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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Neuf Lune Lovebirds

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Neuf Lune Lovebirds

A fresh-faced Miranda Kerr goes out shopping with husband Orlando Bloom on Wednesday (September 29) in Paris, France.

The 28-year-old model was in search of maternity clothing at Neuf Lune boutique – Miranda and Orly are expecting a little one at the beginning of next year.

Love how protective Orly is of his sweetie and her precious cargo!

Over the weekend, Orly and Miranda stepped out together for a party during Milan Fashion Week.

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  • http://j ivanka

    miranda’s skin looks flawless!

  • jay

    Orly is not sexy

  • vulture

    So the paps caught them at the baby store? How lucky. Seems like they’re getting lots of publicity out of this pregnancy, since both careers are dried up.

  • Mon

    So cute , cant wait to see their little one

  • an oldie

    Beautiful couple.

  • Cassie

    Very gorgeous couple. Can’t wait to see how gorgeous their kid will be. Her skin does look flawless. I might try the kora products because I like that it is organic.

  • Flag boy

    @ #3 You’re an idiot and should shut up since you know nothing.

  • Cassie

    To flagboy,#3 doesn’t know what they are talking about. Orlando and Miranda both have successful careers. I am so happy for the two of them. This site should just be for people that have positive comments to say. The haters can go to other places. What is wrong with seeing a loving couple? I don’t get their twisted way of thinking.

  • http://hotmailaustralia trish

    Gorgeous couple, can’t get enough of them.

  • Jonne

    Orlando is totally gorgeous and hot! Is that guy in back of him checking out his butt?

  • cathy

    Could he be anymore protective of her and his baby? In that one picture he looks right at the camera and you could almost see what he is thinking. How beatiful they are together and they do look very happy.

  • hate kerr

    haters ha whats this shit. are u miranda adovcate or did she hire u for that well she has her own site and if u love her so much visit hers not orlandos since we r orlys fan and relise what mistake hes done by marrying her we have every right to comment she must not even thinking about u and ur so called well wishes and we orlys fan on the other hand has been visiting his site for10 years and u all idiot kerrs wants to move on how dominating and whats haters kerr fans get lost lingrie model stupid whore fame hungry bitch. lets go back when she wasnt famous at all and suddenly she came from no where and started to destroy orlys career and she rose to fame with that 2 piece shit for publicity she even said orly stinks what a whore and suddenly after 3 years hes married jus t because shes pregnant remember he waited for 3 months to confirm that wheter shes pregnant with his child or not and then he married secretly and kerr told the world that it was that same wedding that they both wished for. what about scouting in the LA churches showing off her ring. whore.and mommy kerr came by her side so that old hag too can get some publicity.kerr is a woman with no sense of humor just a stripper like apig wait till orly divorces her in no time and kerr fans it will br ur time to move on to go some where

  • hate kerr 2

    hate kerr i totally agree with you, becuz wedding should not be hidden, marriage not considered. keep thinking same way hate kerr. girls and boys make a good role model not this 2 piece bitch. let me tell you something common in kerr and pig, they both hae fat nose and they both are naked piece of shit.

  • hate kerr

    i totally agree with miranda’s career but not orly, OK

  • hate kerr 3

    miranda say that ”i try to keep my thing private since we both are very private” miss kerr if u are that private so hide ur private parts, u r prviate but not ur body. it is public. i am shocked that ur brother and fether might also enjoy ur naked pic. daddy’s girl daddy’s might be very proud of u.

  • Kaz

    Old woman miranda kerr and old man orlando bloom

  • Kaz

    I love only babie ,i don’t care perants

  • jenny

    you people are sick. get a life. orlando is adorable. miranda is beautiful. they both have excellent careers. u should be so lucky.

  • Kat

    She prgnant not from orlando .

  • Miranda kerr

    I’m bum.
    I’m nerd.
    I’m geek.
    I’m excting to be pathetic.
    I’m alwayes have sex with girls .
    I’m very rude.

  • http://Tad Slig

    I hate him old

  • @12-17,19-21

    What a bunch of trolls there are on here! And all of them barely literate.

    So now he seems to have lost the curly ends to his moustache. I wonder if that means he’s finished with location shooting and will be going back to LA for a while? We’ll see.

    I’ve seen the pictures of her walking the Balenciaga show and what a bizarre dress. Seems to be made of wetsuit material.

  • @3

    You can see with this Balenciaga runway deal how publicity is entwined into their lives. She’s pregnant and the wife of a movie star, therefore when she walks for a fashion show and he’s in the front row saying “I’ll just try not to trip her” it makes news and provides publicity for the fashion line, her, Orlando AND Orlando’s film.

    It helps both their careers and the people they are working for, who are their friends and colleagues. To a certain extent, doing things for publicity is unavoidable and benefits everybody. I don’t think they come over as desperate.

  • Agreed – Gorgeous couple!


    Love them together.


  • Troll city on here

    This site won’t let me post links to other sites so I just wanted to tell anyone who is a fan of MK & OB that you should join Live Journal as there are friendly places there. Not like here where people can hide behind anonymity so they can troll.

  • vic

    Her Face is so ugly

  • LOL!

    To the ‘hate kerr, sockpuppets.
    Trying to pretend that you are different people agreeing with your own comments is laughably pathetic.
    When ALL of your puppets have the same problems with English syntax, and use the SAME tech-speak, you might as well have signed your own name.
    This pathetic attempt at sock puppeting is probably one of the most hilarious that I have ever seen.

  • Courtney

    I love seeing a father to be so protective over his beloved fiancee/wife while she’s expecting their child. though Orlando isn’t exactly an A list star like say Paul Newman was after Cat On A Hot Tin Roof though that had been a difficult movie for him to shoot because his then new wife Joanne Woodward had miscarried their first child during their honeymoon right before rehersals for the film granted at the time Joanne was the bigger star as she was oscar nominated and later won. thankfully Orly and Miranda haven’t had to go through that as they wouldn’t get the privacy to deal with it now that Newman & Woodward did then.

  • sara

    I love seeing them together!
    They make such a beautiful couple. And they are both as sweet as they are gorgeous!
    That is one luck baby.

  • hate kerr 4


    sockpuppet huh! are you here to judge people, you another kerr advocate, you bitchy english proffessor and if you like teaching join school or university, don’t stroll here. DUMP ASS hah non educated english teacher. u have good teaching skills go to slum schools and teach them coz they dont know eng bawhahhahhahahaha
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  • LOL!

    I’m not judging you, or trying to teach you, I’m just EXPOSING you as the sockpuppet that you are.
    So pathetic.

  • LOL!

    BTW…Nienna, is that you?

  • YAY!

    Miranda looked gorgeous on the Balenciaga runway!
    Her third time down their catwalk, and this time with her gorgeous hubby in the front row!
    So lucky and in love!

  • sara

    Gisele and Miranda walking in the same show!
    Wonder if they caught up from their VS days together backstage?
    After all, Gisele and Leo are why Miranda and Orlando met.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    Precious couple love them the haters heads are exploding LOL loves it.

  • So sweet

    Sweet couple. I think Orlando will make a wonderful father – very loving and gentle. It’s cute how protective he is of his wife and mommy-to-be. I wish them and their little one only the best.

  • the truth

    Who cares ! about these two.He only maried her because she was pregnant. And his career is failing. The only way to boost your career.

  • LOL!

    Keep believing that if it helps you sleep at night.

  • Jokergurl

    These two I think are definitely on the same page, they even dress a bit alike.

  • kerrandbloom

    What and when was the last good movie Orlando was in? Was that the Pirate of the Caribean series? It’s not an exageration when people say his career has dried up.

    It’s soooo obvious that this pregnancy was an accident and not planned. But still, wish them good luck.

  • efron

    She is gonna be one ugly preggo.

  • j

    He looks like a mess

  • awww

    poor lonely people just hate seeing two people in love
    get over it haters
    their lives will ALWAYS be better than yours

  • just sayin’

    They look marvelous! Both of them are beautiful and they look so happy! Ah, Paree”…..

  • anonymous

    @hate kerr: I am so jealous of her to girl so don’t you worry.

  • anonymous

    Hes not hot, at all

  • talan

    It was just last minute for Miranda to visit maternity clothing shop, because se is unusually terribly dressed on those photos. T shirt has nothing to do with the trousers, not to say a word about the bag ( I like this bag, but not with this clothes). At least I hope that her jeans trousers are the one for pregnant woman, otherwise her child is very much pressed.

  • He’s so hot!

    Beautiful, happy, successful couple! If you look at the pictures and don’t try to invent things you see a very protective father to be. He is smiling in almost all of the pictures so I think you can hang up the “he’s miserable, it’s fake” conspiracy theory. If you are not an admirer of this couple then move on. Surely your life is not so pathetic that you have nothing else to grab on to but your hatred for Mrs. Bloom and the hope that this marriage is fake. That would be so sad since all signs point to a happily married couple.

    One thing about the careers – He is filming a MAJOR motion picture and has another starting after this (he has said he will be busy for the next few months filming) not to mention 3 others that can’t be released fast enough for me. She has been extremely successful and she has landed on all the top model lists, money and popularity wise. Lucrative contracts, high fashion shoots, make up line. Women can have babies and a successful career.

  • Weightkoss basta

    She’s sooo sexy!!!!!!!! :)

  • Daemon Tools Download

    So cute , cant wait to see their little one