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Pregnant Miranda Kerr Walks Balenciaga Show

Pregnant Miranda Kerr Walks Balenciaga Show

Expectant mom Miranda Kerr hides her baby bump as she walks the runway at the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show during France’s Paris Fashion Week on Thursday (September 30).

Sitting front row and cheering her on was her husband, Orlando Bloom, who sat next to Salma Hayek and her husband Francois Henri Pinault.

Also spotted on the Balenciaga runway: Gisele Bundchen!

10+ pictures inside of pregnant Miranda Kerr walking the Balenciaga Show…

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Credit: Chris Moore/Catwalking; Photos: Fame Pictures, Getty
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  • Rita

    Errr ok, Miranda Kerr hardly did any high fashion before she got married and now that she’s pregnant and married, she’s on Balenciaga catwalk? I don’t get it.

  • Alaia

    So many great models that walked the show and you only mention these two borefests?

  • BEAN

    Wow you can really tell she’s pregnant just from her face. Compared to how she looked before her face looks so round now lol. And she is still so beautiful.

  • venus

    gorgeous gi

  • yawn


    comments like those are the borefests. Gisele and Miranda are the most famous models there, of course they’ll be the ones mentioned lol. last time I checked this site isnt a fashion site, its a celebrity site (hence the mentioning of Gisele and Miranda)

  • anonymous

    Miranda looks so whitened. Too much makeup

  • mailey

    one is too old, and the other too big to be modeling.

    at least miranda can continue after she gives birth.

  • Lucy

    Go on, slam me as much as you like:

    Miranda Cabbage Patch Kid Kerr looks bloated and weird as always. She is a super model, I am only jealous, bla bla bla.
    I look ten times better than her. So do most people because her face is strange, bloated and ugly looking. The only thing on her that is enviable (IN MY VERY OWN OPINION THAT I AM ALLOWED TO VOICE JUST AS MUCH AS THE WORSHIPPERS) is her body

  • @8

    Yes, you have a right to your opinion, just as we have the right to call you a delusional idiot.

  • @1

    She has walked for Balenciaga twice, and for Prada, before they were married.
    This is the third time that she walked for Balenciaga.

  • yay!

    Love them!
    Miranda looks radiant and Orlando looks gorgeous!
    That is one beautiful baby on the way.

  • Ams

    Miranda is becoming quite the Superstar! loves it. I wasnt a big fan of hers before all her mega modeling success (boring model work), but she has proven to be a great model and seems to know what she wants and be a go getter; its just a recipe for success. unfortunately most ppl who sit on jj dont have the go getting type qualities that models like gisele and miranda obviously have/had. I think its quite cool she got to walk pregnant. Balenciaga loves her! I wish them all the success in thw world too! funny how someone said these 2 were lame, but um you can comment about Salma and her hubby and orlando too you know, lmao. yeah real lame, you gotta be the one to mention them first, lol. okayyy.

  • Anna

    Gisele – The last supermodel.She puts all the other models to shame.She owns that runway.

  • DarkEmpress

    Im really glad they didnt put her in any massive heels!

  • kary

    ella esta preciosa, se ve diferente pero hermosa igual, me encanta miranda es una mujer preciosa :)

  • Liz

    There is also the great actress Charlotte Gainsbourg there!

  • Sweet couple!

    It’s nice to see them supporting each other – her at the set and him at the runway. Too adorable and cute together!

  • sea

    Awwww men shoes for women! I like them!!

  • http://hotmailaustralia trish

    Miranda looks great.

  • @16

    Funny coincidence that Charlotte is wearing the same skirt that Miranda modeled in an earlier Balenciago show.
    Glad to see Orlando sitting next to his buddy Salma, too.

  • gen

    Love Miranda! she is lovely.

  • Yes!

    Over five months pregnant and still walking the runway, and looking gorgeous!
    LOVE HER!!!

  • Jasmine

    I don’t really care to keep up with the fashion world, but I don’t recall ever seeing or hearing of a visibly pregnant woman strutting down the catwalk for a fashion house like Balenciaga. I love that she got to do that, and she looks just beautiful :) I’m so happy for her and Orlando. That will be one gorgeous baby!

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    Beautiful Miranda glad to see Orlando and Selma together .

  • @23

    Gisele did it, too. So she’s in very good company.
    They walked the catwalk as models who just happened to be pregnant. Their pregnancy was just a footnote.
    Another model also walked while VERY pregnant, but her walk was all about her being pregnant, not that she was walking in the show. They put her in an outfit that accentuated her belly, so that’s all you saw. I forget her name, but it was more of a joke than a fashion walk.
    Miranda looked radiant on the runway. And Orlando looked like a proud husband and protectice expectant father.

  • ?

    Just curious, but did Nienna ever apologize for what she said??

  • @8..lucy…..

    Bitter party of one, your table is ready…

  • Delightful Distraction

    Miranda has never really done it for me. Obviously she has a rockin’ bod, but the face is just notttttt up to “supermodel” standards.

  • @28….

    Gee lets see, Miranda has just been on the cover of high fashion bible, id magazine, Vogue Italia shot by Steve Meisel and Vogue Spain, appeared in American Vogue, Harpers Bazarr, Elle,…etc etc…….walked 3 times for Balenciaga, did a campaign for Prada….etc etc……AND not to mention of course her hugely successful Victoria’s Secret work…….so obviously the fashion world thinks Miranda has the FACE and BODY of a supermodel but of course YOU know better…….NOT…..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

  • helen

    it’s not fair that the rest of the models can’t eat while she is prancing around on the runway 5 months prego. I bet all the girls backstage are jealous coz she gets to eat

  • @30

    Never thought of it that way, but I bet that you’re right!
    But not only does she get to eat whatever she wants, she gets to go home with Orlando Freakin’ Bloom!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Is she for real?

    As a David Jones Shareholder I am furious!!!

    She pulled out of the David Jones fashion launch due to her pregnancy (the event that she is employed to attend!) but she does this show??? This is totally f”cked Up. As a David Jones Shareholder I am so pissed off. David Jones needs to evaluate the appropriateness of employing Miranda Kerr as an ambassador

  • You go Girl!

    Cute a button, sexy, successful and married to Orlando Bloom with a baby on the way! Go Miranda! Good for you. :)

  • @32

    Balenciaga >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> australia department store.
    Go cry about it.

  • @32

    Are YOU for real?
    (not that I believe for one minute that you are actually a shareholder)
    When the DJ’s show was happening, she was barely three months pregnant, and not yet ready to tell the world. Not to mention the stress that the long flight and busy schedule would have placed on a woman in her dangerous first tri-menter and suffering from morning sickness.
    Are you really that selfish?
    And comparing ONE show to the the long schedule of travelling, store appearances and numerous fashion shows is ridiculous.
    DJ got the honor of announcing their marriage first. They got more world-wide publicity from that one announcement than they would have received from anything else.
    DJ’s didn’t mind, why do you?
    The papers are just trying to stir up scandal.
    They all know that DJ’s would be foolish to jeapordize their contract with Miranda by raising a stink over something that could not be avoided.
    Miranda is more famous now than they could ever have imagined when the first signed her. They have a HIGH FASHION model who is married to, and bearing the child of, one of the most famous and desired men in the world, signed to a long term contract.
    If they have a complaint about any of this, they have the worst marketers in the business world. They aren’t that stupid.
    Orlando’s lawyers could have her out of that contract in a second. And it would be DJ’s loss, not Miranda’s.
    Trust me. DJ’s isn’t complaining. Someone else is just trying to stir up drama over a non-story.

  • @34

    Its the principal mate, there are a lot of other young talented australian models that would kill to be the face of David Jones, and we are paying her to be the fashion ambassador. If she doesn’t want to do it then give it up to provide someone else with the opportunity.

  • @32

    “David Jones needs to evaluate the appropriateness of employing Miranda Kerr as an ambassador”
    You don’t think that a well loved and popular model who has crossed over to HF, and has been on the cover of HF magazines, works for Prada and Jil Sander, and is married to Orlando Bloom and having his beautiful baby is an “appropriate” ambassador?
    Is this the new delphite angle?
    Pretend outrage?

  • @36

    I think that she should give it up.
    She is too good for DJ’s.
    I think that she only does it to support an Aussie company. But if they are starting to whine about her not risking her health to fly to Oz just to exhaust herself, then f*ck’em.
    Aussies don’t deserve her support if they are going to go behind her back to complain.

  • @29

    wow Miranda’s worked with Steven Meisel before? can I have a link to her work with him? has she worked with him more then once?
    Anyways, Gisele is a goddess.

  • Angie


    yes 3 times in Vogue USA,for the Prada campaign and for her recent Vogue Italia cover, amazing! Miranda is gonna be a star! Gisele is a goddess <3 I would acutally looooveee to see them do a shoot together. Meisel and Balenciaga loves them both, and also Vogue USA., I think Anna Wintour like Miranda now bc she had 3 editorials in the september issue and anna love gisele already. would be awesome. their looks would contradict amazingly well together me thinks. and YES many models have walked preggers before, like you said you dont follow fashion, so of course you wouldnt know that small fact. Heidi Klum was 4 months pregnant in the Victorias show in 2003. Jourdann Dunn walked very pregant on a runway ..many more too.

  • @35 and 37

    Ok so because she is who she is the rules have to bend and we all have to make sure it is OK by Miranda and Orlando bloom. Shareholders pay her wages, they expect her to be there. You celebrity lovers are the reason why the world is the way it is. Take a look at what you are saying.

  • Fine

    Well hopefully on her way home to have that wretched baby the plane crashes and we can be rid of the two of them. Hopefully some of her outrages fans are on there too!

  • @41

    You ask us to take a look at what we are saying, when you didn’t bother looking at it yourself.
    Her not doing the DJ’s show had nothing to do with her celebrity, and everything to do with her pregnancy.
    She bends over backwards to support fellow Aussies, when she could have told them to stuff it all, then you com[plain that she didn’t risk her health and the health of her baby to fly to Oz for fashion shows? It sounds like Miranda has her priorities straight, and yours are lacking.
    And if you “cough*shareholders*cough* (yeah, sure) actually paid her what she worth, you couldn’t afford her. She needs to dump that cheap gig. You certainly don’t care about her risking her health. Why should she care about you?

  • @42

    I hope that someone you love comes down with terminal cancer.
    I hope that your first born child is born without arms or legs.
    I hope that you come down with AIDS.
    I hope that your dog is run over by a car, but doesn’t die right away and suffers..
    I hope that your parents die slowly in a house fire.
    It’s OK to say those things, right?
    I mean, you seem to think that it is acceptable to make horrible comments that wish injury or death to total strangers and innocent children, so why can’t I?
    You don’t think that it is the same thing?
    Why not?
    B*tch, meet Karma……Karma, meet B*tch.
    But you are not only a B*tch (note the capitalization), you are also an idiot.
    It’s ‘outrageous’, not “outrages”, you pathetic excuse for a human being.
    Have fun in Hell.

  • velcrodots

    @26 – who is Nienna? I googled her and just got bad LOTR fan art. At least, that’s what I think it was…

  • @44 you need help babe

    WOW, i hope you are ready for your Karma coz with all that anger coming out of you, you are going to get it BAD… you should read your dear miranda’s blog….negative energy attracks negative energy. See you in hell Satan *bye*

  • @46 (42)

    That was in response to what a hater (you) REALLY said.
    Nothing in there was meant, and you know it.
    But if you are going to wish death on someone AND their unborn child, don’t you think that it should go both ways?
    Or is that your HYPOCRISY showing again?

  • @45

    Nienna is the near illiterate hater on a LJ blog who wished that Miranda and the baby would get sick. And no, she never apologized.
    I guess that is just another example of how desperate the haters have become.
    They are willing to face spritual retribution by wishing illness and death on a total stranger, and even an innocent child, because they have run out of reasons to validate their pathetic lives.
    Maybe tomorrow they will look back on this and be as horrified as the rest of us. But I doubt it. They left their humanity by the roadside long ago.

  • @42

    That’s low, even for a hater.
    Do you think that you will be able to sleep peacefully tonoght after saying something like that?
    Even as a joke?
    A very sick joke, I might add.
    You must be a horrible person for that to have even crossed your mind, much less thinking that it would be fun to post it.
    Pathetic excuse for a human being is right.
    That’s the only way to describe someone who would say something so awful.

  • @42

    You need help. the professional kind of help.
    People with mental illness should not be allowed to have access to the internet or access to anything other than the mental hospital. How can you wish death upon two strangers and an unborn child? Just like #44 said, would you like it if I wished the worst to you, a complete stranger?
    You have very deep issues. Go seek help. If this is what you wish upon strangers, then god knows what you wish with the people in your life.
    On a lighter note, Miranda and Gisele are beautiful.