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Ghost Angeles: Rachel's Bilson's New Show on NBC!

Ghost Angeles: Rachel's Bilson's New Show on NBC!

Rachel Bilson is reuniting with The O.C. creator/executive producer Josh Schwartz for a supernatural romantic comedy titled Ghost Angeles.

The hourlong project for NBC was created and will be written by Josh and Henry Alonso Myers (Ugly Betty).

According to Deadline, the show will center on a young woman in Los Angeles who can talk to the dead, helping the spirits as much as they are helping her.

FYI: Rachel, who is friends with Josh and his wife Jill Stonerock (she served as maid of honor at their wedding), also appeared on a few episodes of Josh‘s NBC dramedy Chuck.

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  • Lance Costa

    I wish Rachel’s Bilson would do more mainstream movies.

  • Brightside

    And this hasn’t been done before…and done to death too! Is there no creativity in HW anymore? This sounds old and corny before it’s even got off the ground.
    A supernatural romantic comedy (please excuse me while I barf) but at least she’s finally working. OK, I know she got the job through her connections rather than any talent…same as any other job she’s ever had..and she must have begged hard for it…but better than nothing, I guess.

  • WTH?

    They just totally copied Meg Cabot’s The Mediator!

  • Mary from Russia

    What is she famous for? Is she actress?

  • inv

    Rachel has a job…. at long last! Being a jobbing actress is not easy.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    …ahahahahahaha …wont last long, but at least it’s work. beats getting attention for just walking around aimlessly.

  • Cheery

    So, this is just “Ghost Whisperer” for the younger set? It’s still a lame idea!

  • yo sista


  • erika

    If it weren’t for Josh Schwartz this girl would be eternally unemployed.
    Josh also tried to put her in that other pilot of his that CBS didn’t pick up.

    It pays to set up your best friend with a show producer.

    Is Rachel ever capable of snagging a job without her connections?

  • Serena

    Highly doubt it will make it past a pilot. There have been more talented actors who had their tv shows rejected, just because he’s the OC creator doesn’t mean anything will come from it.

  • the truth

    @Brightside: People need to stop giving rachel jobs.That’s the reason why she can’t get nothing for herself. That’s the reason why she had been hanging around jill and her husband all the time. She never learn how to get a job on her own. It will always be that way. She broke-up with hayden cause he wouldn’t give her movie gig.She always trying to out do hayden when he comes to La. This was planned anyway.if this job was already in the works.Hayden is not bother about what she do. Like the time he caame to LA and her dating Jake Gyllenhaal was mention.Then the other guy.Now that she’s away she keeping up drama. Hayden is a movie star and not a tv star . He didn’t go back to Tv.She suppose to be doing movies not tv.When you get your friends to get something then its not worth nothing. She did not get it on her own.She will always let people jobs for her.Hayden always got things on his own.She will never grow up.

  • Zey

    Isn’t this show on tv already with Jennifer love hewitt???.. *shrugs*

  • kim

    Summer Roberts, the Ghost Whisperer. Since that’s the only character she can play.


    glad to see her in a role again!

  • Jessie

    YAY!!! She deserves her own show, everybody on The O.C. was amazing, but Rachel needs more credit for Summer Roberts. :) YAY for RACHEL!




    @Zey: No, Jennifer Love Hewwit’s show was canceled in March of this year. It ended before the summer.


    @TIM GUNN: LOLZ, so are you you’re provoking.. so you’re basically just asking for someone attention..@inv: she had a job long before, it was mainly starring in an indie movie.

    but wow, you wouldn’t know that, would do?

    the movie was at a film festival, I caught a screening. plus I’ve watched the OC a couple of times. And that Jumper movie of her and the Star Wars kid.

  • Brightside

    @the truth:
    Sadly, I think you’re right!

    Well, whatever ~ *sigh* ~ this ill-conceived and already-sounding-mediocre psychic rom-com has failure written all over it. No one needs a psychic ability to predict that. Does the American viewing public really need this? I don’t think so!
    Well at least all you compadres in the states don’t have to buy a TV license! Imagine if this were your money they were spending on such mullock!


    @Mary from Russia: Don’t you go on this site more often? Haven’t you seen the most popular teen show of the 2000s? Have you seen that Jumper movie? And the Kiss movie? I guess you don’t get around watching TV that often.


    ok well that jumper movie sucked and the kiss was lmo, but the oc was pretty great.. and kinda the most popular teen show conceived in the 2000s

  • hale s

    @erika: @erika: Lexy Hates Bilson, your lame ass attempts are original. Not. GO RACHEL!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Brightside

    The OC was garbage with a capital G. It was toxic landfill. It was a vile piece of shite. It was the most hyped up, mediocre banality ever dished up as entertainment. It took entertainment down to even baser levels of inanity and idiocy. Until reality TV came along and showed the world that, yes, entertainment could sink lower than The OC.

  • Kaz

    I’m so stunning and sexy body

  • me

    the show is doomed, waste of effort

  • amy

    it’s gonna be canceled after a few episodes (just like the beautiful life). I use to love her as summer on the OC but she’s just irrelevant now

  • luke

    sounds like nepotism at it’s finest

  • lorie

    Rachel is unwatchable in short segments so who is going to watch her an hour and more than once?

  • hoho

    I go for it! yeah josh schwartz and rachel rock!

    supernatural romantic comedy YEAH

  • Franck

    Ghost Whisperer 2.0 here we come.


  • Krystle

    This sounds like a show that was already out called Ghost Whisper. LAME!

  • Lake

    And people wonder why NBC is going bankrupt. FAIL.

  • Riley

    Love Rachel but it’s the Ghost Whisperer and it’s been done

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    He-llo…Ghost Wisperer was more of a drama! This is a romantic comedy. Ugly Betty is a good show. Don’t knock the show before it even airs. The girl is working! It is what most of all of you’s have complaining about. Give Rachel a break already. I want to see it.

  • LJ

    This show has already been done, it’s called Ghost Whisperer. This is going to be bad, she can’t act.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I will believe it when I see it on NBC’s fall line-up! This is the 2nd time it was claimed she was going to star in one of JS’s shows on NBC. Last time NBC had her replaced with a real actress but even then the idea got booted my NBC.
    Why doesn’t Josh make her a star in the X-men movie?? If he truly believes in her abilities??? Instead of tossing her name out there for along with his NBC development deals!
    And yes, this show IS being done – yes, the CBS version (which was a success was canned) but on Animal Planet – they have the Dog Whisperer and ABC tried a comedy “talk to dead people” type with Pushing Daisies! They canned the show but the star got an Emmy. I don’t think that will be the case here.

  • Cc

    You know what’s stupid is that u ppl tease on her for being famous for nothing then she’s gettin a show and now ur critising her.. You ppl r like fox news with obama, when he does anything fox news has a problom with it and that’s how u ppl r bein with her Jared is actually talking about her for a reason

  • MissAnthropica

    CBS already has the Ghost Whispher and Medium on their network that is this exact same show….. watch NBC get sued by CBS.
    Although considering this show is on NBC the network with the worst ratings on tv lol it will probably be cancelled before they could ever sue.
    Thats also assuming this show will ever make it past just the pilot episode… which i doubt.
    Schwartz is pathectic for getting involved with this atleast before he could claim some of his work was original now he is just ripping off two already long running tv shows and putting his WIFE”S BFF RACHEL IN THE SHOW.
    Josh Schwartz is a such a tool.

  • just saying

    she DEFINITELY has a contract with JJB!!!!

  • MissAnthropica

    @Cc: That reason would be money lol

  • julie

    I love Rachel and I’m happy for her I just find it a little sad that the show sounds like a thousand other things we’ve seen before…ie Ghost Whisperers…

  • PJ sand

    Don’t know who she is but she has news on JJ every day or other day. Wonder if having her face plastered here has helped her career. My guess is not or I would have heard of her in a real movie.

  • a

    Jill must have nagged Josh constantly to give her BFF a job.
    Now Jill will let Josh back into the house.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Again, I think JJ is jumping the gun with Rachel here…only this ONE publication seems to be reporting this news…a few other places have picked up the story but again it’s from the same source. And one mentions that they’ve secured the deal for a pilot…this doesn’t mean much!
    Again, we’ll wait to see NBC’s actual fall line up…I wonder when they’ll catch on the JS keeps pitching dumb ideas with his wife’s BFF as the star…

  • wow

    Rachel is a terrible actress, i liked her the 1st 2 seasons of the OC, after that, every movie and tv show she has been has showed just how terrible of an actress she is

  • Cc

    Yeah like I said u ppl r like fox news no matter what obama does they have a prob with it u know just because she hasn’t been on anything don’t mean she not tryin…. U ppl r just showing jealousy I might be wrong but u ppl r acting jealuos ppl would act u don’t have to like this commet but u ppl r wrong about her just because Jared talks about her allot get a life I mean come on

  • she shall remain nameless

    So she is finally working again?!?!?!? She’s one of the rare actresses who have been unemployed for some time. Anyway, this sounds like a comedy version of Ghost Whisperer. NEXT!!!

  • jennifer

    this won’t make it past the pilot! There is no way she can carry a tv show, especially one that sounds this bad.

  • Leslie

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Actually, Deadline Hollywood is known to be a pretty reliable inside source for industry news.
    And where does it say it will be a fall show?
    It’s also interesting that Variety just posted that Rachel will be in the indie movie “BFF and Baby” with Krysten Ritter and Kate Bosworth. Filming starts in LA October 19.

  • jem

    The show has a pilot commitment. What that means is that NBC is giving Josh Schwartz money to produce a pilot.
    If NBC likes what they see, then they will order it to series.
    At this time, you can’t say yet that NBC has ordered an entire series from Josh.

    Josh had a pilot earlier this year with CBS but it was not picked up to series.

    This will be most likely be NBC’s replacement for Chuck, if Chuck gets cancelled.