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Gisele Bundchen Plays In Paris

Gisele Bundchen Plays In Paris

Gisele Bundchen strides out of the Meurice and goes to a fitting session at Balanciaga while in town for Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday (September 29).

The 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel reportedly likes Tom Brady‘s hair long and won’t let him cut his hair. Asked if there was anything that would get him to cut his hair, he told the Boston Herald, “Ah, you’ll have to speak to my wife about that.”

Tom Brady
‘s ex Bridget Moynahan is currently dating Charlie’s Angels director McG. Bridget was seen at a charity tennis tournament McG was participating in and cheered him on from the sidelines.

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  • Rovena

    I wish she would do more mainstream movies. Since Taxi (2004) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006), she has done nothing.

  • mailey

    she has always been really really boring. just like her husband.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Tranny manly man man man. Hmmm. Rainbow Dash My Little Phony Pony needs to borrow some of Star Catcher’s My Little Pony clothes. This get-up is drab and so not working. Why so sad Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin…I mean Rainbow Dash?

  • Aani

    why’s jolie and gaga’s fans ALWAAAYS hateful unlike jolie and gaga!!!?? .. u guys are full of hate and criticize everyone ALL the time .. get a life

  • @4

    don`t mind the weirdo. on other threads she is whining about `haters` and the next thing you know she is here trashing gisele like a maniac. but what can you expect from someone who likes plain-jane bar, the homewrecker jolie and the weirdo gaga?

  • sisy

    looking Tranny as usual! she’s unattractive annoying woman.

  • lol

    drag queen

  • ;)

    @6: i`m sure you are pure perfection when it comes to looks otherwise you wouldn`t criticize her. ;)

  • hi

    I can`t believe how beautiful Gisele is ALL THE TIME! Not to mention her adorable son! I can`t get enough of them!

  • lisali

    Gisele is walking for Balanciaga!!!!! Awesome. She always looks lovely,even in candids.

  • cute

    Gisele is the epitome of `supermodel` with high end jobs all the time. And she seems like an amazing mother! She has a cute and happy family! Good for her!

  • lisali


    Gisele is a model..not an actress..thats why shes not in more movies..hello!

  • Genna

    I`m jealous of her! Her face, her body, her career and her family! But good for her she absolutely deserves it! :)

  • Alaia

    She is so boring you have to mention who her husband’s ex-wife is dating.

  • Anna

    She is being fitted for Balanciaga, she must be walking for them.Cant wait to she Gisele on the runway.She is a true supermodel.

    Gisele Bundchen + Balanciaga = Heaven

  • Brightside

    Absolutely stunning!
    @14: JJ is well-known for providing info that nobody cares about and absolutely not related to the post. That doesn`t mean Gisele is boring. :)

  • YYY

    can you say striking?

  • anna

    why are people so hateful? it must be jealousy, after all she is the world’s n.1 model.

  • venus

    You only need to look at Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen to see how amazing Brazilian women look on the beach – just stunning.

  • gorgeous

    she rocks! she also got the blaneciaga campaign! now thats a supermodel! wlak for a show and gets the campaign as well. quit hatin. you hater girls are anything but average (try below it) let alone on par with a Supermodel! the worlds richest one at that. take a hike.

  • imasupermodelNOT

    Haters only hate the things that they can’t get and the people they can’t be.

  • Opie


    movies? are you kidding me? no thanks! shes the worlds biggest richest and in demand MODEL. she does not need movies. In fact I am all for her going back into high fashion,high fashion,high fashion, YES please! Now you can see why she lost weight, someone was busy shooting a Balenciaga campaign and prepping for the show! one musn’t be chunky,average weight for that spectacular of a job.

  • down2earth

    “People will always have an opinion. Some people will say she should be a cleaning lady.’ And then another will say I’m beautiful” At the end of the day, it’s about what those people think about themselves. – Gisele

  • Lovey

    a TRUE supermodel! show em how its done girl! This is how its done, walk an exclusive show,get paid,shoot a campaign, and volia. I love how she doesnt do parties. she just works and then goes back to her hotel room or shops. she rarely ever goes to parties and events. she really does seem like a homebody like she says, lol. love that about her.

  • lol

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:@Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    your opinions are always so popular, lol.

  • Mags

    I have a feeling her 30′s are gonna be even more spectacular and iconic than her teens/20′s!

  • anonymous

    Her husband must be really in love with her doing everything she wants

  • Hmmm


    I have a feeling that you’re high on drugs.

  • tarea

    @ 27 She loves him very much. They were very sweet together in the cinema on Monday. Very much in love

  • Mags

    @Hmmm: well thats quite rude, and no im not. maybe not better but im sure her 30s will be just as amazing! and yes even better because she has a wonderful family now, like she always wanted. I wish her all the best, sorry so many here get off on wishing bad upon others. its truly sad. now wonder this world is falling apart, lol. so much hate.

  • lemon

    @tarea: yeah they went and saw The Town (there were twitter pictures of it) so cute. they wanted to see a movie before off to work! Gislee being a supermodel and tom playing in Miami. me and my bf arent even famous and stopped seeing movies already, tom and gisele are always going to movies and doing romantic things (he threw her a big surprise 30th bday as well)

  • Wish

    wish me luck guys! Im going in for my cheekbones implant surgery and face liposuction! I am taking in some pictures of Gisele since she has the most amazing cheekbones. I wish I were naturally blessed like her, but nope many are not and that is why plastic surgeons are our best friends, lol. wish me luck! I am a little scared but I will do anything to have better structure on my face. its so fat and bloated right now. I feel so average :(

  • HAhe

    Its so laughable when haters claim her fans are trolls. no try it the other way around hunny (notice how I didnt say “hunnies”). Also I doubt 2 fans could minus/plus a comment 6 or more times, lol you only get one cahnce to do so.

    Miss Jolie stinky pits is the biggest troll I know on this whole site. get a life soon hunny.

  • ace11

    her and Leo could have had amazing looking kids

    oh well

  • fashiondream

    Tom Brady,Patriots,Bridget,Bar,Adriana fans and guilty moms; WE GET IT! you hate Gisele. MOVE ON. quit looking her up then.

  • Solange06
  • Justina

    since this is not a site for fans, but for the haters I will stop by and say what I have to say real quick and be done; Go Gisele! exclusive appearance + campaign, werk supermodel werk.

  • RoseM

    Miss Bar Jolie, I am so glad we don’t have to see what you look like. LOL

  • wq

    I don’t get people’s fascination with models, super or otherwise. Unless you live in New York or Paris and some how get a ticket to a fashion show you never actually see them “work.” And then to top it off they model weird looking clothes that maybe one percent of the population actually wears. Show of hands, how many of you have a “Balenciaga” in their closet? Really, someone explain to me how you can be so passionate in supporting/defending or critical/offending a model. There just kind of there.

  • cindy

    she is ” the one”, just perfect! No wonder haters are so jealous of her!

  • lachelle


    that is like asking why some people are into celebs? they are just there, we really dont know them either.some models are celebs therefore they are bound to get some admirers. Personally I have loved and preferred models to celebs since the 90s, and still do. I would prefer to see only models modeling, and singers and actresses to do their jobs. sing + act. they all got a place in the industry. and who doesnt love fashion and photgraphs? I am assuming you arent much of an artsy person and thats fine, but I think fine photographs,clothing and beauty never go out of style.

  • Ams


    its not only her, every celeb here is ugly,atrocious,disgsuting,too ugly,too skinny,too fat…lol its just bored less than perfect tweens with no social lives who sit and hate all day. according to them, no one can even compare to their beauty,talent or success. lmao

    and yes I do agree with you cindy!

  • Jared

    she’s back in high fashion, amazinngggggggg!!!

  • aww

    I really admire her. She doesnt go to parties or events that much (once/twice per year) lol but she is always laughing with her baby,going on dates with her hubby,doing environmental work,really there is no reason to hate on this woman, other than the fact that she seems perfect, lol. so therefore I can get the hate when it comes to Gisele. there really isnt anything to pick on her about, so people dig it up and love to make something out of nothing. Really if you read her interviews (not media sites biased reviews on her interviews) and look at the bigger picture of all of her immense success, she’s really what she says she is; a homebody who loves her family and has some amazing work ethic. oh and going out of her house in workout clothes,messy hair and no makeup only gets more bonus points in my book. (even I wouldnt do such a thing, lol) she is very down to earth if you ask me.

  • Mr. Gagging on a Jolly Bar

    Gisele and Bar threads being squared off against each other. What an …unusual… occurrence.

  • anya

    This drag queen looking tranny is just jealous that her husband has a more feminine face that her.

  • HeatherAnne

    she is exquisite looking!

  • sw


    who is jealous? gisele jealous of who? gisele has not one reason in the world to be jealous of a soul!

  • ubermodel

    Gisele’s face is stunning and striking. Her career and status as a model says IT ALL. you haters know it too, you just cant take it; her being more popular and indemand than your boring catalog models. get over it! Gisele has been on top since 1998 and she has never gone anywhere, and no one has been able to take her “thrown” for more than 15 years now. She is fashion royalty. I pity the fool who thinks they are half as good looking or who thinks they could get someone half as good looking.
    aka SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!1

  • bradyfatfangirlsgoaway

    @anya: no hunny, I think you are jealous she is in Tom’s bed every-night.