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Benicio Del Toro: Campari Calendar Model!

Benicio Del Toro: Campari Calendar Model!

Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro will be the star of the 2011 Campari Calendar, “The Red Affair.”

The 43-year-old Puerto Rican star will become the first-ever male to take the lead role!

“It is an honor to be the first ever Campari Man,” said Benicio. “I am in good company with my three amigas of previous calendars: Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, and Eva Mendes. The 2011 Campari Calendar images tell a very cinematic story, which made it fun for me as an actor. I’m really looking forward to seeing the reaction of Campari fans to the style and drama of the 2011 edition.”

The 2011 Campari Calendar should be available late October!

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  • WBPfan

    Why isn’t he getting more movie rolls??? Incredibly gifted actor!! I’ll watch anything he’s in — regardless of the directior, co-stars, etc… He elevates everyone’s game!!

  • WBPfan

    Obviously, I meant movie “roles” not “rolls” in my previous post LOL. I need my afternoon coffee!

  • Teuta

    I wish that Benicio Del Toro would do more mainstream movies. He is an underrated actor.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    he is so beyond hot!!! and a great actor to boot! give him more roles hollywood!!!

  • jaye

    I saw a movie that he was in, about a werewolf, he was pretty good. He makes a good tortured soul. Snatch was great; h*ell everyone in that movie was great. Sad to say, I don’t think I’ve seen anything else he was in. Might be time to rectify that omission. .

  • Kirsten

    I love Benicio. He has raw talent.

  • Dasha

    great actor, very talented and so hot!!

  • Cammie

    Wow here’s a new face. He’s very talented and why isn’t he working more? What happend to the Che movie? Why is it when actors win Oscars things go downhill a little before they pick up again?

  • pickles

    I’ve seen him in “China Moon” , “Traffic”, “Werewolf” and “Snatch” and I agree he is amazing. But I also heard he had some serious substance abuse problems and only work when he is nearly broke. He also seems like he hates the whole phoney celebrity thing. I heard he lives like a hermit in New York City somewhere. He sure puts a lot in to every part he plays.

  • Jessie

    Love Benicio, such a talented and humble actor. :)

  • Ruth

    I agree that Benicio is enormously talented, perhaps the best actor of his generation and he certainly doesn’t work enough.

    As for substance problems – I have been a fan for many years and have never heard about those rumours. Also, he lives in Los Angeles in a very good area but does visit NY quite regularly, presumably to visit his brother and other family. He also returns “home” to Puerto Rico on a regular basis. He is a very private person who keeps under the radar and is seldom mentioned on celebrity blogs like JustJared.

    He has several projects at an advanced stage but things are tough just now in Hollywood. He will be working with Scorcese On “Silence” if and when they get financial backing. The next project should be a romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz “An Ex to Grind” and in fact they were seen out to dinner this week together with their joint manager. Let’s hope that he will start something soon!

    Great ad for Campari – he is not only talented but also a gorgeous man.

  • john

    its ridiculous that this guy is not a bigger star. there are lot of actors outhere that can,t do shit next to him.

  • Boston

    he’s not a bigger star because he’s not that good. Handsome American stars are much better.

  • melody

    Ick! He’s sweaty looking.

  • WhiteLatino

    He’s a Spaniard (european/Italian) he was only born in Puerto Rico but he is not Puerto Rican by blood you know.

  • Ruth

    WhiteLatino @ 09/29/2010 at 9:09 pm 0

    He’s a Spaniard (european/Italian) he was only born in Puerto Rico but he is not Puerto Rican by blood you know.
    His family has lived in Puerto Rico for several hundred years so yes, I would definitely say that he is Puerto Rican by blood. Not everyone in PR is dark, the population is very mixed from black to white and everything inbetween.

    Boston @ 09/29/2010 at 8:33 pm 0

    he’s not a bigger star because he’s not that good. Handsome American stars are much better.

    What a weird comment! He is the most talented actor of his generation and yes, he is VERY particular about the type of work that he does. He is American and extremely handsome but not every actor “sells” himself to make junk – I won’t mention names but we can all think of actors who make film after film of total crap.

  • agnes

    he lives in west hollywood, the gays land,ive always think that he is gay,he listed his favourite books and one of them was about the gays world

  • ROC

    Very proud of your representation of Puertorriquenos. I unlike ‘White Latino’, know your/our lineage and say: Vaya! Orgullo de Boricua!

  • Anony


    Who the f*ck are you? Jessica “hate being Mexican” Alba? God, you have to be really stupid…just because he’s successful and good looking he can’t be defined as a typical “latino”? Sorry for breaking the news to you, but he’s definitely a latino and apparently he (Del Toro), unlike you, is very proud of that.

    This “Spaniard” crap is brought only by latinos who hate themselves.


    I think that Benicio is a very talented actor…..and a extremely gorgeous man…..and he is quite under rated in hollywood……but this allows him a little more privacy……he seems to be very private person….and intentionally keeps the women that he is dating out of the spotlight……I don’t listen to all of the gossip…when it comes to him….people will say alot of things about a person….when they can’t see the person that that man or woman is sleeping with….and quite frankly….. it’s not their business anyway……he’ll make a great director….I’m looking forward to his films……..He is very low key…..the way that he dresses… the car that he drives…….I love that!!!…………..

  • Monica Alicea

    I love and respect benicio and it dont have to take days or years to recognize what hes about if youve observed the person for what his inner and outer side is. im not the one to judge any one on anything the world wont ever be satify on things we all do weather its good or bad in all honesty I dont care what hes done or what he does, I monica respect that he keeps it real dam give him a break I know about politics they`ll do what ever to say what ever for money he dosent have to be A B or C it comes natural in his nature to want to do good in all he does he dosnt owe any one anything but to him self and whom he chooses to share it with, he`s his own person and again I commend him in all he does weather or not if he makes it or not but I see hes already maid it theres know question who what and why in my book ive seen all his movies and read alot about him and understand hes out here to show all the world all the years and effort on his hard work in his movies to entertain us with keep blossoming carino

  • Monica Alicea

    Hi benicio its monica how`s things going… I cant wait to see your up comming movies I know you`ll make plenty of I`ve wrote several letters to you and about you nothing has change I love hearing about you in all you do so well! I like you`r style!!! would love to be a friend exc…, but I will continew supporting you on you and you`r movies, keep up the good work benicio and remember to go get-tem tiger!!! P.S. Am proud to a fan of your`s :-)

  • Monica Alicea

    Hey benicio I”m so looking forward to seeing your up coming movie Ice man that I know you”ll be good in! and I also want to say you have a way with how you pose dress look in your photos a way thats captivating to look at,! honestly if its not your brilliant acting or how you dress and carry your self you’r style that makes you so unique exc,,, there nothing no one can say but to only admit to exspect some thing wrong when its so write so benni baby keep what ever you’r doing so write to continue to be so write!!! you”r work payed off I also cant wait to see your star on the hoollywood walk of fame! yeah you truly deserve that benicio, you be surprise how many people you inspire in so many ways carino muah my heart gose out to you…..

  • pasha’a mom

    @agnes: So, are you saying that being gay is a bad thing? I think what’s is worse; someone who posts a negative, and erroneous comment and then spells it all incorrectly. He does not live in West Hollywood: he lives in West Wood – I know, starts with the same letter: confusing. I by the way, I have read books on the lives of Bees, Soldiers, Cats, Politicians and Movie stars: doesn’t make me one though…..