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Report: Rachel Zoe Is Pregnant!

Report: Rachel Zoe Is Pregnant!

Rachel Zoe is expecting her first child with husband Rodger Berman, reports OK .

The celebrity stylist, 39, is in her first trimester, a source tells the magazine.

Rachel never really told anyone close to her that she and her husband Rodger were trying for a baby,” says the source. Now “she’s telling people that this is something that she and Rodger have wanted for many years and she’s finally at a level of success where she can afford to take some time off.”

She’ll be taking a maternity leave immediately after the award season is over and won’t be back at work again until next fall!

Congrats, Rachel!!!

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  • Karen

    Great idea
    It will all be there waiting for you when you are ready.

  • raena

    what? but she is SO skinny, hopefully she doesn’t turn into a scary mama, and her baby will be very well dressed

  • elisilla

    i hope she starts eating now. She needs to do it for the baby.
    Congrats to both of them.

  • jack

    kind of feel sorry for the kid, although I really like Roger

  • Hewmo

    Hasn’t told people close to her that they’ve been trying? She told America on her reality show! It was the theme of the whole season!

  • Hil

    finally! congrats to them both, and yeah, that will be one well dressed child.

  • elrkjsljlsj

    It’ll kill her to gain a pound, but I wish everyone luck and hope they are healthy.

  • Afarin

    she’s probably going to miscarry
    shes waaaay too thin to carry a baby, her obvious eating disorder is not going to be good for that kid

  • pup

    @Afarin: What a terrible thing to say. What’s wrong with you?

  • vool

    oh dear

  • Zoe Moon

    OMIGOD, Congratulation to both you and Roger. I know that both you will be great parents. Love the show and both you!

  • kathy

    maybe she should have worked on nourishing her body to health before trying this. yikes.

  • Karen

    Nothing is more important than Fashion………NOT
    Nothing is more important than a BABY

  • Karen

    Terrible comment
    Shame on you

  • sanoga

    a) How is that even possible?!
    b) I thought they were getting separated / divorced / whatever

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • Allie

    I am SO happy to hear this. I watch the show and I feel like if she didn’t get pregnant soon, Rodger was going to leave her.
    It was really sad when she said she was afraid of pregnancy because of the weight gain. But the weight will look great on her and she will be amazed at what a wonderful change to her life her child will be.
    Besides, she gets to be a stylist for life (or at least up until age 15 or so) and will never have to give up on her first true love! Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  • http://JustJaredjr Robert

    @Afarin: Why would u say that.

  • Afarin


    How is that a terrible thing to say?
    its FACT, someone that thin is most likely going to miscarry
    i didnt say “oh i hope she miscarries”, i stated a FACT
    she has an eating disorder for gods sake

  • pup

    @Afarin: “she’s probably going to miscarry” You think that’s appropriate wording? Wow.

  • Cheyenne

    Congrats! Best wishes and hopes she enjoys every minute of this miracle. My doctor (ob/gyn) says that bearing children is what a woman’s body was really made for.

  • Thalia


    Do you know her personally?

  • Amber

    finally! after watching season 3 of her show, it was a little ovbious she was gunna get preggers. Im happy for her!

  • congrats

    congrats to her. That will be one fabulously dressed baby. WTF that “source” in the tabloid. Shows that they don’t know anything with their made up stories and sources. Half the season of The Rachel Zoe Project was about her and Rodger arguing back and forth about having a baby. They showed them going to the GYN for heaven’s sakes. The tabloids couldn’t even go to the imdb boards or the Bravo forum to see the discussion about all of this? Please. I’m happy for Rodger because he really did want a child with Rachel.

  • dragon girl

    Yeah this is great new for Rodger! I confess I’m, a newcomer to her show, couldn’t watch when that horrible blonde Taylor was on the show; I really felt for Brad I guess now that she’s pregnant it made sense for Brad to move on. Rachel you are fabulous and if you have a girl she’ll be a very lucky mini fashionista.

  • hobieluv83

    I hope they have a happy and healthy baby. However, being superstitious myself, I wouldn’t have mentioned it until at least the third trimester. It’s so early yet!

  • http://Endrys Endrys

    Finally……….. thanks god…. i was worried that they´d have ended their marriage because of i.

  • Kelly

    YAAY!!!! I’m so happy for her and Rodger!! You could tell from the show that Rodger REALLY wanted to have a baby…and the clock is ticking!!! :D

    I’m so excited! Hopefully they continue to film the show during this exciting time!

  • T Pain

    Poor baby…it’s going to be VERY hungry in mommy’s tummy :(

  • CC

    I musy say I became a fan of her and her personality watching the RZ Project!
    She deserves to be happy.
    Congratulations to them both.

  • Annie

    To all the people saying how can she be pregnant because she’s so thin – how do malnourished women in third world countries still sometimes concieve? Not every extremely thin woman is infertile, yet many chubby ‘fertile looking’ women are.

    That said, I hope she sorts out her obvious drug abuse/bulimia/anorexia issues soon for the sake of the baby.

  • burnt bacon

    I’m too creeped out by wondering how she’ll react when the kid starts getting chubby to be happy for her. I hope the help has CPS on speed dial for when Chupacabra starts ripping the bottle out of the kid’s mouth.

  • poo

    GOD HELP US ALL. I don’t believe she is preggers. it’s IMPOSSIBLE when you’re an 40yr anorexic to get pregnant, even with medical help. if she is, they are going to have to monitor this high risk pregnancy to make sure this kid doesn’t come out severely disabled or remotely shallow as the parents.

  • swan

    she looks much older than 39.

    too old to raise a baby now.

    by the time the kid is 10…she will be 50.

  • poo

    @Annie: those malnourished women lose their babies too… they also are NOT 40yrs old

  • gia

    i wish them all the luck in the world god bless.

  • Annie

    It’s NOT impossible for an anorexic woman to get pregnant, just rare (depends of the individual). Anyway, I suspect Rachel Zoe is emaciated because of the drugs she takes rather than anorexia per se. I’m more suprised she’s pregnant because of her age (She’s got to be lying about her age, right? Must be about 46 is she’s a day.)

  • mickey

    For the baby’s sake I hope she stops doing whatever anorexic things she has been doing to her body. I hope she knows she has to eat and not throw it up. I truly hope her pregnancy goes well, but it is scary when somebody who clearly has a body image disorder gets pregnant. I wish her luck and the best.

  • seila

    aren’t they going to divorce?

  • retrobanana

    wow i didnt think she eevr was going o have a baby i really didnt see it coming. i hope she really wants one i know rodger does….but she really seemed to keep shooting him down. i just didnt think she was big enough to carry a baby.

  • karen

    I’m so HAPPY for you both Take great care of yourself and enjoy the time waiting for your bundle. You will never see life the same after the baby arrives. God Bless the three of you


    She does look like she does not eat enough. She should visit
    a nutritionist. You need iron Rachel. I will also take this opportunity
    to ask a question I had from one of the episodes. Rachel why was a girl who got the flu terminated from her job because she was too sick
    to attend the awards show? That gay stylist employee seemed all too
    happy to terminate her over the phone. Did you authorize that
    termination? Was that your idea? That was really mean. I lost all
    respect for you and your staff after that episode. Maybe you don’t
    deserve your own show. You are grossly skinny Rachel and you look gaunt and emaciated. That ‘s not fashion. It’s unattractive.

  • Ginger

    She’s only 39? She looks older. I guess because she’s lost a lot of weight and when you lose weight, your skin does become more loose.

  • Karen


  • Karen

    @burnt bacon:
    You’d be surprised.
    Babies change people.

  • Juliette

    Trying? lol She’s 40 years old, that’s just too old to have the first child. Kinda feel bad for the child when she/he grows up and becomes a teenager, the mom is gonna be and look like the grandma and won’t be able to give advices because of the big age difference. I’m sure Roger on the other hand is gonna be a cool , youth full dad.

  • wheaton

    I wish them well..a happy and healthy pregnancy ,life and baby!! She will know the meaning of true success and happiness once she has her baby in her arms ..nothing in life compares..nothing!

  • Di


    I feel so sorry for that child. She doesn’t have time for her husband. How is she going to have time for a baby?! That child will be raised by nannies.

  • ++Logan++

    Ahh now i see why Brad left…cause he needs a job while Rachel’s pregnant and on maternity leave.

    I am really happy for Roger, he seems like an amazing husband and he’s always wanted a child.

    Hopefully Rachel will put on that much needed weight..she will look gorgeous with a few pounds on her :)