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Katie Holmes: Power of Women Luncheon!

Katie Holmes: Power of Women Luncheon!

Katie Holmes joins her pint-sized Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark co-star Bailee Madison at Variety‘s 2nd Annual Power Of Women Luncheon at California’s Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday (September 30).

The 31-year-old actress went floral in a pretty Louis Vuitton dress, black leggings, Casadei shoes, and a classic Chanel purse.

Katie was honored at the event for her work with Dizzy Feet Foundation, which helps support, improve, and increase access to dance education.

Ms. Holmes rubbed shoulders with Jennifer Garner and Kerry Washington. Earlier this month, Katie and Kerry both sat front row at the Calvin Klein fashion show during NY Fashion Week.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the Power of Women luncheon…

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katie holmes variety luncheon 01
katie holmes variety luncheon 02
katie holmes variety luncheon 03
katie holmes variety luncheon 04
katie holmes variety luncheon 05
katie holmes variety luncheon 06
katie holmes variety luncheon 07
katie holmes variety luncheon 08
katie holmes variety luncheon 09
katie holmes variety luncheon 10

Credit: Steve Granitz, Todd Williamson, Jeff Vespa; Photos: Wireimage
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  • evelyn

    That dress looks like an old tacky sofa

  • pr person

    OMG! She looks ridiculous!!

  • James Kragen

    Katie Holmes is incredibly gorgeous. Now she has to drop that ugly horse’s ass husband of hers, Tom Cruise It is unfortunate that she is as attractive as she is misguided with her poor taste in men. She should be with someone around her age not a guy who obviously can’t handle women around his age.

  • Lance Costa

    God, she has great legs. She is really sexy.

  • Jokergurl

    I like the hair and the makeup but she’s been attacked by a backyard lounge chair, she dressed better before she was a so called fashionista.

  • ck

    Remember seeing Bailee in “Bridge to Terabithia” and thinking she looked like a young Katie Holmes.

    Guess I wasn’t the only one…

  • Kaz

    Ha ha ha

  • weeeeeee

    her legs look thinner than usual. poor tom cruise Man his looks and career have taken a huge dive since hooking up with KT and ordering an Alien child


  • me

    she has fat ugly legs, she is no dance either

  • Suzie Q

    Tom is the pathetic midget gay-boy freak. Suri is the victim of Tom and Katie – KH allowed herself to join camp crazy, and someone really needs to get Suri out of that house!!! Tom destroyed his own career with his failed attempts at manipulating the public.
    And Katie: stop wearing dark hose…you have big legs and the dark leggings make them look gigantic!!!!!

  • weeeeee

    @Suzie Q: you call him gay like it’s a bad terrible thing. Maybe he is gay but he needs to pretend he likes women to keep his career. he would never be the star that he is today if he was openly gay. a lot of Actors are short and closeted . oh well he looks real bad lately.

  • reba

    Wow! Could Keri get any prettier? She is lovely:)

  • debbie

    Katie looks gorgeous!! Bailee is very pretty also.

  • Suzie Q

    Please Do not turn this around and make it seem like Tom is being (boo hoo) picked on. I don’t care who he sleeps with. I DO have a problem with his treating the general public like we are idiots. Had he not crossed the line and started inflicting his beliefs on us, we would have all gone on not confusing his sexual orientation with his acting skills. He is embarrassed to admit his lifestyle, and expects privacy, but then criticizes people for needing help dealing with depression, etc. Add to this how he uses Suri and a publicity ploy…she’s not even biologically his so maybe he doesn’t care about the long term affects on her….Tom is digusting.
    (I’ll apologize for the “midget” comment…but I like tall men, so for me his height is just one more negative aspect of his existence. Yuck!)

  • Joanna

    I wonder if Suri picked this out for her…lol With that said, Keri looks beautiful.

  • Bad Mamma Jamma

    The little girl is cute, but you get a thumbs down for making any positive comment about Katie. She may be looking all “Joey Potter” on the outside but inside she’s become a vapid waste of a human being. That’s all that most of us can see anymore.

  • Jolly Folly

    What in the he$ll is she wearing? A tablecloth?

  • annie

    Katie is gorgeous. Love her hair, makeup, shoes, and the dress is cute. I’d like to see what the back looks like.
    She has the prettiest smile, and loves to experiment with fashion.
    Most actresses play safe, and when you see pics of them they kinda all look similar.
    I like her with Tom, she has a lovely family and Suri is beyond adorable.
    Bailey is too cute. Can’t wait for Don’t be afraid of the Dark!
    Her legs look great, at least they’re not the typical twig, that’s the norm in Hollywood. Good for her, by insulting her legs , you are actually insulting all women who don’t have twigs for legs, bigger backsides, arms , out of proportion boobs, who are a little over weight etc.
    Do I say nice things about Katie… bet, she’s gorgeous, always has been (except when she cut her hair).
    Being criticised, I guess goes with the territory for her.
    Stop hating!

  • joel

    Upholstery material dress

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Oh, Katie. No. Not even in the lala world of Scientology is this outfit acceptable. Come on.

  • Kim

    I love Katie… but holy crap she canNOT act. At all. Surprised she got cast in Dawson’s Creek and has carried it this far…

  • zzzz

    Either there is a terrible shortage of women to honor this year or Tom has paid someone off again.
    As for Tom being gay, I don’t know about that, but I’m pretty sure it’s against his religion to be gay and they try to “cure” you of it. (HAHA!) Maybe his marriages and kids are not for the sake of his career but for the sake of his religion. Anyway, Katie is not looking like the happy, satisfied wife-she had more glow with Chris Klein. Sad.
    Oh and that dress…Tim Gunn will be appalled.

  • winterwilde

    Katie’s dress is hideous. pure.

  • kizbit

    I hope she sat next to Jennifer Garner and got some parenting advice!

  • Katie always front and centred

    EWWWW it looks like she took a 1950 curtains and made it into
    a dress is it one of hers..!!! Please she did pose with Jen Garner

  • LOVE

    odd dress looks like something from The waltons or little house . table linen Flowered

  • bedspread

    oh really… is that girl Miranda Kerr?? Main picture (number 8)

  • marilyn

    i live next door to a dear elderly lady who worked for a major studio, in the publicity department, for 35 years. it was her job to make sure that the young ladies (actresses) working for studio were always dressed appropriately for any event she was invited to. so, i showed her the dress that katie is wearing just to get this lady’s input. this dear lady told me that she would have pulled katie aside a long time ago and had a discussion concerning fashion and what is and it not appropriate for katie to wear.

  • elle

    the dress is gorgeous! it’s louis vuitton. most people just can’t appreciate high fashion or anything slightly eccentric. she looks BEAUTIFUL.

  • LH

    Not crazy about the dress, but Katie’s hair and makeup are beautiful. I also have to say that I think it is cute that Katie got down to Bailee’s level for their pictures together on the red carpet, and Bailee is adorable!

  • eliza

    It doesn’t matter who designed the dress. It isn’t right for Katie.
    She needs a stylist – desperately. Hair and make-up look good.

  • annie

    WOW! Katie really gets to you people doesn’t she?
    Marilyn ….you actually took the time to ask your ”elderly” neighbour about Katies dress sense. okayyyyyyyyyyyy…..interesting.
    But then again all the posts here about Katie , Tom , and Suri are interesting…….because everyone tries so hard to find things to criticise, and I mean anything, anything ,anything, will do as long as it’s something. Good for a bit of a laugh I guess, but something sure does eat deep inside you, that’s for sure!
    Go to Katie and feast on the 80 beautiful pictures, of a very beautiful girl. The closeups of her face are beautiful, everything !
    That’s why I find your comments so amusing.
    Am I a big fan ……you bet.
    However, if it makes you happy to spew awful things ….so be it, but those 80 pics will always be there, for everyone to see , regardless of what is said.
    Go have a look!

  • to elle

    so what if the dress was designed by louis vuitton. she could have chosen another dress by the same designer that was both flattering to her body type and elegant. katie should study the late princess diana closely; diana would never have worn such a tasteless dress; she was always elegantly and beautifully dressed.

  • @annie

    You are right she gets to us–this vapid, untalented woman who has only looks and she sold her soul to become an A lister by marrying the crazy one.
    So what. This is an entertainment blog. We don’t like her. You do. So what.

  • ummright

    The Romantics disappeared after one week and her “other man” movie pretty much went straight to cable. Now she’s trying to promote the next movie w/ this little girl. She spends months in new york working on these movies that nobody sees. Her “career” is a joke.

  • missy

    Have you ever heard of indie Movies? The Extra Man and The Romantics were never meant to be mainstream hits. They played in a few art-house theatres.

  • ummright

    Missy, Annette Bening’s movie is an indie movie that didn’t cost anything to make and it’s made a ton of money and is got a lot of Oscar buzz. Don’t make excuses for robot katie.

  • missy

    The Kids Are All Right was a rare exception. Every year, there are a few indie films that become break-out hits: Juno, Little Miss Sunshine etc. The vast majority fade into obscurity.

  • shamrock7

    Seriously, this is not the time to ridicule or attack the celebs fashion attire. This is about raising awareness and recognizing the charities that make a difference for children that are at a disadvantage around the world.

    Great Job to all the celebs commitment to these worthy causes!!

  • to shamrock

    you’re right; this is about raising awareness. however, there is no excuse for katie, or any other woman, showing up dressed as she is. the late princess diana was always impeccably and elegantly dressed for every occasion. diana would never have thought to arrive in the mess of a dress that katie is wearing. diana had too much respect, not only for herself but for her hosts.

  • shamrock7

    @to shamrock:

    So, it’s a MISS this time. Don’t get me wrong, FASHION is PASSION and I LOVE it!! But, this is a time to focus on the subject at hand which is awareness and tools for others in unfortunate situations. For example, Mother Theresa was involved heavily in the impoverished countries, helping sick children, etc… What did she wear? There is a place and a time for fashion, and this is not about what label, color, accessory, these ladies are wearing. Is it?? That in my opinion is selfish and takes the focus off the real subject at hand.

  • Pookie

    oh my gawd! What in the hell is she wearing? I think my grandma had a chair in that material !!!

    Katie has the usual side smirk on her face. So phony.

    Annie poster—–oh, you are funny, go blow some balloons or go crawl up Katie’s butt.

    Katie is a nobody. If she had not married Tom…..she would have faded back home and probably worked at Walmart or somewhere. LOL

  • Star Fox

    There has never been any evidence whatsoever that he’s in the closet, #14. What do his religious beliefs have to do with anything?

    How is and how can he use his daughter as a publicity ploy? He’s the biological father.

    You don’t know her, #16.

    It’s against many religions to be gay, #22.

    How does Holmes not like satisfied here or elsewhere?

    Mind your own kids, #24.

    Holmes live her own life, #33. She should do whatever she feels like doing.

    The Romantics is an indie in limited release and its doing very well, #35. She only had a supporting role in The Extra Man (where she worked with some great actors and filmmakers) and was released on demand.

    Her career is doing great no matter how much you want to twist and turn that it isn’t.

    The Kids Are All Right is a bigger indie that played in more markets and had a bigger budget and more marketing.

  • Kate

    You all are crazy! Yes, the dress isnt great but she still looks good. I love her hair color and makeup. She should look like this more often, PRETTY!

  • kit

    Why is it all the Hollywood chicks eventually all look the same once they make some money? They fix everything and start to look like clones. The sad part is this is who young girls especially grow up emulating. It’s a plastic existence in more than one sense of the word.

  • roachn

    KH needs to stop her horrific acting and designing and take better care of Suri !!!! The kid is a mess. Get the kid off the bottle and potty train her asap! She is almost 5 and still in diapers!! What is wrong with this women? PLUS TC is beyond bizarre! Both parents need a reality check. There daughter is a total wreck, spoiled brat!

  • Chichi

    this dress is horrible. She took the curtains of his room to do it?
    Because it’s a dress “louis vuitton” it becomes beautiful … you are a pathetic hypocrisy

  • AEP

    She REALLY has to stop letting Suri dress her….just HORRIBLE!

  • ummright

    Starfox, if katie’s indie movies has gotten good reviews, they would have been added to more theaters. Nobody makes movies for them to disappear after one week. The kids are alright only opened in about 4 theaters and it is still around because people saw that it’s a good film . The Romantics got awful reviews and katies career is not doing great and I think most people see that except you. You’re the one trying to twist it to make it seem like her career is a success. She’d be nobody without Tom buying her a career.

  • ummright

    That dress is ugly. Tom bought her a fashion line and she doesn’t even know how to dress.