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Alexander Skarsgard Promotes True Blood in Germany

Alexander Skarsgard Promotes True Blood in Germany

Alexander Skarsgard poses with some German gals during a photo call for True Blood on Friday (October 1) in Munich, Germany.

The 34-year-old actor held up a heart shaped cake which highlighted that the show airs on the Syfy on Sky network. The hit HBO series will soon premiere in Germany!

Alex recently praised his Battleship co-star Rihanna‘s work ethic in an interview with GQ UK.

He also told the mag about auditioning for the role of Bill (played by Stephen Moyer). “You’d have to ask Alan [Ball] but I’m pretty sure that he didn’t have Bill in mind when he brought me in to read. Eric shows up later, he’s not in the pilot. They were auditioning for the pilot. So I’m pretty sure Alan already knew that I was better for Eric than Bill.”

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  • Karen

    Maybe I should go live in Germany?
    It looks like the women are healthy and not starving themselves to death like here in the US.
    I love him.

  • Sonia

    He’s STUNNING!

  • R&M

    He’s looking good again. Keep it up, Skars.

  • mari

    @Karen: That depends. I live in Germany and I think it tends to lean towards the US in recent years.

    By the way, he promotes True Blood. Does that mean it will finally start over here as well *probably, with some horrible, horrible dubbing as usual *sigh**.

  • heidi

    Fun photoshoot! Alex looks great.

  • YUCK

    How weird is that a 6 4′ tall man appears to have a tiny TINY HEAD next to those those gorgeous girls?
    Freak, ewwwww

  • monice

    I hope he is truly bonesworth’s free, the redhair gal looks like a good match for him, but I would love if he and Rihanna got together.

  • Cynthia

    lol that is the most random collection of things ever? Askars and the girls are all hot, but cookie cakes? Pickles? pretzels?

  • sisa

    why didn’t you write about alex promoting true blood in poland?

  • TrueBlade


  • mailey

    he looks really uncomfortable LOL
    this dude never looks happy tho.

  • Karen

    I think he looks perfectly happy.

  • Rozo

    This man makes me melt… … All his imperfections that haters always seem to point out, 4 me simply make him all the more attractive! Love Askars !!!

  • Cynthia

    Just because he doesn’t smile doesn’t mean he’s not happy. Every fan who has met him in Poland and Germany has said how sweet and happy and awesome he is.

  • Spice

    He looks gorgeous and REALLY happy in these pictures. Look at them full sized not the thumbnail! He’s in his glory surrounded by pretty girls in low cut dresses. Plus he is 100 pounds thinner- looks good on him.

  • Mariamagdaleena

    Ahhh, Skars looks so sexy and tanned mmmmm but maybe a bad hang over after Oktoberfest eh…LOL. Just kidding, he was in good shape and condition next day when he was giving an interwiev to UK GQ

  • Franck
  • Judy

    its OKTOBERFEST in munich, guys :)

  • Abby

    This man is delicious. I don’t think he looks unhappy at all. I think he looks smug like only a man surrounded by beautiful woman (any of whom he could throw a bone to ;) would.

  • Bikini Kill

    @Rozo, I Agree. In fact those so-called “imperfections” are one of the reasons so many people are drawn to him. He definitely stands out, in a GQMF way of course. I’m just gonna be straight up honest right now: He’s an attractive m^therf^cker!LOL

  • R&M

    I think he looks more then happy. Quite smug in fact. Can you blame him?

  • Ava

    Personally, I love his nose and the fact that he has wrinkles in his forehead. They only make him more beautiful. And anyone who criticizes his physique is either blind or jealous. He is a stunning man!

  • Sunny

    We are so harsh with women.
    This guy slept with a c-lister for being in the gossip-news.
    Fans gorget so easily. He is a famewhore too!.
    I hope to see him more, because he’s kind of hot, but I don’t forget the thing he has done, like a the blinded fans.
    ASkars, made good movies, please. Stope teasing with your body, like a prostitute!!!

  • Cynthia

    @Sunny: Quite possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. Like a prostitute? o_O

  • S*8hallo

    I miss TrueBlood. But most important I miss me some Alicde–Joe Manganiello!

    How will Alan Ball top this past season? I really loved the plot between the “wares and fangers” and Russell /Talbot.

    Simply marvelous! I miss them!

  • Sunny

    I’ts true, (mark me down all you want), but he sleep with a z-lister actress, to be famous. If you are a fan, you know it’s true.
    I hope he can show his real talent! he just screwed-up trying to get famous with Bosworth.

  • Jess

    HOT!!! Damn he looks good!!!

  • Ava

    Sunny is an imbecile.

  • ks

    @Cynthia: It’s Germany, not US, so obviously, the food selection is going to be different. If you travel to Europe, you will see that. Each country has its own traditional foods.

  • Tigresse


    Ooh, Sunny darling, what has he done? Molested a child, killed someone, stole money from poor ppl ?;D You Beeehllsbabes are so pathetic while spreading your venom all over internet even on SPIKES AWARDS page. How lame is that!

  • Caroline

    Boobs and beer…he must be in heaven :P

  • Real Viking

    I can’t stand this guy, sadly I have a skars-sister…
    Scandinavian alcoholic = Drinks like a viking
    c’mon, admit that you’re booze operated, man!

  • r

    Man that guy looks hot. I think I finally get it.

  • evathediva

    Its just really good to see Alec happy again and smiling like he really wants to be there.

  • neela

    Now this is pure perfection! God this man just gets better and better, i could never get tired of looking at him!

  • jessie

    ohhhhh he is lush… breathtaking

  • Danielle

    Scary. I don’t get the hype, looks like a body snatcher, a psycho.

  • GreenCAT

    Alex is looking hot!!! I’m loving the new hair style!

  • evathediva

    I see all of 3 Kate’s fans have shown up under different names and the thumbs down button. How hilarious…

  • evathediva

    Oh I forgot the Beeeel fans who can’t seperate fiction from reality. Just for that I hope the queen kicks his azz. LOL

  • Queenie

    Ick. So he plays a vampire? That doesn’t explain his awful hair. Gross.

  • Wow

    @eva the diva…LMAO
    @Sunny …IMHO I concure with your opinion.
    BTW…AS looks soo content …did he drop his douche mobile aka Kate Bosho lol……….

  • odd

    So? He banged Boswho. Better get your judgment out about almost every single individual JJ features on this board because they’re all messing with people we think are pretty wretched. All reports from his Europe trip are about how nice and thoughtful he is with his fans, which is what counts. The fact that he was willing to do this ridic photo because he’s a good TB team player says volumes. So maybe now that he dropped her sorry a**, we’ll see him related more to his work, not his connection to skeletors seeking the escalator up the career ladder. ‘Cause his is going up, hers wasn’t.

  • hazmat


    BosWHO is right. He’s talented and seems cool, but the fact that he banged her for 8+ months is a serious dent on his cred. I mean, really? Either he has spectacularly bad taste in women, and/or she’s so damn easy, it’s a no brainer. Had hoped he had higher aspirations then that. Whatevs. Flavor of the month. No one will know who he/she/they is/are in a year or two.

  • Karen

    You have no idea what u are talking about.
    His father is a famous actor and AS has major talent.
    He doesn’t need anyone.
    But me!

  • rock n roll queen

    oh germany oktoberfest and skarsgard how great i so wish i was there and the girls r so beautiful in those traditional costumes now alex i beg you come to greece we have great food drinks and islands


    EEEEWWWWW I hate zee Germans! They killed millions of innocent Jews! Many of them don’t even regret it or even feel remorse or shame for what they did! They are truly, truly horrible people! I don’t even buy German cars like BMW!

  • Alejandra

    @Sunny: I agree with you, Sunny, that he was sleeping with C-lister Kate Hoesworth and that didn’t make him look very good to his fans because of her bad reputation. But none of us know if he dated her with the intention of becoming more famous in Hollywood or if he just genuinely felt a connection with her at the time. I think KB is waaay more of a famewhore tool than he is. Atleast I hope he’s not.


    The first couple of comments mentioned him looking SMUG in these pics but after looking at them carefully I don’t see that at all!! Alex isn’t that type of man. If anything, he looks a little self-conscious or maybe uncomfortable. I’M GLAD HE’S NOT THE COCKY “Colin Farrell” TYPE OF D-BAG. I wouldn’t be attracted to him if he was like that. Alex is more on they shy and sweet side with a naughty side to him (especially when he’s had too much to drink). I love his personality and I hope he never becomes the smug d-bag type of actor that Hollywood is filled with.