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Rachel Bilson: 'BFF & Baby' with Kate Bosworth!

Rachel Bilson: 'BFF & Baby' with Kate Bosworth!

Rachel Bilson carries her LeSportsac luggage and catches a departing flight home at Linate Airport on Tuesday (September 28) in Milan, Italy.

At the end of October, the 29-year-old actress will shoot an independent movie called BFF & Baby in Los Angeles. “It’s a comedy about three roommates, with Krysten Ritter and Kate Bosworth,” Rachel told WWD. Krysten‘s character has a baby and the roommates fight to maintain normalcy in their lives.

Earlier this morning, it was announced that Rachel will be starring in a new supernatural romantic comedy titled Ghost Angeles.

FYI: Rachel is wearing Skyline Ankle Peg jeans in Beachwood by Paige Denim.

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Credit: Michael Buckner, Stephen Lovekin, Getty; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • vinha

    Oh dear, Rachel again?

  • missy

    Rachel& Kate together! This is like dream come true for Jared. I’m sure he’ll have photos of them on set every day.

  • mattchew

    Don’t know what I’d do without my hourly Rachel Bilson update. Thanks so much Jared.

  • Acey

    Oh Dear God. Someone better tell Krysten to run for her life…

    The universe will no doubt unravel into madness with Bilson and Bosworth on the scene. Bilsworth or Bosson? I vote Bilsworth. I wonder if Krysten will be required to part her hair down the middle and assume a confused expression for the role…to secure continuity.

  • dem

    hahahahahahahaahah the two most desperate attention whores in ONE movie. wow…

  • Rita
  • kizmir

    Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth in the same thread?!?
    Wow JJ, now I’ve seen it all LOL
    Seriously though, it’s good they got a job.

  • another day

    But this could get confusing. Who has to pay JJ for this post? Bos or Bil? They both owe him checks for visibility but do they have to split it on these things? Cannot imagine how this flick will turn out. Because two of its stars will be too busy wandering the streets, getting papped getting coffee or staring at a curb.

  • kaite

    Bilson is at the bottom of her craft, tv show with stupid summer roberts talking to ghosts will not work and this movie will be a flop and will not help her career, back to selling glasses for her.

  • the truth

    This always happen when Hayden comes to LA. Her people pull out the stops for her.Like she got to prove something to him when he comes to la. Hayden has always got work. And he didn’t have no one giving him nothing. This is for attention only.She already had this work line up for her.She got mad cause hayden didn’t give it to her.The other project she got was given to her. So didn’t needto mention that one again. She still don’t know how to get work on her own.Hayden still out do her when it comes to getting work. So had to hayden wasn’t going to give it to her.And if she didn’t want to live in canada with Hayden she should have told him that three years old. She just don’t want to leave la for work. Are work with hayden anymore.Mabe that’sthe reason she hung around Kate Bosworth in the first place.@missy: You’re right since kate has split with her boyfrend. lol.She has been posted everyday this week.

  • Conando

    Rachel Bilson & Kate Bosworth in a movie together? Damn, the jokes write themselves!

  • Brightside

    Don’t they just! LOL! If this happens it’s going to be one hell of a turkey! Straight to bargain basement dvd hell for dumb and dumber.

  • Kaz

    This black hair like penolopi cruz eye

  • Brightside

    Everyone will probably be waiting for forever for this one too! Who comes up with these god-awful retarded concepts and then decides to cast the worst of the Hollywood untalented d-listers in them. Who? LOLOLOL! When I thought she couldn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel any thinner, she comes out with something like this, with Kate Bosworth! LMFAO!

  • burnt bacon

    I can picture the onset catfights between Bones and Bilson already!
    The movie sounds stupid, too. Generic chick flick #1904895674.

  • @ the truth

    what?? has Kate really split up with Alex or is just gossip?. that did not last very long if it is true. didn’t Alex take her to sweden twice most recently in august I thought they were getting serious if he brough her to his home country twice.

  • Kat Coiro

    The movie is written and directed by Kat Coiro who is the sister of Rhys Coiro. Rhys is in Straw Dogs.



  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! Let’s hope this movie AT LEAST makes it “straight to dvd” I don’t think her last “movie” even got that far!!

  • Lucy

    This movie is SO going straight to DVD. I hope these two famewhores really enjoy making this movie because me thinks it’ll be one of the last times they are on a movie set. Oh maybe a Lifetime made for TV movie. .

  • Straight to DVD

    This has EPIC FLOP written all over it, both the film and the tv show. Daddy and her connections can get her work but she cant win jobs by herself. And yes, her and Kate Bosworth together, the jokes DO write themselves.

    Of course, Hayden flew back to LA so that he can be photographed with Bilson again and the rumors can start up that they’re back together, while their representatives deny it, and the sham relationship can be re-milked once again. They are of course the perfect couple: epic losers on every level and perfect matches in talent, intelligence, fading looks and superficiality. No one believes that Hayden turned over a new leaf with all this charity work he’s appearing to do now. He gets paid for most of it and the rest is just to stay visible and increase his deteriorating popularity.

  • rumor mill grinding

    @JOKING: Those pics are in the same special magical post where JJ announces that Gwyneth P has forgiven KB for jumping her man. They don’t exist. That post on ONTD sounds completely made up – KB and AS haven’t been seen together since the end of August and now all of the sudden one person sees them in Michigan on her movie set? Is everyone else there blind (oh wait – don’t answer – they might be, given they cast KB)?

  • just saying

    she DEFINITELY has a contract with JJB!!!!

  • just saying

    she DEFINITELY has a contract with JJB!!!!@just saying: rachel bilson

  • JC

    A supernatural romantic comedy called ‘Ghost Angels’…..Sounds horrible. No info on IMDB yet. Maybe she’s starring opposite David Hasselhoff or Pauly Shore.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Straight to DVD: This has been long since coming the whole Bosworth Bilson thing. Let the endless JJ posts about what they ate on set and how many times they blinked that day begin,
    This is going to drive people away from this site. lol
    @Straight to DVD: Hayden use to live in LA when he was alot younger long before he ever knew Bilson and then he moved back to Canada and bought his farm. His brother lives in LA and is his producing partner and is a working actor at the moment trying to get his career back on track Hayden cant avoid LA forever and he doesnt have to
    Freaking hell Rachel doesnt own LA people.
    If anything this is most likely her people not necessarly her but her people having her fly back ASAP once they heard he was in town. Why else would she leave Milan fashion week so suddenly? Then they announce the upcoming possible work for her and try to milk it for press.
    You dont see Hayden walking around LA everyday, he flys out occasionally.
    You are all the same people the were convinced they would be back together by the beginning of August when Takers was premiered in LA well that was two months ago and it NEVER HAPPENED.
    Instead Rachel announces a official split to get more press for herself lets be honest and Hayden keeps his mouth shut focuses on real work and his career.
    Actions speak louder then words.
    Hayden has been working on his career, Rachel’s people have been working on getting her a new fake pr relationship.
    They clearly arent getting back together or she would of been back with him by now and wouldnt of tryed to get everyone from Jake. G to Ryan G to Andy Samberg linked to her lol
    Thats what you do when the other part of a showmance doesnt want to do it anymore you recast a new one and thats what she is doing.
    Maybe Hayden just woke up one day and didnt want to do it anymore and Rachel then didnt want anything to do with him if he wouldnt go along with the fake relationship anymore so it was DONE.

    Btw who the hell is Krysten Ritter and why isnt she running for her careers life away from this trainwreck of a film?
    Run Krysten whoever you are run!!!!! While you still have a possible career.

    Bilson and Bosworth well we know it will win some awards for sure…..
    it will sweep the Razzies for worst everything lol
    Thats something I suppose ^>^

  • MissAnthropica

    Also this is a bad rip off of Three Men and A Baby.
    Same movie was made in the 80′ with Tom Sellick and Ted Danson.
    So thats two rip offs in one day Rachel has been cast in……
    GOD this girl needs a new agent…. or possibly a miracle worker of some sort to save her career becauae even the devil for her soul couldnt pull of that trick to save her career at this point lol

  • fras

    I’m finding this whole thing so hilarious because this is the situation that Lainey talked about that she mocked!!! “Worthless and worthlesser”


    ET Go home ET go home!!!! Sorry but she does look like ET without her. sunglasses. LMAO SCARY. Put your damn shades back on girl someone might have just had breakfast or lunch or dinner and now saw that mug and is regreting’ it. LMAO ET.OUCH IS RIGHT LOLZ

  • Vanessa

    Yes the worst “actresses” on the planet.
    They’re both completely useless.
    Why is this news Jared?
    Especially Kate Bosworthless.
    PS: Where’s the True Blood hunk she was dating? Did he dump her skinny ass!? :D

  • @16

    Nope, he was spotted with her in Michigan last week. They’re still together. Break up rumors were just that – rumors. If they’re happy, I’m happy for them. Why do some of you hate on Rachel Bilson? She seems fine to me.

  • JM

    So does this mean they get a PR discount JJ?

  • rumor mill grinding

    @@16: Oh good. The KB stans are here to defend their girl by perpetuating a half baked post on ONTD. That’s the defense? He was supposedly in Michigan? Every tabloid on earth has said they broke up. I’d believe it she shows up in Europe or goes to Sweden where he’ll be this weekend, according to one of his fan sites. Not that they can’t reappear at some time, but for now there has been no evidence they are together at all.

  • @joking

    yeah on another forum that person said there partner was a PA for kates new film who seen Alex in michigan and on the set where are the rest of the reports and fan encounters, especially since there have been loads of on set reports and Kate fan encounters I cannot believe she still has fans left. also demi moores husband ashton who visited demi that was reported.

    but only ONE sighting of Alex and no pictures of the 6ft 4inch swedish god how can anyone not notice him in on the set the cast and crew must be all blind.
    besides kate and Alex have not had there daily pap session in weeks sorry I call it bull s**t until i see some proof. and at the moment he is doing his trueblood european tour.

  • Shy

    FREE Just Jared site FROM WORTHLESS Rachel Bilson !!!

    FREE Just Jared site FROM WORTHLESS Rachel Bilson !!!

    FREE Just Jared site FROM WORTHLESS Rachel Bilson !!!

    FREE Just Jared site FROM WORTHLESS Rachel Bilson !!!

    FREE Just Jared site FROM WORTHLESS Rachel Bilson !!!

  • summer

    No way! You know what, the third roomate should be Jared!! Wouldn’t that be great? hahahahaha

    No but seriously, both Kate and Rachel are/were paying Jared to be on the site all the time. and now in a movie together! Unbelievable!!!!!!

  • @31

    so then kate fan if he was spotted all over michigan you have seen them provide us with a loving picture of the supposed in love couple please. WHAT dont you own a camera phone?? HMMM

    I agree with you post 33 and 34 i call it CRAP

    and yes ALEX is doing his true blood tour how can he be in michigan when he was scheduled to be in london there have been tweet sightings.

  • @@31

    Do you have a brain? I didn’t say I saw them – I said they were spotted together in MI. I believe he was there Friday and/or Saturday. He then went to Europe for a TB press tour. You believe the London tweets but not the MI tweets. I call that selective reasoning.

  • 1 fan @post 31

    WOW!!! looks like only 1 fan has showed up to defend bosworthless come on where are the rest
    oh sorry I forgot there’s none left LOL

  • @38

    there has been no michigan tweets only one post from ontd

  • Spice

    This dog sounds like an attempted re-make of Three Men and a Baby, only switching women for men. LAME.

  • Spice

    I really believe that KB and AS did break up – unless pictures of them surface. Her absence from the Emmy’s and after parties spoke volumes.

    I think AS is in Europe right now, heading for Sweden early October.

    BFF & Baby? This movie sounds like a remake of Three Men and a Baby – only swapping out men for women. LAME.

  • go

    Both Rachel and Kate have the paps on speed dial. Birds of a feather flock together. And talent wise too.

  • Watch out

    According to reports Rachel flew from Milan to Paris… the photo’s will continue

  • rose

    the report said:
    “Rachel Bilson gets ready to fly from Paris to Milan”, it means she flew to Milan through Paris and now she returned to LA.

  • wow

    Rachel must have blown everyone…………away at the audition to get a job

  • Harley

    Good group of girls. I like this cast!

  • Bunnyk

    Lainey was right: Your martini attempts to come out your nose as you stifle a laugh. Kate Bosworth *and* Rachel Bilson? You look at your friend and you’re on the same wavelength. What’s this movie called, “Worthless and Worthlesser”?
    This movie sure will beat Titanic at the Oscars!!

  • devaney

    Such a news! ALL Zlisters that would straight to DVD all over again.

  • Shan

    Anyone who wanted to ever stalk Rachel Bilson sure knows where to look… track her every move on your site so we always know what she’s doing every single freaking day