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Britney Spears Episode Breaks 'Glee' Ratings Record

Britney Spears Episode Breaks 'Glee' Ratings Record

Last night’s Britney Spears episode of Glee broke ratings records for the hit show!

It’s like a Jewish cloud!

“Britney/Brittany” brought in 13.3 million viewers to FOX on Tuesday (September 28). That’s a 4% increase from the premiere and the highest rating ever for the show!

LISTEN: Glee Cast Performs Britney’s Hits

“I loved it!” Britney tweeted last night. “Thank you guys SO much for making this happen!”

WHAT DID YOU THINK of last night’s episode of Glee?

Britney Spears Cameo
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Credit: Adam Rose; Photos: FOX
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  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    …and now it’s over. ahahahahaha …the shitney talk is done. bring on the next one.

  • Nikki

    H8RS GON H8. Britney is pop legend, bye.

  • Dasha

    it was pretty cool, Heather Morris did a great job and well it’s Britney bitch!!!
    I still don’t like finn and rachel together, and my Puck get one line, one fuc*ing line in the entire episode!!!

  • raena

    wow that first comment makes zero sense…

    anyways great episode. umm Heather Morris’ I’m a slave 4 U was HOT!!!

  • sunny

    I love Glee and never thought that much of Glee’s Brittany character except she has some humorous lines once in a while, not her fault, just the show doesn’t focus on her as a main character that much, but her numbers last night were better than Britney Spears herself when she did them. I thought Heather (is that her real name)? was absolutely AMAZING! Her dancing was phenom! She made that episode for me and I think the real Britney Spears, even though I didn’t like her back in the day is doing a good job of trying to get her life in order, so it seems. Props to Glee for letting Brittany do Britney’s numbers.

  • Laylaa

    OMG it was amazing!!!! love love loved it :)

  • Tom

    Highest ratings ever. It’s the power of Britney. Smell it, fear it!

  • damien

    oh come on M episode ws brilliant. ppl only watched this cause brit was on it. madonna wasnt part of the episode and even like that ir broked the records and the album was#1 on billboard. now imagine if madonna was part of the episode like she will do on next glee madonna episode

  • Mario


  • Lilakoi Moon

    @Dasha: I KNOW RIGHT!!!!

  • Madam Gaga

    Why doesn’t Britney use Twitter to finally explain to the world why she shaved her head back in 2007? She owes it to us after all the publicity that was shoved down our throats because of it.

  • TT

    sunny @ i’m sory , brittany did a great job , but did not beat the ORIGINAL Britney Spears.

  • Tom Franks

    Heather Morris is stunningly beautiful. This incredibly gorgeous young woman is pure American perfection. It is a shame that they give her zero character development minimal screentime and depict her as a stereotypical airhead. They may as well put a cardboard cut-out of her in the episodes and nobody would notice the difference from how poorly her role is written.

  • bartman

    The Britney show as very cool. Heather Morris wa awesome, She is not mre HOTTER than ever. Let her do more stuff. As for the rest. very classy and sing-along style. As for Puck I guess he wasn’t man enough do do Britney song. . I want more Glee.

  • kat

    The Power Of Britney Spears!!

  • ignore

    Britney Spears is for low class people. She’ll always be a big star and have her fans.

  • Dana

    Gaga could easily Break that Old Used up Pop Star Record..Britney is the only Female Singer out there now that can’t sing one note live.

  • Jen

    She keeps breaking records!!

  • Jen


  • hehe

    Caca stans mad! Caca could never! QUEEN OF MUSIC SLAYS!!!!!!!


  • Paige

    Love Britney, hate Glee. Worst show ever. Why do I want to hear those fools singing her songs…argh.

    And yeah, she can’t sing a note anymore. :(

  • essie

    it was SOOO over the top.. the dance movements were way too hard and exaggerated. i actually felt myself cringing through it and couldn’t watch it after 10 minutes.

  • stylishbrit

    @essie: oh ok, because when I was a kid I didnt see Britney that ridiculous lol

  • MadameX

    I missed it was out eating ugh! but im def gonna watch it online i hope its not a WASTE OF TIME like that GAGA one that one was ugh…!
    But wait….didnt that lesbian lady said it was the worst show and brit brit was a nightmare? still gonna go watch it

  • Genesis

    The haters can lick my ass,this was the best glee episode ever and the rating prove it so sit down bitches.

    It’s britney bitch

  • essie

    yeah maybe cuz some folks watched it to see britney the real deal, and not some broadway act

  • britneysuks

    Britney Spears sucks and so did the show….

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    13.3 million viewers for this? America, we are in trouble.

  • milo

    The Legendary Miss Britney Spears Queen of Pop!

  • gigi19

    Liked the Gaga episode better. I think Heather had great moves and looked better than the original. Mostly, though, the episode was a disappointment. Maybe because Spears songs have no substance at all, the whole show sort of fell flat.

  • britneysuks

    Britney Spears is a has been no talent who needs to just go away once and for all. All her fans have the mentality of a 12 year old — just like their idol — the 28 year old adult who has to have their daddy run their life and who was deemed a dangerous and incapable parent. Way to go Britards — you should all be so proud.

  • ahley

    I only watched it cuz the REAL Britney Spears Pop Legend was in the show. My first and only time watching glee…lol. (unless theres another Britney Spears episode)

  • Christian

    To “britneysuks” – You on here bashing Britney and her fans but YET you contributed with the other 13.3 milllions of people by watching the show. STFU!!!!

  • betty

    It is okay. Not as good as the Madonna episode. When you said it broke records I was expecting over 20 million viewers. Just over 13 million may be it’s best episode but in terms of television viewers not overwhelming.

  • kayla

    Can’t wait till Britney’s new album come out!!!!

  • TT

    actually the episode had peaks of 17 million watching , the overall is 13.3 million.

  • john

    ..umm, it was atually 17million viewers

  • aka

    What the hell was with her hair, didn’t they see as they filmed that her hair looked so stupid by the cheer leader scene?

  • aka

    What the hell was wrong with her hair, didn’t they see as they filmed that her hair looked so stupid by the cheer leader scene?

  • Renee

    Thought it was great except for the “baby” song, Lea should not have been chosen to do that song! episode made me miss Brit, have to admit it she is a great performer and I miss the old Brit.

  • gagaman


  • Maddie

    Uhhh so I am a total Gleek and I really love the show, but this was the most disappointing episode ever. First time I thought Mr. Schue was terrible. Artie’s stronger – made me want to hurl. Kinda liked the other songs. Brittany really did stole the show, alongside with Rachel’s new style and Jacob’s coments, that was fun. Kurt’s moment was funny too. Oh and John Stamos is hot. Apart from that: boring episode! First one in Glee. Hope next week will be better, from the preview it looks like it will, but hey, this one was supposed to be the best.

    It doesn’t get anyway NEAR The Power of Madonna – that was friggin awesome


    wow a whole 4% lets declare a national holiday

  • TT


  • winner

    take THAT matthew morrison.

    it’s britney bitch.

  • slambang

    So very sick of Britney and her DEAD EYES.

  • Kenny


    But Gaga didnt, there was a gaga episode… its not Britney’s fault her fans didnt tune in to the tone of 13 million

  • Kenny

    Also, if Britney was not important then why are you here? You take interest in her but come on a blog just to bash her….. you cant be sick of something but still sign up for it willingly

  • BT

    She broke “Glee’s” Record, but 13 million viewers was an average for a CSI episode for the last few years, so nuthin big there. Calm down Brit-Wits…go find the cheeto stained tee-shirt you had her sign in Frappachino foam, and listen to “Gimmie More” while staring at pictures of her jacked up weave.
    Gleeks…when this show burns out at the end of this season and the fad dies…take a sedative to get you through it.

  • miley

    Its queen, bicth!