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Brad Pitt Rides With Robin Wright

Brad Pitt Rides With Robin Wright

Brad Pitt and Robin Wright film a driving scene for the movie Moneyball on Thursday night (September 30) in Van Nuys, Calif.

On Wednesday, the 46-year-old actor was spotted on location wearing a ring on his wedding finger. He plays the married baseball supremo Billy Beane in the film.

Moneyball is based on the true story of Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics, and his attempt to create a competitive team despite Oakland’s unfavorable financial situation.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Robin Wright moneyballin’…

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379 Responses to “Brad Pitt Rides With Robin Wright”

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  1. 101
    From JJB Says:

    Hi all,
    according to Embrace Sweets’ tweeter, Moneyball’s wrap party is this weekend:

    @EmbraceSweets: Guess who just the “Moneyball” out the park! Embrace Sweets is sweetening the Moneyball wrap party this weekend. Hmm who will enjoy them?

    I guess they warped the main production in LA and will move to Boston for the final 2 days of shooting at Fenway park.
    Still not 100% convinced Brad will be there.

  2. 102
    groundcontrol Says:

    PT, I think there’s an email for you from a few days ago I forgot about. No emergency just the usual laughs.
    I just got a used copy of Mojave Moon. We’ll see if it was worth the $4. Anybody see Saint Ralph about a kid whose mom is in a coma and he gets inspired to run the Boston marathon?
    I doubt Brad will be in Boston. That’s a big expense if it’s not necessary. Billy Beane was infamous for never going to games. They made him nervous. Read the book.
    As ashamed as I am in getting pleasure from paps pics, I look forward to seeing Brad and family out and about in Budapest. Those kids are so damn lucky. No better way to see and learn the world than to live for a time in different cities.
    Just wondered if people realized that trolls go to old threads to add posts they think won’t get responded to becasue they figure we’re all on the new threads. I go back now and then to see what’s up as I did earlier today on the last 2 to 3 Brad threads. Of course I had to add my two cents and thumbs.

  3. 103
    ohwell Says:

    @From JJB:
    Papa Pitt will be heading to Hungary this weekend or next Wednesday

  4. 104
    Linda Says:

    Take your criticism to the Jenny McCarty Site where it belongs!
    Maria from Texas did NOT use the term “Special Needs Son” in a disrespectful nor insulting manner.

    Maria from Texas was RIGHT in everything she said and YOU are NO JP fan!
    Take your imitation self to JM’s Site and boo hoo over there. That woman has disrespected Brad and his wife and children with her coarse and uncalled for remarks. She needs to issue a public apology!

  5. 105
    own Says:

  6. 106
    smile Says:

  7. 107
    Jill Says:

    @Passing Through:

    ROTFLMBAO @ “Jillgate”.
    Really, this belongs in the now-I’ve-seen-it-all department: a bunch of no-life women of a certain age tying themselves up in knots wondering if Jill = Cheyenne or if Cheyenne = Jill. What the hell does it matter to any of you?
    You could have one screen name or a dozen. It makes no difference to me. As far as I’m concerned, you’re whichever screen name you choose to post under, no more, no less. You’re just somebody who posts messages on a blog. I used to enjoy reading your messages until you got so damn full of yourself that you started acting like you were the ultimate authority on the Jolie-Pitts and God help anybody who disagreed with anything you say. How many hours a day do you spend tracking this family? If I was Angie I’d be more scared of you than I’d be of the trolls. At least the trolls aren’t stalking her all over the place.
    The difference between me and you is I’m a fan and you’re a fanatic. I like Angie a great deal. I admire what she’s accomplished in her life at such a young age. I have enormous respect for her. But it stops there. I’m not obsessed with her. I don’t care what she does, where she goes or who she sees every damn minute of every day. She’s got her life; I’ve got mine. And I’d suggest you get a life of your own if it’s not to late for you.

  8. 108
    an oldie Says:

    I don’t know what the posts #105 and 106 are about, but since they have 5 thumbs downs, I am thumbing them down too. LOL.

  9. 109
    they call me Mr. Pokey Says:

    Jill is cool

  10. 110
    what Says:

    @Passing Through: But let me guess? you will never get tired of your own irrational hate of “X” ? . I see you skipped over the comments calling you out for being cuckoo for wanting to shoot someone down with a rifle… I can’t wait til you start calling Angie Xa+ 6. lmao Aniston will be XJ and Angie XA.
    LoL @ having my post about Angelina leaving Brad deleted but Maria from texas R.E.t.A.r.D comments and tampon comments are still up. @t.m.delafonda: I agree. unhappy people seek misery of others and that’s why you’re a Brangelina fan. Angelina and Brad were both looking depressed before his makeover but now look at how happy brad is with his new waxy face and XA + 6 in Hungary. Brad fans should be happy Angie left him . Brad and Angelina are.

  11. 111
    what Says:

    i also must say Angelina looked happier than ever on her own at her premieres around the globe. I’ll be fair and say it is Possible she had some work done as well to pick up her spirits as brad did with his face makeover. She actually looked better than she had in all of her however many years she was with Brad.

    Since I’m an Angelina Fan I might start calling brad OLDX.

  12. 112
    anustin Says:

    what are you goin to do if comes back pregnant?kill urself!

  13. 113
    IB Meets Moneyball Says:

    very cute Moneyball “trailer”, esp to those of us who loved IB…yes, Moneyball was a FANTASTIC book and I can hardly wait for the movie!!

  14. 114
    lylian Says:

    @Lucky Charm:
    Brad’s not doing too bad in the movie department this year; I was just at BOM looking at the 2010 movie rankings so far (figures are domestic BO only and don’t include foreign).

    #8 How to Train Your Dragon (Plan B) $217,581,231
    #15 Salt (Angelina Jolie) $117,223,003
    #25 Eat Pray Love (Plan B) $79,390,113
    #44 Kick Ass (Plan B) $48,071,303
    Hi Lucky Charm, I’m not aware that Brad’s Plan B was a producer in How to train your dragon and I can’t find the information anywhere in BOM. Could you point me to the place? I thought that movie was made by Dreamworks.
    If Plan B does have a stake in the movie then good for Plan B.

  15. 115
    groundcontrol Says:

    TO MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 10/01/2010 at 5:22 pm ….I don’t like Jenny but from what I have read, she has done a wonderful job raising awareness about Autism
    I was once the Chief Lobbyist for the Autism Society in Washingon. I know a little bit about the subject. Jenny McCarthy’s very public and misinformed rants on national television about vaccines as the cause of autism were incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.
    The parents who foolished listened to her and withheld vital vaccines from their children for fear of somehow contracting autism placed their children in great danger. I also fault the audience pandering talk show posts that gave this foolish woman a national audience to peddle her pseudoscience to.
    No one wants to hear that certain disabilities are familial with genetic roots. Sadly some parents feel tremendous guilt over this .
    Jenny’s brand of “awareness” causes more harm than good. If this latest wrinkle in her son’s case is true then she needs to acknowledge it. Misdiagnoses can easily occur with impairments of the brain, especially in the autism spectrum or similar disorders, and there is no shame in that.

  16. 116
    groundcontrol Says:

    Oops. Re my post at #115
    That woud be “foolishly” listened and talk show “hosts” not posts. LOL!

  17. 117
    jill is full of Shhitt Says:

    @Jill: @Jill: #107

    Fccuk off Jill, At least PT didn’t feel she had to be a whole bunch of different ppl and she also mentioned why she had the opportunity to be here when she wanted to be. She didn’t lie about it.l

    Why don’t you WOMAN UP instead of throwing a bunch of bs around.!

    Instead of being pissed off for getting busted Cinderella oops Cheyanne or Jill or whoever the fuucck you were when you wrote this.
    Why not try being Anon and you won’t feel like you have to play anymore games.

    You are not obsessed???? BWHAHAHA sure..

    honey if you have a life you must have got a new computer today.
    i suggest you stop lying Pinnocchio. Stop playing childish games
    on the bds . The only reason you are blabbing on and on is because you don’t like getting caught pretending to be a bunch of different ppl. Well stop doing that then dummy.


  18. 118
    Neleh Says:

    Good evening Neleh here.
    Good evening 2 All JP+6 Fans On Board & Lurking Now.
    Hi every1.
    Evening Jill,Dianad1968.
    Skimmed. I dont have words ..Just know Im sorry this even happen/exist. Makes me sad. Im aware this is a public board, but enjoy you all.
    Just that Jareds & a few other private/none private blogs Ive enjoyed. Helped me much a bit after My mom passed/grief.
    Idk I feel sad..thats all. Might take a break.
    4 me Id rather have peace than be right..about anything.
    Bye every1, have a lovely evening. Neleh..heading home.maybe Im just tired Idk, feel sort of sad/feel bad.
    Night Ground Control.Anustin.Lylian.Thanku #113
    Great song
    You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.” – Indira Gandhi

  19. 119
    anustin Says:

    wow!the JPs got to work with talented people while Maniston got urinated by a lot of ugly people.

  20. 120
    Lurking Says:

    I am a Lurker and have been doing so for years. I have seen many comments by Jill and she NEVER has displayed any falseness as a fan of Brad and Angelina. I think you need to leave her alone and let her be whoever she wants to be. No one owns this board and every true fan should be able to post without being harassed because someone on this board is paranoid and wants to accuse another fan of not being a fan. What difference does it make if a fan posts on another location and uses another name? Who is supposed to be policing the fans to say if they are true or false. All false fans can be easily exposed. Jill is no false fan, she has always spoken up on behalf of Brad and Angie and put the trolls down. Leave Jill alone! Go ahead and write whatever you want to Jill, you have been a fan far longer than most of the new people here.

  21. 121
    anustin Says:

    bye neleh!dont be sad, is beautiful!

  22. 122


  23. 123
    busted Says:

    Well whatever. Moneyball is coming to an end..

    I’m glad we don’t have pics of Angie and the kids. The pics of Brad are a great distraction. Keep the paps from stalking the family.

    And yes Brad looks really good..

    I wonder if he will do a mag interview to promote Megamind? HOPE SO.

  24. 124
    brenda Says:

    Brad ..MONKEY FACE!!!!!

  25. 125
    plez Says:

    Brad looks great.

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