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Britney Spears: Still Under Conservatorship

Britney Spears: Still Under Conservatorship

Britney Spears picks up her 4-year-old son Jayden James from a day care facility on Thursday (September 30) in Encino, Calif.

Earlier in the morning, the 28-year-old pop princess went to court to talk about her conservatorship with a judge. Britney has been under the conservatorship since February 2008, and the judge decided she will remain under the conservatorship for now.

When will Brit Brit finally be able to live her own life??

FYI: Brit is wearing Candie’s boots, available at Kohl’s.

15+ pictures inside of Britney Spears at day care…

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britney spears conservatorship 01
britney spears conservatorship 02
britney spears conservatorship 03
britney spears conservatorship 04
britney spears conservatorship 05
britney spears conservatorship 06
britney spears conservatorship 07
britney spears conservatorship 08
britney spears conservatorship 09
britney spears conservatorship 10
britney spears conservatorship 11
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • commonsense

    When would she be able to live her own life? Are you serious?

  • Madam Gaga

    Britney should finally explain to the world why she shaved her head back in 2007? She owes it to us after all the publicity that was shoved down our throats because of it which I am sure is the reason.

  • megan

    omg! she should get a t!! stylist asap!!! she has millions of dollars and should put them to good use. she always looks like a mess.

  • jamie


  • s

    @Madam Gaga:
    if you watched her MTV special 2 years ago you would have known already!

  • Boston61

    She is mentally ill. It’s not her fault.


    OK, well Jared, Britney will NEVER be able to live her own life because she is psychologically ill, in general unstable.


    @megan: she looks smoking hot.

    are you.. looking at something else?

    she’s so freaking hot

  • Dubya Bush

    Did she wear that to court? No wonder they keeping her under lock and key.

  • Karen

    This poor woman. If I showed up at my son’s school looking braless and sexy they would hand my head to me.
    What a shame.
    Only her kids will suffer and they have.

  • anonymmous

    I like some of these pictures. My favourite pic number 1 lol

  • Kaz

    Fat sl*t

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    ….ahahahahahahahahahahahah …she’s a fcuking adult who’s not even in control of her own life. ahahahahahahahahahaha …how fcuking sad. ahahahahahahahahaha …why does she have to be medicated 24/7?!? ahahahahahahahahaha …she obviously cant dress herself (and doesn’t dress her own children), or do her own hair! that’s a fcuking fact, w/ hundred’s of pictures and video’s to prove it.
    the poor girl’s a dirt dumb backwater hick who’s whole life/career has been manufactured and controlled by everyone else. the minute she was able to be herself.. tick tock, tick tock, BOOOOM! EPIC FAIL

  • Dana

    It looks like shes been crying.

  • BLACK730

    I love my Brit Brit.. She has been through so much, for god sakes.. Leave her alone.. She is not mentally ill.. Mentally ill ppl are in institutions… She is a woman with a lot of responsibility in need of love an compassion… I love her!!!

  • Kim

    I’m actually WAITING for the day that she actually looks presentable. Not hot, not even gorgeous… just presentable. Seriously I don’t understand with all her resources she can’t even get a good weave and a stylist!

  • Jess

    @Madam Gaga: She doesn’t owes you sh**t, nor an explanation.

  • Bela Lugosi

    NEVER! Sh&tney is BRAIN DEAD. She’s like a walking vegetable. To be nice, she’s simple-minded.

    Surely, you don’t believe she’s the one who makes career decisions and write on Twitter and update her websites. Newsflash. It’s her handlers who do those things.

    She’s BRAIN DEAD!

  • sad story

    How old is she ? almost 30 . what a shame. she will be under her father care until she is 50 . There are tons of so called mentally ill people living healthy life. she is stuck in the legal system because of who she is. What is she wearing ? she look hideous, she should not be wearing that dress fr her size. it is not cute. Bar Rafeli can show her back because she is actually hot and she is in great shape . Britney not so much she need to cover her back.

  • Bela Lugosi

    I thought it was Courtney Love or Brooke Hogan.


    She looks 45 and HAG-like.

  • lost girl

    poor kids , glad they live with their father. H eis their only hope. who wear that to court ? The judge just had to look at her and he can see that she is not well because no normal person will dress the way she dresses daily or behave the way she behaves. she has 24/7 babysitter , she is not allow to be with her children without supervisor , what a life to live at 29 . she is like stuck at 16 . she is 29 yo , she still act like a little girl , dress like a child it like when will you grow up ? her baby sister seem tobe more mature than her and she take care of her baby .

  • jaye

    I think some of you don’t know the meaning of mental illness or else you’re just plain asinine. She’s not under Conservatorship because she’s a rebellious child; she’s under it for medical reasons, mental illness. To call her an epic fail because of mental illness shows a lack of compassion, understanding and knowledge.
    Mental illness is not like turning a light switch on and off, nor is it within the power of the one suffering from it to just will it away. Many times it’s the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain which has to be treated ( medicated). People suffering from mental illness do not have control of their actions and may not continue to take their medications on their own. In Britney’s case, it would be disastrous to leave her totally to her own devices. She is rich and famous and would fall prey to anyone and everyone who has the mind to take advantage of her.
    Many people with mental illness, as long as they take their medications, are able to live productive lives. It’s within Britney’s ability, obviously , to maintain some independence. On the other hand, medications don’t magically make you completely well. There may be issues she still have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s clear that she, at times ,has no concern for her appearance and there have been stories that she’s not very hygienic; This, too, could be a symptom of her condition. I’m sure she’s not sitting around thinking oh, ‘I’d better dress and look hot for my public’. She has real life issues to deal with and certainly doesn’t owe us an explanation of her personal struggles.
    She’s not a prisoner and she obviously has a lot of freedom. The interesting part of this is that Britney can ask to have the Conservatorship removed ( not that it would be removed on just her say so), but there is no record that she ever did. So, if she feels the need for it to continue and obviously those directly involved, including the doctors, feel it necessary, I don’t know why people think it should be removed.
    Britney may never be able to go anywhere alone, but that would be the case even if she did not have a mental illness; her celebrity is so large. She’s not in a position to make financial decisions or important decisions regarding her health and welfare; for those reasons, there is the Conservatorship. This might be something she is under for the rest of her life, only time will tell.

  • Melanie

    When should she be free to live her own life? When she stops wearing ridiculous shit like that out of the house. Also, the aforementioned comments of her fragile mental state (see dress she wore to child’s day care). I think the Conservatorship has been one of the most beneficial things in her life and one of the few solid parenting efforts her parents (father) has made. Mom has her hands full with other teen mom daughter and writing books about being an awesome mom. Ugh.

  • to jaye

    She’s not a prisoner and she obviously has a lot of freedom
    britney only has the freedom that her father allows her to have. do you understand how much control he has over her. jamie spears can restrict and limit visitors, retain caretakers and security guards and access all of her medical records. jamie spears also has the power to forbid any friendships that he disapproves of; he also controls all of her money. and yes, jamie can even legally prevent britney from getting married again.

  • Kat

    Look mess…. Her kids growing up to normak like family.

  • lynn

    i love brit so much !! she has been through hell ppl leave her alone ! she looks sad :( !!! I can’t stop loving her she is a part of my childhood i grew up listening to her i love her and will always !

  • flower

    You sound completely crazy InFamously Cool! Get a grip and a life. This singer has already made millions. How about you? Go to see a doctor because you need help… You are nuts my dear.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    I read that she wore that to court. The Conservatorship will end they day she shows up for course with appropriate clothing and hair. The judges looks at it like this: If you can’t even dress yourself appropriately, then you don’t need control of your affairs.

  • jaye

    to jaye @ 10/01/2010 at 12:10 am

    Britney is still not a prisoner. A prisoner gets 3 squares a day, and 1 hour exercise. They have 23 hours in their cell which contains a cot and a toilet and maybe a wash basin. They have no exposure to the OUTSIDE world. Their visitors come to them on visiting day, they may have conjugal visits, but that’s up to the prison and on their time line. They have a set time to eat, sleep and wake up. As long as they’re not abused in the system, they don’t have a say about ANYTHING.
    Is she free to do ANYTHING she wants? No. For the average adult doing whatever they want might not pose a problem because they have their own internal stops and reasoning ability with regard to cause and effect; but not so much for a persona with mental issues.
    Britney is, yes, ALLOWED, a lot more freedoms than a prisoner. People complain about how she dresses and not wearing bras, but her father has said you can’t tell a grown woman what to wear. Every facet of her life is not managed to death. She has choices.
    The fact is, even if the Conservatorship has the ability to impose certain things, they not refuse her access to things or persons if they do not present any HARM to Britney. She’s seen going about town all the time; she works, she plays whenever she wants, she takes vacations. She has an allowance but she can petition to receive more; if the COURT feels it’s warranted they will approve it, not her father. The usual stipulation is that purchased of LARGE items such as a house or car has to be approved by the Conservatorship. If the choice is Conservatorship or letting a person with mental issues managed their own affairs to the ruin and possibly harm of themselves; I’d choose Conservatorship.
    Britney’s life before the Conservatorship wasn’t all that great either and she lost custody of her kids; she was surrounded by people who took advantage of her financially and s*exually. Is this what the ‘free’ Britney people want? Or is it just on general principle that they want her to have the option to fail? Like I said before, Britney has not asked that the Conservatorship be removed, so why would her fans think it should be removed. When she is able to handle herself ( that doesn’t mean dress herself properly and get a good weave) and her own financial affairs the Conservatorship will be removed; they have hearings regularly to make that determination.
    Her father had a job and a life before he came to her rescue; yes, RESCUE. His job is never over; and he doesn’t have unlimited powers. A lot of things have to be approved by the court; he’s not the only one involved in the Conservatorship, there are lawyers ( for the Conservatorship and those that represent Britney personally), financial advisers, doctors and others. If her personal lawyers felt that she was treated unfairly they would file a complaint with the court. What her Father did was in the interest of saving his Daughter’s LIFE; you don’t think he’d be happy if she were able to do these things herself?
    Nobody said this is a perfect situation, but who wants the alternative? We’ve already seen some of that. Does anyone want to wait until she dies from drugs or VD and is a bag lady on the street talking to herself and THEN complain that no one did anything?

  • yo sista

    LOL at the haters going mad.

    Stay mad

  • Weightkoss basta

    she looks amazing.

  • Directx 10 Download

    She looks 45 and HAG-like.

  • lower back pain relief

    Did she wear that to court? No wonder they keeping her under lock and key.

  • xxxxxxxx

    “Earlier in the morning, the 28-year-old pop princess went to court ”

    We do not know if she weared the same dress we see in the pics.

    And you haters/loosers, you all are so cruel and have no empathy,
    you deserve to be surrounded by people like you and suffer!!!!!!!!!!