at his home in Paris, France on Tuesday (September 28).

The 44-year-old actress was spotting grabbing a flight out of LAX airport last night – now we know where she was headed!

Earlier this month, Halle and Olivier went on a romantic trip through the city. Onlookers said that they “definitely seemed like a couple” and were very flirtatious.

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  • Erika

    I like her jacket :)

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    …`they would make a gorgeous couple. she makes allsaints look good.

  • sarafina

    Wish you all the Best………………..

  • lilo

    she is to much for O.Martinez!

  • tada

    if she keeps flying out to Paris to be with him but he can’t fly to LA for her then this will not work out. By the way, doesn’t she have a child to raise, right Aubrey got that covered. She just got back from fillming with Oliver, now she flys to Paris to see him. She is just like Cameron, travelling for c$^k

  • jaye

    Possibly stirring up interest in their up coming movie. She’ll need it.
    What was the last successful movie Halle Berry had, which was not animated and in which she headlined? Monster’s Ball 2001? It wasn’t a box office success, but it did make money because it was so cheap to make. Also, she managed to get the Oscar for getting naked and not wearing make-up, go figure. Heath Ledger did a better job of acting in that movie imo. I guess that would be Gothika in 2003, it made over 141 million worldwide.
    She must have suffered the Oscar curse.
    She’s been through a lot with men, at least two of them beat her, so I’m not convinced that she wants a ‘serious’ relationship; nothing wrong with that either. She’s gotten the one thing she really wanted in recent years; a child. The old saying is once burned twice shy; she’s been burned so much she probably feels like a piece of jerky.
    Hope for her sake the movie is a success, but it seems that the public’s interest in her has wane considerably.

  • Pinkrose

    Halle better not start acting desperate. I just think Gabriel was not exciting enough for Halle. She seems to like the bad boys and they inevitably end up treating her badly. that’s what bad boys do. Gabriel was a soft-spoken well-mannered Quebec boy.. All-Canadian . . possibly a little too decent for Halle.

  • Zoe Moon

    You Go, Girl! Have fun!!!!

  • velma

    Whats happened to Oliver Martinnez? He used to be so hot in that movie Unfaithful

  • yynop

    Time for some Parisian action!! I love it! No need for him to fly to LA and be in HER environment. She can catch the next plane, get some action, and head back home. Nothing wrong with that! :)

  • Maria

    they were filming a romantic movie in paris that’s why they appeared to be flirty and lovey dovey!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    So cool to see pics of her on way to lax (same outfit) and now here she is with mr hottie. cool.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    So cool to see pics of her on way to lax (same outfit) and now here she is with mr hottie. cool.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    So cool to see pics of her on way to lax (same outfit) and now here she is with mr hottie. cool.

  • kayla

    Why isn’t she with her daughter? Get real this has been old butt man is going to make her nuts, just watch and see when she finds out he’s cheating on her when she returns to the USA. She is really STUPID and give me a break, her botoxed self is drying up quicker than her daughter is growing so she needs to leave these men alone and focus on her child instead of flying across the globe to be with a man who just wants some butt! Olivier was the bomb years ago, not anymore, he doesn’t even look clean but if you want to know the truth HALLE doesn’t look clean either!

  • Barbara

    Halle Halle Halle…Olivier is a major player….I do not want to hear you play the victim after this affair ends. You had a good man and you tossed him to the side after getting his DNA for your babe. You go for the bad guys(they are exciting, bless them) like a lot of us women do, myself included. But I do not blame them when it goes south like you do.

  • Lynn

    I am glad she is having fun in Paris! Olivier is pretty hot! We’ll see what happens

  • lurker

    Hey let a grown woman have her grown up fun. I’m sure both are not looking for a permanent relationship, so have fun.

    How old are some of you? LMAO.

  • Cheyenne

    I can’t believe anyone would support Halle in this case. This is wrong in so many ways. Is she that desperate for male company? (of a sexual nature). So what if Gabriel wasn’t that good in the sack, she has her child to think about and that should be more important at this time than a cheap fling with a known womanizer.

    Nahla did not ask to be born, so take some time for her. Don’t wait until she’s grown up and out on her own to try to be a mother to her. She will never be this age again and she needs you now. So many woman make the same mistake with their children. Nahla will always be your daughter but this guy will only be yours until the next piece of easy tail comes along. Wake up Halle, you ain’t no spring chicken and you have your priorities fcuked up if this is the way you are rolling.

  • um


    Didn;’t you see yesterday’s pictures of Halle and her daughter. here on JJ? Obviously you are not a JJ reader because Halle and Nahla are always show on here.

  • lurker


    She’s having fun. She ain’t gonna a marry Olivier. That’s the last thing miss thing wants. Let the women create her own life. She is a sexy ass woman and theres no way she should do like many women and stay home and hope some man will come around. Her priority is her child but guess what? Her child will have her own life one day then what?

    Nahla is with her and travels the world with her just like other children of movie stars

    Halle Berry & Nahla: CB2 Sundays

    Halle Berry spends some quality time with her adorable daughter Nahla while shopping together on Sunday (September 26) in West Hollywood.

    The mother-daughter duo shopped at the CB2 home furnishing store, where Halle propped the 2-year-old cutie onto the counter while paying.

    The 44-year-old actress has been busy shooting her new film Dark Tide with Olivier Martinez. There has also been buzz around her next feature, Cloud Atlas, because Tom Hanks, Natalie Portman, and the Wachowski brothers are all attached!

    FYI: Halle is carrying a Moni Moni “Dolce Vita” bag.

    Read more:

  • CanadaGirl


  • maria

    Had an idea that’s where she was going well good for her you go girl :D

  • Lavito

    Halle is too good for this guy, hope she figures out quickly whether he is a player or not. There are some negative comments about Halle. I think she is a lovely woman, beautiful and a good mommy. It’s very obvious Nahla is well taken for and loved very much. BTW, she didn’t get an Oscar for just getting naked in Monsters Ball. I thought her acting was outstanding. The scene when her son got hit by the car and then the next day after he dies she is walking to work because she can’t afford to loose her job and desperately needs the money. She pulled that off really well. Nahla is way too cute, I’m enjoying watching her grow up.

  • Willow


  • Willow


  • attention ho

    Just an attention wh*re, doing her attention h* as usual, since her career will be officially over now after that crap shark movie, straight to DVD just like Frankie.

  • louisvega

    she looks like a lady on her outer self,but i must say i would not like to see her insides,how can a person give of them self that easy,is there no respect in this god forsaken country anymore,and the person who said that olivier looked dirty,well there right,he does look dirty,i think those are the same jeans that he had on, and boots from the last pics,boy i lost respect for halle,to move that quickly just to get wet,a real longer a fan.

  • NOT!

    This does not seem like a good look for Halle…he might be good looking on the screen, etc – but we all know beauty is only skin deep…this is just another relationship that won’t work for Halle…WHEN WILL SHE LEARN!!! I also think this is a way to have people see their movie…otherwise…Halle knows people are starting to lose interest in her when it comes to her movie career….


    @Barbara: AMEN!!!! Olivier is a known player…someone said that if Eric or David made Halle crazy…she’s going to need a straight jacket after dealing with Martinez…I believe it….

  • so true

    @kayla: He does look dirty…he doesn’t look like the same guy just 5 years ago…he aged terribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ha

    It’s Halle who’s the playa!

  • Mickey

    Halle is no playa she is just a b…ch, and a nasty ho, we have so many intelligent black women in hollywood who can act, who do you white people keep showing this trash that Oprah alllowed to lie on her show, Oprah is taking us for a fool. There is not one movie she did by herself that made any money, catwoman hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa, she did it for the money and they lost money. Most of the elite Black hollywood female players she don’t talk to. Halle thinks she is better than them and you will never see her socialize with them. b…ch

  • Heather

    As much as I like Halle. I really believe she got low-self esteem

  • Alison

    Beautiful couple.

  • k

    Sexy couple!!
    Olivier is sooo hot

  • umm

    Halle is getting really very ugly INSIDE and OUT..period!!!!
    Nothing about her is gracious or grandness…She hates the papps only because we the readers get to see this idiot parading around like a two bob hussy and write probably what exactly this lady is cannot run Miss are your own worst enemy…and as for your staff tell them to go an get real work instead of trying to pump you up as a star on these boards….this is ridiculous.

    .I could not help but write this as the facts are standing out in NEON SIGNS HALLE BERRY is a waste of skin

    why do u delete this JJ???????????

  • Lavito

    Wow, I must be a naive when it comes to Halle. Didn’t realize she is such a nasty woman. Now come to think about it more, she really is a terrible actress, she relies on her body to play the part, like Swordfish (crap movie) and also one of the Bond movies. That poor little Nahla, she is so damn cute, hope her daddy steps up and takes good care of her.

  • sofie

    Halle and Olivier will NOT last.
    She’s a Leo/Fire Horse year born sign
    Olivier is Capricorn/Earth Horse year born sign.

    HORSE year born + HORSE year born Relationship
    = Early attraction withers … such.
    The impetuous, unruly, fidgety, daring Horse may have thought each found the perfect life partner in the other as they share their feisty approach to life, escapades and travels. The courtship is the byword of romance, fantastically breathtaking. But, after the honeymoon and confronted with the harsh realities of the everyday life, their relationship begins to flounder and flail. Neither wants to be accountable for the failing relationship.

    Leo/Fire + Capricorn/Earth sign Relationship
    = Lava
    Two characters more diametrically opposed than Leo and Capricorn. At the most fundamental level, two star signs are completely different. The fire of Leo and the earth of Capricorn do not blend well. Leo is warm, zesty, and bubbling over with the desire to communicate with the people around. This is completely at odds with the more sober and realistic Capricorn. Leo’s sunny and bright solar vibrations make them uncomfortable. Capricorn could feel quite awkward around Leo’s brilliant and attention seeking nature — in fact, the more Capricorn hangs out with Leo,the less self-assured they feel.
    Capricorn is introverted and solitary, and prefers to work behind the scenes, whereas you actively seek recognition and attention.

  • Really?

    she needs help..she obviously have problems with men.. I’m kinda sick of her.

  • joe

    Halle has been through 2 failed marriages and is on her 4th serious relationship. I suspect Halle is the problem and not the men in the relationships. Halle will be one of those celebs that’s joked about, because of her jumping from one man to the next.

  • van

    paps caught her dropping off her daughter to her “assistant” and then on her flight to Paris. This is so pathetic on so many levels. Co-sign with Pinkrose Gabe was too low-key for her, but this guy is a known seriel cheater. Way to go Halle with your ” life lessons learned” in vogue.

  • No he was gay

    @Pinkrose: No he was gay. Nothing more than a gay paid in-vitro sperm donor. Halle got tired of paying him. No for a fact all of this is true, according to my sources close to the situation.

  • the411

    Why is everyone bugging out? This isn’t a serious relationship. She’s not going to marry him, have his kid–she’s just being attention whore and drumming up pr for the movie plus getting a little French nookie maybe. She knows it’s not going to last–she just getting some after spending 4-5 years with a bisexual on her payroll–not serious either-regardless of the kid. She’ll get tired eventually flying to Paris. He’s not going to see her in LA much if any. Once a whore once always a whore. Seems like Halle’s sinking even more attracting a man whore like herself.

  • jaye

    Heather @ 09/29/2010 at 12:50 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    As much as I like Halle. I really believe she got low-self esteem
    You’re right, she’s said as much in interviews. It didn’t just start in recent years, she had low self-esteem when she was in school; girls use to pick on her. She’s even talked about thinking of suicide at one point ( in her adult life).
    The talk, I’ll say rumor, is that she was a very needy clingy person with the men. I can’t vouch for the validity of that statement, but that would go hand in hand with someone having low self-esteem.

  • whores

    Whore..doubt it will last. Funny all of the tabloids saying they’re being discreet-LMAOROTF–discretion and Halle Berry don’t go in the same sentence.Nothing more than a rebound romance, if that .

    Halle’s has been involved with many of the folks she’s worked with: Spike Lee/Wesley Snipes tryst, Warren Beatty, Larenz Tate, Eddie Murphy, Pitof, Sharon Stone (if you believe that one), Michael Ealy, and several others plus Shemar Moore, Chris Williams, Danny from NKOTB –the woman’s a total whore.

    Seeking lower companions?

  • hmm



  • umm



    Halle is getting really very ugly INSIDE and OUT..period!!!!
    Nothing about her is gracious or grandness…She hates the papps only because we the readers get to see this idiot parading around like a two bob hussy and write probably what exactly this lady is cannot run Miss are your own worst enemy…and as for your staff tell them to go an get real work instead of trying to pump you up as a star on these boards….this is ridiculous.

    .I could not help but write this as the facts are standing out in NEON SIGNS HALLE BERRY is a waste of skin

    why did u delete that JJ???????

  • THE REAL 411

    Apparently she stopped over to see Olivier on her way to Frankfurt according to sources and spent the day with mutual friend S. Hayak and her daughter. Don’t know the nature of their relationship or how long it will last.

  • jo

    i am thinking the same thing. A booty call/fling. won’t last long. She needs her fix.